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There should be brand new “Mega Rare Droptable” in OSRS

The actual player’s suggestion is not only buffing current RDT. There should be new “Mega Rare Droptable” which may have drops which range from 50K to 1M while averaging in around 300K.

Possibility of hitting new super rare table ought to be quite normally such as 1/100 but with engagement ring of wealth opportunity to hit mega uncommon table would improve something like 1/25. This could force you to industry between gp or even XP while PvM.

Advice of the Drops

Normal drops through Mega Rare Table should consist of mentioned alchables, materials, sources and supplies. Player’s suggestion for the Falls would be Dragon Hasta and Dragon kiteshield half or each halves as these will be online with RDT unique.

What is your opinion about Mega Rare Droptable?You can interact with all of us via 24/7 service. Hopefully we can turn out to be life-long friends as well as support each other permanently.

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With the release of Menaphos, the quests like Jack of Spades, Crondis quest, Elder Gods quest and Evil Dave quest will be added into Menaphos. What’ s more, there are other quests waiting for you!

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Sliske’s Endgame

Sliske’s Endgame is the finale to the Sliske quest series and will be replayable. Since it released on 19 December 2016, now Mod Raven has completed the following fixes, said in Twitter:

1. Ability to play through a second time.

2. Adjust past choices on non-canon playthroughs.

3. Add a “lore maze” for non-canon playthroughs where players can go straight to the maze, skip solving it and just do the interaction parts. Players will be able to choose what interactions they will have in what order.

4. Fix clickout bug for interactions so players will be able to see if they missed interactions.

5. Change dialogue in final scene so that the player can pledge the stone to a god of their choice.

6. Adjust dialogue for Zaros, if you are loyal to him.

7. Added Akrisae to the final scene.

8. Updated model for Sliske to have the staff at the stone scene.

9. Other potential fixes are making shards augmentable; letting the player get Armadyl’s feather if they are loyal to him throughout the quest; and making the maze interface show which rooms the player has already been through.

Murder Mystery quest

This quest will only involve female characters based around discovering who has killed a beloved character. After solving the murder mystery, you can investigates the environment and enters text into a “search engine” interface to receive more clues in a unique mechanic of the quest.

As always, there are many buy runescape 3 gold interesting things in the Old School RuneScape Updates for the longevity of Old School RuneScape, which include the in-game world map, Zulrah Drop Table, and Serpentine Helm etc. Please learn the details about the OSRS Updates patiently and buy RuneScape 07 cheap gold on RS3gold.

The ways to open the in-game world map
You can just left-click to open the world map interface. Or if you want a full screen option, a right-click on the icon is also OK. What’s more, you can keep the map open when you play the game, and the map can be open alongside other interfaces.

The features for the in-game world map
You can find the key button at the bottom left of the interface of the map, and then you can locate the item you are looking for easily by clicking it in the key.
In addition, you can move and resize the map freely.
Above all, the search function of the map can help you easily find what you are looking for anxiously. After you type what you are looking for and press enter, the map will get to the location. What is more, the search function is available for any map labels. For example, you can type the name of a monster, whose location has been listed on the world map in a dungeon, and then you can reach its location. It’s also available by using map links, when the areas you are looking for are not on the surface of Gielinor.

The changes for Zulrah Drop Table
For the interest of OSRS’s long term health, in the latest of Old School Updates Jagex also has made some changes in balancing. The first change is about Zulrah, whose average value of loots has been reduced by 30% more or less. Meanwhile, some of Zulrah’s resource drops has been substituted by the items which have a less important economic impact on skillers.

The changes for Serpentine Helm
From now on, you cannot poison your enemies with the Serpentine Helm. At the same time Jagex has reduced its strength bonus from +5 to +3.

There are many others changes added with the OSRS Updates, such as Void Knight Ranged Set, Dropping in the Wilderness & PvP Areas and Karamja General Store.

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The Skotos is a pet dropped by Skotizo. It is a much smaller version of Skotizo. Now you have a 1 in 65 chance of dropping Skotos – a bitesize Skotizo pet.When a player receives the pet a message in the chatbox appears (You have a funny feeling like you’re being followed.) and it will automatically try to appear as their follower.Players can pay a one-time fee of 500,000 coins to Probita in East Ardougne to have this pet insured. Should the pet be lost while insured, it can be reclaimed for 1,000,000 coins.

Dark Claws

The dark claw is an uncommon drop from Skotizo. It can be combined with a slayer helmet or slayer helmet to create a purple slayer helmet or purple slayer helmet, respectively. Doing so requires purchasing the ability Dark Mantle for 1,000 slayer reward points.

Eternal Slayer Gem

Now you have a chance of dropping an Eternal Slayer Gem which can be used to create an Eternal Slayer Ring. These items both provide the exact same functionality as the Slayer Gem and Slayer Ring, however the Eternal Slayer Ring provides unlimited charges.

In order to craft the Eternal Slayer Ring you must have unlocked the ‘Ring bling’ Slayer reward from a Slayer Master.The Eternal Slayer Gem cannot be used in place of a standard Slayer Gem when creating a Slayer Helm.The drop rate of the Eternal Slayer Gem is the same as that of the Imbued Heart. The drop rate of the Imbued Heart has not been affected by the release of the Eternal Slayer Gem.

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OSRS Raid Drop Reaction Videos

Look we have all been there. You have been playing some Old School Runescape for a few hours and them BAM, something really, really awesome drops and you scream like a school girl at a Justin Bieber concert! But what if you were streaming while this happened? Then your awesome reaction is there for the world to see!

Teletubyking is not the most well known, Runescape YouTuber. But we found a fantastic video he has made. Here he looks at some of the best Raid Drop Reactions on YouTube and it is great. Just be warned there is some bad language and a lot of shouting, but it is still very amusing. It is great to see when someone is right on edge and then they get something really cool or even worse they get something that is pretty lame and they are not happy.

What we love about these kind of reaction videos is that it shows just how much of an emotional impact Old School Runescape can still have on people after all these years. Plus it makes you feel better about yourself when you are fist pumping and going wild when you get an awesome drop!

We would love to know what are some of the best Old School (or even modern) Runescape reaction videos you have seen? As always if you are in the market for some RS Gold 2007 let us know and we will help you out as best we can.

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What is 3-for-2 membership?
Right now there is a great membership package “the Menaphos Summer Special”, with which you can enjoy 3-month membership with only the price for two when you subscribe to RuneScape.
You can pay for the package with various methods, such as PayPal, credit card, or pre-paid game cards etc., and you even can use in-game Bonds to buy it.
But you will not be able to see the package – Menaphos Summer Special if you have a loyalty rate on your account. That means you have already been on a discounted rate, and you can’t buy the package.

How can you get to RuneFest 2017 for free?
If you are lucky enough, you can get an all-expenses-paid trip to RuneFest 2017 on September 23, 2017 in London, what is more, the trip is for two persons. That means you and your friend can enjoy flights, accommodation, The Night Before RuneFest and RuneFest day passes for free. But just remember there are only three all-expenses-paid trips.
Do you want to be the lucky one? Please disentangle the fabled story of the Golden Path. For now there is only one clue offered by Jagex, which is: look to the negatives to find the positive. Consider it nothing, everything: Menaphos – ageless, the infinite city.
Besides the trip mentioned above, anyone can get a Menaphos-themed prize when you conquer the challenge.
In case someone has no interest in RuneFest 2017, he and his friend can get RuneScape lifelong membership.

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This week, skillcape perks will be improved, which makes them more useful and let you use the perks of your mounted skillcapes!

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Mounted Skillcape Perks

As of today’s update, you can use the perks of mounted Construction, Crafting, Fishing, Fletching, Hunter, Magic Strength, Herblore, Quest, Diary, Music and Max skillcapes! (But it is only possible for the house owner to use the perks of mounted skill capes.

Perk Improvements

Jagex not only makes improvements to skillcape perks, but also makes some existing perks better. Read on more details!


The Agility skillcape and Max cape now have a daily perk which restores 100% run energy and provides the effect of a stamina potion for one minute.


The Construction skillcape now offers a quick right-click teleport to house option.


The Firemaking skillcape and Max cape now act as a lightsource when they are held in your inventory, as well as when they are worn.


When equipped, the Herblore skillcape and the Max cape now allow you to create unfinished potions using grimy herbs. You are still awarded the full experience for cleaning the herb as the potion is created.


The Prayer skillcape and Max cape now provide the Holy Wrench effect when they are held in your inventory, as well as when they are worn.


The Smithing skillcape and the Max cape now provide the effect of the Goldsmithing gauntlets when worn, in addition to their existing perks.

Achievement Diary cape

The Achievement Diary skillcape now provides 10 teleports per day rather than 5.

Taverley Dungeon Expansion

You now can find Twelve additional blue dragons in an expansion to Taverley Dungeon, which are available from the existing blue dragon area within the dungeon, or via a shortcut requiring level 70 Agility found near the dungeon entrance.All of the blue dragons found in this extended area. If you want to kill the blue dragons, you are required to finish blue dragon Slayer assignment.

Over the years, RuneScape has changed quite drastically, and while many people have managed to adapt with the changes; there’s always the classic servers known as “Old School RuneScape.” In terms of popularity, OSRS is of a higher notoriety, but there doesn’t appear to be many guides online to get beginners to hit the ground running – hence the creation of this one to improve your Old School RuneScape experience exponentially.

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Cows, Goblins, Chickens, etc…

In RuneScape, there’s a lot of different enemies that you’re going to come across, but at the beginning of the game you’re mostly going to come in contact with cows, goblins, chickens, and a couple of other things that aren’t quite as important. Use their high numbers to your advantage, especially when it comes to the cows and the chickens because the sort of loot that they can drop per hour is the sort of thing that’s really going to kick-start your career in this game.

Doing this is a net-profit across the board, as you’re attack skill will go up as a result of fighting them all and then by the end of it, you’ve got a few items you can use for certain skills or you can simply sell them in bulk for a tidy profit.
Pick Up Everything

This is one of those things that you’d think would be engrained into your hand by now if you’ve ever played MMO’s before, but everyone gets to that point where they don’t want to pick something up because it’s nothing more than a measly couple of gold. While these small amounts may be nothing more than a drop in the ocean, with every hour it accumulates to 50-100 gold lost at the very start of your character’s lifespan. Once your level starts to get higher and you go up against stronger enemies, the items they’re going to drop increase in value and that average amount of money lost will only continue to grow more and more.

So, for the sake of not letting thousands upon thousands worth of old school runescape gold despawn, I would recommend pretty much picking up everything you can – especially when it comes to gold.

By the end of your purchase, just remember this: your character is going to look a whole lot cooler and more epic as a result of this new purchase!

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Swtor Command Rank system swtor credits has been introduced for months. But as the times goes, grinding becomes worse and worse. Besides, unifying all rewards into a singlr system will make the game no longer rewards a players for his accomplishments, but for how long he plays the game.

Problem 1: All players doing different contents will get the same rewards

Recently, many players are up in arms about grinding caused by Swtor Command Rank. To make things better, a nerf to CXP dropped from Elite Mobs is introduced. But the fix cannot address the core issue in Command Rank system.
With the release of Command Rank, loot drops from bosses, PvP gear and Data Crystals are all removed, meaning that all rewards are unified into Command Rank system. That is to say, no matter which you clear a boos on NiM difficulty, or do PvP in high rank, you will obtain the rewards.
Thus the game will no longer reward a player for his accomplishments, but for how long he played the game. So players just need to programming a bot to farm Elite enemies and waiting.
In the past, we can distinguish someone from his gear, like whether he is good at PvP or he is an experienced fighter. But now wwe look at a player wearing high-end gear, but we don’t know nothing of what he has done. Do you like such a game?

Problem 2: grinding will becomes worse and worse in Swtor

As the reward will be given according to how long a player plays the game, nerfing Elite mods will not stop people from grinding and finding easy ways to gain CXP.

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