As Neverwinter Stronghold will hit Xbox on November 3rd, Jeff “LCDRMiller” Miller, the Environmental Artist, just showed out the creating process of Neverwinter’s largest map, Strongholds maps on xbox forums. Are you ready for the Guild battle focused module? Read on to see how the areas that you will explore are created.

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Reasons to make Strongholds the largest map in Neverwinter

As it was designed on PC, the battleground of Stronghold is combined with two opposing maps and three lanes to support the large-scale 20-vs-20 battle. On the forum, the Environmental Artist also told two main reasons for the map being the largest size in neverwinter by far. Firstly, the large map can ensure that players can feel a sense of exploration when they roam the lands and fight against enemies to expand their guild’s stronghold. Secondly, the developer teams want to show a sense of “Our Guild Vs. Your Guild”, and thus, a large scale that contains two sides of guilds will be needed.

The creation and process of making strongholds map

Most players, hopefully, would know the maps of Strongholds, but if you haven’t caught up the environment creation, now is the chance to see the “step by step” guide on how the Neverwinter team approaches map building.

On the PvE aspect, this large map gives players a huge portion of the world in which to explore and take part in adventures, and at the same time, offers Guilds with the space they need to build their Strongholds. This feature helps the team to get the early feel for size and gameplay room. After roughing in gameplay, they start sculpting terrain with mountains ranges and roads, working with design to come up with unique, lore driven areas, to finalize the map. Finally, they hand craft a new stronghold village kit and create all new structures that players will be able to build throughout the map.

As for PvP area, considering that players need increased space to free up the intense guild versus guild competition, the team rotates a mirror image of the map across the river to make the guild’s structures into another guild’s map and create a true feeling of “Our Guild Vs. Your Guild”.

After reading the process, do you have a basic understanding about the structure of Strongholds fields, or if it just turns even more mysterious for you? Don’t worry. This module will come to Xbox on Nov. 3, on which you can have a full exploration. Just don’t forget to buy neverwinter xbox astral diamonds cheap on safewow.

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