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We’ve collected some promising and popular community suggestions to be polled next week as rewards from raids. From a powerful new bow to dragon claws, there is bound to be something that excites you in today’s blog!Please note: within this blog, the term ‘attack rate’ refers to cheap rs 07 gold the number of game cycles between attacks.

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Dragon Claws

Dragon Claws are an iconic item in RuneScape’s history. Since the release of Old School back in 2013 there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not they have a place in the game.Over the past year we have seen growing support for Dragon Claws, especially since their inclusion in Tournament Worlds. With Raids planned for early 2017, we feel that Dragon Claws would be a suitably massive addition to Old School to fit the content.Dragon Claws would require level 60 Attack and would provide the following stats and special attack:

What happened to the Abyssal Claws suggestion?

One suggestion we saw from the community was adding a weapon identical to Dragon Claws, but with a 70 Attack requirement (named Abyssal Claws).While this is an idea that interested us, and a portion of the community, there are a number of advantages to moving forward with Dragon Claws as the community knows them.

Keeping the 60 Attack requirement is not something which concerns us from a balancing perspective, and it will allow a larger number of players to enjoy the variety Dragon Claws will bring.Also, the existing understanding of what Dragon Claws are and how they work means that many players will already know what to expect. With a new item it isn’t so easy for people to immediately understand what the differences are, however minor they may be.

Ancestral Robes

Ancestral Robes will offer a superb offensive option for high level Magic users. Requiring 75 Magic & 65 Defence to use, they will act as a non-degradable set aimed at boosting Magic Damage.To achieve this, they trade off some of the Defensive stats of Ahrim’s for additional Magic Attack Bonus, as well as 2% Magic Damage increase per piece worn.The non-degradeable nature of the Robes will provide a Magic alternative to the Bandos and Armadyl armours.Dropping only from Olm, the final challenge of Raids, these Robes will carry a prestige and rarity as yet unseen in Mage armour.As they will be very difficult to acquire, these Robes will likely carry a high price tag and be an unlikely choice for PKing, preserving Ahrim’s place as a staple choice for Mages.

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“So we changed the Wilderness and Free Trade around the end of 2007, beginning cheap rs3 gold of 2008. We effectively got to a point where we were very aware of the impact of bots and real world trading was having on our game” Mark answers. Being that RuneScape caters for the’freebie’ market, it is understandable that gold-selling impacts game play but rarely do we see a developer go as far as dismantling certain aspects to protect it. Mark goes on to explain ” We realized that these changes were not a very popular thing to do, we knew that the Wilderness attracted a certain type of gamer and customer, but, we were unable to accept the amount of damage being done to our game”.

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WOW 7.1, Return to Karazhan, has been available for all players. Have you noticed any undocumented changes in the patch? At least, you don’t feel annoyed about Gnimo noise anymore. Meanwhile, there are some tweaks for all druids forms, Galakras, mount drops and more.

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For issue that pressing Sheath/unsheathe (Z by default) crashes WOW

In WOW 7.1, the issue has arisen a stir that pressing “Z” or the sheath/unsheath hotkey may crash the WOW client. For this issue, Blizzard has found a way to solve it. If it happens to you, you can work out the crash by running World of Warcraft in 32-bit mode, with the following steps:
1. Open the App Launcher
2. Select World of Warcraft
3. Click Options
4. Select Game Settings on the left
5. Check “Launch 32-bit client (Instead of 64-bit)”
6. Click Done

All druids forms no longer break Masquerade in Suramar

As the title says, all druids forms have no impact on Masquerade in Suramar. Cat/travel form use a manasaber model. Druid order hall set is now a dress instead of chest + legs. And Blessing of Elune also has a different visual.
Besides, when you are in the land version of Travel Form, you can gain an additional 60% movement speed. If Travel Form is activated while in combat, this movement speed bonus will not be granted.

Other changes

1. In Suramar commons areas, detection circle graphic and actual detection range now match.
2. Ancient Mana nodes in Suramar now appear as a blue icon in the minimap. It would be easier now to spot the Starlight Rosedust.
3. Gnimo no longer makes that annoying noise whenever you sell something.
4. Withered J’im is now on the Unleashed Monstrosities achievement.
5. Active quests number tracker is back.
6. You can solo Galakras in SoO now. You’re able to shoot two shots with one cannon to take him down.
7. Companion app has been updated for Artifact Research?
8. Mount drops now get announced to guild chat the same way legendaries do.
9. Companion app has been updated for Artifact Research

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For the time being, most of us to be able to improve your own Dungeoneering look as well as power along with four models associated with runescape 3 gold clothes (mixed in to an incredible arranged) — just about all styles at the rear of the actual Daemonheim ground. Therefore get these types of functions from Cherish Seeker through 00: 00 UTC upon Oct 12 in order to twenty three:59 UTC upon Oct 17.

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Additionally, make sure to examine the actual listing of functions beneath as well as clarify all the details you’ll need. Gorajan Path Blazers
So how exactly does the actual clothes function? Because of the information on Dungeoneering, there are lots of distinctive ways these types of clothes function. Here is what you ought to understand:

For those functions which have all the freezing, furnishings, forgotten or even hidden clothes, you’ll be granted all the Dungeoneering advantages the following because “low-level benefits”. The actual mixture of these types of items may produce Warped clothes items. Using a complete Warped ensemble provides you with all the subsequent advantages “Advanced Benefits”. You may also possess a bit of clothes plus some Warped clothes areas of the actual “low-level benefit. inch You don’t absolutely need in order to put on these types of clothing to obtain the majority of the advantages, if you have sufficient clothing in your accounts are essential. Blend as well as complement bits of clothes, select the appear you would like, but still obtain the advantages of unlocking a person.

The only real exclusion gets the “top” Dungeoneering benefits shop low cost. Simply because this really is beyond Daemonheim, you will have to put on the gown while you strategy the actual shop. Along with gear products, you’re going to get an excessive amount of protection associated with real make-up, to help you seem like the Gorajan Trailblazer where ever a person proceed. Please be aware these makeup is going to be utilized like a individual dress yourself in your own clothing, less the “full set” — keep in mind these types of are searching for all of them.

However, you are able to arranged your own default Dungeoneering ensemble through right-clicking the possibility within every individual product. You may also speak with Dungeoneering Teacher relating to this. This particular enables you to personalize whenever you key in the actual dungeon or even went under, you are able to appear as well as allow you decide to blend just about all four bits of clothes towards the greatest appear. Be aware — this particular doesn’t impact your own low-level or even high-level provides, because they are just highly relevant to the required parts of your own accounts.

Should you alter the look associated with Daemonheim through one of these simple clothes with the clothing user interface, the actual modifications won’t be appreciated whenever you depart. You’ll go back to how you joined.

The actual low-level benefit:

1, 5% XP Update to any or all abilities within Dungeoneering (such as the greatest XP encounter by itself) 5% Decrease destruction upon experienced nodes

2, 3 extra downhole exchanges daily, “Ice Strolling Boots” — This particular unaggressive advantage helps prevent a person through ice skating upon freezing flooring, 10% possibility of not really utilizing lockers。

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When you visit four new Arc locations: Cyclosis, Goshima, The Islands and complete the island chain. We join in a series of miniquests that span these new locales as you uncover more lore about this mysterious corner of Gielinor – you might even earn a new title for your troubles.

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Get stuck into brand new skilling opportunities throughout the Eastern Lands as more skills become available to train there. Level up your Farming by foraging a new selection of mushrooms and berries. Skill the heck out of your Divination at moai heads. Pickpocket the citizens of Waiko and Cyclosis for little Thieving boosts.All these and even more skill spots await your discovery in both the Arc and the Uncharted Isles with new contracts also available from Sojobo in Waiko.

Today’s update is also about giving you awesome rewards to discover. Without giving all away, here are some picks of the bunch.Get your hands on the final parts (gloves + boots) of the Tier 85 Tetsu , Seasinger and Death Lotus sets , allowing you to finally complete the armours and unlock their set bonuses .Fans of Hunter rejoice – there are some fresh threads to boost your prowess too. The new Hunter’s outfit, available from the rewards vendor in Waiko, adds 6% XP to your Hunter training and can also stack with yaktwee stick for a total of + 11% XP.

If cosmetics are your thing, collect orokami masks as drops from their namesakes in the Uncharted Isles. These are tradeable outside of the Arc, too.There is also a new Invention blueprint in the Waiko reward shop. Get yourself enough currency and purchase the plan for a crystal siphon which lets you siphon crystal tools as if they were Tier 90 equipment!New messages in bottles await discovery too, with the chance to grab the title the Castaway when you complete them all.
Additionally, there is a new Arc Discovery Journal which replaces your Waiko tourist brochure if you have it. Fill it out and earn rewards in the process. Do this by talking to the various Arc NPCs who will send you off to find and catalogue the various creatures and plant species that inhabit these strange lands.As you go, you’ll get XP lamps, as well as aforementioned Farming XP that is up for grabs for foraging mushrooms and berries.A bird pet is up for grabs too for finding all the journal’s birds. We can’t wait to see what else you discover!If you didn’t have a Waiko tourist brochure, pick up the journal from Sharkborne on Waiko.

Getting around in the Eastern Lands is also easier than ever. From today, supplies are cheaper (as low as 10 chimes each if you have all the upgrades), allowing you to more easily access the Uncharted Isles.After this, Rosie will continue to accrue 5 supplies per day, holding a maximum if 50. You no longer need to check back with her every single day – you can simply pick them up when you want to.We’ve also introduced up to 20 customisation slots for your own island. Decorate until your heart’s content or consider adding the mysterious new tortle portal – charge them up, add one or several to your island, and see where they can take you.DO not wait any more ,my friends.

Starting with Patch 4.7.3, all cartel market passes will be bound on legacy and removed with 5.0.

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One of the things that we have talked about last week is our new Galactic Command system, only accessible to subscribers at Level 70. Galactic Command will serve as the single point of access for subscribers to earn rewards playing endgame content such as Operations and Warzones. As of the release of the Knights of the Eternal Throne, rewards from this gameplay is gained via Galactic Command, therefore passes are no longer viable. For example, a preferred player with a Weekly Pass: Operations would be able to play an Operation, but would not earn any rewards for doing so. Due to this change, we have removed all Passes from the Cartel Market.

The following passes have been removed:

Weekly Pass: Flashpoints
Weekly Pass: Operations
Weekly Pass: Space Missions
Weekly Pass: Warzones
180-Day Pass: Starfighter
30-Day Pass: Starfighter
7-Day Pass: Starfighter

Additionally, these passes will be converted to Bind on Legacy with Game Update 4.7.3 coming on Tuesday. On November 29th all passes will then be removed from the game when Knights of the Eternal Throne Early Access opens. We are still locking down exactly how we will compensate players who have unused passes as of November 29, and I will have more information to share regarding that next week. We recognize that players are interested in something similar to the Weekly Passes which would offer non-subscribers access to Galactic Command. We are exploring possible options and I will pass on updates as soon as we have them. As always, keep the feedback coming!
I may have misspoke. Nothing is changing about how it works from right now, the exception is rewards. Once someone hits level 70, if they are not a subscriber they will not earn any Command Experience Points and therefore no rewards.

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Recently, the bug that the teleport option is useless on the Runescape Sliskelion pieces via the currency pouch happened to a few players. although Mod Shauny said it will be fixed on Monday, now favoriting them works to teleport. Read on for more details.

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Two methods to solve the bug of “sliskellion pieces teleport”

When using teleport on Sliskelion pieces via the currency pouch, you may be reminded that “Please finish what you are currently doing”. As you cannot remove them from the currency pouch, you can follow two tips as below to continue:

1. Teleport the Runescape Grand Exchange and manually go through the text with the scoreboard.

2. Add them to your favorites and do it from the favorites menu when you click the currency pouch button. Note that you can do it from the first menu only when you first click the bond button, and that it doesn’t work at all from the full menu. When you don’t need them, you can unfavorite them afterward.

Worth to turn sliskellion pieces in your adventure

Sliskelion pieces will likely be removed in December, after the Sliske’s Endgame. To be honest, it is definitely worth to turn those pieces in the game, especially when you’re not maxed. They are the equivalent of a medium lamp.

If you are screwed up with the sliskellion pieces teleporting issue, you can try to favorite them and then teleport them. Gold4fans not only has cheap runescape 3 gold, but also provides the useful guide and tips for runescape topics. Have a good visit on Gold4fans!

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There are lots of people have cheap runescape 3 gold shown interest in a revitalization of the Mage Arena. Now we would like share some suggestions about it. We believe that these suggestions would make it a viable place. Once again while also improving the variety and the viability of god spells in PvP.

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God capes and staffs be made available through a boss fight

First we suggest that a second tier of the god capes and staffs be made available through a boss fight. This fight would be against a stronger version of the Saradomin/Zamorak wizards that appear during clue scrolls and use god spells, Guthix would need a stronger Gnome wizard as they are representative of Guthix in the mage arena.

Another suggestion would be a fight wave system similar to the fight caves and Jad

In this you would fight against wizards using only magic like the current mage arena with the final boss being a fight against the bosses below.

Requirements : 85 Magic level.
Saradomin Boss : Holy Saradomin Wizard Reward : Holy Staff, Holy Cape.
Zamorak Boss : Unholy Zamorak Wizard Reward : Unholy Staff, Unholy Cape.
Guthix Boss : Wizard of Balance Reward : Staff of Balance, Cape of Balance

Stats : Upgraded staffs would have double the current stats. Main stat being Magic attack. This would take it from +6 to +12. These staffs would also be able to auto cast the god spells to make them a strong viable PvP option.

There are also some other ideas which need a practice in runescape game. The development of the runescape need efforts both from Jagex and players. All staff at RSorder want to contribute our strength to the project. We will strive to provide more cheap rs 2007 gold for you.

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