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buy cheap wow gold eu Dark portal is like a brdge connecting two different world. It is simply a miracle built. It can not be cut off even the the master Khadka. The cave of the dark portal is still exist even its structure has been destroyed. People who familiar with magic can creat a portal and even directly send other people but the power needed for creating a permanent transfer portal and allow a whole army through is unthinkable,how can they made it? There have a new story of gw2 gold maybe come from dark portal: in the other side of Draenor have a dark portal built by iron tribe,in which the Garrosh stopped the orc to drink the blood of Munro Los.

When Khadka led the heroes through the dark portal, came to the other Draenor,we could see that the dark portal is almost as like as the dark portal before but its operation is very different . This dark portal works by three warklock offering power,Gore, Curtis Garr and Gul’dan. Because that Gul’dan is one of the creators,the previous portal is properly driven by the warlock. Take into account that the young orc waa administered to drain magic to let them quickly grow up to an adult which made them became a solider to fight. The history tell us that use magic unlimited poisoned Draenor and Ner’zhul tried to open a plurality of transfer directly destroyed Draenor.

Do dark portal is the murderer of Draenor? Look at the Hellfire Peninsula, Outland version of Tanaan bush where had been a lifeless wasteland. Then take a look at the past, the dark portal is built in black marsh where is full of vitality. The black marsh exits dangerous creatures which make it separated with the outside. The present dark portal which was called the land of dammed,lifeless,waste soil dry . A Druid forced to green the land to make a little bit of vegetation which made the Druid crazy then.

So we still do not know why Steel Tribe build the dark portal ? They are got the news form Gul’dan?Kainuozi teach them? We have no idea about it. Maybe the reason that the dark portal remains open by drain life ,just like Taryn Gore,Cho’gall and warlocks. The only different is this one is greater in scale. The present swamp is part of the dark swamp in the past,whether the curse will spread to there? The connection between Azeroth and Xin De bring crisis to the two eso gold world? All of us have no idea. But only thing we can assure–as long as the dark portal exist the risk will not disappear.

Most notable change is that every flask require an [Alchemical Catalyst], and some also require a [Metamorphic Crystal]. You can get these materials by making [Alchemists Cauldron] using 20 x any [Warlords of Draenor herb] and 3 x [Blackrock Ore].
There are no flasks for primary stats, only two tiers of secondary stat flasks. Draenor Flasks provide 400 stats, and Greater Draenor Flasks provide 500.
Example:[Draenor Armor Flask] -> [Greater Draenor Armor Flask]
There are potions which boost your primary stat or armor by 2000 for 25 sec.
[Draenic Philosophers Stone] is an updated version of [Zen Alchemist Stone].
[Draenor Treasure Finding Potion] is the updated version of Potion of Luck.
Garrison Building: Alchemy Lab.

Battlegrounds and Arenas

For players queued for Random Battlegrounds, the losing team should be receiving 45 Honor again.


Resolved an issue where Windwalker Monks were unable to craft more than one item at a time using the “Create All” button.


Fire-Watcher’s Oath should correctly have a 100% chance to grant Bloody Coins on PvP kills once more.
Living Root of the Wildheart’s bonus armor provided by Ursine Blessing for Guardian Druids has been toned down to a more reasonable level.


PlayMusic API should now work correctly and be able to play MP3s once more.
PlaySound API should now work correctly and be able to play MP3s once more.
Resolved an issue where quest headers in the Quest Log may become stuck in a collapsed state.
Game settings and macros for characters with names that contains an extended ASCII character should be saving correctly once more for users on Mac OS.
Resolved a number of situations where the mouse cursor can disappear on Mac OS.

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You know what? A little quiz was posted on rs official facebook. The quiz shows that if you can find 9 differences from the two pictures bellow, ‘Like’ this post, and send your completed ‘Spot the Differences’ to, you will win a 7-day rs membership and some signed rs concept art. Today, you are lucky to get the tips from RSorder.

Here are the pictures, you can try first!

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Then find the 9 differences together!

9 differences tips from RSorder

1. You can see the bottom of yellow text at the top left side of the left picture
2. In the left picture, the player is standing on the right side of the doorway, and in the right picture, the left side of the doorway.
3. There is a bass in the inventory on the right picture and all swordfishes in the left picture.
4. There is 827k in the money pouch in the right picture and 828k in the left picture.
5. The player in the left picture is wearing gloves, but the player in the right picture isn’t.
6. The xp tracker says 1,014,001 on the right picture and 1,013,798 on the left.
7. The picture on the left has a sword and shield, but the picture on the right has dual swords.
8. The flags in both pictures are in different locations in either picture.
9. The window on the right picture has “lol”, but the window in the left picture does not.

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Don’t Get These Three Vanity Pets
Stars Wars: The Old Republic is known for most MMORPG players. Most of them hope to get strong and powerful pets to help combats. However, it is not every pet is very good, some them are vanity pets. If players want to get more SWTOR credit, don’t get these three pets: Taun Fawn, Crimson Rakling and Interrogation Droid. Relating to a number of real-life house animals myself, and you will find something with regards to pet ownership that humanizes even the foulest Bluish Lord from the Sith. Protected vanity pets in SWTOR never really “do” whatever, they have their stories which improve the stories with the characters that own these folks – simillar to real-life house animals – and that gives these an implicit value.
Taun Fawn
Pretty considerably everyone features a Taun Memory – this kind of pet was given as a free of charge gift to all or any active subscribers during the rollout pertaining to Patch JUST ONE. 2. The Taun Fawn, on the other hand, is much more rare. It was before a reward to customers of PAX Distance 2012, and Manged to get one from your generous co-worker exactly who attended. Should you missed available on either of people events, baby tauntauns is to be found other approaches: purchased together with cash from the Collector’s Release vendors, looted from the world employer on Hoth, or painstakingly lured and captured from the wild. The Taun Fawn is a cute little guy — white by using black places, kinda including my Jack Russel Terrier. He doesn’t have big mountain-goat horns of the Taun Ram memory, but he or she makes similar jabbering noises.

Additionally, that legacy interface includes all of the settings and also information with your SWTOR family. The one of which you will find is the actual Family Tree. The STWOR legacy guide will add more opportunity to you in the game. To start your family tree, drag personas over from your character pool on the left and drop them in the center. To settle on the different relationships characters could have with one another, hover them covering the character you want them to get connected in order to. The solutions are baby, adopted infant, ally, competing, spouse, and also sibling.
Next up, we take a look at Global Unlocks. These can be found in numerous forms the 1st of that happen to be class specific. Under the particular Imperial along with Republic course tab notice each class has three un-lockable and also one for every companion. That class unlocks are generally an emote, class buff unlock (complete course storyline), and a class precise heroic time also intended for completing that storyline. For those who have completed all of that travel companions story quests, their equivalent slot will become unlocked and you may receive that described buff to your stats, a bonus in presence and also a reduction on the cool lower for brave moment. It is very important note however that you only receive the particular stat plus once per companion variety. All in all, when you begin with a new start of a game, you’d better find out a really useful guide to help you. Only in this way, can you play it well with least time.

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buy cheap wow gold with instant delivery The first threats that Druids have to face is their neighbor crow people. Those Luan wilderness crow people are believers of crows God A nso and they live in the north of expedition. In addition to Luan crow, another two groups of crow settle in Blade’s Edge Mountains. In crow forest northwest of Blade’s Edge Mountains,Grishnath crow control the woodland. The other group is Weike Ha crow which settle in south-est.they believe in a strange religion.Their behavior is very crazy. They confuse ogre to become their slavery and order the ogre to exploit wow gold. Although those crow people have different beliefs, they are very unfriendly to outsiders without exception.

Wyrmcult is a religion in Blade’s Edge Mountain rose after Deadwing left. It makes up of human beings,orcs and Dreanei. They are secretive for having been confused by Black Dragon and Dragon. Druid was not satisfied with the behavior of Wyrmcult. They would like to dealing with it by negotiation at first,but Wyrmcult is not interested in gw2 gold. Druids destroyed Wyrmcult rally after this negotiation broke down.

The another enemy of Expedition is Legion. In the east of Blade’s Edge Mountain has a magic camp while in north,has a Empriness Portal left by Magtheridon. The army have controlled this Portal.Eredar Demon Dog King directed the work of Death Door. In order to avoid calling more devil Druid have to close it.

Alliance built a camp Sylvanaar in Blade’s Edge Mountain. Night Elves is in charge of it. In south near Sylvanaar have a small crow nest. A group of dwarf followed night elf to Blade’s Edge Mountain,but they were drown out by a variety of strange experiments. The name of those dwarf is Tuoshenlei. They established a small camp in Syluvnaar.

To almost all oldschool RS players, the Corporeal Beast has made an influential impact. According to the latest statistics, over 28,000 corps were killed and 50 sigils appeared by now. One of the most concerned issues for all OSRS players, the amount of looters in Corp’s cave, came to be changed with the new gaming update.RS 2007 Corporeal Beast

Change on how death works in the Corp’s cave.
As mentioned above, over 28,000 Corps were killed and 50 sigils appeared. No wonder that this shows a fantastic day for the most difficult Old School Boss. However, one annoying thing is that the Corp heals and how much it should heal don’t match well very.

When Corp heals, it looks at the amount of players in the cave and decides how much it should heal. However, it’s obvious if there are loads of looters who are not trying to kill Corp, it makes defeating this beast much more difficult. That’s not fair, isn’t it?

Your loot in the cave will not appear to anyone else!
To make this a little bit fair, now Jagex has made a change on how death works in the Corp’s cave. That is, when you die in the cave, your loot, including your untradeable stuff will not appear to anyone else. Beware, it will appear to you for two minutes only. Though short it may be, it is the time that you return to Corp to collect your items and assuming you have a games necklace you should be able to return in under a minute, but if you haven’t a games necklace, you are going to be unlikely to get back in time.

System administration team are working hard.
It’s badly true that the recent network issues have done harm to some RS fans. Fortunately, the system administration team are working hard to identify and mitigate the attacks on the network while work continues to identify those who are responsible. May our oldschool RS be better and better.

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I confess, I’ve totally nerded out and become a massive, huge, raging, hulking, monolithic, other-word-for-great-big-gigantic, fan of these awesometastic animated shorts Blizz has been releasing to flesh out the lore in anticipation of Warlords of Draenor… which is why it’s a major bummer that this is the last one. Is there a petition we can sign to get ‘em to make more Lords of War? Anyhoo, the latest one focuses on Alliance big wig, Vindicator Maraad. (That’s him up top, with an “I really need to poop” face). If you want to see him in action, I suggest you check out the latest (and last, boohoo!) Lords of War thingy below.

*pours one out* How much wow gold would it take to get ‘em to make some more?

Ahem! So, did someone say GARRISONS!? That’s right, we’ve got a brand spankin’ new blog post (to follow up the last one), that goes into some nice juicy detail on how Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor are shaping up. Maybe it’s the Civ junkie in me, but I have to say this is BY FAR my most anticipated feature. I can’t wait to build my garrison from a lowly hovel into the most badass stronghold in all of time.

My Garrison will look much more porkariffic than that. Basically, the types of buildings you have in your garrison dictates what kinds of followers (sheeple), you attract, which naturally sculpts your gameplay experience. There are three tiers of Garrison (they level up!), and here’s some info on ‘em straight from the Blizz:

The space you have available for buildings is determined by your Garrison Tier.

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Have you found that gold is disappearing from ArcheAge? According to a latest thread on official ArcheAge forum, Trion has taken the action of gold removing and informed gold buyers of their gold is ill gotten, following with rapturing hackers, dealing with gold farming bots, mules, and storage accounts.

“If you bought or were gifted gold from one of them, you may see it disappear. We do have the ability to trace coin, and that’s the gold that’s being cleaned up right now.” said Morgana, a member in ArcheAge community team.

But without a doubt, this solution to ill-gotten gold bewilders players and even makes some players feel unhappy. Will some innocent players who farmed and bought items/sold for gold be enrolled in this gold grab? Trion hasn’t given any definite answer yet. Players would like to know details on this issue can hit official ArcheAge forum and official ArcheAge website.
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Kainuozi and came to Draenor the parallel world thirty-five years ago.Garrosh met Gloria marsh Hellscream and get Grosso’s trust. They saved the suspense of Kainuozi’s corpse and the doubt of how Garrosh came to the world of Azeroth existed in thirty-five years.But it also left some new suspense.Why don’t they carry some wow gold.

From this story we can find that Garrosh does not trust Kainuozi at the beginning. What he expected is to stop the fate of the orcs that were corrupted and became a killing tool in this world.But Kainuozize showed his ambitions to Garrosh,he wants to control more orcs through Garrosh, even control more parallel world Horde and eventually conquered countless world.

This is just the opposite of Garrosh purpose,so Garrosh initiate to killed Kainuozi.The indefinite combination have sinister motives from the start of prison break,so as long as a little conflict can let them have no consideration for another person’s feelings and attack each other.Kainuozi mistakenly think that he saved Garrosh can let this proud Orc surrender to himself, and conceited to dragon force boast.the power of the Dragon King will decay in human form. This kind of decay make it is possible for Garrosh to kill Kainuozi.

It also explains why the iron Horde of the dark portal is parallel connected to the world we live in the time line of the Azeroth. Kainuozi revealed the strength of time debris.Garrosh display their fate of the orcs.But he mistakenly thinks Garrosh can not against him because of he need to rely on the Bronze Dragon power, Garrosh in the Kainuozi revealed the final power killed him.