The Fallen Empire almost fully abandons the trappings of MMO questing in favor of having more linear dungeon crawling and a heavy part of story is the best place to buy swtor credits, offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide. In the vanilla SWTOR, each character class had their own story and the Revan expansion narrowed the focus to only one shared storyline. With Fallen Empire, it seems like we actually get something in return for the sacrifice with production values in the story scenes that most didn’t think were even possible in SWTOR. There are no distracting or irrelevant side quests, you simply play the story. Group dungeons and other mundane activities are compartmentalized outside of the main story. The game will be this way for a little while, as the KotFE story will proceed in 2016.

The expansion is a surprise itself, but the largest shock is how different the game is all around, from level 1 and up. The experience that you get of creating a new character from scratch and then playing through their story is really cool. Here is a breakdown of the changes from day one to the present in key mechanics.

The largest one is how fast you are able to level up. In the past years you were required to do many of the solo quests, even if they were not part of your character class’ individual story, in order to stay on the right level with the planets you were going through. You can now stick to the class story quests and a few multi-part faction quests and get through easily. The ones that you need are marked in purple, making it easy to know which ones matter.

They have gotten rid of the need to keep your companion characters geared up. Before the 4.0, you had to update your companion characters’ gear the exact way you would do to your own. Their stats are now dictated by your characters level and level of influence. Any of the companions you have can fit any of the gameplay roles in the game. Both of these great changes allows the player to proceed through the game beside the characters you like best.

Specialized class stats have been taken off the game in order of a single generic one that is called mastery. In the past, the presence of the specialized stats and armor types made it where some character from being able to use different gear or mods for the gear. Gear selection is now quite easy and you have more freedom in what you want to wear.

Travelling the world is not much of a hassle because to the previous game updates and the 4.0. When you visit a planet all the taxi links are unlocked. You can go wherever you want by taxi, rather than having to walk to each one. You can also use the quick travel bind points whenever you want because they are unlocked whenever you enter the area that they are in. The level that is required to be able to use mounts has lowered to 10 for subscribers, rather than the 25 at launch.

The majority of the group dungeons now have a single player mode in addition to the old group mode, if you are just wanting to see the story without dealing with people.

Overall, the changes feel a bit strange. The game was not made to be played as efficiently as its possible now, and because many are acquainted with it, they feel this clearly. There is definitely more freedom and the 4.0 patch shakes up the game and the expansion moves it more forward.

“We want to be bold and think outside the box with this expansion, but we also have to be respectful of Star Wars: The Old Republic as it already exists, “Maclean said.

“Life as a developer of an online game is full of regrets,” Maclean said. “We’ll never get better if we don’t look at things we’ve done with a critical eye and say, ‘You know, that was stupid. Why did we do that?’”

BioWare has done an admirable job. Developers are always talking about being perfectionists and trying to build the best possible experience but it hardly ever works out. I can’t tell you why Star Wars: The Old Republic was what they made it to be in 2011, but we do know that is was a huge mess on someone’s end and nothing that came afterwards in terms of expansions and updates had been a really impactful course correction until now.swtor2credits will provide cheap swtor credits for you ,hope you will enjoy it .

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