Legit site to buy osrs gold no any confirmation for Alipay users at RSorder.To add more fun in runescape, and make is much more player-like, they are trying to assemble the suggestions from rs players, no matter quests, items or other small thing. Most of you should have your own ideal quest and so do we. We want to pop up the new quest: Brassica Rising.

Beginner’s Guide to Deadmen Mode From RSorder

Deadmen mode will come to Old School on next Thursday. Are you ready to throw in the new game mode?

Here are some basic guides you should know:

New economy in the game

Skilling comes first in Deadmen mode

Pick your location carefully

more details: http://www.rsorder.com/news/rsorder-beginners-guide-to-deadmen-mode

The idea is for a low-level, self-contained quest with lots of light-hearted fun harkening back to the simpler days of Runescape before elder gods, dragonkin, mahjarrat and just about everything else on and off the planet decided to kill everything.

To start this quest, you would speak to Herbert the Quartermaster, located in the Lumbridge Crater. He will tell you that Melzar the Mad has offered to host the first Church of Brassica Prime in the basement besides his Maze.

Heading to Melzar’s Maze, you will find the basement on the east-facing wall, perhaps put a cabbage patch there to make it more noticeable. Melzar, a firm believer in the Cabbage of Jas, will send you on your way to find believers of the cabbage god.

A typical fetch quest, you track down a hungry hare, a vegetarian, a barbarian, and even Fred the Farmer. Every new person brings prestige to the church, with the basement room getting more polished with each member, and adding new creatures too: level 2 cabbage spawn and level 5 cabbage knights.

With the group gathered, Melzar the Cabbage will give you full cabbage armour and tell you to be on your way, that your quest is finished. But before you leave, a custscene plays where the player looks back and sees that in another room, the gathered Brassica worhsippers with combined efforts summon Brassica Prime.

Melzar the Mad is not a true believer, but actually just as mad as his name would imply. Wielding a massive fork instead of a staff, Melzar intends on eating Brassica Prime and absorbing his powers. It is down to you to fight him off, and when you win he locks himself in his maze, vowing never to leave again. Thus Brassica Prime is saved.

A really fantastic reward will offered to you when complete the quest. How you feel? Is it attractive enough to the rs players?

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