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Runescape Deadman Springtime Invitational has been satisfied down, and the gamer called “LIIIIDBIIIIT” is victorious! But many players discovered that this winner had been banned forever with regard to DDoSing entire sides offline before. Right now he wins having a new account. Do you consider if he ought to get the reward?

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Deadman 2017 Spring Invitational winner is “Deadbotting”

I don’t know how gamers can recognize the actual winner of Deadman 2017 Spring Invitational is “Deadbotting”, for your winner’s previous title was “HC DB”. But a lot of players deduce that he is “Deadbotting”, which was permanently prohibited for DDoSing Runescape worlds. It is absurd to give the prize in order to such a guy. When this occurs, many people insist he shouldn’t get 10 dollars, 000.

If the champion doesn’t deserve the actual prize, how would it not be dealt with? Perhaps it should be given to the 2nd place, but the most of players feel that Woox, the second place of Deadman 2017 Spring Invitational, doesn’t deserve this. So some people recommend moving it to the next tournament as well as making it 20k. How can you think?

It is lawful to make a new accounts and win the actual prize

Though numerous players are from the outcome, the others tend to be for “LIIIIDBIIIIT” to consider $10K home. In the neighborhood, many accounts happen to be banned for busting a rule. However Runescape’s rules go through that, people can new account when they get banned.

Within 2017 Deadman Springtime Invitational, “LIIIIDBIIIIT” received the tournament, not really “Deadbotting”. Besides, this individual won without infidelity. Who cares exactly what he does/has carried out outside of the tournament. Final, he performed completely in calls as well as movement. So this individual and his team are worthy of that win.Do you consider if “LIIIIDBIIIIT” ought to get the prize? Combined with the close of Deadman Spring Invitational, Runescape Deadman Season five has been live on four hundred – 411 sides, and will end upon April 27.

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This week, Jagex has embarked on runescape gold Runescape lucky rework, which affects your chance of drops from Slayer, bosses, clue scrolls and others. Now Luck-enhancing items are divided into four tiers. Besides, some new luck items are added into the game, like Runescape Ring of Luck, and new RS Ring of Fortune etc.

Classification of Luck items

Runescape Luck System is a hidden stat that affects the chance to get rare drops, rewards and loot from Slayer, Bosses and others. Now luck-enhancing items are classified into 4 tiers. Tiers 1-3 affect content specific to certain levels while Tier 4 affects content of all levels.

Tier 1 luck items affect drops from Level 1-50 Slayer monsters, easy clues, FBD and Giant Mole.

Tier 2 luck items affect drops from Level 51-80 Slayer monsters, basic skilling (including mining Gems, opening Shade chests, and Flash Powder Factory rubble searching), and bosses (like Chaos Elemental, Kalphite Queen, Exiled Kalphite Queen, God Wars Dungeon 1, Barrows, and Dagannoth Kings).

Tier 3 items affect drops from Level 81-99 Slayer monsters, high-level skilling (for example rare drops from Elf City pickpocketing and kingly implings, and improved chance of Black Ibis outfit & Sceptre of the Gods), hard clues, and bosses (including Queen Black Dragon, Nex, God Wars Dungeon 2, Kalphite King, Corporeal Beast).

Tier 4 items affect drops from all Slayer monsters, all skilling, Elite clues and lower, and bosses (including Angel of Death, Telos, Raids, Rise of the Six, Vorago, Araxxor/Araxxi, and all lower-tier bosses).

New luck items

Tier 1: Ring of Luck Runescape, which is only craftable by members while free players can buy it in game.

Tier 2: Ring of Wealth, which is the existing ring of wealth, with new stats and luck effects.

Tier 3: RS Ring of Fortune, which is craftable for those with 72 Crafting and 87 Magic. It requires you to cut onyx and make an onyx ring. This new luck item will take the place of the Ring of Stone in the Crafting skill. The existing ring of stone can only drop from TzHaar and TokHaar now, instead of being crafted.

Tier 4: Runescape Luck of the Dwarves, which requires a new material runescape alchemical onyx created via the Unvention skill.

In addition, the existing luck items, like runescape luck potion, collector’s insignia, leprechaun hat, lucky rabbit foot, and vecna skull, works as different tiers of items.

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Hey guys Summer’s End is one of the most fun quests in Runescape. It is something I had a lot of fun with and something that made me glad that I knew the Best place to buy safe RS gold in Rsorder! Anyway this is a quest that has a reputation for being pretty brutally hard and while you most likely will die. I think it is a pretty fair quest and one that is well worth having some fun with. So I wanted to share a few tips for you. So take a break from looking for the Best place to buy OSRS Gold in Rsorder and keep on reading!

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Runescape Summer

What Do I Need?

This is exactly what you need to take part in Summer’s End

Quest Requirement: All you need for this is Spirit of Summer.

Skill Requirements: There are quite a few you need they are.

23 Summoning

35 Hunter

37 Woodcutter

45 Mining

47 Firemaking

55 Prayer

Items: These are the items that you are going to need to get through the quest.

1 Ghostspeak Amulet Or Cramulet

1 Jennica’s Ring

3 (or more) Albino Rat Pouch

1 Hatchet (can use tool belt, but you are best using your very best)

1 Pickaxe

1 (at the very least in case it all hits the fan!) One Click Emergency Teleport

Also make sure you have a ton of food, pretty much fill your inventory up with it.

Completing The Quest

There are five main steps to beating this quest and that is what we are looking at here.

Luring The Spirit Beast

1: Find Summer at the Wilderness Wall which is at the North East end of Varrock.

2: Enter the portal and then activate Jennica’s Ring while standing on it.

3: Go to the dungeon which is North and collapse the entrance.

4: Head back to the spirit realm

5: Using your blue familiar, lure the Spirit Beast to the cave and get inside before it can eat your familiar.

Once You And The Beast Are In The Cave

1: Move away from the missiles, his ranged attacks do a fair bit of damage.

2: Go North and then cut 15 (has to be 15) logs from the wall

3: Make three fire pits with the logs you just got

The Dark Core

1: In the south east corner there is a passage, use this to go into the next room.

2: Avoid The Spirit Beasts Missiles

3: Once a Dark Core shows up, dig a hole and get the Dark Core to go into it.

4: Do this three times

Colored Graves

1: Pay attention to which of the graves the colored spirits go into

2: The Spirit Beast will use a colored attack. Bless the grave that has the same color.

3: Do this three times

The End

1; Speak to the spirits and they will block off the cave, sealing The Spirit Beast.

2: You have completed the quest. Have a beer and look for the Best place to buy OSRS Gold in Rsorder as a reward for your epic efforts.

Ok so do not worry about looking for where to buy Runescape gold as now there are some amazing Skilling outfits that you can actually earn through game play. We think that this is awesome and that is what we are taking a little look at today. Please not that these are exclusive to runescape gold Treasure Hunter and if any of the things we discuss do not sound familiar to you then please look at a Runescape Wiki to help guide you.

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Skilling Outfits


Now you have the chance to get outfit pieces after Guthixian Caches. This one really could not be any easier to do so do not worry about it. It may be a little time consuming, but it is not hard.


The Gnome Restaurant is one of the most fun mini games in the whole game. By doing the hard deliveries, you will get the chance to get outfit pieces. This is fun and gets you an awesome skilling outfit.


For this one you will have to know what Familarisation is (since you are reading this we assume you do) any supply crates you get from Familarisation will now give you the chance to get outfit pieces.


This is not a chance based skilling outfit! In order to get this you will have to go to Ectofuntus and use 1000 Ectotokens to get it. This is a bit of a pain to do as there is quite a few steps to do in order to get Ectotokens so be prepared for this to take a little while. Still as this is not time locked or chance based it is actually pretty fair and pretty much a guarantee to get if you put in the work.

So there you have the four basic new Skilling outfits that are now obtainable through actual game play. We think not hiding skilling outfits behind a pay wall and forcing players to buy Runescape Gold was a great decision. Just make sure that you properly read up on how to get each one before you try to do it!

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It seems the patch will be coming a bit earlier than expected, as there’s only 5 short days to go! March 28th will be the release date for the NA zone, with EU coming the day after and Asia the day after that, as usual! Don’t forget, the Tomb of Sargeras raid will be coming at a later date.

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Well, it’s finally happened and is no more. Blizzard have had their crack team of PR people and scientists come up with the brilliant alternative that is “Blizzard App”. It may be less confusing for people (although I would really like to see the kinds of people it confused), but we’ll still mourn and its legacy, starting with Diablo 1 in 1996.
Also, travelers, remember, throwing away a decades long tradition is fine if it avoids confusion!

In less depressing news, after the recent announcement of prices for character service going up, Blizzard have offset that (for a while at least) with a sale on said services and Legion itself. Also, take not at how it’s still called the shop and account in the post. I am SO confused right now.
You can sign up for Arena World Championship, two raid bosses will be tested on 7.2 PTR this Friday, there are post dealing with Legendary Follower equipment and Reap Souls resetting.

Arena World Championship

Players can now sign up for the Arena World Championship, the 1st NA Qualifier Cup will be broadcast on Twitch on April 8, 2017. Below are more details to get involved.
We would love to see more of these! The more community involvement the better and there are some seriously solid reasons for doing it. Community-run tournaments directly impact which teams end up in the Arena World Championships, as all approved community-run events award points. If you’re even remotely interested, here’s what you should do: read the guide, fill out the application form and send it to us. If you have any questions about running your own event, get in touch. We’re here to help and want you to create as many buzzing community events as it’s possible to have.

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Main tips to avoid scams in runescape gold
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2. Do not ever go to the Wilderness to trade. This act of scamming is called “Luring”. Remember, the Wilderness is the only place that is not safe for trading and you are likely to be killed by players.

3. Avoid viewing any external websites that one advertises. Majority of the advertisers can be found throughout the Grand Exchange and Varrock Bank. The links mentioned might be advertising a RuneScape-like site or YouTube channel. Little does one know, it is a method for people to phish others and get their user name and password.

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You do not need to buy RS gold to enjoy this! Today we are having a little bit of fun as we look at some of the more incredible player accomplishments when it comes to Runescape….. some on purpose and some by accident. We are not looking for fast rs3 gold for sale today, we are just having fun.

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Days In The Forum

Now here is a pretty amazing stat. Runescape forum user, Tufftypower has spent over 89 days of his life posting in the Runescape forums!

The King Of Treasure Trails

A Runescape player called E so in 2015 started his iron man account and went on one of the most epic runs in the history of gaming. He has done over 6000 thousand treasure trails and he has one of the most amazing collections of loot you will ever see.

Mini Game Legend

Runescape Player

Not everyone is about just looking to buy RS gold! Player, Str is the Queen of Runescape mini games. She is ranked at number one in the world in an incredible five different mini games! Dominion Tower, Crucible, The Baron Of Soul Collectors are just some of her amazing mini game records. As well as mini game she has numerous Runescape high scores as well.

Best Free To Play Player!

Meneer Lab does not need to hunt for fast OSRS Gold or even buy RS Gold. Here is a guy who shows that you can be a Runescape legend when it comes to free to play. With over 3 billion XP and having 14 free to play skills maxed out. His dedication to the game and just pure skill is very impressive indeed!

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We’ve already seen a Hunter solo Archimonde Mythic, but now it’s time for an extra word in there and a more lore-appropriate adversary to take down the former CEO of the Burning Legion (no, Sargeras would just be the founder/owner of the company, calm down). Mionelol has taken on the big green/gray guy in a fitting demon hunter vs. demon fight and came out victorious!
Also: that’s A LOT of infernals!

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Missed out on unlocking the mounts in World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm? You still have a few more days to complete the event!

Due to mistakenly ending this WoW/Heroes cross-game promotional event a few hours earlier, it has been decided that it will return until March 26. Therefore, you have another week to play 15 HotS games on any difficulty with a friend. The reward is the Flames of Judgment Charger mount in Heroes of the Storm and the Primal Flamesaber mount in World of Warcraft.
Our recent “For Azeroth!” in-game event that concluded on Tuesday, March 14, came to an end a few hours earlier than we told you it would. As a result, a number of players who were still racing to unlock their mounts weren’t able to finish the quest in time, and we’d like to make it up to you. We’ve decided to extend the quest by a few days so that everyone has time to complete their games and claim their rewards.

We’ve re-enabled the “For Azeroth!” event quest starting today, March 17, through Sunday, March 26. Any progress you earned prior to the quest’s original March 14 end-date will remain intact.
Finally, because those obstacles weren’t enough, the enrage kicked in (the p3 enrage, not the actual 12min enrage – the 12 minute one is mostly irrelevant). It’s a fun watch, and to be honest I chuckled a little when I discovered it. Turns otu that on top of buffing his melee attacks (like a regular enrage) he also spams Inferno every half-second or so. This inferno spam actually works in my favor by allowing a lot of Cinidaria healing, otherwise the increased melee damage from Archimonde wouldn’t really be outhealable for long. Eventually the sheer spam of infernos ends up destroying my frame rate though, so it’s not really sustainable endlessly.

Anyway this was a really cool fight, although diminished by the lack of anything meaningful in p1 and p2 (even the dps isnt relevant, considering you’d need to be quite slow for the 12min enrage to kick in before the p3 enrage itself). It was an interesting bite for sure. The video does a bad job of capturing the difficulty of the fight, it looks really easy when I re-watch it but it was hell during attempts :p

Usually I’d say that this concludes the expac soloing nicely but there wasn’t much of a journey this time around, especially considering I completely ignored Mythic BRF so far. Next will be… idk really, maybe back to mythic+, maybe more mythic bosses, maybe something else.

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