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BioWare has announced that the release date for SWTOR Game Update 5.10.3 The Dantooine Incursion has been delayed with one week. Meanwhile, the studio teased upcoming live stream and blog post full of details for the new gearing system in the upcoming expansion Onslaught this September! And there is swtor credits for sale on

he May update 5.10.3 to Star Wars: The Old Republic, called The Dantooine Incursion, has been pushed back one week and turned into “The June Update”. Its original release date was May 28th. The new one is now June 4th, 2019.

This change directly impacts several of the in-game events planned for the end of May and the beginning of June. The originally planned Bounty Hunter week will now once again be scheduled to run for the week of May 28th.

The Dantooine Incursion update introduces a brand new recurring event – The Pirate Incursion. I know… too many incursions? The event will start with the release of the update on June 4. It will run for two full weeks back to back. In BioWare’s previous plans this was going to happen as well, but starting on May 28. In these two weeks you will be able to complete the Weekly missions twice. After that the Pirate Incursion will fall in line with the rest of the in-game events on rotation each month.

The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event (an online casino gambling and entertainment platform) returns from June 18th until July 30th. There is no announcement if and what new items may be available for this year’s edition of the event.

Double XP will run for a week – from June 11th until June 18th. Musco called it “Double XP”, but based on past experience in the last few years, it is likely going to be a “Double Rewards Event”. This means that CXP and GSF will also be included.

What that means is next week will not go empty, following the delay of 5.10.3’s release. The Spoils of War is BioWare’s new and improved gear system that they plan to release with the upcoming expansion “Onslaught” this September.

Dauntless has finally released May 21, 2019, and we got a chance to get our hands on it. After being in open beta since May 2018. Dauntless now joins the very few games that can cross-play across many consoles most notably PS4 and Xbox. With over 5 million players, it is fine to call Dauntless a success. With that said, let us talk about our time slaying these behemoths. This is our Dauntless review.

By no small feat did Dauntless step into a game scene that was mostly dominated by one brand but carved out a name for itself. The launch was not so smooth, as the popularity quickly soared and made the servers come down. Now as much as it might have frustrated some players, this is not a bad problem for the developers. To know that your game has struck home with so many players is a good problem to have. The developers did work to improve servers and accommodate more people. We went from having timed queues of 1500+ minutes to now numbered queues of 5000. The number 5000 seems arbitrary at best to me as the time to get in does not take as long as one might think when seeing that number. Once you are in, though, the fun begins.

After going through the character creator, which I must say is an improvement from what it was before, I was able to make a character I was happy with. The real way to separate one’s character from another lies in the armor one chooses to wear. Being able to mix and match pieces for styles and perks to match your playstyle is the primary way to set your character apart. If you have the money to purchase premium currency, it is possible to skins or emotes to customize your character further.

By now we know the drill when it comes to games like these; you hunt the big baddies, collect their parts, using said parts to make new armor and weapons. Most armors and weapons have an elemental attribute too, so you have an advantage against specific Behemoths. The collecting of said parts is not that difficult. Breaking behemoth parts are the key, and sometimes you need the right weapon to make that break. To chop tails, you can not use a hammer; you have to use some type of bladed weapon or the gun like weapon called Repeaters.

Speaking of weapons, there are a few to choose from; Hammers, Axes, Chain Blades, War Pike, Sword, and the newest, Repeaters. There are quests when starting that require you to use each weapon as a way to get used to them and in a way, help you find one you like using. I applaud the inclusion of such a quest as I would generally find one thing and stick to it without giving other weapons a try. Still, I found my home in using the Repeaters as I love playing a DPS/support style, and these make that so easy as well as fun.

Pretty much everything you can equip has an effect on your playstyle from armors, weapons, consumables, even to the lantern you carry around with you. Building out your character to your style or fight you are going into is a crucial part of this game. As some behemoths are tough, you want to be prepared. To further prepare yourself, you will want to have cores equipped to your weapon and armor that is to your situation or style. Cores can be fused into new cores or upgraded cores. One thing I feel would be great to have is a way to save equipped sets for easy switching.

As there are many armor sets, each piece with their own effects, some sets and pieces are better suited for certain types of weapons. If you don’t use that weapon at the moment, you won’t want to invest in upgrading the particular armor right away so you may only be certain sets. Having the ability to switch between sets you can save would be great not that it is a hassle now, but it would be a QOL improvement I feel. If you are looking for a boost to getting skins and style items as well as gold and other items making sure to level the hunt pass may be something you want to do. Doing so you unlock said items to claim as rewards. The premium hunt pass has even more rewards though as at later levels the standard one has a gap between rewards, the closer it gets to 50.

As most of the items you get with the premium hunt pass are mostly cosmetic, there are no p2w elements here. The launch has been enjoyable despite the ups and downs that come with millions of players on launch. There were server disconnects and outages as they increased the amount of space for players. I sometimes found myself running into a little lag when running through town. Other times I still find myself disconnecting during a hunt which can be frustrating when I’m at the end of a hunt, and that hunt was going very well. For a large number of players playing sometimes, it takes long waiting for a match to pop with group finder. Again as I stated before, for developers, this is not a huge problem to have because it shows people want to play and are interested. I always log back in after a disconnect because it’s too fun to put down sometimes.

Dauntless is fun, plain and simple. It is in the giant monster hunting category just like Monster Hunter, but it does have its differences. Dauntless is F2P, lacks the open worldness that Monster Hunter has, but the Behemoth fights have some really tight mechanics to it. The fights so far in Dauntless have been a team of 4 vs. 1 behemoth alone. I’m still progressing as I mentioned before at later upgrading levels it takes materials, and if you are maining Repeaters, you have to upgrade each component of the repeater as well as your armor pieces. Dauntless has its differences from MH, and that is a good thing. It sets both games apart and allows them to appeal to the same yet different audiences. If you like MH and are waiting for Iceborne, why not give Dauntless a go and see if you like it. It has a beautiful art style going for it and fun behemoth fights as well as weapon mechanics.

There is no rule saying you can’t enjoy both and I do. Let me know your thoughts down below on Dauntless. What weapon do you like to play with most? Favorite armor set so far? What kind of look are you trying to give your character? Do you enjoy petting the dogs as much as I do?

This week according to the ideas from the community, there has been various quality runescape 3 gold of life changes in RuneScape Dungeoneering. The Dungeoneering QoL changes includes addition of new interface slots for Lockmelter and Dungeoneering Outfit. Let’s learn the details.

Details of Dungeoneering QoL changes

As a minigame-like support skill available for both F2P & P2P players to explore the dungeons of Gielinor, the RuneScape Dungeoneering has been a major source of fun for players. Therefore, it is necessary you check the updates and enjoy the game better.
1.You can now do Dungeoneering in a large dungeons alone.
2.There are two display slots added in the status interface, respectively show if the Lockmelter Outfit and Dungeoneering Outfit is used by your party for this floor.
3.When someone in your party uses a Lockmelter or use an Outfit skip, you’ll be informed by a party message.
4.You’ll receive a “Yes, don’t ask me again” option when completing a floor, which, if chosen each time you click the end-ladder, will now try to vote to end immediately instead of prompting you.
5.There is now a party message to show which player has voted to end a floor.
6.Except Skeletal Horde, 29 out of 30 DG bosses now automatically trigger the end ladder on death, instead of forcing you to wait for their death animation before the dungeon end.
7.Chisel spawns in Dungeoneering are removed since it is now of little use.
8.Gatestone 1, Group Gatestone and Gatestone 2 will now appear as the item on top of a loot pile to allow players to easily pick them back up.

The RuneScape Dungeoneering QoL changes has been made based on the suggestion from the community, you can also try the new interface slots for Lockmelter Outfit and Dungeoneering Outfit, then offer your suggestion to help the team further improve in-game Dungeoneering experience. If you are a fan to the updates, just buy cheap RS3 gold from us and enjoy exploring dungeons across Gielinor.

In the fall, players of “Rocket League” can expect a new update, which includes a transparency feature – Transparent Goalposts. The aim is to optimize the view of the ball in many situations.

Psyonix has revealed first details about the next update for the multiplayer hit “Rocket League”. According to this, one of the functions most required by the community will be delivered in autumn. These are transparent gate posts.

The transparent goalposts are intended to drastically change the view of the ball in certain situations. This is especially intended for goalkeeper a better view of the ball. With the upcoming update, gates, goal posts and certain parts of the arena wall will be made transparent. Transparent parts are then shown instead of the opaque, solid structures. Depending on the position and the viewing angle of the player, certain parts are then displayed transparently.

The developers of Psyonix are aware that not all players are enthusiastic about it, which is why they integrate this feature into the game as optional features. In this way, each player can decide for themselves whether the transparency is used or whether one remains in the previous display mode.

The transparency feature is to be provided with the update for each arena. “Rocket League” you can play on the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players on Nintendo Switch are to be provided later this year with the title.

RS Elite Woodcutting outfit has been added to Portable Vic the Trader according to the latest official news post. There is still the chance to summon the Portable Trader with Up to 9% off rs gold until June 2, 2019.

Elite Woodcutting outfit available in game

The Portable Vic the Trader are available to summon from April 23 to June 2, 2019. During this period, players have the chance to summon their Portable Vic the Trader and exchange bonus XP for items. The Portable Vic the Trader RuneScape is available for both F2P players and P2P players.

Besides Prismatic star, Prismatic lamp, Dungeoneering tokens, Dungeoneering wildcard, Rare item tokens and Advanced pulse core, there has been some new items added to RuneScape Portable Trader. On April 29th, Wildcards, Dungeoneering tokens and the Shark, Ethereal and Gorajan outfit pieces are now purchasable for F2P via the trader store. On May 20th, RuneScape Elite Woodcutting Outfit has been added to the portable trader’s store.

How to summon Portable Vic the Trader?

Here are steps if you want to summon a RuneScape portable trader:
1. Withdraw a bond into your inventory.
2. Open the Bond interface and then locate the Portable Trader.
3. Access your inventory and click on the Trader Summoning Stone.
4. Deposit and exchange the extra bonus XP in your inventory for credits.
5. Spend credits to purchase items from RuneScape Portable Vic the Trader, such as the prismatic lamp, dungeoneering tokens and rare item tokens.

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The Cartel Market is the virtual in-game market where exclusive items, unlocks and more in-game content is available for purchase. The Cartel Market can be accessed from clicking on the Cartel Market icon (left) on your status screen in SWTOR, where you can browse through the ever-expanding list of items the BioWare has for sale through the Market. Never forget to buy credits swtor from

Cartel Market Interface

The Cartel Market interface consists of nine separate tabs on the left side of the UI, each designed to promote a specific type of product that is available for purchase on the Cartel Market. Each item will be accompanied by a price tag indicating how many Cartel Coins will be required to make a given purchase:

Featured – This tab will display some of the newest or most popular items available on the Cartel Market at a given time. Typically speaking, items displayed here will be the keynote item from most (if not all) of the other tabs in the Cartel Market interface.
Newly Added – This tab will display all of the most current additions to the Cartel Market. Items that are found here will be denoted with a green triangle/icon in the top right corner of the item’s picture.
Starfighter – This tab will display items that can be purchased for Space PvP activities. This can include new ships to use, parts and upgrades for existing ships and consumables for players to gain experience faster.
Packs – This tab will display Bounty and Cartel packs that are currently for sale. Cartel packs can be sold in either individual packs or as hypercrates, in which each hypercrate is comprised of 24 packs.
Bundles – This tab will display pre-assembled groups of items dedicated to providing boosts to one specific gameplay element or demographic, such as levelling, PvP, free-to-play and/or preferred players, etc.
Cosmetic – This tab will display items that can either affect a character’s appearance or any displayable items that players can show to each other. Examples of this include specific vehicle mounts, dye modules, character customization packages, emotes and viewable items.
Unlocks – This tab will display items that provideor grant access to additional features to a character or player account. This can include granting additional inventory storage, allowing access to specific tiers of gear or new character species, etc.
Equipment – This tab will display items that directly impact a character’s armor or armaments, including special weapons, item modifications, armor pieces and sets, etc.
Consumables – This tab will display items that players can use which will provide them with a one-time boost or change to a specific character aspect, such as experience boosts, renames and weekly passes to participate in specific game content.

Cartel Coins

Cartel Coins are the main method of purchasing from the Market, as all items are listed with amounts relating to Coins, not in-game credits. Cartel Coins can sometimes be earned through in-game achievement earnings while playing with different characters. All subscribers get a monthly grant of 500 complementary Cartel Coins, which are added to the player’s account at the end of each month. If a security key is purchased from, 100 complimentary coins are added, regardless of what type of account the player has. Cartel Coins are available for purchase using real money via’s online store.

The King of Shades has cursed the great city of Icenaire. Now cast under a permanent blight of frost fall, its former residents have returned from the dead as mad Wraiths. Survivors take refuge deep underground where they lead a desperate campaign against this unearthly power. Woefully outmatched, they are forced into hiding as the King of Shades amasses an army of the undead above them. One fateful day, a mysterious stranger appears in the city with an enchanted vambrace. Now, she may be their only hope…

Take on the role of Evelia Lyric as you embark on several expeditions that will truly test your mettle as a leader. Before departing, visit the recruiting board to assemble your team. Each member brings their unique strengths and abilities to combat and the expedition itself. Craft new items from old loot, make sure your party is properly equipped, and journey to the surface to fulfill your objectives. The path ahead will be fraught with difficulties, but every one of the game’s seven chapters offers unique challenges emphasizing different party combinations and a high level of replayability.

Lyric comes into ownership of an ancient relic known as the Aetherbrace, after her father’s passing. She then embarks from the human realm of Edena on an expedition into the frigid, Dwarven kingdom of Dokkheim. It is there she hopes to find answers that may reveal more about the strange artifact and her father’s mysterious past.

The surface of Icenaire is cold and unforgiving, so you will need to use every advantage you can muster to survive

Devespresso Games’ previous title, indie horror title The Coma: Recut, represents a major departure from the survival adventure mechanics of their previous title. For Vambrace, the team instead reveals a gothic fantasy tale from the minds of Minho Kim and T.L. Riven. The game features multi-class party building mechanics, punishing roguelike expeditions, and an immersive narrative with high replayability. Vambrace also boasts Minho’s signature hand-illustrated graphics that is sure to please 2D and retro game enthusiasts.

A RS Elite Woodcutting outfit, the RuneScape Nature’s Sentinel Outfit, and the Elite Hunter runescape 3 gold outfit RS3, which are available only in TH, are to become available in game soon. The outfits that make up the outfits (likeoaken, willow, and maple sentinel outfits) are also going to appear in game.

Nature’s Sentinel outfit & Elite Hunter outfit become available

According to the latest news, the Elite Woodcutting outfit (the RuneScape Nature’s Sentinel Outfit) and Elite Hunter outfits will soon be made available in game. In addition, the Maple, Oaken, and Willow sentinel outfits that can be combined to make Nature’s Sentinel Outfit will appear in game in about one month. On top of that the Desert, Arctic, Jungle and Volcanic outfits will also follow the steps as the Hunter update released in July.

Set effects of Nature’s Sentinel outfit & more

When fully equipped, the Elite Woodcutting outfit set normally gives the following effects:
1.20 teleports per day to various woodcutting locations like normal trees and magic trees.
2.Increase success chance while Woodcutting by 7%.
3.7% increased chance in obtaining bird’s nests and crystal geodes.
4.Enable you to automatically burn or fletch logs when cut.
5.Enable you to contact Evil Trees.
6.Enable you to plant a miniature Evil Tree that can only be chopped by you per day.
7.Enable you to use Lumberjack clothing’s bonus experience if you have one.
As for the design details of the Elite Hunter outfit, we will follow up the latest news and fill you in as soon as possible.

If you have tired of collecting TH keys to obtain the Nature’s Sentinel outfit, and oaken, willow, maple sentinel outfits, as well as the Elite Hunter outfit, or Desert, Arctic, Jungle and Volcanic trapper outfits, you can now expect to get them directly in game very soon. As the loads of updates come on their way, just buy cheap RuneScape gold from us and get ready to have a very enjoyable summer.

The month of September has already begun, which means that lovers of basketball have a date with two of the most popular series in the world of video game, one of them being ‘NBA Live 18′. This NBA game, developed by Electronic Arts, returns with renewed energies and some very interesting news to be able to plant battle to the title created by 2K Sports. After years and years in the shade, and some absence in between, everything indicates that ‘NBA Live 18′ will be a rival to take into account thanks to the work done by EA Sports in terms of content, gameplay and visual. Now, when can we enjoy NBA Live 18, what news does it bring about its rival and what issues are going to arrive? Well that’s what we are going to try in the next few lines.
NBA Live 18 Release Date

First of all, when will NBA Live 18 be available in stores? The work of EA Sports is practically falling, because its release is scheduled for next September 15 on the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the moment, there is no confirmed version for the PC platform, but a demo on systems previously quoted so that you can see, before the launch, how this new gameplay develops playable and technical. EA Sports has a new opportunity for its veteran license, which takes us many years, to lay a solid foundation for the future and be a more alternative in the world of basketball. Will you get it? We will see you soon

NBA Live 18 Available Editions

Given the release date, it is time to see the editions that EA Sports plans to put on sale for ‘NBA Live 18′. On this occasion, and unlike the football sim par excellence of EA, the basketball title will only have one available edition: ‘NBA Live 18: The One’, whose retail price will be 46.95 euros. The monetary value is somewhat lower than the one that boasts its maximum rival, which can be a good asset in order to add sales. That yes, at the level of editions goes a little scarce the offer is more limited. If you are interested in making this delivery, it is already available for reservation through the official website of EA Sports.

NBA Live 18 What’s New

‘NBA Live 18′ will feature some new features regarding the previous installments of the series, being the most striking of all the inclusion of the WNBA, ie the women’s league of the NBA. For the first time in the history of a videogame based on this sport, users will be able to enjoy matches in which women are the protagonists, something that we have already seen in the FIFA series during these last years. In addition, this delivery features The One mode, in which players can get into the skin of a novice player and climb to become an NBA star. There will be no shortage of Ultimate Team, in which we can create our own team through letters or Franchise, which will allow us to choose a team and manage it our way. Of course, there will be more ways.

A new weapon, OSRS Blade of Saeldor is coming to the game later with the release of Song of the Elves. The sword may be obtained with cheap runescape gold 2007 after completing the Gauntlet, which requires 75 attack to equip and crystal shards to repair.

General information on OSRS Blade of Saeldor

A new sword called Blade of Saeldor may be released later with the Song of the Elves quest, which is equivalent of the Ghrazi rapier. Players will have a rare chance to obtain the broken Blade of Saeldor after completing the new solo PvM minigame named Gauntlet. The blade will require 75 attack to equip and have an attack speed of 4, same as other swords. If lost in PvP, the broken blade will be dropped but all shards will be lost.
Moreover, the team plans to offer a Special Attack for the Blade of Saeldor called Saeldor’s strike.

How to repair OSRS Blade of Saeldor?

The broken form gained from Gauntlet is tradeable but unusable, and it can only be repaired with OSRS crystal shards. Crystal shards are untradeable resource gained by completing activities around Prifddinas. For example, crystal shards can be obtained by harvesting the Crystal tree and completing the Gauntlet. It is expected that players will be able to obtain crystal shards at a rate of 50 per hour, which is subject to future balancing.
Each crystal shard will grant 25 charges up to a limit of 2,500 charges. Once it is repaired, it will slowly degrade and lose a charge for each attack.

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