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Train Defence Efficiently in These Places

Where to train defense efficiently in runescape? There are two places that you have to know: Giant Spiders and Bandits.

Giant, many people will choose this place as they can get experience fast and easy when seeing the same green level in the Stronghold of Security and hundreds of “giant” spiders crawling around may become redundant. As also you can have a try!

For Bandits, training here you will cost a little more than training at Giant Spiders; however, Bandits provide slightly higher and more consistent experience.

Get Special Items for Defence Bonuses

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The latest alpha build for World of Warcraft: Legion – Build 21134 delivered two pieces of BAD news. Why bad? Both of them damage, if not all, a great part of players’ interests. The first is that garrison gold missions will be removed and no longer provide wow gold rewards when Legion releases. The second one is the water-walking Water Strider mounts will only function in their specified zones.

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Exp will replace Gold to be rewards for Garrison

Garrisons, a feature added in the Warlord of Draenor,has been always controversial from the very beginning to the moment when the expansion is to complete. For some players, it may be a way to get pronounced rewards (it could be a gold farmer if set up correctly). However, for other players, this is a bad addition that keeps players confined to their own personal instance. Thus, when it came out that Garrison Gold Missions will be removed in Legion, there are not all complaints.
Some people told that it was not reasonable to make thousands of wow gold from Garrison for not really playing the game. However, there is no doubt that this decision hurts those people that stay in Garrison for gold farming much. What’s worse, to take place wow gold, Blizzard only gives Experience for compensation, which is unacceptable by a great part of players. For those who haven’t known, the reward of “Blingtron’s Secret Vault” is changed from 1000 gold to 1500 xp. And the “Blood, Gold, and Regret” will award 8000 xp instead of 2000 gold.
Water Strider will only work in specified zones

If the removal of gold missions is good news for some people, the nerf on Water Strider should hurt all players. According to wowhead, the Water Strider mounts will only work in the zones from which they were purchased. For example, the Azure Water Strider only works in Pandaria and the Crimson Water Strider only works in Draenor. Someone might speculate that this change is made to incentive the Fishing Artifact. However, even for this reason, it is unacceptable. “If you need to nerf X to make Y more appealing, you clearly need to revise it and make it better than giving the same thing as before”, this sentence may be a voice of many players’ hearts.

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Good way of making money in f2p

To make money in f2p, you can consider telegrabing wines of zamorak.
Training Slayer to make money is a great way to make money in f2p. Low level Slayer is generally a good way to start with moneymaking. You can also kill dragons, tan dragonhides, make cannonballs, or charge orbs. At higher levels you unlock better Slayer monsters like Skeletal Wyverns.
As for herb lore, you can also do herb runs, set up Nightmare Zone and collect your daily herb boxes as a reward from doing that. You may want to look into farming herbs every day, doing as many herb runs per day as you can. Recommended herbs for this are toadflax/ranarr/snapdragon.
Trade people essence and they will give you double in nats and charge your glories for free in ffdn36 (world 36).
Here some other good skills for money making: Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining, Fletching, Crafting.

Others ways for money making in OSRS

Spinning flax should be a great way to make money. If you buy 28 flax for 10 gold, thats 280 gold. Bowstrings go for around 100 gold, which leaves you with 2800 gold after like a minute.
Selling yews at 480 gold or so a piece is probably the best f2p method.
Do green dragons with a looting bag and ring of wealth.

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RuneLabs has spoken and together you have decided the name and main content for the new player-power area: The Eastern Lands. But we’re not done yet! Head to RuneLabs and suggest anything and everything else that you would like to see put into development for this fantastic new part of Gielinor.
All suggestions for this mysterious land of islands are welcome but, at this stage, it’s the neater, smaller ideas that have the best chance of being included in our plans.

How does a unique fishing pool for this region sound? Or is there something strange and interesting that should be on sale there? Feel free to think both in and outside of the box on this one and really go wild.

Remember, if you’re not the creative type, loads of great ideas will be in need of your support. Up-vote your favourite suggestions and get them noticed because this time our Eastern Lands team will be taking to RuneLabs to pick the ideas that suit development.

Be part of the story of this player-power area – enjoy!

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For our final Winter Weekend, they need one thing special for you. The forthcoming elite talent, Invention, would cheap runescape gold force you to be versed in Divination, Smithing and Crafting. therefore to assist you on your manner for Invention’s unharness at the top of this month, build the foremost of the subsequent Winter Weekend bonuses:

Five hundredth base XP increase in Guthixian Cache.
Enriched spawns each ten minutes rather than each twenty minutes.
Double the provision of battlestaves in stores and rewards.
All chromatic dragons drop an additional hide on prime of no matter drops.
Ithell harps have a reduced likelihood at going out of tune.
Double XP and name at Artisans’ Workshop.

This Winter Weekend can run from eighth January at 12:00 Greenwich Mean Time till eleventh January at 12:00 Greenwich Mean Time.

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Green dragons

Green dragons is best for low level players. Green dragons are only level 79 and each inv is 50-70k and the trips are fairly quick. You will gain 6K minimum per kill(always drops Dragon Bones and Green Dragonhide). To find this boss on Rinescape, you will want to head for the Wilderness(Level 10-40). In order to ensure you can kill the boss and get the loots, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder to buy best weapons and gears to help you.

Blue Dragon

For mid-level money making, Blue dragons can be a great option to go. The best spot is Taverly resource dungeon, but, Heroes Guild Basement, and South of Yanille also can be good option. 60 Dungeoneering to get in and 70 agility for the shortcut (speeds up trips a lot). You will get your hands on quite generous drops after killing the Blue dragons: 6K minimum per kill(always drops Dragon Bones and Blue Dragonhide).

Mature Grotworms

If you are a low or medium combat player, you will want to go for the Mature Grotworms due to how easy they are killed. As you can see, Mature Grotworms could reach up to 1M Coins per hour. In addition, Grotworms are re-infested with bots; they’ve been updated and are smarter now. They’re great cash if you can find them, but they’re flooded so bad right now. If you need RS gold to help you, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder.

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The Currency Exchange is now live in Blade & Soul! The Currency Exchange allows for the safe and secure trade of gold for real world purchased currencies between players. For those of you that participated in our beta weekends, you may have already seen the Currency Exchange as we tested its functionality. It remains largely unchanged, but we have made a couple tweaks to the requirements and limits.

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You can access the Currency Exchange by pressing Ctrl+C, and then choose to place your own gold for sale, or buy gold from others. A buyer can purchase gold from the Currency Exchange with NCoin, and once purchased, the NCoin will be converted to Hongmoon Coin and be delivered to the seller. Hongmoon Coin can then be used by the seller to purchase a large number of different items and boosts from the in-game Hongmoon Store.
For those looking to test their skill, the Naryu Labyrinth offers a dynamic 3-stage encounter designed to challenge the abilities of max level players. After each encounter, one of the doors leading to the next area of the dungeon will unlock at random—every time you enter can be a totally new and challenging experience.

Naryu Labyrinth is a Heroic dungeon available in both 6- and 4-player versions.
The obstacles only get tougher as we climb to the final floor of the first section of Mushin’s Tower. Put your skill and preparation to the ultimate test as you take on an ethereal manifestation of Mushin himself in this Heroic single player encounter.

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Being the developer of Runescape, Jagex are now the biggest independent developer in the UK. Runescape was first launched in January 2001, and this year is Runescape’s 15 Year Anniversary.
Being the world’s biggest free MMO, Runescape is celebrating its birthday with a wide range of new updates. And this makes it is very necessary for you to buy enough rs3 gold on RSorder to help you make the most of every updates.

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NXT – new game client is coming

Just as you can see, the main venue for the anniversary celebrations is Runescape itself. Yes, the new game client called NXT will be available to all Runescape players. NXT enters closed beta on February 19 and one of the main draws is the improved graphics and lighting effects. For a MMO, NXT still looks extremely low tech. However, it is worth to point out that Jagex and the community value accessibility and low minimum specs above all else. It is wise for you to prepare enough RS gold ahead to ensure you can make the most of NXT.

Prepare for God Wars Dungeon 2

Apart from the new client, a new combat area also will be released on Runescape – God Wars Dungeon 2. This new combat area aims to offer an experience with the pace of a multiplayer shooter. In addition, there’s also set to be a new crafting system, which enable Runescape player to specialise in making and selling specific kinds of weapons. What is more, this also related to the recent updated Invention by allowing players to customise items any one of 5 trillion ways.

The Gower Quest

A new storyline quest called The Gower Quest also will be released as part of Runescape’s 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations. The quest is expected to be released during mid 2016 and is planned to be a standalone quest with minimal. The quest’s plot will see the brothers living on the Gower Farm, failing to grow cabbages in their cabbage patches. If you want to benefit the most from this quest, you will want to buy cheap RS gold on RSorder to help you.

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