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Tournament Arena has receive lots of concerns since it was introduced to Old School Runescape in early June. With the chance of getting full gear without any osrs gold paying, it is irresistible lure for almost all PK lovers. Now as it approaches closely, Jagex brought us the good news that it will open to ALL players!

Team up to join in with its’ opening for all players

In the earlier news, we have introduced the details about osrs competitive tournament (called as tournament arena here), including applying methods, competitive modes and other relative concerns. However, it’s worth mentioning that this tournament was confirmed to open to every player rather than the original 40 ones.

Originally, 40 players in 8 teams will be picked up from the applying group to join in this tournament, which caused worries about how these 8 teams will be chosen and complaints on the little chance for players. “It doesn’t seem very meaningful if there are only 40 people who get to play, and 15 of those people win prizes”. Fortunately, it finally comes to give a chance for all players, so the only thing you need to do is find 4 of your friends to team up!

Show your skill with maxed stats grants on private server

Well, the maxed stats would be the most unique appeal in this tournament, meaning that you needn’t pay for any gold, items, or gear but get highest level, and choose the best equipments freely. So the winning factor will be up to your skills and collaboration in your team. Besides, for security consideration, private dedicated tournament servers will be offered for thethree weeks’ competition. You will log back into the normal game servers once you have finished on the tournament servers, with your original level and stats, of course.

Mark the date of July 24, on which the tournament begins. And before it comes alive, you can buy cheap rs 2007 gold on RS3gold to get more training and improve your skill. Enjoy it and wish you good luck to get the one of the share cash prize of total $10,000!


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It is July now, to celebrate the summer and all the rs good things, it’s time to party in the forum. All through this month, you will have chance to take part in the competitions hold by the RS Gold forum, win some fantastic prizes. Here is the brief preview for the competitions coming soon. On July 2nd, JMods will be on the many different forums, answering your questions and suggestions, and taking part in discussions. Keep an eye out for them between 7:00-18:00 UTC game time and go chat. On each Friday of the month, you’ll find blog posts from JMods across Jagex, giving you a little insight into their day or week. Ever wondered exactly what Art Director Mod Whalefis gets up to his day, or how exactly Mod Kelpie trains the Ninjas? Check back every Friday. Kicking off the competitions, the Design a Raid Environment competition is already live. With Raids coming to Runescape soon, they need your ideas for what your ideal setting for one of these huge adventures would be. Whether it’s drawn, written or part of a story, send it to them for you chance to win. This is the first of two Raids-related competitions, as nect week you’ll be asked to show your ideal Raid boss. Keep an eye out for more news. Check out the Recent update competition too, for an opportunity to win membership, RuneCoins and some Bonus XP. Just tell them what your favorite part of the recent Beach Party update is to be in with a chance. With more than 50,000 posts per week, the Runescape forums are incredibly popular, and there are great discussions going on every day. If you’re not already an active part of forum community, then now’s the perfecttime to get stuck in. Learn more RS forum competitions and get yourself stuck in, enjoy your summer vacation in Runescape.

The final updates of swtor patch 3.3 were revealed on June 25. Similar to the updates in early June, this final note is all about sage & sorcerer and warzones changes. However, it seems make pvp more difficult since the healing classes, sage and sorcerer are nerfed. In this case, you may need more swtor credits cheap on Swtor2credits for help.

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The Vindicate effect of Resplendence has been expanded: Using Vindicate with a charge of Resplendence does not make you Weary.
Amnesty has been redesigned to incorporate the new Weary debuff: Spending a charge of Resplendence on Vindicate grants Amnesty, restoring 2 Force every second for up to 10 seconds if you are not Weary or removing a single stack of Weary otherwise. The Amnesty effect will be lost early if Vindicate is activated without a charge of Resplendence.

Consuming Darkness now makes you Weary, reducing your Force regeneration rate by 2 for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times.

The Consuming Darkness effect of Force Surge has been expanded: Using Consuming Darkness with a charge of Force Surge does not make you Weary.

Reverse Corruptions has been redesigned to incorporate the new Weary debuff: Spending a charge of Force Surge on Consuming Darkness grants Reverse Corruptions, restoring 2 Force every second for up to 10 seconds if you are not Weary or removing a single stack of Weary otherwise. The Reverse Corruptions effect will be lost early if Consuming Darkness is activated without a charge of Force Surge.

Thundering Blast now has a travel time to match the Turbulence ability of the Telekinetics Sage.
Medals for Arenas (this change does not affect Warzones) have been adjusted to better reward characters that engage in meaningful participation for their role. In addition, the kill amounts were reduced to better reflect the content.
Soldier Medal now requires 4 kills, down from 10.
Commando Medal now requires 8 kills, down from 25.
Healer Medal now requires 150,000 healing, up from 90,000.
Savior Medal now requires 650,000 healing, up from 360,000.
Protector Medal now requires 150,000 protection, up from 60,000.

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Runescape News In runescape 2007 gold this week’s Old School update we’ve got a change to clue scrolls that allows you to have one of each tier as well as the midsummer event! Multiple clue scrolls Previously, you were unable to receive clue scroll drops if you already had one in your inventory or bank and it was not possible to complete two clue scrolls at once. This is no longer the case. You will now be able to have up to one clue scroll of each tier and will be able to complete clue scrolls of different tiers simultaneously. Midsummer 2015 Kaqemeex is, once again, having some trouble with the ritual to protect nature from evil spirits. As he can’t leave the ritual unattended, he needs your help to pay an old friend of his to get some help. The midsummer ritual and event will begin tomorrow. Make sure to head over to Kaqemeex in Taverly tomorrow to give him a helping hand. You can return each day for two weeks to help Kaqemeex and be rewarded with half full wine jugs, disks of returning and the brand new mask of balance. In other news… • Degraded barrows equipment, mage arena capes and achievement diary reward items are now also protected on death, outside of PvP, in line with other untradeable items. • Relocated the pyramid plunder timer in resizable mode. • The chatbox is now correctly opaque after closing the text-input box. • Fixed right-aligned and/or invisible username bug in chatbox. • Fixed a stretching issue with void robes and dragonhide chaps whilst using Zulandra teleport. • Fixed a click-through issue with the minigame chat-channel drop down menu. • The increased herb yields from Catherby herb patch and better chances at higher ores when cleaning pay-dirt diary rewards are now correctly being applied.

RuneFest 2015 is resulting on 3rd October. Jot it down and clear your calendars – you won’t want to miss the year’s biggest and best RuneScape event!
We’ll be returning to the Tobacco Dock venue london, UK on an Invention-themed steampunk spectacular.
Come along plus the whole RuneScape community for a day set with content reveals, activities, events, competition, as well as a truly epic after-party.
Tickets is going to be available early July – £99* a great all-day, all-access pass. We’ll inform you whenever you can obtain them. Like last year, you can also have the capacity to buy tickets – in addition to flights, rooms in hotels and to spend – along with your RuneScape Bonds.
More information will probably be coming immediately, so be mindful of what is the news. Look out for web sites on how the event’s shaping up, too, and become sure to follow RuneFest on Twitter and Facebook. Any questions? Look at FAQ.
Save the date – we can not wait to satisfy everybody!

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BioWare Austin and a supplemental team at BioWare Edmonton announced the Star Wars: The Old Republic at a press in 2008.This game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and the story takes place at a unique Star Wars fictional universe. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the players should choose one faction from Galactic Republic and the Sixth Empire. Players can finish the missions, go exploring, and defeat enemies. Star Wars has been updated many times, especially Star Wars: The Old Republic will implement a new bolster system and PvP brackets. Star Wars: The Old Republic will bring more surprise for their players in future.

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I notice there’s been a lot of concern about Dark Night currently, 59-soon-to-be-60 DRK main here. I’ll go over the cards I’d most like to receive in order of priority.

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1. Ewer. Yes, please. When MT, Dark Knight burns through their MP pool even faster than Black Mage. If you ever watch our MP bar during a fight it’s a constant up and down, with only a few self-regenerating abilities available to us with Grit on. This job is all about MP management and being low at critical points can hamper our ability to tank effectively, such as having to round up a bunch of adds while not being able to use Unleashed. And unlike Black Mage, Ewer is less likely to alter our rotation in a bad way. Receiving a Ewer at almost anytime while MT would greatly effect my effectiveness over the next 30 seconds. When offtanking, Ewer is less important since we can use Blood Weapon to keep MP up more or less at full. However, if you or your co-healer is rapidly losing mana due to phases requiring heavy healing periods it is probably better to give this buff to yourself/them at that time; it could save the BRD or Machinist from using their refresh abilities and losing DPS.

2. Arrow. In short fights DRK really doesn’t have any TP issues – none of our weaponskills cost more than 70 TP and our tools that are TP-intensive to other jobs instead use MP. Receiving Arrow would allow us to get more Syphon Strikes off to help MP regeneration. A good choice for us with minimal negative impact. If you’re just using this for a general DPS increase though probably MNK would get a lot out of this buff as well.

3. Bole. A solid card for any tank, I feel this buff is most useful during the initial phase of big pulls or for tank buster moves, which should be obvious. Yet this wouldn’t change how I approach a situation calling for damage reduction – I’m still going to pop cooldowns where appropriate – so I really think using this is more for your benefit since you’re the one healing me. You could also spread this card and save it for predictable, damaging AoE with Expanded Royal Road.

4. Spire. Yeah I said before that Dark Knight doesn’t have any TP issues. In short fights. I was doing Ramuh HM for a friend earlier today, and as MT I realized that I had completely gone dry about halfway through it. Ramuh HM is one of those fights that has absolutely no downtime for the MT since there are no tank swapping mechanics built into it. For fights like this, I will run out of TP eventually. Another poster in this thread said DRK and PLD were the only physical jobs with no form of TP-regen ability, and he was right. While this card can be a boon to other melee jobs like MNK, a DRK can still benefit. Our need for this is going to be on a per-fight basis so you’ll have to use your own discretion as to the best choice for it.

5. Spear. Another tricky card for the reasons OP outlined. A lot of DRK’s off-GCD abilities don’t have super long cooldowns with the exception of Shadow Wall and Living Dead. Living Dead is an ability that is either planned at very specific times or an oh-shit button, both scenarios being hard to plan around a random buff system. There’s more appropriate jobs to use this on. My guess is DRG, NIN, or hell even WAR would get more out of this than us.

6. Balance. Shouldn’t have to be said, but this buff simply isn’t for a tank class unless using expanded Royal Road. Give it to a DPS

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So its absolutely aparent this Cheap RS Gold forums has died out except for accidental necroing. Anyone ambuscade about actuality that is still arena runescape?

I’m still around, not that I’m absorbed in authoritative acquaintance with humans who aren’t already on my accompany annual these days. I still acquire about 4/5ths of the old audience on my avoid list.

It’s been acquiescently quiet.

I sometimes log on during anniversary events, but I kinda chock-full that recently.

Every few weeks I log on, analysis my bank, G.E. see if theres anyone at Clan Wars of Daemonheim. Play a few floors or a few matches and afresh I log off again.

I got aback into old academy for a few months this accomplished abatement but haven’t played abundant since. Did some quests I never got about to aback in the day like GBR and did some skilling but that was about it.

Pretty burnt out on runescape afterwards over a decade playing. In addition, my accompany (who still were arena at the time, quitted since) chickened out from authoritative an old academy annual could cause they didn’t wish their stats displace (noobs ), so I had absolutely no one to play it with.

It’s too bad admitting because old academy is in fact appealing decent. Bold just isn’t the aforementioned after a bunch and some affable rivals, which abominably achromatize for all of us due to IRL circumstances.

Treasure Hunter is a minigame – playable from within RuneScape – where players use Keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.

Playing Treasure Hunter is simple – click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you’ve not played before, just follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or stock up by redeeming Bonds.

If you’d like more, you can also buy Keys on the website, or by clicking ‘Buy Keys’ within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.

Are you preparing for Warcraft of Draenor flying mounts? You will be able to collect Tanaan Jungle reputations once WOW 6.2 patch arrives next Tuesday, along with Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties. Moreover, Wowtoes will offer you cheap gold on wow with 8% discount code “WOWFOH” in limited time to make you unlock flying mounts in Draenor easily. Let’s see what you can do with cheap fast wow gold after patch 6.2 release.

1. Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties unlocks.

With the release of patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire, Raid Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties will also be available in Warclords of Draenor. Afterwards, Mythic difficulty will become available on June 30, with Raid Finder Wing 1.

2. Tanaan Jungle will be available to raise reputations to Revered.

You may have finished up all requirements to earn the ability of flight in Warlords of Draenor, except for Revered Tanaan Jungle Reps. Once patch 6.2 releases, players will be able to raise three Tanaan Jungle reputations to Revered. It may take a bit of time and gold in world of warcraft, so prepare yourself well in advance.

3. New meta-achievement will comes afterwards.

Of course, finishing up all requirements, including Tanaan Jungle reps, cannot make people fly in Draenor unless a minor patch 6.2.x launches, not the patch itself on Tuesday. But it would not be long to wait. And all players had better to prepare all things to sit and watch.

If you haven’t met other requirements yet, you should download handy maps with the Draenor Treasure addon if you still need treasures. It will give you enough treasures while leveling.

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