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Right now there is a poll about a new novice level quest called Tale of the Righteous OSRS and some QoL changes, live until April 3. let’s see what all of these are about and buy RS 2007 gold mobile from RSorder.

OSRS Tale of the Righteous quest

The new quest will focus on the Shayzien House and require the completion of Client of Kourend, level 16 Strength, level 10 Mining, and 20% Shayzien Favour. Once you complete the Tale of the Righteous, you will obtain 1 Quest Point, 8000 coins , 10% Shayzien favour along with Kharedst’s Memoirs Shayzien teleport page.

QoL updates polled until April 3

Even after a QoL month, the Old School team still think it’s not enough. And they sum up some more QoL changes and wait for your vote, for example:

1.Change the color of the standard Slayer helmet, differing slightly from the Slayer helmet (i).
2.Increase a left-click option for travel to the glider at Feldip Hills.
3.Be able to store up Penance armour in the POH Costume Room, where you can store each individual hat when the Fighter torso, Penance skirt, Penance gloves and Runner boots have all been deposited.
4.Allow a counter to show how many music tracks you have unlocked.
5.Increase a teleport to Otto’s Grotto to the Fishing Skill cape.
6.Triple the current XP given from Long and Curved bones.
7.Change the Ardougne cloaks 2, 3 and 4 to make their teleport locations shown when right clicking them in your inventory.
8.Change the Morytania legs 4 to show the teleports to the Ectofuntus pit and Burgh de Rott when right clicking them in your inventory.

Most of these updates will be added in game in the next 2 weeks if possible. Let’s buy RS 2007 gold mobile and wait for them.

I think I’d lose my mind only ever being able to play a single role. As you already know and since it’s been mentioned over and over again, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to picking your Advanced Specialization. Once you choose one of the two options you can not go back. Of course you can choose any of the three specs in that specialization but that may not offer you comfort if you make a mistake here. Trust me on this one, there is nothing worse than leveling up past level 10 only to realize you don’t like the specs that are available to you. If you take my advice and want to do research on this before release I highly recommend reading over my class guides as well as using any outside information. Below are a few links that I’ve used to help me decide which class I wanted to play

Here is what you can expect in March and April this year of swtor credits(2018):

In those three games you started out as a basic class of some kind and you could better your class, usually at level 10, or you could take up a subclass. A lot of extra information to explain to someone who never played them before. In this case the basic class you start out with is something like a Smuggler or Bounty Hunter. Once you reach level 10 you will still stay a Smuggler or Bounty Hunter but you will have an additional specialization attached to you.?Each class is able to choose from two different specializations at level 10. You should read both of them carefully and even use outside websites/sources for information. The reason you want to make sure you are making the right choice is because once you have made a choice you can’t go back. If you are playing a Trooper and you choose Commando over Vanguard by accident you will need to start a completely new character to fix your change.

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I’m not OP, but I do aswell adulation PKing. Why? Get RS3gold runescape gold with $10 cash coupon for motivates bodies to pk. It’s altered for everyone.

Personally I like a lot of things about it. One affair is the absolute activating attributes of it, I never in actuality apperceive what will happen. I could run in to one of the a lot of arduous PKers I’ve anytime faced, I could run in to anyone who I feel like I’m on even basement with. I could get a in actuality acceptable combo, or just be arena bigger than accepted and get a big kill. I could get a advantageous boodle from anyone who anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction to accompany tens of millions in to the agrarian or just has a lot of boodle on them.

When anyone runs or fights aback able-bodied – I anticipate that’s the best part. I adulation cerebration about all the altered things. If anyone runs it’s about managing coinsow and barge decently, to break on them. I allegation to aswell use morrigan’s axe at the adapted time to accomplish abiding they can’t run too much, and I allegation to amaze them as abundant as I can (not just decay it on their anticipation/freedom). I allegation to anticipate about some switches, are design bolts bigger adjoin this guy or dragon?

When it’s accession PKer, it’s a lot about maximizing my affairs of killing them and surviving. Is this guy anyone I apperceive has a big accumulation of people? If they are, I allegedly shouldn’t stick about too continued because even if I win I adeptness just end up dying to one of their friends. Can I allow to teleport block them even if it takes like 5+ casts? What about morrigan’s axe – is it annual the 50% adrenaline or will they just bake me out if I absorb so abundant of my time focused just on that? How continued am I TB’d for? How continued are they TB’d for? How alarming are they? Do I allegation to reflect, debilitate? Can I go for a big, crazy admixture or would they just yield advantage of that and bang my ass?

I allegation to administer my arresting abilities well, freedom/anticipation are in actuality key to adaptation and if both are down I could calmly die to a combo, so I allegation to be befitting myself topped up, accede application some defensives, be accessible to spam brews like crazy while I’m stunned. Similarly I allegation to clue their arresting abilities very, absolute able-bodied or I’m just not traveling to annihilate them.

I could go on and on, but the point is – there’s so abundant circuitous and activating gameplay here.

When it comes to PKing runecrafters specifically, it’s a abundant simpler affair but still can be fun – it comes down to a DPS chase and absolute bound movement management. I allegation to use all the best abilities for the situation, I allegation to break close abundant to them that they can’t just bastard abaft a timberline (and appropriately out of ambit of my attacks) and so on.

Of course, a lot of the time it’s just some guy who isn’t paying absorption and that’s a bit of fun because of the mystery, the activating attributes of loot. They adeptness accept a atone cape, a ROTS shield, or just a absurd bulk of runes in their inventory.

I get asleep all the time for 20k annual of Dragon Bones at the Chaos Altar.

I anticipate a lot of bodies accept this mindset, “I’m risking 20K, why the hell is anyone killing me?” but so abounding added bodies aren’t risking 20K, they’re risking 200K, 2000K, or 20000K.

And every time I can’t advice but anticipate that person’s time would be bigger spent elsewhere. I mean, with your stats, accessory and allowances absolutely you could be accepting a nice GP/Hr accomplishing top end content.

A lot of bodies could be accomplishing Telos or AOD but they don’t because they artlessly adore accomplishing something like Vind more, or Helwyr, or y’know – something easier, and beneath GP/hour, or just something with a altered array of gameplay that appeals in some appropriate way.

I anticipate that aggravating to appearance it as GP/hour accepting the a lot of important agency would be silly, I mean, it’s not even like PKing is abhorrent money either. We see OP authoritative 14M/hour accomplishing this, afterwards all.

But you’re killing skillers. And not abounding action aback so I can’t brainstorm it’s that agreeable or challenging?

I categorical how it can be fun, so I will not echo all that.

As for challenge, it can be arduous and in a absolute altered array of way – if you appointment anyone who is acceptable at artifice you allegation to yield a lot of accomplishments to anticipate that escape and sometimes you don’t succeed.

Sometimes the guy artifice is just too acceptable and sometimes they’re not even aggravating to escape they’re affronted aback and they are blame your ass, y’know? I mean, hellfire bow abnormally can accomplish a PVMer crazily authentic and basically one mistake can leave you dead.

Sometimes you run in to added PKers and that all-overs things up. Arresting yourself adjoin a accomplished and able-bodied geared PKer can be in actuality harder too, all-overs to say.

More important conceivably is that so abounding bodies action monsters that affectation no claiming whatsoever, so abounding alternation abilities that accept no abort state. At the end of the day, claiming is generally not what bodies are searching for.

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With the return of Spring Fayre, there are various fun activities for you to join in, like collecting Festive eggs RuneScape, Dancing Platform (unlocking the music The Lumbridge Reels), winning Cloudy of destiny from the Fortune teller. Let’s learn more and buy cheap RuneScape gold from RSorder.

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Festive egg collection

Around the fayre you can gather the Festive eggs, which is one of the requirements to unlock the title the Fairest of Them All. And you can collect the egg from these locations:

Either Bank chest (east or west of the Helter Skelter)
Any Hay bale found within the area
Cart west of the Test of strength machine, north of the Candy floss machine
Big Chinchompa portal (when inactive)
The Stage that Menowin is standing on
Tickets and tokens stall
Fortune teller’s tent
Claw-dia stall
Easter Egg Shy
The Mighty Zoltan
Please note that after being found, the eggs can be destroyed since keeping them is not demanded for the title.
Dancing Platform activity
By interacting with a Dancing Platform, you can unlock a music track named The Lumbridge Reels, which has attracted much attention. Meanwhile, you will win Prayer XP after standing on
the platforms and attempting to follow the emotes done by the leaders – Dixie and Mixie.
Find Tarot card token for RuneScape Cloudy of destiny

When joining in various activities you may find the tarot card token, and then you can give the token to the Fortune teller Kristlin. She can provide medium fortune stars in various skills via the Cloudy of destiny located at the ease of the crater.
Claw-dia Stall

Requiring no token from the Claw-dia Stall you have a free go each day to get a prize box containing at least 2 items, perhaps prismatic lamps and fallen stars.Sound very fun? Why not buy cheap RuneScape gold and have a try now?

This week, Runescape released more outstanding QoL monthly updates from PvP Week. In addition, there are other aspects that will change in the next week. Now let’s take a look at the details!We’d like to trial the world restriction schedule next week, so as with runescape gold 2007 any changes like these, your feedback is very much welcomed and appreciated.

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For many Ironman players, a common frustration is in the God Wars Dungeond. They tend to spend more time on 40 killing counts to enter the boss’s room, only to find that they are starting a killing that has been left by previous players. This means that they are high and dry, having to waste time re-banking and getting more kill counts, or wasting time killing a boss who won’t get loot.

Because of this, Runescape is making some minor adjustments to the owners of the God Wars Dungeond so that they will reset when the room becomes empty. This means that after a few seconds without any player in the room, if the boss has already suffered some damage, it will reset and regenerate at the usual rate of rebirth.

Upon completing the Chambers of Xeric, loot notifications are now able to support longer messages, so they can now describe a triple loot – if you’re lucky enough to get that at least.Using the Tip jar in a player owned house now once again lets the owner know how much was tipped.

Previously, players with Friends and Ignore lists longer than 200 entries could not use the Sorting buttons on the side-panels. While the Clan Setup screen did allow sorting, it would freeze your client while doing so.All the lists can now be sorted regardless of how long they are, and without causing your client to freeze like that.

An additional sorting option has been added, allowing you to sort the Friends and Clan lists according to when the player last changed worlds. The old Legacy sort options took this into account, so we’ve now given it an extra Sorting button of its own.Any damage received during the Lunar Isle cutscene is now cleared when the cutscene ends.

The PJ timer used on PvP worlds has now been applied to Bounty Hunter worlds.Fake XP drops will now appear for Ironmen when attacking other players. We’ve also made the fake XP drops respect the ‘Grouping’ toggle the XP drop setup menu, which they previously didn’t do.

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I acquire a access that The Agent has been pushed aback to Get RS3gold rs gold cheap with $10 cash coupon to join updates contempo,that are added thematically relevant.

The appellation “Ambassador” isn’t something you bandy about to something of little importance. It has gravitas, it has meaning. It should be accustomed to a bang-up that is important and accordant to the bold as a whole.

I accept that “The Ambassador” will be the agent of Xau-Tak if Jagex decides the time is appropriate to either appearance Xau-Tak in-game, or accomplish it added of a acquainted presence. To me it makes added faculty than just an approximate appellation accustomed to a bang-up for no reason.

Given that it is an underwater boss, and it has the name “The Ambassador”, and that Xau-Tak is accepted to abide in some anatomy in the base of the ocean, it makes far added faculty thematically for this to be the case. An underwater bang-up for the annual of an underwater bang-up is pointless. An underwater bang-up for the annual of affliction or absolute added about the attributes of the alone a lot of advancing abstruseness appearance that the bold has apparent aback Zaros? Now that’s addition story.

The agent is adumbrative of xau tak, calmly the bigger a lot of advancing appearance in the game. He seems to be a god on a akin aloft anybody else, possessing admiral agnate to that of zaros and adeptness even be an elder. To assuredly acquire something of him in the bold afterwards all these years and for it to be a noob bang-up is a big no, he SHOULD be the top bank bang-up cus xau tak is acutely up for accepting the next big bad.

If annihilation solak should be the noob bang-up cus he’s bland, generic, arid and humans dont affliction about him. Plus accepting him bead noob armor instead of “top bank board crossbows” would be way better. All in all, solak in the atom he’s traveling in appropriate now is just a bad accommodation in every way.

Recent belief books announce he’s far added able than saradomin. They say he’s been about aback the assorted planets creations and even talks about how he created the mwanu chase (the horrors). This in itself sounds like an ancient cus they are the alone ones who can actualize life, i’m abiding jagex wrote it in a assertive way to leave this achievability as ambiguous.

But even if he’s not an elder, it shows he atleast has the adeptness to change contest into added creatures and adapt them. The alone added one who’s apparent this adeptness was zaros and his abstracts authoritative the nihil.

I acquire my own theories based on assorted added pieces of belief throughout the bold which advance while he may not be an elder, he was about aback the antecedent cosmos and maybe even siphoned a bit of mahs adeptness in her egg at the beginning, appropriately allurement her.

Plus if you attending at jagex’s accepted arrangement of god reveals, if a god at aboriginal seems rather baby they tend to accomplish them a huge deal. Guthix was just the “middle guy” amid sara and zammy to alpha with, now he’s one of the a lot of able gods there anytime was.

Zaros and seren breadth just cryptic names for the longest time, now they’re 2nd in adeptness alone the elders themselves. Now crop into annual xau tak was neither accomplished by guthix’s barrier or our apple guardian aegis from god abracadabra and you can see, he’s gonna be something HUGE if they assuredly acknowledge him.

As for t80 accepting noobish, its about speaking. These canicule with the top bank pvm association even araxxor is kinda acclimatized and casual. Comparatively speaking t80′s such as in gwd2 are appealing noobish and not absolutely alleged top tier.

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With the OSRS undating Changes,this week the Old School team has improved the OSRS Fake XP drops as well as some other QoL aspects. Please read the details and then enjoy them with cheap Runescape 2007 Gold from our site.

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Improve Fake XP drops and others

When attacking other players, Fake XP drops will come out for Ironmen. In addition, they also make the fake XP drops respect the “Grouping” toggle from the XP drop setup menu.The PJ timer on PvP worlds has also been applied to Bounty Hunter worlds. And the damage received during the Lunar Isle cutcene will be cleared at the end of the cutscene.

Upon the completion of the Chambers of Xeric, loot notifications can support longer messages, describing a triple loot (if you are lucky enough to get that at least) or more. In addition, once again you can learn how much was tipped by using the Tip jar in your owned house.

Improve OSRS Fiends list

From now on, all the Friends and Ignore lists can be clarified no matter how long they are. And there is an extra sorting option added, which ensures you can clarify the Friends and Clan lists depending on when the player last changed worlds. And friends who are online or on the same world with you will be more likely to appear nearer the top of the list regardless of your other options. If you sort the list by something not unique like “world number”, the list will take into account the previous sorting option you had chosen, for many of your friends may be on the same world.

We get many reports of Ironmen being griefed by other players whilst at the Corporeal Beast. The griefers intention is to prevent Ironmen gaining loot the Corporeal Beast. The griefers will run in, deal damage and then leave. Because of the time it takes to kill the Corporeal Beast, it’s extremely frustrating for Ironmen to not receive the drop.

Anyways,Are you clear about all these small changes? Plus there will be 6 hours of immunity for all new players during Deadman Summer Season this Saturday. Anyway, you can always get cheap OSRS Gold here and begin your adventure in game.

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Neverwinter new patch now is availble ,So Happy to get neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with $8 cash coupon to join New Patch .

Soshenstar River and Omu

  • Repeatable adventure quests now use more consistent visual language for campfires in interior locations.
  • Repeatable adventure quest doors now have vines over them if they’re inaccessible.
  • Repeatable adventure quests now properly override the Quest Tracker UI when inside their instances.
  • Templar’s Journal: This object should now be much more considerate of quest cooldowns when deciding whether it reveals itself to a player character.
  • Various minor text issues have been addressed.

Omu Heroic Encounters

  • Acererak’s Heroic Encounter in Omu should no longer tank framerates quite as much.
    • The number of enemies in this HE has been reduced.
  • Tyrant Heroic Encounter: Enemies per wave have been reduced to 14, down from 21 in the first wave, and 24 in the second.
    • However, some stronger enemies have been thrown into the mix.
  • Tyrant Heroic Encounter: Enemies can no longer summon more enemies during this encounter.


  • The Tier V Alchemy Masterwork quest can now correctly be accepted while the player is on another Masterwork quest.
  • The quest “Amulet You Finish (Jewelcrafting)” is now properly still available while the player has another uncompleted Masterwork quest in their journal

Future Events

  • Challenge of the Gods: Items gained through the Gift of the Gods will no longer automatically bind to account regardless of Bind on Equip status.
  • Summer Festival: Jadeite now costs 12 Silver Tickets, down from 23.

Combat and Powers


  • Animation-cancelling Artifact casts should no longer trigger bonuses from effects such as Artificer’s Influence, Shepherd’s Devotion, and Cavalry’s Warning.
    • This also affects the Survivor’s Wraps arm slot gear.
  • Pilgrim weapons no longer continually trigger combat.


  • Alpha Compy now properly grants its damage increase in the Merchant Prince’s Folly

Enemies and Allies

  • Raptors in Chult now strike at the endpoint of their Ambush attack, rather than automatically hitting their target.
  • Raptors in Chult now also have a separate version of their Ambush attack that does automatically hit their target, but does not knock them down.


Cradle of the Death God

  • A logout delay has been enabled in Cradle of the Death God.? If a player logs out while in the Cradle of the Death God, their character will remain present for a short time.
    • During that time it will be impossible to log back in and powers may continue to affect the character.
  • The Atropal will now become immune to damage and untargetable upon reaching certain health thresholds.? Acererak was not pleased with adventurers skipping phases.
  • The achievement for killing the Atropal is once again properly given to players with kill credit.

Items and Economy


  • Chult campaign currencies no longer “incorrectly” have “quotation” “marks” around their “tooltips.”
  • Masterwork Neck set items now have a proper set name.
  • Overflow XP rewards now have a lower chance to drop Rough Astral Diamonds, due to the increased rate of Overflow XP rewards popping.
  • Primal Equipment can no longer get into a state where it cannot be Restored.
  • Seals now state where they can be traded in.
  • Treasure maps now consistently open a window without additionally using the lava-style borders at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Various item-based buffs have been updated to remove variance. They’ll give the stats they state on their tooltip, rather than slightly differing values.
  • Various lootable items found in the world should now generate per-character.
    • Example: If Character A takes two of three items out of a chest, and Character B opens it, Character B should have their own set of loot from that chest.
    • If Character A loots after that, the one remaining item should be in their loot dialog.

User Interface


  • Inspect Companion now properly shows the companion’s actual stats.

Home Page

  • The content on the Home Page has been cleaned up.? The Kenku Archer has started advertising their skills elsewhere.
  • The Reward Claims Agent can now be accessed from the Home Page (“L” key by default).? The character must have completed the tutorial to access this option.


  • Item Received notifications should now properly show the count of items gained.
  • Name plates no longer incorrectly show an enemy’s name after taking damage if a player set them not to do so.
  • The Experience bar tooltip now shows relative XP values within your level.? For example, if a character has just hit level 42, the tooltip should have close to 0 XP, along with the remaining XP to the next level.
  • The Report Player option is once again properly in the context menu that appears when interacting with a character in-world.



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Right here you can observe the cost and exchanged quantity of Ranger mitts during the past 30 days, plus they almost all certainly increase quickly lately. It is declared using the Raids 2 dev blog launched, the cost of Ranger mitts OSRS offers started in order to buy rs 07 gold and rise too rapidly, which means you need to mix damaged Vampyrium vambraces along with Ranger mitts. Anyhow, at this time you need to invest much more in case you should purchase the Ranger mitts.

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Vampyrium vambraces is a new tradeable Ranged hands port product, and you also are needed 75 Ranged and Defence to provide all of them. In addition , due to its senior years, whenever first acquired they require fixing through mixing of a couple of Ranger mitts.

But a few gamers do not believe it is a smart idea to need Ranger mitts with regard to Vampyrium vambraces, simply because the mitts tend to be uncommon benefits through top notch elite clue and you will find not many in game.As is, I can alone use one adeptness bar as no modifier keys are abutting to the numpad. (I ambition I could use any key for a modifer, instead of alone ctrl/alt/shift)

To any extent further the feasible benefits with regard to Theatre of Blood could be examined in Tournament worlds, where one can select your personal statistics and journey any place in Gielinor. Apart from, you can attempt every product completely prior to they may be polled with regard to there is nothing secured upon these types of sides. Furthermore, it is super easy and secure to buy RS 07 gold cheap on this website.

Retaining that action aswell agency a lot of humans would charge to amend their keybinds, as food/brew are about next to anniversary added and amidst by added frequently acclimated keybinds.Then I would advance that the adeptness to eat jellies accompanying with aliment and brews is a little op. The best bloom that can be healed in one beat has gone up by about 25% in one update, which feels like too abundant to me.

Having to amend key binds isnt absolutely something that should be included in the reasoning, players acclimate so let’s just leave that one.I accept your affair about the best alleviate leaping up, but I anticipate that’s assured in the longterm, if they anytime do absolution a akin 99 fish/soup it could potentially be about 3k RuneScape gold a alleviate no?Things advance friend, this will be a alcove affair anyhow as its not absolutely cheap.

The proposed changes is accretion this tradeoff to 43.75%. Not absolutely absorbed at this point.The acumen I don’t accede the 1-tick bistro (food+brew+jelly) is just abridgement of keybinds for anyone absolutely left-handed.So from my PvM usage, I see these angle as an addition to a 4-dose saradomin brew. As of adapted now, I’m trading off 25% bloom for no carbon drain, which is absolutely nice.