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This week brings the update from the poll that was discussed in the State of PvP blog in May. Here you could learn the details of adjustment this week, including changes to osrs gold Clan Wars games, Teleblock and more.

New options for OSRS Clan Wars games

The following new options are added when setting up OSRS Clan Wars games:

Leaving channel – This setting can be used to toggle whether players leaving the clan chat are counted as a death or not.

Re-joining – An option for rejoining a clan chat during the game which would include “Unrestricted” or “60 second limit”.

Team Cap – An option to cap group fights to 5v5, 10v10, 15v15, 20v20, 30v30 and Uncapped.

Change to OSRS Teleblock effect removal

Adjustment is also made to OSRS Teleblock with the update this week. Killing the player or NPC that teleblocks you now removes the teleblock effect. However, a player who successfully removes their teleblock this way will not be immune to another.

Other in-game changes made on June 27th

1. Larran’s keys will now always be lost on death. They are also destroyed slowly if dropped manually.

2. The antispam teleport system applied to teleports from the spellbooks in PvP worlds has now been extended to teleport tablets, the Amulet of glory and the Games necklace.

3. The player Demilancer has been added to Watson’s list of clue scroll contributors.

4. The in-game world map now shows the rivers Hos and Dougne.

5. The welcome screen will tell you the time since your last session more accurately, after you’ve logged in and out one more time.

6. Players trapped on F2P worlds near the top of the lava dungeon ladder in the Wilderness can now escape.

7. The penguin island that can be accessed by the fairy ring code AJS is now a multicombat area.

8. Jimmy Dazzler no longer deforms horribly while trying to wave his hands about.

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FIFA Mobile has diverse game modes that allow players to enjoy the game in a variety of ways. It has two competitive mode, VS Attack and Head to Head. Both modes pit players against each other but there are some differences. Here is what you need to know about each mode.

In VS Attack mode, players will compete against the opponent’s lineup in an asynchronous match. The objective is to score the most goals in a certain period of time. The chance to score depends on the OVR of the team and the chemistry between players. The higher these two, the more occasions to score. You can see a comparison between your team and the opponent’s before the game begins. Should you emerge victorious, you will get a chest. You will have to wait a certain time to open the chest. If you want the rewards on the spot, you can spend some FIFA 19 coins to open it. Fans are also among the rewards that come from winning games. Division promotion is done based on the number of fans. Be careful as you can also get demoted. During the game, players can communicate using predefined messages and emoticons. The VS Attack matchmaking system uses the number of fans to pair FIFA players.
Head to Head is a live mode where two players compete in real time. The match has two halves and each half has two minutes. The main difference from the other mode is that the device needs to meet certain requirements in order to support this mode. The system requirements are available on the official FIFA Mobile website. This mode also has divisions. Instead of fans, players earn cups when they win games. The division placement is based on the number of cups. The matchmaking system for this mode uses cups as well. In addition to cups, players also receive XP, FIFA coins, and packs. There are also seasons that last for two weeks. Both modes are fun to play. Players that want a complete game experience should try them both.

RS Profound Halo is a new profound cosmetic override runescape gold which will be released in game in the future. To obtain the Profound Halo when it is available, players must complete the “How Many Games?” achievement.

Concept art of RS Profound Halo updated

Jagex has revealed the new design of RuneScape Profound Halo on the recent official news post. The develop team has gone back to the drawing board because they found that the initial Profound Halo design wasn’t well-received by players.
This Profound Halo will be awarded to players who have completed the “How Many Games?” achievement. This new cosmetic override won’t be in-game for a while, but it will be something that’s worth playing all that Castle Wars for. Currently there is a poll among the players who already have the achievement, allowing players to choose their favorite design.

Complete How Many Games achievement

You must complete RuneScape How Many Games? achievement to obtain the Profound Halo when it is released in game. This achievement requires players to purchase a full set of profound decorative equipment and show it to Lanthus, including helmet, platebody, platelegs, sword, and shield. To complete the How Many Games achievement, players need to equip the full set and talk to Lanthus. The profound equipment can be purchased using gold Castle Wars tickets, Thaler, or a mixture of both.
Completing this achievement will unlock the title the Profound as well as the Profound Halo cosmetic override.

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What makes TESO special is how mature and inviting the community is. When a game is that great, and I mean this, wholeheartedly, we want others to enjoy it at the capacity we’re enjoying it. Generally speaking, that means dying less and feeling like the strong, heroic adventurers that we are. In the coming paragraphs, I will share with you a personal guide as to how I level my characters from 1-50 and how these small details can not only make the leveling process more enjoyable but also set you up for victory early on.
First Things, Do the Tutorial.

Go through the Wailing Prison. This is a great chance to gain some easy levels and get accustomed to your first few abilities on each of your skill lines. As soon as you gain your first skill point, unlock a damage ability. Then, for each skill point that is gained thereafter, unlock an ability in each of your class skill lines, as well as your preferred weapon, and put one of each on your bar. In short, you want to have an ability from each of your class skill trees, plus a weapon ability, in your ability bar.

If you’re planning to go the Stamina DPS route, start equipping any medium armor you pick up. Similarly, if you plan to play as Magicka DPS, or as a healer, equip any light armor you come across. And, lastly, if you want to try your hand at tanking, start getting some heavy armor on. Hopefully, by the time you leave the Wailing Prison, you will have a few good levels under your belt. Once you leave the Wailing Prison, chances are you’ll end up in the first main city of your alliance. Your first priority will be to join the Undaunted, Fighters and Mages Guilds in order to unlock those skill lines. Now, whenever you complete a dungeon, kill Daedra, or find a lore book in the world, you will gain experience for those skill lines!

How Do You Want to Play?

At this point, you can decide to level through the game “normally”, which means progressing through the game by questing in the direction of the main story, or you can mob grind your way to level 50. In my experience, I like to do a little bit of everything (questing, dungeons, and mob grind). More importantly, I find the most proactive way to go about this is by also wearing the most optimal gear. Ask a guildie, friend, or a stranger in zone chat to craft a set of training armor for you. I would recommend fully experiencing all the zones with your first or main character – that means completing all of the quest hubs and exploring the caves too! Not only are the quests very well-written and entertaining, but some of them provide unique rewards, as well as skill points. Caves have sky shards hidden within them and also give great XP. You will learn later on the importance of collecting every skill point, every sky shard, and even every lore book. If you skip them now, you will only go back for them later!

This week sees the release of OSRS Larran’s Key, a new key dropped from Slayer tasks given runescape gold by Krystilia. After obtaining Larran’s Keys, you can use them to open OSRS Larran’s chests for some rewards.

How to obtain the Larran’s Key OSRS?

Larran’s key OSRS is a key dropped from killing monsters while on a slayer assignment given by Krystilia. These Larran’s Keys can be taken to either one of Larran’s chests, which can be found in the Wilderness.
Like Brimstone keys, the chance of getting a Larran’s Key depends on the level of the monster that’s dropping it, meaning that the higher-level monsters being more likely to drop one. These stackable keys are untradeable, but can nevertheless be dropped to a PKer on death provided they’re not among the protected items. If the PKer is an Ironman, they cannot receive the key from other players in this way, so the key is destroyed completely.

Open Larran’s chest with Larran’s Key OSRS

OSSR Larran’s chests contain drop tables with the same items as the Brimstone chest but do not include the unique items. There are Larran’s small chest and Larran’s big chest:
Larran’s small chest can be found in level 18 Wilderness, just north east of the Chaos Temple. This chest has drops slightly worse off in numbers than the Brimstone chest.
Larran’s big chest can be found on the middle floor of the pirate’s ship to the west of the Pirates hideout in level 55 Wilderness. These chests contain drops that are greater in number to the Brimstone chest.

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On the subject of making gold in The Elder Scrolls Online, you will discover a number of paths a player can stick to. These paths all depend on how you appreciate the game and what variety of gameplay possibilities you choose. The three following guides will break down these playstyle preferences and give you detailed suggestions for the way to make the most out of the gold-collecting endeavors.
For PvPer
Earning gold can frequently be a challenging process for players who take pleasure in PvP in most MMORPGs. In TESO, you’ll discover that becoming a PvPer saves you a single vital step on the subject of gold spending– your first mount. By taking aspect in Cyrodil as soon as you’re able to and earning enough PvP currency to buy the PvP mount, it is possible to save oneself a fantastic chunk of gold.

Though not PvPing, you may consider selling raw crafting components to earn gold. You don’t want to raise any crafting or gathering professions to gather raw supplies out in the world. This makes it a simple solution to earn money without a big time commitment.

Slayer tasks from Krystilia now will give you an opportunity to get Larran’s Key OSRS gold by killing monsters in the wilderness. With the keys, you can unlock the Larran’s chests, which have the same items as the Brimstone chest except unique items.

Open Larran’s chest with Larran’s key 

After this week’s updates, there is a chance for all of you to obtain Larrans Key when killing monsters on a slayer task assigned by Krystilia. Then these keys can be used to open Larran’s chests, which can be found in the Wilderness.
It is the same as Brimstone keys, the chance of getting a key depends on the level of the monster that’s dropping it, so higher-level monsters have more chance to drop it. You must know that these keys are untradeable, but they can be dropped to a PKer on death if they are not protected items. Another point to note is Ironman PKer cannot get someone else’s key in this way, so key is destroyed completely.

Remember the specific locations for Larran’s chest

The small chest can be found at north east of the Chaos Temple in level 18 Wilderness. Because of the location easy to get, so this chest will drop slightly worse off in numbers than the Brimstone chest.
The big chest can be found at the west of the Pirates hideout of middle floor in level 55 Wilderness. These chests will be dropped more than the Brimstone chest for the more dangerous location and lack of access.

Larran's Chests Locations

Cannot wait to get the Larrans Key? Let’s find it and open the chest right now!

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We’re happy to confirm that from July 29th the Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players (yes, even Ironmen!).

Great! How do I get it?

Players will be able to grab the Mahjarrat Aura for 1,000 Reaper points, which we think reflects the fact it’s a best-in-slot aura for a lot of PvM activity

However, as it has also been available as a purchase previously, we don’t want those with little interest in obtaining all those Reaper points to miss out. Therefore the Mahjarrat Aura will also be available in exchange for 3 Bonds, which at this moment in time equates to a gold amount of approximately 65 million.

It should also go without saying that if you signed up for Premier Club in 2016, the Mahjarrat Aura is already unlocked on your account and available to use.

Any chance of getting some of the other top Auras?

Furthermore, we’re also treating this as a pilot for the possible release of other Auras previously available via the Premier Club in the future, depending on the reaction to this initial offer. But rest assured – the Mahjarrat Aura will be available to everyone for good regardless of what happens with other similar Auras.

Happy adventuring!

Do you want free umbral chest? This month there is a chance for all Twitch Prime runescape gold members. If you are the member of RS Twitch Prime, you could claim two free RS umbral chests as the Twitch Prime offer.

Obtain free RS umbral chests for rewards

From June 18th, 2 RuneScape umbral chests are offered as the Twitch Prime offer this month. All Twitch Prime members could log into their Twitch Prime account and claim the umbral chests during this period.
By opening the RuneScape umbral chest, players will have a chance to obtain a guaranteed super-rare Treasure Hunter prize. Various rewards can be gained from the umbral chest, and here are some of them:
Lucky Guthan’s staff
Lucky Ahrim’s staff
Lucky Dharok’s staff
Silverhawk feathers
Protean hides
Protean logs
Protean memory
Ocean’s Archer Bow token
Ocean’s Archer Crossbow token
Off-hand Lucky Armadyl crossbow
Twang crossbow

How can you claim RuneScape umbral chests?

Here is a guide to help you claim umbral chests or other RS Twitch Prime loot if you are still unclear about it:
1. Create or log into to your Twitch Prime account.
2. Find the offer on the drop-down list on Twitch. Click on the link in Step 1 to link your Twitch and Runescape accounts even if they are already linked. Login if asked to.
3. Click “Confirm” on the RS webpage.
Then you can enjoy the RuneScape umbral chest or other Twitch Prime loot on your RuneScape account.

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Here are some new impressions of ESO from new players. I love this game’s atmosphere and full of energy, and so far compared to many other games every minute I spend in here is worthwhile, some highlights I find in here. Let’s take a look at this.

The first thing I want to compliment is this game’s graphics, it looks very pretty or should I say it’s stunning. I started this game in the Nord areas, but when I wandered in the lush green places, I was totally blown away by how amazing everything around looked. And for the building, the architecture is also so spectacular and magnificent. And for the castles in the game, some of them just look like Europen castles I had a vacation in Europe last year.

The second thing I want to compliment is traveling in this game, in every zone, you can get a mount early on and main teleport hubs without having to physically visit them first. There are still tons in the wild you must visit first but having access to a few off the bat really helps open up the world early on. And I have to say this is a real time saver.

The third thing I want to compliment is this community, there have been a few times I’ve been helped in game randomly for a few different reasons without asking for help and what’s more, sometimes I would ask some dumb questions and then these questions were well answered. I particularly appreciate being able to ask a question and would receive several helpful answers. That’s a really good sign and I really love it here. The community is amazing.