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Recently, most players reflect an issue about Neverwinter laggy. However, internet speeds are perfect. At present, the issue is concerned by many players, because it makes them upset and may influence players experience on the Elemental Evil. They hope the issue will be solved. There are various possible reasons which can lead to lag. Safewow will analyze the issue from different fields including router, firewall, server and computer itself.

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Please check the router

If you ensure the internet speed is perfect, you should check the router. It is convenient to check for you. Perhaps, the connection of router is fine, but Neverwinter is still lag. If you come across this circumstance, the router itself may have a breakdown or its signal is unstable. In this case, you need replace your router with new one.

The firewall can lead the issue

Basically the firewall causes the issue. The firewall needs transfer by another server. Meanwhile, transit server usually works abroad. Firewalls are often slower than the link speed of their network interfaces. This causes a problem when a host with a network interface that is faster than the firewall’s internal processor attempts to send data through the firewall. Since the firewall must buffer the traffic bursts sent to it by the data transfer host until it can process all the packets in the burst, input buffer size is critical. If the firewall’s input buffers are too small to hold the bursts from the data transfer host, packet loss will result — often causing severe performance problems.

It is possible server issue

The server capacity is limited. During peak hour, amount of subscribes login to the server, which offers each user to use available space that is reduced. Therefore, when you play the game, it is laggy. What’s more, it may be inadequate standards of maintenance, or the optimization of server isn’t enough.

Low computer configuration will cause the laggy

If the computer configuration is low that can’t meet the requirements of playing the game, the problem will also occur. These computer configurations are respectively memory size, graphics performance and CPU performance.

Neverwinter laggy which question is heated discussed. Most players come across the same issue.
Tech team of official institution is continuing to monitor and looking for any possible issues. It believes that you can learn some reason from above content why playing neverwinter is laggy. If you solve this issue you can experience game well. At that time, you can buy cheap Neverwinter Astral Diamond with safe and fast delivery on Safewow.

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The owner Cerberus, Cerberus, and the abyss of His Majesty has launched a very long time, and will be RUNESCAPE 2007 in September. For Cerberus, Hellpuppy pet will debut on August 27, following the Cerberus boots. For the abyss, a Department of Defense has indicated that Twitter Jagex deep in the heart of the deep abyss of things.
August 27 Cerberus Hellpuppy pets Update
Alfred Jagex has created a lovely Hellpuppy Cerberus. It seems hell-ish, but lovely, is likely to become your favorite pet.
In addition, its purpose is to update August 27 as OSRS fan request from the Hellpuppy should have in place a three. In addition, it should be rare, like the boss of the other slayer, because hellhounds is a common task.
There is no doubt that this is an amazing work of RS published in 2007 as Cerberus in 2007 in RuneScape early September, a lot of people will go to grind its puppy. So, you’d better have RS 07 gold stocks ready.
Preview abyss of heart to prepare for its future
DOD ghost reveals something deep abyss of the heart. It looks incredibly high detail. His Majesty is designed to release the deep sea as soon as September, so this update will come soon, as well.
With the arrival of Cerberus and the abyss of His Majesty, it will be a historic moment in September RS ??07. Time flies, so you now need to buy RuneScape gold in 2007
Ready condition.

The delayed Light Within is available runescape 2007 gold now. You should anticipat for a long time since they announced to release. It is a great day for all the rs players. Now get yourself stuck into the game content, read carefully before you enter in.

How to start the game? First you need to be a runescape member, then you can speak to Eluned in Prifddinas to get started.

The Light Within’s sprawling story will see you helping the elven elders to find and reunite the Seren Shards-the scattered remnants left when the goddess sacrificed herself to save her faithful.

Travel across Gielinor and beyond to the elven homeworld of Tarddiad. Expect fiendish puzzles, challenging combat and some truly tough choices.

Whatever the outcome, your part in these events will be pivotal in the ongoing saga of Gielinor’s Sixth Age.

Completing this epic adventure unlocks some truly game-changing rewards, new prayers and spells which make a dediceted support role possible in endgame combat content, and high-level skilling incentives that are nigh on vital.

All of this is yours to enjoy with the wondrous new capabilities you’ll unlock, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get to return to Tarddiad, where you can earn stunning hybrid-style crystal armour sets in two forms: level 70 tradeable, and level 80 untradeable. And of course, there’ll be a healthy helping of XP in a range of skills as soon as you complete the quest.

Now you can enter in the Light Within, enjoy your adventure in Runescape. Good luck to you

Most of us know that the new Windows 10 upgrade is now available and many are anxious to see what it’s like and if it has any problems. Recently, Vulkk from installed Windows 10 and upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro. Here are the steps he took and is the best place to buy Swtor Credits, offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.hope you can enjoy it .

Step 1: The first part of the upgrade is downloading the ISO and upgrade from inside Windows. He chose to keep all of his preferences, settings, and programs he already had installed. Windows registers each PC by their ID when they either purchase a new computer or download a new version of Windows. So, if you change too much hardware the copy of Windows 10 will become obsolete and you will then lost the product key for the same PC and then you will have to install the 7/8 version again and upgrade. After he downloaded the new version, his LAN card did not work. He had to go to Intel’s website and download the latest driver.

Step 2: Next, you have to format the main drive or the partition and install it fresh. In his scenario, he had the OCZ Vertex 4 120 GB and he upgraded 30GB free after he upgraded to Windows 10 and then he had 100GB free. After having 2 years’ worth of upgrades on his system, it left its mark. It clogged the computer up and filled it with many odd files and leftovers from old Windows updates and they kept installing every time the system asked him to. A brand new installation of Windows 10 is around 20GB total. After the install he had no problems with any of the modules or hardware. The only tiny issue was with the Nvidia experience. For an unknown reason it kept telling him that he had the latest Driver but it was not showing up on his Control Panel.

Step 3:

Install all of the software again. He did not have any problems with the many programs and tools he uses. Windows 10 brings the newly redesigned start menu and he did not need to reinstall it again. SWTOR is performing exactly the way it was before. There may be a small improvement but this is probably because of the clean installation, rather than the new OS. He has the same high FPS and the usual FPS drops and has issues in the same spots. The game itself is not any better or worse since the upgrade. Overall, he says he is happy with the new Windows 10 and would do it all again.

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Light inside here, there are more on-screen action bar. This is a great day.Triathletes, but also with the group Bossing and Completionist Cape (including trim)all fully enabled.
Top that closed some sweet new store walking in Solomon’s covered, it’s heck content of the week.
The Light Within
How to Start
Speak to Eluned in Prifddinas
You must be a RuneScape member
Plague’s End Fate of the Gods
Meeting History The World Wakes
The Temple at Senntisten
80 Agility 80 Crafting
80 Divination 80 Herblore
80 Prayer 80 Slayer
80 Woodcutting
Light scattered inside story will see your elves elders help find and reunite SEREN debris – When the dispersed remnants left by the goddess to sacrifice himself to save her faithful.
Travel across Gielinor and beyond – to Tarddiad elf homeland. Expected devil puzzles, challenges and combat some really tough choices.
Whatever the outcome, some of these events will be a pivotal period in the ongoing sixth of the legendary Gielinor.

As the Light Within and Ironman Group Bossing is coming soon, Runescape is becoming more and more potential. While enjoying the increasingly sophisticated contents, players also pay attention to the seasonal hiscores, the topic that RSorder will show below, as a popular concern from players who want a chance to win the crown by not spending so much time. To reach the goal, an idea about adding more seasonals with less grind, like fastest kill, is pointed out to allow victors from skill based players.

Players Suggestion: Add more Seasonals with less grind

Typically, Seasonal HiScores in Runescape 3 last for one or two weeks, after which the results are determined and the winner is decided. However, the question comes out to be that lots of people don’t have the time to sacrifice spending a dozen hours a day for a week straight with the current seasonals. If the high scores go by number of kills then people who have less time to play stand less or even no chance to win. In this case, someone provided an idea to give something like fastest kill in seasonal, so that good skillers can do it without needing to play hours a day. As options, there can be “fastest solo nex”, “most runes used up in one minute”, “most trees cut down in one minute” or so.

Essential considerations: Gears in kill and same score in ranks

The fastest kill is actually a potential idea that would certainly allow for skill based victors plus there’d be less risk of people account sharing. However, there are still some elements that need to consider. Firstly, there would be several people get exactly the same score. Thus, it needs to consider what would happen when several people get the same time, and it’s impossible to get any faster due to the damage cap, 15 people tied for 1st place or something?

Secondly, speed kills may lead to the result that players are locked out if they haven’t many rs 3 gold to be rich and maxed. To deal with the problem, some players suggested that they can do something “Fastest Exiled Kalphite Queen Kill with only f2p items”, which would not lock anyone out at all. Or set something up like the OSRS tournament world’s, where it’s a separate server. Your character is loaded with no gear or items, and you can’t access your bank. Vendors next to the boss portal gives out items allowed within the tournament. Of course, this is another question that is not likely to occur in RS 3.

Official response: not sure when to get the improved seasonals

To response the above concern, someone in reddit told that Jagex are already looking at redoing seasonals entirely to make them more competitive and moving away from the insane endurance test that they are at the moment. And after they’re all done with, the next ones will be completely different. As an official response, Mod Kelpie told that they are trying effort on the seasonal, but there is not an exact time to get. “Pretty much this but not sure when we will get onto them. The current seasonals have been a right hassle. Going to have to very carefully select any new ones to avoid issues with people cheating. So pretty much solo content for short durations”, said by Kelpie.

Grinding does be an important part of the game, but it doesn’t mean that most players will choose to compete over grinding. Thus, skill based players can also expect for the winners’ crown before improved seasonal is implemented. At the same time, RSorder will also provide cheap runescape gold to help you out of the long fights.

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Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Quick Overview
Time: 4 hours
Quests: None
Skills: Level 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking, 30 Ranging
735 ranged xp
1,470 cooking xp
262 fletching xp
Ogre bow, ability to fletch Ogre arrows, ability to cook Chompy birds and hunt them for cool hats (See Chompy Hunting Guide).
Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Each Delano area, you are in pursuit of a main storyline, the series of tasks which require the entire area around you, meet your war among your characters and their machinations. To get a look at your progress through each chapter area, open the task log (default hotkey: L) and expand the above-mentioned task list button.

WOW 6.2.2 Coming with Flying & PvP Mercenary Mode on Sep 1!Welcome to buy cheap 8% off wow gold enjoying WOW 6.2.2!

Delano Pathfinder need to complete all the sections of all five district task you send. You will get pundits Delano performance, when you do all of these, if you have not gotten it yet, do not know where to go next, look at your map. There should be a large yellow exclamation point for each area map which indicates that you are waiting for the next major questgiver.

The joy of flying and Delano upcoming World of Warcraft patch 6.2.2, and we friends over at Wowhead have attended our final sprint to help you make sure that you delano ready to fly as soon as possible to earn up.

Before you can fly in Delano 6.2.2, you have to win Pathfinder Delano
Achievement. This is the achievement of a multi-part, it will take some time to complete, so if you have not started yet it is now time to go.

The part one – largely treasure
There are more than 200 treasures scattered in the region constitutes Delano, some of which have sought to play, and five of these are powerful combat pet: CrimsonSpores, fruit hunters, Stonegrinder, Teroclaw larvae, dark Chak and spores.

To comply with Delano Pathfinder, you need to Nagrand, Gorgrond, Shadowmoon Valley, frost Ridge fire, Arak minarets, and Talador robbery least 100 treasures. You will know that you have passed the threshold, when you got the “Master Hunter” achievement.

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From 00:00 UTC on 20 August until 23:59 UTC on August 24, the heart of the fire so that you bake the frozen balances heart, you have the ability to forgive your next sentence you cost category.

To use the heart of the fire, the big bang is not very artistic figure next to the ice unfavorable, if this is the redness of red hearts. You will again be prompted to accept what kind you like. Note that you can choose the best way is to right-click the icon of the fire heart, if you change your mind.

In the rare category, plus ice heart, you will bake process. There are Chinese and Tibetan key cooling time use, depending on your so-called categories:

Category -Hearts of Ice -Cooldown
White -50-4
You’ll notice that a number of previously-run rare rewards are making a comeback, such as golem outfits, skilling headpiece add-ons, the newest slayer masks, and more.

Now you have your last rs 2007 gold cheap chance to submit your entries to the latest Players’ Gallery competition. The theme for this time is the Goebie Planet, a new world. Enter in and win prizes like signed concept art, Bonds and Runecoins.

Here is the detailed information.

A new world has opened out for the players of Gielinor. The Goebies are a peaceful race looking for a hero. Mazcab is a city that has felt the wrath of Tuska but was not destroyed by her. The Airut followers took over the world which has had an effect on the Goebie planet once known as Chantli.

As part of this competition, they want you to explore the world of Mazcab and send them a creation of your favorite part of the city.

You can provide with an image of Mazcab, or you can let your creativity flow and provide an image of what you think your favorite part of the city looked like if it was still Chantli. How do you imagine the race of Goebies lived and decorated their city? What colours would you see? What kind of nature would this land have?

There is so much to do in the city. The Graveyard is full of lore. The NemiForest is full of mystery and wonder. The areas Kanatan and Otot are full of minigames and tasks.

Note that your creation has to be Runescape related artwork based on the current theme. It’s got be to your own art work, maximum size is 2mb, accepted jpg, png, gif. Your entry must be submitted before the deadline.

What can you win? As the winner, you can get raids/Mazcab themed signed concept art, 3x Runescape Bonds, and your printed artwork signed by J-Mods.

As regular readers will know, I love Star Wars and I love LEGO. So imagine how excited I am to hear about the new Star Wars LEGO sets coming in 2016! The set lists are out and there are some pretty cool things for The Force Awakens, the Original Trilogy, Rebels, Battlefront and more. The crew over at MintinBox  have some very interesting info about the 2016 winter sets (awesome since the Summer 2015 sets are not even out yet). The list is extensive, meaning we will see a lot of Star Wars LEGO upcoming (no surprise based on the release of the new film).Sw-tor-credits provide cheapest swtor credits for you !! offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.Hope you can enjoy it.

The list begins with The Force Awakens sets:

  • Microfighter
  • Microfighter
  • Hero Battle Pack
  • Villain Battle Pack
  • Battle on Takodana
  • The Pirate Transport
  • First Order Stormtrooper Constraction Figure

Then we have some Original Trilogy sets:

  • Hoth Attack
  • Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber
  • Droid Escape Pod

I’m excited about the new Bespin set for sure!

Then for Prequel Trilogy fans, we have (sadly) only one set.

  • Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor

For Star Wars: Rebels sets we get more Microfighters.

  • Microfighters: AT-DP
  • Microfighters: The Ghost
  • Microfighters: Tie Advanced Prototype
  • Microfighters: Wookiee Gunship

And then for Battlefront fans:

  • Star Wars Battlefront Battle Pack 1
  • Star Wars Battlefront Battle Pack 2

There is no other info being released on the sets at this time. All we have from MinTinBox is the names but that is definitely enough to give me hope and let me know that I need to start saving up my extra cash for the release of these awesome LEGO sets. Do you have a favorite from the list?

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