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TIP: Be prepared for potential meltdowns, tantrums and know she may not make it completely down the aisle.Some people tend not to go with quite so young flower girls in their ceremonies because their actions can be unpredictable. But others find any imperfections, like stumbling, falling asleep in the wagon or chomping on a few flower petals quite the cuteness factor!Shop our cute collection of infant baby flower girl dresses!Flower Girl Guide: From Dress to Duties, All the Secrets You Wanted to Know.The flower girl and her dress are big points on your to-do list. But they don’t have to be scary, overwhelming tasks.In this guide we’ll walk you step by step through everything and give you all the tips and tricks about the topic, to turn your little one into a flower girl pro! And have a smooth wedding ceremony in the process.

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it’s recommended that the girl sits down during the ceremony.?Kids tend to have a very short attention span: she may easily get disturbed or even experience boredom after a couple of minutes. The last thing a bride wants is that her perfect wedding to be ruined by a too active kid!Just make sure somebody is there with her on the aisle, holding her hand or carrying her in a cute wagon. If the bride will also have a ring bearer or a page boy, he can pull the wagon.The Big Day is closer and closer and your flower girl must be feeling a bit anxious. Don’t worry! You have now all the information you need to help her really enjoy this moment. Just pick an awesome dress that will make her shine, help her feel comfortable with her flower girl duties and be there when she needs your support.

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OSRS Deadman Spring Finals 2018

The Deadman Spring Final will be started on March 9. Here we will list their exact time. Please study them and you can always buy cheap OSRS Seasonal Deadman Gold from us.Hurry up to gain runescape gold with up to $10 cash coupon to join Deadman Spring Final


The schedule of Deadman Spring Finals 2018

Deadman Spring Permadeath Beta time: beta version will be held at 2:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, March 1. If you want to taste this action, do not miss out on time.

Deadman Spring Finals start time: The finals will begin Friday, March 9.

This season’s real Permadeath Stage: It starts at 7 p.m. On March 17, we will meet our final winner and receive a total of $ 20,000 in prize money.


Many players guess who will participate in the final battle. Some speculation sparc mac vs torvesta while others speculate sparc mac vs mr mammals. What do you think? Anyway, you can test for the first time on March 1. Let’s look forward to Deadman Season 9 while training with the cheap 07 RS Deadman Mode Gold.


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If you are looking for OSRS Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest Guide,you come the right place. We will should you this guide with picture. Rantz the Ogre needs to feed his demanding children,and they are hungry! You need to help them to go Big Chompy Bird hunting.As a professional OSRS Nes website, we also offer cheap Runescape 2007 Gold.

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1 Find and talk to Rantz at the northeastern corner of the Feldip Hills.According to his guide and request,make some Ogre arrows.

2 Use the wolf bones to make the arrowtips. you receive a random amount of arrowheads (2-6 estimated).

3 Make the shafts with a few Achey Trees.

4 Use feathers on the shafts to produce flighted ogre arrows. Then use the flighted ogre arrows with the wolfbone arrowtips.

5 Return to Rantz and give him the 6 Ogre arrows. He will tell about the bait and his kids playing with Swamp toads.

6 You need to get tree inflatable toads. Return to where you found the wolves. you will find a swamp.Use the bellows on a toad again to get a bloated toad to get the tree inflatable toads.

7 Return to Rantz and talk to him again. According a yellow flashing arrow,Drop a toad on the spot. Talk to Rantz again and he will let you use his his ogre bow. Kill a Chompy, pluck the carcass and take the raw chompy back to Rantz.

8 According to Rantz’s demands,return to the cave, and ask Rantz’s what they would like the bird seasoned with. Find items list on the spit north of Rantz:Onion,Doogle leaves,Equa leaves,Tomato,Potato,Cabbage.

When you have cooked the bird, go to Rantz and talk to him to get your rewards.
Congratulations! Quest complete!
2 Quest Quest points
262 Fletching-icon Fletching experience
1,470 Cooking-icon Cooking experience
735 Ranged-icon Ranged experience
An ogre bow
The ability to fletch ogre arrows
The ability to cook chompy birds and earn a bowman hat

Following the changes made to the Revenant caves as detailed, there has been a very vocal concern about the amount of 07 rs gold wealth/resources entering the game. We haven’t been ignoring you, and we’ve spent the past few weeks assessing data before concluding whether a change is needed. Before we announce the changes, we’d like to offer some insight into the process we’ve followed.

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When looking at the Revenant caves post-release, as part of our usual retrospective meetings with larger updates, we detailed the main issues we had identified and wanted to resolve. One of these was addressing the drops within the Revenant Cave to better align with the polled GP rates, as they were under what we had hoped to achieve.

On February 8th, we updated the Revenant caves , which led to the aforementioned concerns.Since the update went live, we have been closely monitoring the data alongside our analytics team, to ensure any decision we made post-update was well-informed and could be validated. A top-level analysis suggested GP rates were as expected, and caused us no concern to make immediate changes.

However, to ensure we weren’t making the wrong decision, and to alleviate any concern, we opted to add additional tracking methods to the Revenants, allowing a more refined and granular approach to our analysis. We’ve had the opportunity to delve into the data, and we can share the following information:

On average, we estimate a typical player would have been earning any 1.40m to 2.04m per hour whilst at the Revenant caves. This is based on data the average number of Revenant kills every hour between the 15th February to the 19th February.

However, there were players getting higher than that value, and many players getting much lower than that value. Due to the huge number of players killing Revenants, more than we’d ever anticipated (over twice the amount of players killing them than on their initial release), there are typically any between 2-5 players attacking the same one.

This is making the kills extremely fast. Whilst this does mean only one of the players is getting the loot, they’re consistently getting more gold per hour than others. In addition to this, because of the inflated number of kills per hour, there are more resources being introduced to the game than we ideally would like.

We want the Revenant caves to remain profitable, but we must also ensure the reward matches the effort involved, and that other methods continue to remain viable. As such, we are making the following changes:All of the below changes have been hotfixed and are now live in-game, unless marked otherwise.Dwarf multicannons can no longer be placed within the Revenant area of the caves.They can still be used else throughout the cave for those doing Wilderness Slayer.

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A new addition to Legion is what we’re calling micro-holidays.Snap up cheapest wow gold with 5% off to join yearly hatching of the hippogryphs. Each one is meant to make the world feel more alive without making players feel like they need to participate for big rewards—while still providing some more variety and fun.

Call of the Scarab
[January 21-23]

To commemorate the first ringing of the Scarab Gong on January 23, 2006, players will be able to relive a portion of the Ahn’Qiraj gate opening by collecting items for turn-in. The winning faction will then be able to claim bragging rights and have their faction flag hang over the gates until the next Call of the Scarab micro-holiday event.

Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl
[January 31]

The mages of Azeroth like to relax, too. Hop into a portal at your local watering hole and join the Tavern Crawl!

Hatching of the Hippogryphs
[February 23]

Those who head to Feralas will be able to bear witness to the yearly hatching of the hippogryphs. You may even make a little friend for the day.

Ungoro Madness
[March 17-19]

Dinosaurs are running amok in Un’Goro. Help quell the rampage and you’ll be awarded some temporary evolution buffs.

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Cavern of Tainted Memories add in Treasure Hunt. Now let’s look more information about the Cavern.How to enter the Cavern of Tainted Memories?Our dedication to customer service. Our representatives are ready to support you 24/7, 365 days via LiveChat, Email, SMS, SKYPE and social media. At Rsorder, we care about our customers and hope to support you through many years of gaming no matter the game you choose.

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During the promotion period, you have free access to the Cavern through the Burthorpe portal daily. If you want to enter in it multiple times per day, you need to get tickets from TH or GE. Please pay attention that each can only stay in the cave 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

What are the rewards of the Cavern of Tainted Memoriese?

In the Cavern, you can collect the Tainted wisps for a limited time and collect as many Tainted as possible. If you do not go to Divination XP, you can turn XP into a mysterious rewards by talking to Kristlin. Furthermore, you can earn more rewards by standing in multiple locations in green. And you can add extra currency in the Tainted chronicles inside the Cavern.

The tainted energy could craft the new purified weaponry.

What are the new weapons?

Main and off-hand swords

2H sword

Main and off-hand Crossbows

2H Crossbow






When does the Cavern of Tainted Memories end?The Cavern of Tainted Memories is started on 00:00 7th Feb, and end up on 23:59 12th Feb.Finally, you can get the extra Tainted essence while training your usual plume of Divination. The tokens for the above weapon overrides and extra essence can also be won from Treasure Hunter. Don’t forget to buy Runescape Gold from our site Rsorder.

Whether you go the traditional route or try something new, figuring out what to wear for a Valentine’s date shouldn’t stress you out. Check out our tips for cute girl party date outfits for all types of dates.And plus, who doesn’t love a reason to get dressed up?! I don’t know about you, but ’m always looking for an excuse to wear midi skirts! I recently snagged this beauty at Jollyhers, and I love that the dress’s long sleeves and midi length make it daytime appropriate at the office, while the burgundy lace and feminine silhouette allow it to seamlessly transition to date night. If you want to make it even more professional while at work, this blazer would look amazing belted over the top—a piece that can easily be left hanging on your desk chair when 5 o’clock rolls around.

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What I need is a look that will make it a night to remember. A romantic meal at a fancy restaurant tops the list of stereotypical girl party dates, but modern couples aren’t afraid to break the mold with creative date ideas. girl party dates can include almost any activity you enjoy doing with your partner.girl party can be a day full of grand gestures, or a simple reminder you’re single AF. Whether you celebrate it or not, everyone must acknowledge love on February 14th in one way or another. However, you don’t need cheap chocolates and a corny outfit. You can still stay chic with what you buy and wear. I rounded up my top V-day picks for what to wear on a day dedicated to love.

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In the ongoing war against lockboxes, we as gamers sometimes forget that developers still need to earn money. As much as we complain about some monetization methods, as long as it drives revenue we can at least still play our favorite title. Because otherwise, It’s not that you can just count sales,What is main talks of game designer & enjoy to get neverwinter astral diamonds with 8% off. multiply that value by the box price, and put it all in a shiny chart.

Raph Koster Has Some Data

Veteran game designer Raph Koster,?widely recognized for his work as the lead designer of?Ultima Online?and the creative director behind?Star Wars Galaxies, presented some numbers about the topic on his blog a couple weeks ago. If you’re not completely allergic to science and numbers, it’s an amazingly interesting article that we absolutely recommend to read in its entirety. But of course we also deliver a solid tl;dr with the most interesting aspects.

Raph basically concludes that while the cost of games has gone up per byte, players are spending less. So to come up for increased costs, you need to sell your product to more people. “But…?at least in developed countries, we are actually close to market saturation.” If the recent trend continues, the average game will be free in ten years (and average means AAA in this case) while the development costs will skyrocket to 250M and above. This demonstrates how much money developers need to make after the initial release (for example through lockbox monetization).


Koster offers some inconvenient solutions to gamers and studios to fight the current situation:

  • Focus on retention and community: The most profitable games are evergreens.
  • Let players generate content at no cost:?UGC, using player models, customization, whatever.
  • Make less games, raise prices on the existing ones.
  • Algorithmic and procedural approaches?need to become?dramatically?more widespread.
  • Shift our F2P emphasis, which currently depends on?trickling content and upselling it.

He mentions more point in the article, but these are probably the most interesting ones in terms of Neverwinter. Especially the Foundry?and community engagement comes to mind, which this game (despite some improvements lately) still lacks. There is however one more obvious takeaway from the data: Go support the games you love. They need it more than ever!

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With the first update in 2018, you can freely kill 2 existing RuneScape Stalker Creatures in a new Dungeon under Daemonheim, which should be Soulgazer & Seeker. And you have the chance to get the charm of Seeker’s and Hexhunter bow. In addition, the new quest Dragon Slayer 2 released now too, plenty of rewards you can get if you finished it. Please buy rs gold from us Rsorder first.

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Two Stalker Creatures – RuneScape Soulgazer & Seeker

In the first update of this year, Jagex will be free to cast two existing Stalker Creatures (71 and 99) in a new dungeon under Daemonheim, because whoever has completed the Dishonour among Thieves, The two stalkers should be RuneScape Soulgazer & Seeker. When joining two Stalker creatures, you also have to fight elite mobs and discover lore tidbits. Moreover, there is a pet to make money, the new high-tier arrows was looted.

The unique drop by Soulgazer (requires Slayer 99) is a Hexhunter bow with a passive effect, which can deal an additional 20% damage when used against opponent using magic. At the same time, bows and arrows can increase the accuracy of your target, the arrow vulnerable. It is considered a shield, allowing the need to use the shield’s defensive capabilities.

The RuneScape Seeker’s Charm Special Necklace is available by defeating Stalker Creature Seek (requires Slayer 71) and provides damage bonuses for all three combat types, looking like the Seeker’s eyes.The worn equipment interface now resizes correctly.The consistency of layouts across the Friends, Clan, Friends Chat and Notes interfaces has been improved.There is now a counter for the total number of players in Friends Chat located beside the Friend Chat settings button on the Friend Chat info interface.

We released the Year Ahead video on Friday, which included details of all the things you can expect RuneScape this year. And boy was it a big list, and we know you have questions, so we’ll be taking them and explaining a bit more about all the updates in this livestream. Available on Twitch and YouTube – don’t miss out!

Some players have found that the RuneScape Anniversary Cake has returned to the game,yes is meaning the 16 Year Anniversary Celebrations is supposed to start,Although this is not confirmed officially yet.So,let’s learn the more information about it now.You may find a RuneScape Anniversary Cake in your inventory if you have logged in the game today. In fact, the RS Anniversary Cake has returned on 4 January 2018, where it was automatically placed in the player’s inventory upon login.

It should have the same function as the previous one. It is supposed to be able to replenish a maximum of 2200 life points at level 88 Constitution, which scales depending on your level. Please note the cake can be eaten every 3 minutes.Last year, there was a series of events marking 15 years of RuneScape, including a party area, balloons and a special anniversary edition of The Drop, we still don’t have no idea how Jagex will celebrate the New Year,so we can wait for and look forward to the events in 2018.

On Jan 24, RuneScape gamers experienced the spike of one’s causing their own World Guardian powers, that elevated all of them in to the air flow and created all of rs gold them change eco-friendly for any limited time. After which a good over shadow made an appearance. All this is equivalent to what offers occurred throughout the prerelease with regard to Sliske’s Endgame teaser.

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This particular unusual energy event offers captured each and every player’s interest. With regards to occurred, a few gamers considered this like a insect and created a study towards the RuneScape QA team. Simultaneously, a few gamers presumed it may be the Solak teaser or even linked with Sliske.

Lastly, all of us obtain the verification through Mod Shauny’s twitter, that has cleared up prior to rumours operates outrageous and introduced that this over shadow is of Sliske’s Endgame, that has occurred prior to Endgame arrived in 2016.

Want your favourite RuneScape tracks on Spotify and iTunes? How about as a premium packaged 180g vinyl? We’re looking at ways to make this possible, and, with a vast library of now over 1,200 tracks, we want you to help us compile them into themed albums/compilations.

The Dungeoneering map now reliably reopens for all party members when joining a dungeon.The players who were previously unable to take advantage of the 2-for-1 RuneMetrics Premier Club offer can now do so.Players can now auto-redeem Dungeoneering token bags and cash bags won Treasure Hunter.

Holiday Parade no longer plays in the Grand Exchange. It has been automatically unlocked upon login for players who did not take part in the 2017 Christmas event.Skill plot icons will now appear in Dungeoneering Sinkholes!Players can now combine used variants of the Scrimshaw of Corruption, Aggression and Sacrifice.In case you are thinking about some other mchanges, read among our own earlier information for your new RuneScape Sliske’s Endgame apart from replayablity. Do not overlook addititionally there is secure RuneScape gold available for sale right here.

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