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With the changes in Rogue talent, Dagger-Rogue gradually withdrew from the stage in PVP, followed by a more flexible Rogue with classic wow gold &Cold Blood and Hemorrhage.

Rogue PVP Talent

Cold Blood (1/1)
This is a powerful talent that will make your Eviscerate skill 100% crit, which can bring a lot of damage.

Master of Deception (5/5), Camouflage (5/5), Heightened Senses (2/2)
These three talents are designed around Stealth skills, strengthening your Stealth and scouting power, which is important in PVP. Rogue will die soon if there is no Stealth.

Elusiveness (2/2), Improved Sap (3/3)

These two talents can add an extra chance for Rogue to get out of combat. Elusiveness can reduce the cooldown of Vanish and Blind by 90 seconds, and Improved Sap gives you a 90% chance to use Stealth again after using Sap.

PVP Method

1. Kill players with a blood volume of around 2000, mainly based on cloth.
Cheap Shot – Hemorrhage – Hemorrhage – Gouge – Recovery Energy – Kidney Shot – Hemorrhage – Hemorrhage – Cold Blood – Eviscerate

2. Kill players with a blood volume below 3200
Cheap Shot – Hemorrhage – Hemorrhage – Gouge – Recover Energy – Kidney Shot – Hemorrhage – Hemorrhage – Blind – Get out of combat and Stealth – Sap and wait for other skills to cool – Cheap Shot – Hemorrhage – Cold Blood – Eviscerate

If you are not dead, leave the battle and Stealth, use Sap to not let him add blood, wait for the skill CD to be good, repeat the above process again.

Players with higher blood volume need to cooperate with Vanish, Gouge to do more flexible combos

PVP Attribute
Rogue is the only profession that doesn’t need to think about Stamina in particular. Once there is no skill, Rogue can’t kill anyone, and no amount of blood can improve Rogue’s viability.

In addition to the need to increase the blood volume to more than 5200 for special occupations, there is no endurance requirement in other time, about 3500 is enough to deal with PVP.

Special Requirements
Weapon selection is as slow as possible, so fast weapons are not good for this talent.

Previously recommended Krol Blade, Dal’Rend’s Arms, can be used for a long time.

1. Don’t wake up immediately after Gouge, you can wait for the energy to recover some more.

2.Vanish can remove all the effects, you can also remove Hunter’s Mark.

3. Don’t reuse Kidney Shot for the same target, wait for a second and then Kidney Shot, because Kidney Shot’s CD is 25 seconds for 6 seconds. If the skill is cooled, use the second Kidney Shot, the system will default to Declining Kidney Shot without recalculating.

4. Flexibly use various control skills and form a control chain, such as Cheap Shot – Kidney Shot – Vanish – Cheap Shot, 12 seconds continuous stun, can kill most players.


Most players in Oldschool Runescape obsess over making gold as it is the main source to buy better gear, skilling supplies or even Pking supplies. Since not everyone wants to buy large amounts of osrs gold to take away the challenge of the game, it is becoming quite common that people play multiple accounts at the same time to be more time efficient.


In fact, not having at least one dedicated account to make gold probably puts far behind the competition if you ever hope to get a high rank on the hiscores. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list of AFK money making account builds that are consistent.


Gold Necklace Maker (F2P)

Requirements: Level 6 Crafting

Gold Per Hour: 80,000 to 100,000 per hour


While free to play is often overlooked as it is an abysmal place to make money, crafting gold jewelry at large price margins is actually quite decent. Gold necklaces usually sell for around 130 each in the grand exchange and gold bars can be bought at around 90 gold. The price fluctuates and you may need to switch to amulets or rings, so keep tabs on what the current prices are.


The Edgeville furnace is now available to free players and it is near the Grand Exchange for when you need to restock supplies. Since you can just load up a full inventory at a time, it is extremely AFK and easy to do on multiple characters at a time.


Cannonball Smither

Requirements: 35 smithing, Dwarf Cannon Quest

Gold Per Hour: 120,000~


The only thing less AFK than making gold jewelry is smithing cannonballs, which is only available in the paid version of the game. Cannonballs are made very slowly so you can just load up a full inventory and focus on your main account for well over a minute. The Edgeville furnace is obviously the best spot for this, but it can be done in multiple locations.


Unfinished Potions

Requirements: 63+ Herblore

Gold Per Hour: 1,000,000+


Herblore is a fast skill to train for wealthy players, which leaves a neverending niche to make money from unfinished potions. Technically speaking, nearly every herb in the game has some sort of profit margin, albeit fluctuating wildly.


Usually, the most profitable herb to make unfinished potions is from clean Snapdragons due to their constant demand. At the time of this writing, Snapdragons had over 220 coin profit margin per potion made, and with 5,000 potions per hour, this is easily a six-figure money maker.


Skeletal Wyvern Alt

Requirements: 85+ Melee Stats or 85+ Range, 72 Slayer

Gold Per Hour: 400,000+


It’s no surprise that Skeletal Wyverns are on this list as they drop lots of alchable items, stacks of skilling items and the chance for a Draconic Visage. Finding a free spot can be hard during peak hours, but it is still worth the struggle.


Opting to safespotting and ranging Wyverns is the usual route to go as you don’t need to pay attention to health. While the sky is the limit for how great of a weapon and ammunition to bring, a rune crossbow with broad bolts is a solid choice.


With the relatively new Ancient Wyvern shield, melee is much less frustrating and possibly more efficient than ranging. Be sure to bring extended antifires, high defense and/or strength gear, and a Dragonhunter Lance if you can afford it.


Rune Dragons

Requirements: Dragon Slayer 2 (and it’s subreqs), 90+ melee stats, powerful melee gear

Gold Per Hour: 1,000,000+


As crazy as it sounds, there are many dedicated players that create alt accounts for the purpose to AFK grind on Rune Dragons. The quest and skill requirements to get to this part of the game might as well seem like a main account, but it is worth it for those that play competitively. For the rest of us, it would probably just be easier to purchase runescape gold.


The basic setup would be to bring a Dragonfire Shield and extended antifires in order to withstand their dragon breath without having to pay much attention to your character. A mix of max strength or defense gear (Bandos or Barrows armor will do) should be enough for its melee attacks. A Zamorakian Hasta should be your staple weapon if you can’t afford the Dragonhunter Lance.


Even if you are not so lucky with rare drops, just the Dragon Bones and Rune bars are worth it alone. Bank trips are easily done with the Mythical cape as it gives unlimited teleports right to the bank.



Making money in Oldschool Runescape isn’t necessarily hard, it just requires patience to put in the hours. Sure, you can make millions of gold per hour from bossing, but the passive experience made on your alt accounts allows you to enjoy other facets of the game.

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The FIFA 19 FUTTIES event is in full swing. This event celebrates the most beloved Ultimate Team footballers. It starts on July 3rd and it ends on August 14th. The event allows players to acquire lots of FIFA 19 cards through squad building challenges, weekly objectives, and packs. FUTTIES cards have a distinct pink color. They are not new cards, they are FIFA 19 cards that were available through seasonal programs such as Team of the Week, Carniball, Future Stars, and so on. Flashback cards are also part of the event. Without a doubt, these are all great cards that make amazing team additions. But is it worth acquiring them when the new FIFA 20 game is just around the corner?

FIFA 20 is releasing at the end of September 2019. Pre-orders have already started and lots of players are looking forward to it. After the FUTTIES event ends, there will be no more FIFA 19 major events. We are celebrating the last days of FIFA 19. So why bother getting the FUTTIES cards? If you are planning on still playing FIFA 19 after FIFA 20 is released, these cards will still be valuable to you. However, you should take into consideration that there will be significantly less FIFA 19 players so there won’t be much competition anymore. The cards will not carry over to the new game.

If you are a casual player who is not ready to jump into FIFA 20 on release day, then FUTTIES can help you long term. But what if you’ve already pre-ordered the new game? Why should you bother with old content anymore? Because it’s fun. The squad building challenges and weekly objectives are fun to play. If you are a completionist, then this is your last chance at getting players that you might have missed in the past. There are hundreds of FUTTIES players that are now found in packs.

Have you remembered the RuneScape Profound Halo voted by rs3 gold you? Right now it has been added in game. Besides, this week the RS team also have made some changes to Anachronia.

How to access Profound Halo?

Player equipped with Profound Halo The new improved Profound Halo is a head slot override, which can be unlocked by anyone completing the “How Many Games?” achievement. And this achievement requires you to purchase a full set of profound decorative equipment (including helmet, platebody, platelegs, sword, & shield) and show it to Lanthus.
Actually, its appearance has been decided by you, since there was a poll for this available in game in the week starting June 24. Until now, you can really see it in game.

More than 25 changes for Anachronia

Following last week, the RS team go on improving the Anachronia this week. And there have been over 25 changes and bug fixes implemented already, such as:
1.As planned, you can unlock the “Gotta Go Fast” achievement when unlocking double Surge and double Escape ability upgrades.
2.There has been a breadcrumb trail added to Giles for those who still have not finished the Base Camp tutorial.
3.You will find the damaged dinosaur hides noteable from now on.
4.To show the terrain better, there have been some slight tweaks for the world map view of Anachronia.
5.You will be required a bank pin when eager to access your bait box on Anachronia.
6.There is one of the hard paths removed from the Arcane Apoterrasaur.
Can you get the Profound Halo now? If not, please complete the requirement now. On the other hand, you can buy RuneScape gold cheap from us and enjoy the improved Anachronia all the time.

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According to recent reviews, more and more people are playing the game The Elder Scrolls Online, which has been updated with more DLCs this year. and we also received the Morrowind supplement in the summer. According to the director of the game (Matt Firor), however, 2018 will not be boring in the world of TESO as we will be expecting a number of new downloadable content in the coming months.
We have not received any further information about the upcoming updates yet, but the first DLC has been named Dragon Bones (details will be heard early next year), we will visit this Nord region where we will be more rich with two new dungeons.

In early 2018, Zenimax will lift the veil and unravel some of the mystery surrounding “Dragon Bones,” a DLC that consists of a Nordic-themed dungeon. In addition to the two new dungeons, Elder Scrolls fans will also be able to count on a new feature in the game that has long been required. The update will bring improvements and additions to the quality of life, and includes at least one feature highly anticipated by the community focused on personalization of the character and the storage elements of Homestead.

Dragon Bones is a DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. It launches on PC/Mac on 2018 and Consoles on 2018. Dragon Bones introduces two new dungeons which are Norse-themed. This DLC pack will also include new items, monster masks and achievements. You’ll be able to buy Dragon Bones via the in-game Crown Store or access it as part of ESO Plus.

Rogues tend to shy away from head-on encounters and prefer to rely on their Deception, Assassination, and Subtlety skills instead. They are one of two Classes that have access to the Stealth mechanic, the other being, of course, Druids. Stealth allows Rogues to move undetected and engage unsuspecting Targets with deadly opening moves, which makes them very appealing for cheapest wow classic gold many Players. It also lets them sneak past packs of mobs and complete many, otherwise very difficult and time-consuming, Quests easily. In Open World PvP, Stealth puts Rogues at a very advantageous spot if they are the aggressor as it lets them dictate the rules of engagement. However, if they are the ones who get jumped on, they can be overwhelmed very quickly, because of their low Armor and Health values, and the lack of self-healing abilities, unless of course, they are experienced enough to employ their incredible Crowd Control and Survivability toolkits quickly. Abilities like Vanish, Blind, Gouge, and Kidney Shot make experienced Rogues very dangerous in 1v1 situations, even if they get attacked by surprise, as these abilities let them reset and re-engage on their own terms, and control the ensuing encounter with deadly precision. As a matter of fact, Rogues can CC their PvP Target for over 30 seconds without a problem, with a combination of Sap, Blind, Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, and Gouge abilities.

Despite the advantages provided by Stealth mechanic and great CC capabilities, Rogues struggle a bit during leveling. This is caused by the inability to mitigate incoming Damage efficiently, the lack of Healing abilities, and low overall mobility. A lot of time that has to be invested into leveling a Rogue is spent for eating to regain Health or simply for traveling between locations. Moreover, while their Single Target DPS is very respectable throughout all Level ranges, they have close to zero AoE capabilities, which makes them struggle in 1vX PvE fights most of the time.

These shortcomings keep Rogues in line during their solo leveling journey but do not affect the End-Game that much. In fact, Rogues are the best pure DPS PvE Class in the game and are able to humiliate enemies in PvP when piloted with a certain dose of finesse and experience. If you are looking for a Class that is satisfying to play, engaging, challenging, and very hard to master in PvP, pick a Rogue.

Classic wow’s structure is a huge open world that hosts a web of smaller conflicts. In classic you respected the leveling of a single mob of equal level. In the open world, you had to pull mobs with precision as miscalculating the agro radius of nearby enemies spelled certain death and a long run back to your body, you need consumables such as food bandages and health potions to survive.

This guide will aid you and your Priest on your journey to level 60; it will help you choose a Race, present you with an optimal leveling Talent build, point you towards Dungeons and Quests that award worthwhile Wands, wowclassicgp provide some tips & tricks, and more.

Regarding Survival Hunter, if you don’t have a good operating method, it is best not to choose.Survival hunters have the greatest advantage in the battlefield, a variety of classic wow gold traps and other control methods, can control the battlefield rhythm very well.

Why is Survival Hunter recommended on the battlefield?
Survival Hunter PVP Solution
Detailed analysis of the Survival Hunter PVP program
Survival Hunter PVE Solution

NO.1 Why is Survival Hunter recommended on the battlefield?
Some people say that the Beast Mastery is very powerful on the battlefield. After the pet is in a violent state, the occupation like Mage can’t resist. But don’t forget that you must first learn to survive on the battlefield, and then kill the enemy.

Pet attacks are powerful, but if you are attacking Mage, Rogue lurks to you, you will die hard to see, and Beast Mastery will not survive if you leave the pet.Marksmanship also has some shortcomings. Although its DPS is very high, there are not many control skills, and it is impossible to shoot within 8 yards. It is very dangerous to be close to a warrior or thief.But the Survival Hunter is different. It relies on its own powerful control skills to stand on the battlefield, whether it is remote or melee.

NO.2 Survival Hunter Talent Program

NO.3 Detailed analysis of the Survival Hunter talent program
1.Humanoid Slaying(3/3)
This talent is a must choice, there is nothing to explain.

Most of this talent is only used to make up the number, although the hunter does not need a close attack, but does not increase the 2 points can not activate the following talent. This is just a time to prevent being attacked by a warrior. Maybe it will be Parry, who knows :)

This talent is very easy to use, although the text indicates a 25% chance, but the chance of triggering in actual combat is very high.

4. Trap synergy (2/2)
It is also very useful to extend the trap time and increase trap damage.
Especially the Frost Trap, it is very easy to use in the battlefield melee, grasp the opportunity to put a good trap, the deceleration effect is very obvious after the trigger, the duration is long, the greatest impact on the melee warriors, thieves and other melee occupations.
It is better if the Entrapment is triggered to trap the enemy. At this time, our players will damage the enemy with slow motion, and the enemy will be difficult to escape. Although some well-developed enemies can find a way to escape, they also effectively slow down the enemy’s attack speed and gain time for the follow-up troops to come to reinforcements.

5.Survivalist (5/5)
This must be filled up, raising the upper limit of life by 10%, sometimes it is the key to your survival.

6.Deterrence (1/1)
This is used to save your life. When you are approached by a warrior or thief, turn on Deterrence and use Disengage to open the distance.

7.Trap Mastery (2/2)
Reduce the chance of the enemy resisting the trap, very good, top up!

Increase your chances of resisting the limit of movement, top up!

9.Killer Instinct(3/3)
To increase the chance of a critical strike, you can choose to top up, or you can add only 2 points, leave a little bit to add Lightning Reflexes.

10. Lightning Reflexes (1/5)
It’s very useful to improve your agile attributes. However, due to the limited number of points, only 1 point is added here. You can modify the Killer Instinct (2/3) or trap effect (1/2) to adjust.

11.Improved Concussive Shot(5/5)
Can be used to extend the time the enemy gets out of the trap, especially the Frost Trap.

12.Improved Hunter’s Mark (1/5)
This is just for making up the numbers, it doesn’t make much difference.

13.Lethal Shots (5/5), Aimed Shot (1/1), Mortal Shots (5/5)
These three can greatly enhance the attack damage of the hunter. On the battlefield, there can be no control skills. The ultimate goal of the battlefield is to kill.

14.Eagle Eye(3/3)
It is very important to increase your attack range and be able to attack enemies in advance.

15.Scatter Shot (1/1)
It is also a control skill that can be used to interrupt the skills that the enemy is releasing.

This is suitable for use when both sides are in a melee. When the two sides are mixed together, they can be used in a wide range.

NO.4 Survival Hunter PVE Solution
Survival Hunter not only performs well on the battlefield, but also does not perform poorly in PVE. Below is the PVE talent, just a reference, you can modify it according to your own situation.

If you plan to use Survival Hunter in PVE, the above scenario can be used as a reference.In the Survival talent, the most important thing is Lightning Reflexes (5/5), and the remaining points can be assigned according to your own preferences.Efficiency (5/5) is essential. As for the Improved Aspect of the Hawk (5/5), you can choose whether you want or not. Can also be replaced by Improved Serpent Sting (5/5), no specific requirements, everything is based on their own actual situation.

There are many types of pure accounts in OSRS gold and it’s like more and more different variations are coming up. We’re going to go through the most popular types of pures in this article and explain what’s the difference between them.

Let’s start with a little something on what are the two main types of pures in general and what they’re used for.

A combat pure is an account, specifically optimised for using in player-versus-player scenarios, such as Wilderness encountres or Duel Arena. When training one, you often put priority on the offensive stats but still maintain a low combat level. Usually, the term “pure” is associated with accounts that have high offensive stats and low defensive, but there are other types of combat pures, such as Berserker pures that have 45 Defense. However, considering the diversity of PvP accounts, there are almost limitless variations of this kind of accounts.

There are also skill pures, also knowns as skillers, that develop only non-combat skills. Their combat skills are left at level 1 which makes their combat level remain at 3. This is very challenging for training any other skill cuz some requite quests with involved combat with monsters that deal high damage. Some recommendations for training a skill pure are to equip a training bow or any kind of bow or crossbow without wielding any ammo, so you don’t accidentally participate in combat. Also it’s best to set your options to hide the attack options on both players and monsters – again for the same reason. Many people enjoy making skill pures, because it’s definitely challenging and rewarding!

However, in this article we’re going to focus on the most popular kinds of combat pures in OSRS!

Types of Combat Pures

• One-Defence pure (1 def pure): This is the most popular form of an OSRS pure account. One-Defence pures are designed with one purpose in mind – player-versus-player combat. If you give the account high offensive stats and a low Defence level while maintaining a low combat level, you have leverage over most accounts of a similar level. You see why they are great in pking? One-Defence pures are trained by some people simply for the satisfaction of hitting very high at a very low combat level. The levels on these OSRS pure accounts vary a lot, though the most popular options are between 50 and 90. It’s quite time-consuming and difficult to train one but, of course, you can always buy your own custom-made one-Defence pure for a cheap price right here! And let me tell you, this type of OSRS pure is quite valuable. For an example, an account with 50 Attack/50 Strength/50 Defence would be combat level 58. An account with 50 Attack/50 Strength/1 Defence would be combat level 44 but would hit as hard as someone with a level 58. One-Defence pures have some disadvantages, such as lack of access to Rune armour and other benefits, and no use in Player vs Monster due to no significant Prayer level. This is why most 1 Defence OSRS pure accounts are alt accounts and people prefer to order them online and to use for fun at low combat level PvP, while they’re actually working on training their mains.

• Defence pure: Defence pures are quite the opposite of one-Defence pures, even if they might sound similar – this is an account that has a low combat level but an extremely high Defence level, which is compensated by very low Attack/Strength levels. These OSRS pure accounts are not so good in player killing though and often created merely for the sake of vanity. It’s very easy to escape from a Defence pure, because they have weak attacks. Defence pures used to be great for slaying opponents in PvP, because it used the Dragonfire shield’s special attack along with the stacking venom damage from the Serpentine helm, but as many other great things, it was nerfed.

• Obsidian pure: Obsidian pures are more known as “obby maulers” or simply “maulers”. They utilise the Tzhaar-ket-om, which requires 60 Strength to wield. Because of it, you can maintain a pure that has an Attack level of 1. This reaaally lowers your combat level and due to also having 1 Defence, you get a way lower combat level than the regular one-Defence pure. These OSRS pure accounts take incredibly long to train though, and they are an amazing choice for PvP, so if you want to get yours easy and with no grind whatsoever, click here to order your personal Obby mauler pure! There are also variations of this type of pure with a higher Defence level, such as 60 Strength/60 Defence which is great due to the release of the Obsidian armour, but the classic one is 1 Attack/90 Strength/1 Defence.

• Granite maul pure: This type of pure is similar to the Obsidian pure but has a higher Attack level. It’s best known as “G mauler” or “mauler” and it uses the Granite maul, which requires 50 Attack and 50 Strength to wield. That type of pure usually has 1 Defence and a lower combat level than most one-Defence pures. Get your own G mauler easy and cheap by simply clicking this link!

• Black pure: This is an account made specifically for 10 Defence, which lets you use black armour and wear a black mask/slayer helmet. Black pures are rarely seen throughout the Wild and can be quite dangerous while using low-cost armour and a great deal of weaponery. The Defence boost can be quite small, but it definitely makes a difference in fights, especially against one-Defence pures. The combat level is slightly higher than that of the one-Defence pures but this can vary. People with a Black pure are usually PvMers that love a challenge. In P2P the build is usually upped to 13 Defence.

• 13 Defence pure: The 13 Defence pure is basically a black pure which is sacrificing a small amount of offence for some more effective defensive gear. These accounts have 13 Defence usually not because they trained but because they completed Nature Spirit, a requirement for a subquest for Recipe of Disaster, and gained 2000 Defence xp. This grants you access to adamant gloves.

• Initiate pure: These accounts have 20 Defence and utilise the Prayer and Defence bonuses of Initiate armour. The Defence boost is quite useful and the armour allows you to use prayers more efficiently during combat, so your training will be much easier too. The combat levels of Initiate pures are higher than their 1 Defence counterparts. They also have the benefit of being able to equip armour with Magic bonuses, like Mystic robes.

• Rune pure: Rune pures have 40 Defence so they can wear Rune armour and other boosting equipment like fight torso and dragonhide body. 40 Defence is a requirement for completing Lunar Diplomacy, which gives you access to a very useful spell – the Vengeance spell, so that’s a bonus too. Rune pures are very popular in F2P PvP, the idea is that this account can wear the highest available armour while having as low combat level as possible. F2P rune pures often have Attack capped off a level 40 for rune weaponry which makes their level even lower. Rune pures are usually within the 70-110 combat level range. However, in P2P this build is usually less preferred than Berserker or Void builds which trade a few combat levels to get major benefits such as Void armour.

• Berserker pure: Also known as Zerker or Zerk. This type of OSRS pure is basically a rune pure but with 45 Defence which grants you the ability to wear a Berserker helm or a Fighter hat. They give better stat bonuses than the Rune full helm, so they’re preferable. Berserkers can also complete all subquests for Recipe for Disaster which allows you to get the best gloves in RuneScape – the Barrows gloves. The levels are almost identical to those of the Rune pures.

• Void pure: That type of account uses the combat bonuses of Void knight armour to achieve extremely high hits. Void pures are mostly Ranged-oriented because Rune crossbow and Dark bow already hit hard and when you put them together with the damage and accuracy boosts of the Ranged Void knight armour, it gets really sweet. Another benefit to this type of OSRS pure is that risks very little wealth – the Void knight armour is untradeable, rune kiteshiels can be made untradeable, and so on. Void pures usually have similar Defence level to that of Berserker pures, but lesser Melee levels which lowers their combat level. They’re mostly within combat level 70-100.

• Mage pure: This is basically a one-Defence pure that specializes in Magic. It’s extremely strong at low level PvP because most spells deal a fixed max damage regardless of the dealer’s Magic level. It’s most common for Magic pures to use Ancient Magicks or The Flames of Zamorak spells with a Toxic staff od the dead. Some go for the Slayer Dark spell. These accounts are best used at lower level combat, so they often remain within 40-60 combat level.

• Mage tank: Mage tanks have massive Defence and quite high Hitpoints and Magic levels. They used to be quite popular in RuneScape Classic, but they are rarely used now because magical armour has low defensive bonuses. These accounts are not very efficient in comboing out or finishing off opponents unless they use Melee or Ranged.

• Range pure: That’s a one-Defence pure that specialises in Ranged combat. Most Range pures level Attack and Strength too in order to heighten their combo potential with Granite maul or Dragon dagger. This is a quite useful type of OSRS pure, which takes a long time to train, so the best option is to order your own personal Range pur account for a small amount of money right here!

• Range tank: Those are characters with high Ranged and Defence levels. The Defence lets them play in high level PvP with Barrows items and often high-level Magic through spells like Vengeance. Attack/Strength levels are low. The combat level of these accounts is usually between 70 and 110.

• Dragon pure: Dragon pures have 60 Defence and/or 60 Attack so they can use Dragon equipment. They usually have on a Dragon scimitar as a main weapon because of its Strength bonus and speed, and a Dragon dagger (p++) as a secondary weapon just for the special attack. Add some Dragon claws and you have yourself a real dangerous fighter.

• Barrows pure: That’s one of the highest Defence OSRS pure type – it has 70 Defence (sometimes almost 70) mainly for the Barrows equipment, like Dharok’s, and 70 Prayer so it can use Piety. Combine this with overall high Attack/Strength levels for max damage and you get the overall picture. The combat level is not monitored closely and these accounts usually max out everything but Defence and Prayer. The combat level varies from 100 to 120 usually. You can buy your Barrows pure here and use it for PvP or PvM without going through all the grind before that! And if you prefer to train your account yourself, you can check out this 1-99 fast and efficient Strength OSRS guide here.

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As it has now become known EA has no license for FIFA 20 for Juventus. This expired on 30 June and was not renewed. What that means for the new FIFA part, you will learn here.


Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer be wearing the jersey of Juventus in FIFA 20. That’s not because the superstar changed clubs. No, EA Sports has actually lost the rights to Juventus. The club can no longer be represented in FIFA 20 with logos, coats of arms and jerseys. In return, rival Konami has secured the exclusive rights to the in-house football simulation eFootball PES 2020 for three years.


Juventus becomes Piemonte Calcio

What does that mean for FIFA 20? The loss of Juventus, one of the largest and most popular clubs in the world, is likely to hit EA Sports hard. Because of the missing license, the club in FIFA 20 must be displayed completely different.

That should also not please many fans, because a sense of realism does not appear in unlicensed teams.

These changes will be in FIFA 20

Juventus is renamed Piemonte Calcio

The original logo will be replaced by a new one

The original kits will be replaced

The Juventus Stadium will be gone

That remains unchanged

All player names and values are retained

The players keep their appearance

The live values of the players still exist

In Ultimate Team the chemistry of the players of “Piemonte Calcio” is unchanged

The Juventus players continue to receive special cards in FUT, it means you still can buy Juventus player cards in transfer market with FIFA 20 Coins or obtain them from packs.

We do not know that, yet

The new coat of arms and the new jersey are not yet known

Whether there will be dynamic images for Juventus players in FUT is not clear. That should be unlikely due to jersey and coats of arms.

What does the new club name mean? The new name “Piemonte Calcio” literally means “Piedmont football”, Piedmont is the region in which Turin is located.


Not the first license EA loses

That’s what happened: Even before the loss of Juventus Turin was known, FC Bayern has already announced an exclusive cooperation with Konami. However, EA is not quite as hard as with Juve.

That’s because EA Sports keeps the Bundesliga rights exclusively, allowing FC Bayern to play with their shirts and coats of arms. Only the Allianz Arena will be missing in FIFA 20.


This is how EA Sports reacts

That’s what EA does: After the news spreads, EA Sports responded promptly and released a FAQ to reassure fans. In it, the already clarified questions are answered.

EA announces new exclusive license: In addition, the bad timing of EA was used to announce an exclusive, long-standing partnership with Liverpool FC. But since Liverpool have not been lacking in FIFA so far, the news is likely to leave many FIFA fans cold.

But maybe a player from the Champions League winner will be the cover star for FIFA 20. Cristiano Ronaldo probably will not.

The new T80 two-handed RuneScape Terrasaur Maul has been added since the launch of Anachronia rs3 gold . Here we will share some more details about this weapon, like how to get & use it.

Obtain Terrasaur Maul from Big Game Hunter

The newly-added maul can be crafted from the superior long bone, tribal fin, and volcanic fragments, which can be rewarded from the Oculi apoterrasaur, Pavosaurus rex, and Malletops respectively during the Big Game Hunter activity on Anachronia. And using an augmentor on it can make it augmented.
Besides, you can come to a Repair NPC or an armour stand/whetstone if the item need repairing. Please remember the base repair cost for a full repair is 2,000,000 coins.

What effects do the maul have and what bosses can be affected?

There are two passive effects for the Terrasaur Maul, appearing as debuff on the target being affected by the buff, including +12.5% damage boost & +10% hit chance boost against ranged-classed enemies.
In addition, the RS Guy has tested the maul recently, and it turns out the following bosses can be affected by the Terrasaur Maul’s boosts (BIS with t93+ damage):
Arraxor (Ranged form)
Black Crystal (Seiryu)
Black Hand (BSD)
Black Stone Dragon
Dagannoth Supreme
Kalphite Queens
Kalphite King (Ranged form)
Kari 1 the Tainted
Krar (Beastmaster Pet)
Sanctum Guardian
Verak Lith

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