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The Kinshra Black Knight launched a comprehensive attack on the opponent Falador’s white knight.

Since two weeks, two commands Warriors will go head-to-head Falador streets. Pitch, pick up some unique rewards, and immersed in the city’s reworked graphical glory. Also increase the spoils from the giant nevus, artisan workshops and larger gains XP and respect.

Read on to find out more!
How to Start
Visit Falador and take part in available activities

Falador When you arrive, you’ll find it in turmoil: Conflict Knight duel champion, a powerful war machine, wounded soldiers …… from the party’s Pete, who wants everyone to get along, Occasionally, balloon drop.

Invasion will continue two weeks, at this time, you can participate in a variety of ways. Please note that there is no requirement to choose a side: You can help or hinder anyone you choose, at any time. We will announce the winning side, once the two weeks are up.

To get started, simply visit Falador and get trapped in that you can perform any of the following activities, earn XP:

Play White Knight, the Black Knight or dueling champion | fighting XP
Sabotage catapult | Construction / logging XP
Heal the wounded soldiers | Herblore / constitutional XP
The implementation of these actions – or pop-up balloon – will produce Falador recognition. These stackable monetary unit convertible – supply into the cache, which yield XP lamp, resources package, sometimes unique rewards – - by the hundred includes a cosmetic banner (in the wing tank display) fragments, shaking his head pet and so on.

Other Attractions

The activities undertaken in this city, you will inevitably pick up some of the lost research notes, this is the first step in a city of rich lore miniquest of.

In addition, several city attractions are more pillars duration valuable event:

Beat giant nevus to double drops (separate volume)
Artisan workshops give respect and double XP
Graphical Rework

White Knight – and Falador city itself – has a graphical overhaul, and make the level of Poland and the artistic style of the rest of the game. Be sure to explore the city – before and after the event – and take in the sights.

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