Since the Wildstar released for 3 moths, the popularity has decreased as before.Although most of players agree this is a great game, but the difficulty level prevent parts of ordinary players away from this game. The Carbine intention is for the high-end players, but i think the developer facing the pressure of operators should put a low profile to adjust the game.
In the 2014 PAX Prime, the related staff of Wildstar give away some important information which includes the new 5 players dungeon and 20 players raid. The most important news is that there is a new single-player dungeon and single-player zone.
The single-player dungeon means solo, which would change the situation that you can’t survive without team. In a sense, the new dungeon would attack some AFK player back to the game. While, we still have no idea about the difficult level of the single dungeon. As for my personal view, i hope the ordinary players can finish the challenge by themselves effort. Now, this is the Frost interview:
“This is kind of like an outdoor dungeon. Not nearly as brutal as our dungeons that are instanced but it’s certainly a challenge,” Said Frost. “If you’re a badass maybe you can do it with 2-3 people. If you have the gear and got the skills it’s possible, but we’re recommending 5.”
As for these sentence, this dungeon still difficult for soloing. But 2-3 players in a team can finish it easily. Whatever, the next point of Wildstar is aiming to redeem the old players. Now, let’s expecting the next patch!

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