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Impressing the Locals is the first part of the Tales of the Arc quest and miniquest series and serves as an introduction to the Arc region as the quest is required to enter that region.Before the update on 12 December 2016, this quest was a miniquest, but was changed to a novice quest to increase its visibility and that of the Arc. Those who had already completed the miniquest version do not need to complete it again.

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Speak to Trader Stan to start the quest about The Iron link’s return for invasion. Use the option to talk about the Skulls pirate Jed. He tells about the Wushanko Isles and how he used to trade overseas there until the wild sea creatures started appearing years ago. He then makes a deal with you to find a crew willing to go to the isles with one of his other ships; you’ll need a quartermaster, a navigator, and a bosun. Trader Stan believes Surula can advise you on a good quartermaster to hire for your crew. The navigator would be a siren; Stan suggests Seasinger Umi to fill the role of navigator. And for help in finding a bosun, he suggests speaking with Guard Captain Roarkwin.

The quartermaster

Go to your player-owned port and speak to Surula, the barmaid in the pub, to find a quartermaster in Trader Stan’s name. She asks if you came to settle his tab, but makes a deal for you to cover for him in exchange for information. A pay-up of 1000 coins and she’ll direct you to Mister Gully upstairs. Talk to Mister Gully on the balcony, and he’ll accept your offer after you mention the Skulls.

The navigator

Talk to Seasinger Umi and ask her to join the crew as navigator with knowledge of the Eastern Lands. She’s flattered by Stan’s remarks, but declines the offer as she likes it in Port Sarim, not currently wanting to go back to the Eastern Lands. She does suggest that you recruit her sister instead, since Jemi plans on returning home soon anyways; find Seasinger Jemi beside the Rimmington well, and she’ll agree to join.

The bosun

Talk to Guard Captain Roarkwin in the Port Sarim Jail. For a bosun, he suggests a former Black Knight, Jacob, but he was abducted during the first assault by Jed; he’ll ask for a favour to inform Jacob’s sister of his abduction. Meet with his sister, a Black Knight sergeant, in Draynor Village, in the upstairs of the pottery oven building; she’ll try to ward you off, but when she learns of his abduction by the Skulls, she’ll agree to join your crew, and introduces herself as Evie Higgs.

Wrapping up

Once you’ve recruited all three crew members, return to Trader Stan and talk about the Skulls pirates again. After the end of the Port Sarim Invasion, he’ll request on behalf of the people of Port Sarim that you bring back all the abducted people, and add a personal request to bring back a mystery item that was on the first ship that Jed stole. A window will pop up saying you’ve completed the quest and unlocked the resting animation.”Impressing” refers to both the standard meaning of affecting deeply and to the old practice of impressment, or forcing someone to serve on a ship’s crew against their will.The Stan-ing Around rest animation is a reference to the character Stan the Monkey Island games, who would gesture flamboyantly with his arms and tap his foot.Impressing the Locals is the first miniquest or tale to be changed into a quest.

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Here are some tips on leveling your prayer, ranging and magic level in Runescape. There are some important facts that people don’t realize. Here is my view on the subject.There are many different techniques in leveling up your skills. As your level gets higher, the experience points needed to achieve the next level also gets cheap 07 runescape gold higher. Especially for non-members, it is even more difficult. This article is for those average non-members that are trying to raise their ranging, magic, and prayer skills. Here are some tips on leveling up efficiently:

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Ranging is a type of combat that requires a bit of money to use. When you range, you should wear ranging armor. This includes cowls, coifs, chaps, vambraces, leather bodies, and etc.

Important: Do not wear melee armor while ranging, such as bronze, iron, steel, black, rune, and etc. People don’t realize this, but wearing melee armor decreases your range bonuses. Also, this applies to gloves too. You should wear vambraces instead. Wizards, especially, are the creatures most vulnerable to range.


Magic is a very expensive type of combat, but it is probably the most effective. When you mage, it is Important that you do not were any type of range or melee armor, such as leather bodies, rune, addy, etc. These decrease your magic bonuses. Instead, wear wizard robes and wizards hats. An anti-dragon shield is also good to have too, since it does not decrease your mage bonus. It is also a good idea to mage with an element staff, such as air staff, fire staff, etc., since they save you runes and give additional bonuses. Magic is very effective if the opponent is very melee armor.

Important: This means a person in full rune is more vulnerable to magic opposed to a person wearing nothing at all.


The best location for a non-member to bury bones is the ruins south of Varrock. Bones are constantly appearing in that area, especially if there are lots of people killing wizards. Be warned, there are many level 20 wizards that attack low level players. Big bones are also good choices. If you have many runescape gold, you can simply buy them from other players at the west Varrock bank.Also, work hard to get your prayer up to 20. Once you do this, you could enter the second level of the monastery north of Falador. If you pray at that alter, you get 2 extra prayer points per charge.

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Bioware has published a teaser of the upcoming Trench Runner Uprising coming in Jan 2017.

Star Wars?: The Old Republic? is celebrating its five-year anniversary…and it is hard for me to believe that I am the one with the honor of writing this – the Five Year Anniversary Producer’s Blog.

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I started on this project six years ago, excited, enthusiastic and energized – this was the realization of a goal I had pursued for years. I knew fate had smiled on me when I became part of the BioWare team I had admired for so long, working together with the amazing team at Lucasfilm to create a game in the Star Wars? universe, the most beloved galaxy in all of fiction. Giving gamers the chance to live out their own Star Wars story adventures in the Old Republic universe has been a truly incredible experience, and one for which I’m deeply grateful. That was our mission and the beginning of this amazing journey.

As I look back on the past five years that have led me from launch crunch, to the reincarnation of Revan and on through the delivery of six expansions including notorious Hutts, the re-awakening of an evil Emperor and the introduction of the most evil family in Star Wars – I realize that there is one part of this journey that stands out for me above all others…the relationship I have with you, the fans. My work on this game would not be as rewarding or as humbling, and definitely not as challenging (!) were it not for all of you and your commitment over the years. Building a game that evolves over time and continues to grow along with the community is a rare experience and one that I will be grateful for being a part of for my entire life. For those of you who have seen me at Cantina events or on our livestreams, you know that at times it takes the stoicism of a Jedi Master, which I am not, but it has taught me so much about the value of community and commitment. It is with that humble and grateful heart that I want to say thank you to all of you for being here over the years to share the journey with us and to help us translate the epic adventure that is Star Wars into a game you could love and share with your friends and families.

In honor of the Five-Year Anniversary we have lots of rewards to share with you in the game today; my favorite is the ‘Celebration Jawa’ – but there are tons more. Plus, we are premiering the official Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Portrait Collage today for its first reveal – this is a collage made up of player characters that you have sent us that have been brought to life in this game. This game is the tapestry of your stories, your adventures, your achievements and your commitment to us, the game and Star Wars!

I’d like to wish each of you an amazing holiday and I invite you to share the joy of a great story with someone you care about this season as we open our Chapter 1 Trial of Knights of the Eternal Throne and prepare for more adventures to come in the New Year!

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With Solomon – RuneScape, runescape gold microtransactions, Squeal of Fortune and buying bonds/xp. So if Jagex is gonna be sold again this time to the chinese i bet the microtransactiosn will become much much much more! I mean they want their $300m back and profit ofcours! I for one do not like that fact its the chinese, i’m sorry but i do not!!, i like that Jagex is english, it feels good and trusted and it should remain that way! I fear many greedy new things will be added like buying your levels with real money and selling accounts! You never know what these chinese will do and that uncertainty is really easting away at me! If they change too much the game will lose hugh amounts of players and will go belly up! We all know that rs players do not like change! Remeber those new skill capes, freakign riots in all worlds! EOC ?? removal of wildy!! All cost a lot of members!, also microtransactions will cost p[layers to leave we are gettign less and less cvalue for our money! And have to buy all the extra stuff separately!! Its disgusting!?

Jagex isn’t known for making great decision in the past, but this has to be the worst thing to (possibly) happen to RS since SoF. It’s a Chinese mining company, A Friend, not a gaming company. Do you honestly believe that they give a about the games long term integrity? Do you think they care about the game at all? Of course not, all they care about is how much money they could make from it, and if this happens, there is a 100% chance that they’re going to ruin this game even further with microtransactions. I don’t doubt they will just throw them into OSRS too. This is ONLY a bad thing, and I can’t see ANY positive from opening up to the Chinese demographic. I just hope this is one big prank.?

The very second the company sells jagex I’m selling my account and ended my runescape fun. No, never in a million years. Welcome to micro transaction city boys, if the Chinese don’t buy it now they will buy it under another company with a different name to ghost the intentions. 300m dollars? They’re going to have to double the fee of membership and release ” expansions ” for them to recover the money. In no way do I see this going a good way for the game. It’s fine how it is why change it at all. If jagex sells it shows you what kind of people they really are. Ones that don’t care for the integrity of the game.

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Many heroes have earned their first scars when encountering a Mimic. The thrill of loot is a great distraction from the dangers that await an adventurous hero!
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Grab your sword, slash through the paper, and dazzle us with a picture of your very own hand-made Mimic chest. Place it on your desk, in the wild, or even under your Christmas tree to protect the gifts. If anything, we learned that mimics really do lurk almost anywhere…
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A major stylistic difference in Return to Canifis over Betrayal at Falador is also one of the main reasons for the new book’s draw. The darker setting helps, as it adds an ominous sense of conflict to the story, but the real power lies in the author’s choice to use a more singular point of view. Readers still get behind the eyes of all the major characters, but instead of jumping about from mind to mind within a single scene, Return to Canifis keeps to the perceptions of one character at a time, doing its best to boil that down to only the main characters.

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This makes for a much stronger connection with their runescape gold stories, adding levels of understanding and intimacy that make you want to know more. Character motivations are still painted rather plainly, and may sometimes come across as awkward to readers with a wealth of life experience, but remember that this book was written with younger readers in mind. In any case, the story and characters are more than compelling enough to keep even more evolved readers interested.

T.S Church has once again done a remarkable job of bringing the world of rs gold to life for both the uninitiated and long-time players. Return to Canifis is intriguing, engaging, and well paced; a compelling story with a dark and gritty setting. The interesting cast of characters and cliffhanger ending will draw you in and leave you excited for the next book. Highly recommended as a fun and easy read!

As we all know, Training is runescape gold an activity which is done in order to increase the players’ experience in one or more OSRS Skills. Are you still have some confusions of how to do training activity in Old School RS efficiently? There is an OSRS skill training guide which is aims to provide some indispensible tips for you.
OSRS Training activities which is done primarily to increase the XP

OSRS training activities which is done primarily to increase the XP. Of course it’s not the only goal sometime. For example, fighting Zulrah is in order to obtain rare item drops.

There are many ways to train skills. Some players prefer material gain during the training. However others don’t care so much, as long as they get their experience as fast as possible. Some skills are very commonly trained by buying the items required, such as Cooking, Prayer, Construction and Crafting.
The best way to train certain skills is to do something else meanwhile

Certain skills such as Fishing and Woodcutting are often very repetitive and passive. The best way to train these skills without getting board is to do something else meanwhile. Activities such as watching television, listening to music or even working out while training can keep focus up and boredom levels to a minimum.
It’s better to switch training from one skill to another in OSRS game

Maybe it’s a good way to switch training from one skill to another from time to time in game. Not only does it decrease monotony, but certain skills can be trained much faster or cheaper in conjunction with other skills. A common training spot for a new player is outside of Lumbridge castle where one can chop trees, kill the local goblin population and visit the nearby fishing spots.

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