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there’s only one option, and the game realises you’ve only got enough cheap rs gold and ingredients to make 1 of it, it’ll aim to start the process immediately without bringing up the menu at all.The Fishing spots inside the Menaphos VIP area have been moved closer together and will now only spawn on the west side of the pool.A Fish Flingers fisherman has arrived in the Menaphos VIP area.

Not every skilling feature in RuneScape had a Make-X option before; they therefore haven’t received a Make-All option now. For example, when you’re adding arrowheads to headless arrows, the menu used to offer only Make-1, Make-5 and Make-10; it’s now been updated to the new style so you can operate it via left-clicks and keyboard short-cuts, but it still offers the same quantity options.

Similarly, some features such as fletching darts or enchanting bolts never had any options for making multiple batches at once; they’ve not been changed in this update either.

Rewriting literally hundreds of skilling features is not straightforward, and it brings the risk that we got something wrong along the way. If so, just right-click the Report button to get your bug reports straight to the testers, and we’ll go take a look.

40% more Woodcutting XP is now given chopping sulliuscep mushrooms.
Although our poll systems are once again able to run polls, courtesy of the web team, the game is no longer attempting to load the entire poll history; we have adjusted the in-game poll history display accordingly. Old poll totals can still be viewed on the website.
A skeleton in the Temple of Ikov was spawning on top of a pointy stalagmite. Ouch?
The ‘Empty’ option on ultracompost buckets now works.
The use of commas is now more consistent when checking the charge of a blowpipe.
Some typos in Varrock Museum cases have been corrected.
The Corporeal Beast’s cavern entrance now allows exit if you have a pet out, but still does not permit entry with a pet.

Poll 57 is opening imminently. You’ll be offered 2 new quests to continue the story Client of Kourend, as well as the chance to buff Ahrim’s staff. Also included are the long-awaited Wooden & Leather shields, the long-range rock hammer (Roq’s weapon of choice against gargoyles) and the opportunity to DitchtheDitch.

Speaking of gargoyles, Mods Ghost & Kieren have a pair of big flappy ones coming to the roof of the Slayer Tower, due next week. Behold the special attack of Dawn:The Deadman season ends next Thursday 26th October. Have a read about the plans for the Winter Finals, featuring a second ‘final area’, supply chests and a 7-stage series of 1v1 fights across 64 islands for the last 128 players standing.

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Recently, Old School RuneScape released “Wilderness Rejuvenation II” will bring forward changes the Chaos Altar within level 38 Wilderness. And there are Mage Arena II and Revenant Caves added.Meanwhile,dont forget to share cheap rs 3 gold on

Wilderness Rejuvenation II

For many people, the Wilderness has always been the main focus of the game time. Since the release of OSRS, has been modified several times on the Wilderness. The most important change was the part of the original Wilderness Rejuvenation in March 2014, introducing new bosses, monsters, resources and activities.

Changes to the Chaos Altar in level 38 Wilderness

1. You can sacrifice bones in level 38 Wilderness

2. Get XP + 25% lift. At the same time, after completing the wilderness diary, get more than 10% XP.
In addition, a new NPC will not charge any bones of the cost. but Yes, it is nothing for the completed the wilderness diary player.

Mage Arena II

Requirement: Completion of The Mage Arena; Magic level 75.

Task: Track down and defeat 3 new bosses, assigned by Kolodion.

Reward: Kolodion can upgrade one God cape to a new Best in Slot magic cape, has 3 unique hearts by the 3 bosses.

Revenant Caves

Revenant Caves will be a multifaceted battle found in the wilderness from 17 to 40. In the cave, you will see the different kind of levels and types of monsters and anew “Revenants”

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You are looking for OSRS Grim Tales Quest Guide? You are the right here. “Once upon a time in a land far, far away…” Sylas, a collector of items both wondrous and unusual seeks out the latest additions to his trove with a somewhat unusual prize for the finder. Additionally,you can find the quick way to buy Cheapest RS 07 Gold here.

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Item list:
- 2 unf tarromin potions, seed dibber, filled watering can, any axe

- Weight reducing armor + 1 stamina potion @start
- 5+ empty inventory slots
- Good healing food for passing aggressive cb88’s and the boss fight of cb138.
- 2 prayer potions

- 4 Taverly poh portal tele OR 3 Falador
- 2 mind altar teleport OR 1 Falador
- 1-2 bank

1 Talk to Sylas by the POH portal in Taverley.

2 Talk to Grimgnash the griffin on the NE side of White Wolf Mountain

3 Return to Sylas and talk with him. He will tell you go to the stone tower south of the mind altar.

4 Talk into the drain pipe and you will have an odd conversation with Rupert the Beard.

5 Climb the beard and talk to Rupert the Beard. He will ask you to go speak to the princess.

6 Talk to Miazrqa and choose the option for “second cousin, twice removed”. She will then tell you that she will let Rupert go if you find a pendant that she lost. Ask her for a key to the witch’s house before leaving.

7 Enter the basement of the Witch’s House in Taverley.and search the music stand.Play EFEDC on the right side then AEGA on the left side.

8 Go to the ground floor and drink a shrinking potion by the mouse hole.

9 Run past the mouse and climb up the nails.

10 Return to the princess and give her the pendant, and she will free Rupert, and he will give you his helmet. Now head over to Sylas.

11 Give the helmet to Sylas and he will give you the magic beans.Walk over to the magic bean patch to the southeast, near the clothesline, and plant the magic beans. Water them, and a beanstalk will grow.

12 Climb the beanstalk and kill Glod.

13 Talk to Sylas. Then use a shrinking potion on the beanstalk then chop it down.

14 Talk to Sylas. Quest complete! You will get rewards:4k Farming XP, 5k Herblore XP, 5k Hitpoints XP, 14k Woodcutting XP, 6k Agility XP, 6k Thieving XP, Dwarven helmet.

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The Masquerade of Liars creeps into Neverwinter, giving every adventurer the chance to be someone or something they’re not! So why not to Buy neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 to experience Masquerade of Liars Creeps.

The Masquerade of Liars begins Thursday, October 26 at 7:30am PT on PC (or after maintenance) and 10am PT on Console

The Masquerade of Liars ends Wednesday, November 1?at 7:30am PT on PC and 10am PT on Console

To participate in the event, visit the Masquerade Master at the event dais in Protector’s Enclave where he’ll explain the daily quests and the rewards available this year.

If you’re too busy tricking and treating this weekend, Bags of Masquerade Tokens are also available on the Zen Market.

Daily Quest: Trade of Treats?- For this Daily Quest, players can obtain Liar’s Charms from interacting with pumpkins around Protector’s Enclave as well as from killing enemies. They will then have to find Masquerade Illusionists, who wander the streets, entertain citizens and trade them Liar’s Charms. Players will have to trade Charms to different Illusionists to receive Illusionist’s Bags, which contain two to three Masquerade Tokens, refinement items for the Illusionist’s Mask and perhaps a Beholder Pi?ata. After you complete your daily quests, you’ll still be able to trade Liar’s Charms to Illusionists for additional bags! One Liar’s Charm can also be traded for one Masquerade Token with the Masquerade Master.

Daily Quest: Lore of Liars?- Learn more about the lore behind the festival and receive a lore entry. After completing this quest, players will receive 5 Masquerade Tokens. Every day, the Loremaster will have a new piece of lore for you to learn!

What kind of rewards could you earn from the Masquerade of Liars Festival? Exchanging Masquerade Tokens with the Masquerade Vendor in Protector’s Enclave could earn you these spooky and terrifying rewards! This year, we’ve added in a new Artifact to the event. More information below:

Wandering Scarecrow?–The Wandering Scarecrow returns with its terrifying gaze. It’ll send you running in a frightful craze!

Skeleton – Effective against other undead, giving meaning to know your enemy.

Fashion Masks?- There are tons of masks to collect and outfit your character with! You’ll stand out from the crowd as more than a myth. Will you wear the Eye Tyrant Mask, the Mask of the Pit Fiend, Mask of Lurue, Mask of Sharess, Jack o’Liar Mask, Mask of the Owl, or Orcus Mask?

New Fashion Set – Conceal your identity with the Headgear, Tunic, and Leggings of the Masquerade.

Spooky Masquerade Feast – serve a ghoulish feast at your Guild’s Great Hall!

Masquerade Dye Pack?– Dye your gear a bright orange and sinister black with the festive and spooky Masquerade Dye Pack.

Illusionist’s Mask?–?The Illusionist’s Mask has a Legendary rank, so get those refinement items out of the bank! On use, become a random spooky monster for five seconds, then walk to your friends and watch them beckon. At Epic quality, for console, you may now use normal refinement food, so do yourself a favor, and do be shrewd. For PC, the new Refinement Point system is in place to upgrade this Mask that is not for your face.?

Transformation Potions?– Feel larger than life, shrink down, or become a chicken or a wolf and give your friends a start. Careful with these! They’re not for the faint of heart.

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Well that’s quite some turn of events! In the maintenance stream on Tuesday Lead Designer Thomas Foss stated that he is not ready to leak something about M13 yet. Looks like that might not have been too accurate, because yesterday?the devs detailed their plans for the Scourge Warlock class. Balanced posted the list of changes for the next module along with a lengthy explanation of the tweaks.So why not to buy neverwinter astral diamonds to experience Scourge Warlock Changes.

Scourge Warlocks One of the Classes That Need Help

Initial reactions from the Warlock community were mostly positive. Players are probably glad that something is done, the class was one of those that desperately needed help in PVE and PVP. In the current meta both SW buffers and DPS hardly play any role. Great Weapon Fighters and also Hunter Rangers are that much better

and DCs and GFs take the support roles. It didn’t help that the popular build around the?Owlbear Cub?got rendered ineffective in Swords of Chult.

Now it’s finally time to rejoice if you like the class! It might be a while before we will be able to actually test tweaks on the preview, but make sure to stop by the feedback thread and comment on the changes.

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How To Make Money Right Away In A F2P Old School Runescape Account


Right from the start of the game cross the river that is east and then head north. After a short walk, you will come across a field that has potatoes in it. Now, most of the stuff they give you at the start of the game is useless. Dump what you do not need and fill your inventory up with all the potatoes you can. These are always going to be in demand and you can easily make a thousand by selling a full inventory of potatoes. You can do this in mere minutes of starting the game.

Pick Up Peoples Ashes

We are not talking about their ashes after they have fallen! But ashes from making fires. Usually, at the grand exchange, you will see lots of fire burning. Or if there is not you can go the Varrock West Bank where there will be. You can do this right after you have sold your potatoes. Picking up the ashes, you can then sell them as people use them to train Herblore. You can make some quick, easy and free GP by doing this.

Are these two methods going to make you rich? No, they are not, but they can be done right at the start of a free to play game of Old School Runescape and it is a good way to ensure you have a little more money in your pocket.

The old team has just announced the requirements of the Dragon Slayer II OSRS,The old team wanted the players to complete all of rs 07 gold these requirements in early 2018,So you should pay more attention on these requirements, please read carefully.the hammer is now in the user’s hand rather than floating nearby.Players can no longer stand with their bodies half inside the drystone wall by the Fossil Island swamp.Female characters wearing the obsidian cape, or its “reversed” version, would experience polygon stretching if they wielded the new hand fan item. The cape was changed to address this.

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The all requirements

You should reach 200 mission points and complete 7 quests, including legendary quests, dream tutor, animal magnetism, ghosts of Ahoy, bones sailing, Kolunde customers and two cats tail OSRS.What’s more,You should have 50 hits and skill levels in Magic 75, Smith 70, Mining 68, Production 62, Agile 60, Thieves 60 and Construction 50.

The player opinions

Although some players think this request is too low, In their view, the skill levels would be between 80 and 90.But the Jmod said Dragon Slayer II OSRS is the first to pursue more than 70 skill requirements, until now, 75 magic requirements are the highest skill requirements in the task,And less than 10% of the members meet this requirement.

In the end, I have to remind you that you have to complete all these requirements as soon as possible in early 2018 (Jan/Feb),We will always do everything to help you and make you relieved to buy Runescape 2007 Gold from us, Hope you can have a good experience in Rsorder .The descriptions of various teleport tablets have been updated to show the Wilderness levels of their destinations.Valuable item drop warnings are now triggered more reliably for valueless items if a sufficiently large stack is being droppedCorrected the examine of watered mahogany saplings so they no longer refer to maple saplings.Fixed the message when cooking a mushroom pie to correctly mention Sulliucep mushrooms.Fixed a typo of ‘artefact’ when speaking to Simon at the Agility Pyramid.While crushing infernal eels,

Runefest has come and gone and it was not just all about Runescape 3. The guys behind Old School Runescape also took to the stage and gave us some great information about what we can expect to see in Old School Runescape over the next 12 months. You can check out the full video over at the Official Runescape Channel. But we wanted to share with you some of the things we thought sounded really cool.

The original Raids was a huge success in OSRS and even now, a few years later they said over 10 thousand people per day play it. But the OSRS team are not stopping there. They are is going to be a new Raid called The Theater Of Blood which is about vampires!

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New Items

Shadow Disciple”s Armor Pack — 1440 CC — History of item
Dathomir Rancor — 2100 CC — History of item
Trk R Treatment Chamber — 840 CC — History of item
Creature Companion: Mawvorr — 2100 CC — History of item
Walkhar Trickster — 900 CC — History of item
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No Longer on Sale

Singularity Pack — 300 CC — History of item
Hypercrate: Singularity Packs — 7020 CC — History of item
Zakuul Knight Armor Set — 1440 CC — History of item
Data Entry — 480 CC — History of item
Appearance Options: Human Hairstyles 2 — 240 CC — History of item
New Commander Bundle — 2850 CC — History of item

Items No Longer Available

Sky Cruiser — History of item
Primeval Stalker”s Armor Set — History of item
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In today’s episode of our Exploit History we stay in the 60s era. Back then, the game might not have had as many small issues as today. But if there was a bug, there was a decent chance it turned out to be catastrophic. Hurry up to buy buy neverwinter astral diamonds to enjoy Exploit History Vol 15.The one we are looking back at today is such an example.

In July 2013 players figured out that CWs could stack the damage bonus from the feat “Frozen Power Transfer” infinitely using a specific setup. It was basically uncapped and provided absurd damage numbers if you could keep building stacks over an extended amount of time.

One-Shotting Fun

Of course players were just reporting the exploit using the official channels and didn’t use it to one-shot anything, right? Yeah… not exactly. A popular target as always was the last boss inside Castle Never,?Azharzel. The video below shows how a group activates the door while the CW keeps killing adds to build up stacks. Entering the arena the wizard releases a Chill Strike for 14M damage, too much for the poor dracolich.

So yes, players exploited this one heavily especially since the CW was a popular class anyway. The devs soon fixed it after the exploit leaked, which wasn’t exactly well received by everyone. The drops from the last boss in CN were a major money-maker and it seems some exploiters wanted to profit a little longer.

Exploit History:?Locking Auctions?–?Caturday?– Masterwork Nodes?– Permadodge?– Arcane Reservoir?– Full GF Runs?– Attribute Enhancement?– Using the old Refining System?–?Killing Fulminorax and Valindra From Below?– Skipping Shadowfell?– Resonator Exploit?–?Safely Killing Traven Blackdagger?–?Foundry Power Leveling?–?Castle Never Picture Frame Shortcut

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