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Game Jam | See Your Ideas Being Made

That’s right – while you guys are enjoying the XP mayhem, we’ll be live streaming a weekend-long RuneScape game jam.As well as working on their own passion projects, our devs will also be picking up the very best of your ideas and building them before your very eyes.If you’ve got Buy Runescape Gold a top-notch RuneScape content idea that you’d like to see made, please post on our forum or Reddit threads for your chance.

I had 9 friends “actively” playing Runescape Pre EoC , after EoC 2 of them remain playing. why? cause the other 7 botted 3/4 of their playtime (with minimum 3 accounts each) and well they didn’t play it, some tried botting but lost those account to a ban-hammer, 1 ‘returned’ to oldschool to do the same thing. Do we count them as ‘players’?

Pre-EoC Runescape was 110% goldfest with a botfest?

Note that this is just my side, consider multiple perspectives with the same results from other scapers and EoC lost lots of bots and pk’ers in the end.

But ID does change one important issue- DAILY players vs online at the moment, we’re looking through the wrong point of view”Runescape3 doesn’t break 50k oftenly”. Guess what. It doesn’t matter, If I play Runescape 17’00 to 19’00 Greenwich Mean Time+2 today, I contributed to daily player counter, bot only “online at the moment” for those 2 hours, the player base “rotates” it’s not synchronized or anything, but it’s there. The same purpose of being online less is because there’s less DEAD-GRIND, in 2-3 hours of ‘gameplay’ in end game now earn you the progress that would otherwise take 10 hours 6 years ago. Take mining for example in 2006 here’s your mining guide ” lvls 1-15 mine copper+tin lvls 15-99 PowerMine iron ores…(or PowerMine granite past lvl50 or coal lvl30), this will take you ~260h to get ONE 99, and the timer if you slowdown AND YOU WILL SLOW DOWN. nice options right? when higher level materials like Mithril Adamant and Runite gave lesser experience. There was no level scaling.

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For us in the UK summer’s coming to an end and Autumn draws near, in Neverwinter it’s the decidedly toastier Season of Dragons. Technically it’s a season in the sense of a storyline, like a television season, not anything to do with weather or geography. This series of updates has charted the rise of the Cult of the Dragons, a nefarious group who worship big, winged, scaly beasts.

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The next stage of the season sees the cultists attack the city of Neverwinter and Cryptic have finally revealed what part you’ll play in its defense.

The siege event starts on 18 September at 10am PDT and runs through till the 25 September.

The siege will take place in multiple stages. The first sees the cultists crack away a great chunk of Neverwinter’s walls. You have to defend the breach from incoming waves, keeping the enemy away from your workers who are repairing the damage.

If successful then the guards will call for a counter attack. It’s your job to kill as many cultists as you can.

Finally, the cultists succeed in summoning a dragon to the battlefield. It lands right in the center of the battle lines. It’s then on you to kill it before it can destroy the city.
Sounds like quite the pressured event.

The update packs lots of rewards for taking part in the siege defense and the you’ll come across two new heroic encounters across the instance.
Perfect World Entertainment, which operates massively multiplayer online games such as Star Trek Online and Neverwinter, has suffered a round of layoffs, according to new reports.
No Caption Provided

Massively Overpowered has heard from a source at Cryptic Studios, a subsidiary of Perfect World and the team behind Star Trek Online and Neverwinter, that 18 people were let go from the company, making up around 14 percent of the developer’s total staff.

Meanwhile, the source added that Perfect World’s office in Redwood Shores, California was hit “significantly harder” by the restructuring. In a since-deleted tweet, one former staffer referred to the layoffs as a “slaughter.”

GameSpot has contacted Perfect World, asking for further clarification into the reports.

Affected staffers made their departures known on Twitter. Among those laid off was Matt Miller, who previously worked at the company as lead designer for City of Heroes.

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If you haven’t already abutting Premier Club and taken advantage of the ultimate associates package, now’s the time to do so.After 23:59 UTC on 5th February, it will no best be accessible to acquirement a new Premier Club package, so act now and don’t absence out!Premier Club associates get admission to aggregate RuneScape has to action at an angry price, additional abundant swathes of added goodies. Gold associates gets you:

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A affable abatement on membership Desert Pantheon aura Menaphite Ancient outfit +1 Treasure Hunter Key per day 150,000 adherence points

50% abatement on RuneMetrics VIP apple access VIP appointment access Appointment badge Chat badge Premier Club-exclusive Q&As

Pre-paid agenda promotional items Admission to Old School members’ content

Not abiding about committing to Gold? Go for a Bronze (3 month) or Silver (6 month) membership. You can advancement an absolute Premier Club associates at any point in its continuance – even afterwards the 5th of February. Just admission the announcement page or redeem Bonds in-game.With Menaphos, Shattered Worlds and much, abundant added on the horizon, it’s never been a bigger time to be a RuneScape member. Ensure you’re there for every absolution with Premier Club.

Who’s Application NXT?

Early amateur behaviour showed us that abounding humans admired it, with 50% of the amateur abject adopting the applicant about anon and never searching back.

We plan absolutely harder of talking with and alert to our players. It’s like accepting hundreds of bags of mates in the internet, and sometimes we overlook just how abounding players are out there and that not anybody is affianced in the chat – they just play. That meant that a hasty amount of players hadn’t heard we had a new client, even months afterwards release.Our Analytics aggregation put calm a address for me to clue the uptake of the client. A red band on it showed me who was arena day by day and had never approved NXT.

I’m blessed to be a position now area that amount is in single-digit allotment and bottomward every day. We accept aswell added a amethyst band apery players who accept never played the Java client. Anniversary day, bags of players appearance up in bold that category.For the rest, there were those who would use the new applicant for approved use but go aback to the Java applicant for specific activities. Some we could see would do a bit of play in both audience on anniversary day a lot of would aces a applicant for the day and appearance up on my blueprint as a Java user. We’re now in a position that on any accustomed day over 70% of the amateur abject is application NXT as their alone client

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What about Elf City, wasn’t that an expansion?Elf city was a Power to the Players request where we voted which update we wanted to see. Elf City beat Invention and so it was released first. Menaphos is an expansion because we’re not just getting a quest and a new social space. So far Menaphos is going to feature several quests on it’s release, unlike Elf City which had quests placed there later on. Menaphos is also going to bring Slayer to 120 and include a new Slayer Dungeon complete with new monsters, a new master, and new activities. Menaphos is also going to include new bosses, some of which are apparently unlocked through the new Slayer Dungeon. There’s going to be way more than this, these are the ones that have been talked about.

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I swear, it looks like his shirt was animated throughout most of that video. While I don’t play Old School like a large chunk of the community, I do look into some of the content that their specialized team provides them. I remember seeing the skillcapes receiving special abilities of their own for the player’s devotion to leveling the skill to max. It’s good to see that coming to Runescape3 now.

I’m also glad to see that there is more content being added to Invention, that’s always something good. And the 15 year cape…I wonder how many people are still around to claim those and how many stayed silent only to acquire seasonal rewards.I honestly didn’t think that there would be many 15 year veterans of Runescape left, but I guess everyone lays low on it. That’s great to hear.

I’m pretty sure it won’t take long. Then again, I’m one of many that probably have pull that assumption out of thin air. I don’t know the exact number of people and I can’t deny that I was one of them at one point. I did go play Old School Runescape for a bit for the nostalgia and relive the days that allowed me to meet my three greatest friends.I can’t remember the statistics on bots between the two. But, I will definitely say that OSRS is far superior in those numbers. That’s from my point of view, at least.

WOW Tomb of Sargeras raid testing will open on February 10. It will test two Tomb of Sargeras Heroic bosses and access the server stability and stress. Here some key features about the raid testing. You can take this chance to hone your skills in the testing, and collect up cheap wow gold to prepare for the live servers.

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How long does Tomb of Sargeras raid testing last?
The preliminary raid test will hit the shelves on Feb 10. Gornoth boss will be available to test at 13:00 PST, and Harjatan at 14:00 PST.
Usually the testing takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours. But for the end time, there are no guarantees. The test servers will close when Blizzard receive enough info for a given boss.
How to get into the raid zone?
In Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind, you need to speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade Sr. to teleport into the raid zone. Before that, you should bear the following things in mind:
1. Heroic difficulty scales between 10 and 30 players.
2. The maximum level for the raid test is 110, and the item level to a certain threshold for the encounters will be tested. Further, Blizzard also unveiled that 7.2 raid testing will enable all the new 7.2 artifact traits once players complete the quests to unlock them.
3. These two Heroic bosses to test this time will be retested in the future.
What does the preliminary testing aim to?
The primary purpose of testing is to collect up the info in order to balance the encounters, evaluate how mechanics are playing out in practice, and identify bugs. Frankly speaking, this testing of Tomb of Sargeras raid is to access the stability of the overall testing environment and identify class bugs or server issues.
When will Tomb of Sargeras Raid testing be live?
Blizzard has replied that it is coming right on the heels of plenty of raid content on the live servers. As reported before, Tomb of Sargeras will not be available right when 7.2 unlocks, and a quest arc, similar to 7.1 Suramar Insurrection campaign, will lead up to its opening.
As Tomb of Sargeras and most descriptive text need to be in patch 7.2 data, the raid testing itself should be done far earlier, relative to the date when the raid will actually go live.
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It is said that Swtor 5.2 swtor credits will release on early April with new gear, and the 250% cxp boost will end at that time. So it is very necessary to take a sneak peek of changes in Swtor 5.2, and fully prepare for Swtor 5.2 release in advance. Here are some relevant tips about 5.2.

Changes in Swtor 5.2, coming on early April

1. The maximum Command Rank will be increased to 400, from 300. The required CXP per rank for ranks 1-300 stays the same. Rank 301 will require 6040 CXP, and this increases to 6340 CXP by rank 400.

2. New Tier IV goes from ranks 301-400 and you will get a Tier 4 Command Crate for each level.

3. Tier 4 gear, including 244 (green), 246 (blue), 246 (purple), and 248 (legendary) will go live in game.

4. The new operation boss, Tyth, is balanced. 234 gear is for SM while purple 246 gear with augments is for VM.

How to prepare for Swtor 5.2 for the sake of BiS?

1. The 250% cxp boost will end with Swtor 5.2. So seize the time to level to Rank 300 on all your main characters, so that you immediately get Tier IV Crates in 5.2.

2. Once you reach Rank 300, try to store up as much CXP as possible, by stopping opening CXP Packs and put them in your bank. Since Swtor 5.1.1, the packs are Bound to Legacy. So you can store them on your alt characters if you run out of storage space on your main. Keep running flashpoints, uprisings and operations (or kill DvL bosses) on as many characters as possible, and then funnel the CXP packs to your main when 5.2 launches.

3. Keep all shells of 242 gear and save up 1,000 Unassembled Components in case it becomes possible to upgrade 242 gear to 246 or 248.

4. Disintegrate items when swtor 5.2 releases. First, items like the Jawa Junk or the Command Tokens only take up one slot. Second, just store unopened Tier 3 Command Crates in your bank, instead of 242 gear, when your Command Stash is full. And then when 5.2 launches, open and disintegrate them. Last, you can also increase your Command Stash size for Swtor Credits for sale.

Certainly, it is not all changes in Swtor 5.2. But don’t forget that the 250% cxp boost will be closed on April. All players need to prepare for this adjustment. So we hope this article is helpful for you.

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Today’s update brings a batch of macabre new rewards for Soul Reaper fans,also Rsorder with the best services and cheapest rs gold buy with 24/7/365 help and online selling , plus an awe-inspiring, player-named Shadow Gorilla pet and matching cosmetic armour set, available for a limited time to RuneCoin buyers.I think this is very funny for all of you to try it .

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Death has cast his desolate gaze over the Soul Reaper rewards and the last thing we’d want to do is disappoint you . Taking on board ideas from Redditor Fowdraco, Mod Ryan and Mod Daze have filled out the list with some sweet new unlocks.Among these is a brand-new Book of Death, a pocket-slot item that grants combat stats and a small chance to insta-kill your enemies . As well as the unlock at Death’s Store, it requires 80 Crafting to make and is untradeable.

Here’s the full list:

Book of Death | 500 RP – Permanently unlocks the ability to craft the Book of Death.
Death Notes | 40 RP – Materials used to craft the Book of Death.
Reaper’s Choice | 250 RP – Passive. 1/10 chance you may choose your task on assignment.
Gravestone loot beam | 75 RP/750 SP – See your loot drops in a macabre light.
Reaper Scroll | 250 RP – Passive. Permanently gives 50% extra XP for Soul Reaper tasks.
Death’s Support | 250 RP – Passive. Doubles the health regained from signs and portents of life and death.

There are also two new cosmetic rewards that unlock automatically on completing a set number of Soul Reaper assignments. Note that these are unlocked retroactively, so seasoned reapers can get these right away:

Death’s Scythe | 100 assignments – Two-handed weapon override.
Tiny Death Pet | 200 assignments – Less statuesque than his namesake, but cuter.

We’ve also rebalanced the pricing of aura refreshes and the Death’s Deal unlock to better reflect their usage.Big thanks go out to Mods Harrison and Wolf, who chipped in to help Ryan and Daze with testing and design.

In the past few days, the swtor credits poll whether you are ready for Swtor to be retired for a next gen Star Wars MMO has been heated in the community. Different players hold different opinions. But an overwhelming number of players vote no, but Swtor needs to add the new content. Even some of them think that Bioware now has no choice but keeping Swtor alive.

Vote no. Swtor just needs fresh content adding.

SWTOR is quite obviously past its prime and didn’t even live up to expectations in the first place. But there is so much great story content already and overall a good setup in terms of a galaxy to play in. It would be pleasing if they do just at least reboot it with a new, acceptable engine.

For many players, the main sticking point for Swtor is to get the current content revamped and a platform that would offer a better experience overall, a better launching point for all new releases, and something that would look better to the eye.

To make players satisfied with this game, Bioware need make many changes so far, but it is not time to sentence SWTOR to death.

Just want another MMO in style of SWG.

The leveling system in Star Wars is really good before, so a fusion of SWG with the design and production standards of Asian MMO, like Black Desert Online & Blade and Soul, would be incredibly amazing. Bioware would do well to have the next SW MMO Combat system / Art work / World Design / and creative development so that Asian MMOGs are with a western story driven / progression / gearing system backbone.

Swtor is not going to be retired, especially over a short period.

Except for the above opinions, the others don’t think that Swtor will be retired soon or that Bioware creates a new MMO to replace it. Currently, new MMOs spring up, but no one can match World of Warcraft. WOW was the one-hit wonder, and even even Blizzard has not been able to replicate its success with a new MMO, least of all Bioware. That is to say, Swtor has been EA’s most profitable title for years. It is impossible to be retired soon or to replace by a new MMO.

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