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Finally got to 91 Agility. It would go so abundant faster if I were added focused. I’ve been aggravating to do my circadian circuit and again 1 hour a night of agility and RS Gold. So far it’s been apathetic abiding progress.

Also got 73 Summoning two canicule ago from Tears. Added again penguins and tears and I’m not absolutely alive summoning.

I’ve aswell played a few circuit of burglary creation. I absolutely absolutely adore this. The fletching apparatus gives an added 25 xp per mage log. A lot of added things assume ashamed so I’m traveling to authority off on added appraisal until it gets fixed.

Finally things accept calmed down in 2015. On the 1/3 I got to 92 Agility.

Mostly been able to log in and do my circadian tasks and run a few laps. Time has been a bit limited.

Farming has acquainted like it’s slowing down. I’ve buried about all my accrue of spirit copse so the xp is advancing slower.

Been able to get at atomic 50k an hour at Dorgeshkaan advance if I’m paying attention. Up 600k this ages so far and alone one akin to appearance for it.

Did the In Pyre Charge quest. Easiest adventure ever. Easier again Cook’s Assistant or Sheep Shearer. Took me 4 minutes. Don’t charge to yield anything. Just go and do it!

Hit 84 Mining today. Exclusively stars.

Slayer time is coming. Have you been ready? Next week, the elite version of regular slayer NPCs will come to Runescape, bringing players with greater challenge, as well as more rewards, such as rare drops and xp gains. Buy cheap rs gold and gear up to prepare for the tough fighting next week!

Introduction of elite version of slayer npcs

In the BTS Video on July 24, Mod Liam has introduced slayer’s newest challenge – the elite version of slayer NPCs. So what is the definition of elite version? The initial inspiration for this idea came from the existing Edimmu, which is a level 90 slayer creature that released a while back. Basically, elite slayer npcs are bigger than the standard mob and get increased damaged, increased defence and just increased stats across the board, as well as an increased xp rate. With more improvements based on the existing Edimmu, players will be able to get more rewards during slayer tasks, of course, along with greater challenge and more tough fight that require a few more resources, such as food, prayer and things like that.


Next week, 14 elite monster spawns will be available, including Edimmu, Waterfiends, Nechryaels, Harpie Bug Swarms, Aquanites, Earth Warriors, Cave Horrors, Infernal Mage, Ankou, Dust Devil, Hobgoblin, Abyssal Demon, Greater Demons and Dark Beast. Want to conquer them and gain fast slayer XP? RS3gold is providing cheap rs3 gold to help you out!


Main features of elite monster spawns


1. Better chance of rolling higher rarity: on top of more xp gains, Jagex is also planning to give some extra rolls on the loot table, so that players can get better chance of rolling higher rarity during slayer tasks.

2. At least 1 spawn guaranteed for per task: the elite npcs would spawn for your slayer. However, considering that there weren’t enough spawns in Rune and Addy Dragons for players to go around, Jagex makes an improvement on elite monsters to lock the spawning npc for the player that spawns it for three minutes. Thus, players are guaranteed at least one spawn no matter you are on or not on task. And the timer also gives players a chance of choosing how they go about killing that npc as well.


Although no new items provided for Elite NPCs, there’s something like rarities and fast xp gaining of much worth from those enemies, while no slayer level is required. So why don’t get some runescape 3 gold cheap on RS3gold and be ready to give it a go?

During the earlier period, Bioware had provided further information about Swtor Knights of the Fallen Empire, in which Swtor2creditd told you that your old companions will be back and kept with new companions. Though there is not an exact list of what companions can be expected, players can’t wait to discuss which companions are attractive and which are annoying to get rid of. Read on and see if you’re on the same wavelength.

List of the most annoying companions in SWTOR

It seems to be a common view that Malavai Quinn is the most annoying companion in SWTOR. As we posted on Swtor2credits, due to its’ betrayal and incompetence, most of players want to kill Malavai Quinn in new expansion. Apart from Malavai Quinn, there are also some companions that make players annoyed and eager to kill them in new expansion.

Skadge is at the top of the list that a large part of players want to kill or kick out except Quinn. No matter on the light side or dark side, there is really much no reason any bounty hunter would bring him along. No matter how you spin it, it makes no sense for him to join forces with you – as a light side bounty hunter, he comes across as a worse person than the target you’re hunting at the time, which makes you appalled by his behavior and likely kill him. As a dark side BH… you’d be annoyed out of your mind and kill him for the money. For someone with every class at 50-55 with completed stories, Skadge would be the companion that players want to kill not only because he is terrible, but also because he doesn’t fit at all with the rest of crew.

Besides, Tanno Vik is not welcomed with the annoying recruit mission; Scourge is not trustable since he has betrayed Revan; Theran Cedrax always mentions that he is a pacifist, while he has vanity incarnate, awful voice, and awful story; Nadia is not bad, but she seems not to have a personality to be a young girl that need you to take care of… Different people have different points of views, so what is your opinion? Don’t forget to share with us on Swtor2credits Facebook even if you have opinions on other topics about SWTOR, and you will find some discounts there for cheap swtor credits buying.

New companions would come to replace some old ones

While discussing about which companions should be killed, players are also concerning if there are new companions to replace those old ones. As the previous information shows, players will be getting new companions for the expansion, and some players guess that the new companions should cover the Tank, Heal, and DPS roles. If this is the case, you will be able to kick out some annoying companions if it is allowed, and the other people you join will be more up to who you want rather than who you need.

The subscription of Swtor Knights of the Fallen Empire is going to be available few days later. Mark the date and be active between July 31 and October 19, you will have a chance to gain the four rewards &early access. Meanwhile, swtor cheap credits for sale on Swtor2credits always help you a lot during flashpoints and operation. Enjoy it!

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I’ve modified this down to as short as possible while still creating my concept obvious. I think that this is a very important conversation so I wish you keep with me.  This won’t make any feeling unless you are conscious of who Understanding Project Associates (and other financial commitment firms) are and what they do. John and Phil Gower (the makers of Runescape) walked down from the panel of administrators as IVP increased to a 55% discuss in Jagex, and other financial commitment organizations Raine Group and Variety Value Traders changed the Gower brother’s chairs. This was a large modify in the control of Runescape, which revealed in the route Runescape went soon thereafter with the release of small dealings, rs gold, RS3 and so on.  There is a typical agreement among the OSRS team that the high top quality of up-dates and control of our activity is incredibly inadequate. Many individuals fire and fault the OSRS team for this. I think that the actual response is that upper control is deliberately having returning OSRS.  OSRS produces a lot of earnings, our gamer depend competitors and sometimes even exceeds the primary activity of RS3. Yet if you look into the small quantity of sources that OSRS is given, the figures generally don’t add up. I’ve come to two results from this:  ONE Higher control is milking OSRS for what we’re value by including as few sources as possible  OR  TWO Higher control is frightened that OSRS will highly exceed RS3 in gamer depend. This would make it seem that all of their choices up to that point have been in mistake, which indicates they are dreadful control. They don’t want to be out of a job. A 7 year old heritage develop of the experience becoming more well-known than the latest edition would call into query all of their control choices.  Whether Jagex’s unskilled control are deliberately gimping OSRS (by this I mean definitely understaffing us, it would be a absurd concept that they are providing us low top quality up-dates on objective. Our low top quality up-dates are because of the hurried and little growth team) or just being inexpensive, our activity experiences extremely. From here I’m going to malfunction many of the problems that I and many other gamers have had with OSRS. This will be a long list but its necessary to back up my above statements. I might have a exclusive viewpoint on some problems so maybe study the ones you experience highly about.

A) We are seriously understaffed.  The Dev team has become very innovative in ways of saying no during the Q&A classes. “No, that isn’t possible now but maybe later on.” “If you want us to perform on that then we would have to fall whatever we’re operating on at the moment” “Ask us again in the future”. These solutions would be for probably excellent material concepts but due to how supported up they are, they can’t think about creating it. Obviously its not possible to say yes to everything but hardly anything larger than a total well being upgrade is ever regarded.  Ian Gower is currently our only motor designer. Without him, there wouldn’t be new functions such as resizable, coinshare etc. From my understanding he is supported up several weeks, during the Q&A they have even said that he is creating an attempt even during his individual time.  For a long while we didn’t have any visual performers. We had to make due with reskins such as Vetion, which is a bone fragments from Stars Pursuit offered up 4x the dimension and recolored a putrid lemon during the 2nd stage.  We don’t have any web designers. Monthly ago we were proven a transformation of the OSRS website which were done by 2 individuals operating in their 100 % free time. “In their 100 % free time” keeps on duplicating too often, it’s the best indication of overworked/understaffed there is.  Some of the larger up-dates such as Accomplishment Journal take several weeks to make, and in this case diaries were late. Yet there were still an enormous quantity of insects that are still being set to this day. A couple weeks ago they noticed that some of the invisible, reward benefits didn’t actually are available such as the Motherlode My own paydirt increase and Catherby natural herb spot increase.  OSRS is so understaffed that a third celebration customer has been contracted to do a lot of customer functions where you must pay to accessibility many of those functions. Want to know how extremely “unoldschool” this is? Way during the actual lifestyle 2007, there was something known as the Concept 7 Riots. Jagex definitely prohibited all 3rd celebration customers. Yet here in OSRS a large number of gamers are spending actual cash to accessibility exclusive customer functions. We really should not have to pay this fee, no issue how little it is, to accessibility functions we ought to have by standard if we had a larger dev team. I don’t have a problem with Osbuddy for spending for a service which they obviously invest lots of your energy and attempt creating and up maintaining, its generally the fact that they have to are available at all.

B) Type of Content  Due to having incredibly restricted quantity of designers, we end up getting only a few types of material. This has led to some individuals contacting OSRS “PvMscape”. They’ve included far more managers and PvM material than anything else. They even “rejuvenate” or enhanced fall platforms of many creatures as a inexpensive and fast way to add more material to the experience with little perform. What this finishes up doing is messing up the stability of the economic system and devaluing skilling material.  This is the only skilling material we’ve gotten are the annually Player Developed Content; Motherlode My own and roof speed. Skilling is such a large part of the experience its really frustrating to see two items of material in two decades.  No missions to talk of. Quests are often underlooked for their capability to present new locations, new equipment and material into the experience. That’s unfortunately not possible with the little number of we have.

C) Quality of Content  There are large controlling problems with the experience right now as well as low top quality in typical. I have a concept that because of the restricted designers, they unintentionally end up going over the top with benefits because they need individuals to actually use what little new things we get. That’s no reason though for how crowded out much of the material is.  Wyverns for one. Sadly enough this has become a meme due to how incredibly uneven it is. I’m going to malfunction every fall to show you exactly how OP they are because the Dev Team just won’t pay attention.

In the past week, it has runescape 2007 gold been confirmed that the appearance of OSRS Music Cape in a poll. But there is a new question , which is the requirements to unlock the capes. Mod Ghost has made a straw poll for this issue, and over 50% people vote to unlock music cape trimmed when player has unlocked all tracks including holiday tracks. What about you?

Three selections for certain requirements to unlock music cape
Among these three options, the similarity is always that music cape unlocks when players have unlocked all non-holiday tracks. Even so the difference is on the music cape trimmed.

Option 1: Music cape trimmed unlocks when player has unlocked all tracks including holiday tracks.

Option 2: Music cape trimmed unlocks if a player has 2 skill capes or 1 skillcape plus the achievement diary cape or quest cape.

Option 3: A combination of each of the above mentioned.

It is obvious which the first option gives hardcore scapers “above and beyond” requirement to unlock the trimmed music cape, with no relation to skill acquisition. However, the second option requires two capes of accomplishment, that ought to consume added time and rs 2007 gold. As trimmed skill cape requires 1 other skill cape, trimmed quest cape requires the Trimmed Achievement diary cape, and trimmed Achievement diary cape takes a quest cape, trimmed music cape should require two capes of accomplishment

Star Wars: Battlefront allows you to pick three Star Cards before each game. is the best place to buy Swtor Credits, offers the safe and fast Swtor can get cheapest credits on swtor2credits.

Just because I can expect this section to pile up with a lot of guides, here is a brief explanation of how you can easily sort through them. Below is an example of what you will be finding in the Quick Start Guides section.

Almar’s Swtor Guides (Great information. Everyone should read)

Almar’s Jedi Consular Guide (Only Jedi Consulars need to read this)

These are the two main types of links you will find on this page. The first one is a general Swtor guide link, it tells you it has great information and that everyone should read it. As aforementioned, if you’re new to Swtor, you should read these guides. The second one is strictly a Jedi Consular guide and next to where it tells you the guide in parenthese you will see that it says (Only Jedi Consulars need to read this). This should clear the air of any confusion.

Advanced Classes Explanation (Everyone should read)

Dark/Light Side on quests (Everyone should read)

Ingame Lingo – For those familiar with MMORPGS

MMORPG Ingame Lingo – For those not familiar with MMORPGs (Read if this is your first MMORPG)

SWTOR Icon Key (A must read!)

Bonus Quests (A Must read for everyone!)

Quick Travel Locations and Taxi Terminals

(Important Guide) – Where Do I Respec At?

How To Speed Up Leveling

The Legacy System (A must read)
Miscellaneous Guides

This section is here for guides that just don’t really fit anywhere else. These guides are the ones that involve the miscellaneous portions of the game, things like setting up Key Bindings, useful links, basic explanations of the game’s mechanics and more. Also this section is home to my Star Wars Knowledge guide, which will give you a brief explanation to all things Star Wars which I think you will find very helpful when playing the game.

Useful Links

List of Planets in Swtor

Social and Valor Levels

Giant list of Swtor Videos

List of All Swtor Datacron Locations

Companion Guide

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The RuneScape dev team has announced that the official Clan Celebration Month is now in full swing through April 3rd. Devs are promising a month full of adventures to highlight the best aspects of the clan system and to shine the spotlight on the large variety of clans within RuneScape. RuneScape gold. In addition, devs have announced that the next bonus XP weekend will commence on March 11th.
“A huge proportion of our players are members of in-game clans and these play a huge role within the RuneScape community,” said Paul Mayer, RuneScape Community Manager at Jagex. “Some of our larger clans have more than 4000 members so it’s really exciting that we can focus an entire month celebrating them. For those in the community who are not already a member of a clan or who want to find out what clans are all about, then this is the perfect time to do start!”

Hey folks, Scott Shicoff here to remind you that Neverwinter: Strongholds is right around the corner. We’ve been giving you an inside look at what it has to offer), with more information to come later. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the blogs so far, but one thing players want to know is what they can do to get ready for the expansion’s release. Well you’re in luck! I’ve got some tips to help you get ready for this new gameplay experience, so without further ado, let’s jump right in.
Join a Guild

Simply put, Strongholds are a feature for guilds. So if you’re not in a guild, your first task is to join one. For those who haven’t been in a guild before, or have been in ones with a high level of drama, you know how difficult it can be to find the right group of people to play with.

Play Campaigns
Even if you’ve completed any of the existing campaigns (Tyranny, Feywild, etc.), the rewards they offer are still valuable to your Stronghold. So if it’s been a while since you’ve been to one of those campaign areas, this is the perfect time to jump back in and re-familiarize yourself with the quests.

Practice PvP

PvP rewards (including glory) are things you can contribute to your Stronghold. Also, there will be a new PvP mode available after the release of Strongholds, so now is the perfect time to hone your skills; information on Stronghold Siege is being released this week. Even if you’re not into PvP, don’t worry! There are still plenty of activities that will help you contribute to your Stronghold.

There’s a lot more to contribute beyond what I’ve mentioned. All kinds of things from across the game will have value in Strongholds, but campaigns are a good place to start.
We’re really excited to see everyone building up their stronghold in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for more information as we’ve got more blogs to roll out as we get closer to release!

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Barrows equipment runescape 2007 gold is a type of equipment that a player can receive from looting the chest within of the Barrows minigame. There are a total of six sets of armour each comprised of four peices: A helmet, a chestplate, a legging, and a two-handed weapon. Each set reflects directly from the brother that the armour is taken from, including the type of combat it is best suited. Barrows equipment is known for its high defensive value as well as its powerful weaponry. Contents Ahrim the Blighted Ahrim the Blighted’s equipment Ahrim is the Magic user of the brothers, and his set contains: Ahrim’s hood Ahrim’s robe top Ahrim’s robe skirt Ahrim’s staff While Ahrim’s robe set is worn, it will occainsally activate a special effect while casting magic, called “Blighted Aura,” which has a chance of lowering your opponent’s Strength. Advertisement Dharok the Wretched Dharok could be considered the strongest melee type brother of the six. His set includes: Dharok’s helm Dharok’s platebody Dharok’s platelegs Dharok’s greataxe Dharok’s special effect is called “Wretched Strength,” which dramatically increases a player’s strength as the player’s health approaches 0 Hitpoints. Guthan the Infested Guthan is another melee type of brother, but his set effect is a bit unique amongst his brothers. His equipment set includes: Guthan’s Guthan’s warspear Guthan’s set effect is called “Infestation,” which has a chance of activating with a successful hit, allowing the player to heal 1 point of health for each point of damage. For example, if the player were to hit 20 damage worth on a monster, and the effect activated, the player would be healed for 20 points of health.

Mod Luna talked about the July’s RuneLabs offerings and get some of your ideas for questions.
Submit your ideas or support your favourites to RuneLabs, and if you want to keep up with our official RuneScape videos, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Podcast Trends– A Trip to Mazcab
Both Mod Deg and Mod Avatar take part in Mod Matthe to have an auditory hike to Mazcab. The podcast of this week focuses on the new world and all the awesome things you can do there. For example you can explore Nemi Forest or become a champion for the surviving goebies, and of course, you also can embark on ten-player Raids.
Now you can Listen to YouTube, or head over to PodBean or iTunes to get more info of  the podcast.
Game Players’ Gallery
It has been announced that the winners of the Nature’s Takeover competition, Mod Neena’s just lifted the curtain on the 53rd Players’ Gallery competition—-The Goebie Planet.
Maybe you’re not so familiar with the Players’ Gallery. It’s just a regular art competition. The RuneScape community’s talented artists submited a work based on a theme for prizes, such as signed concept art, Bonds and RuneCoins.
head over to the Players’ Gallery forum thread to taik about the inspiration, details of how to enter, or just a chat with some like-minded art lovers.