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It is no secret that any article about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft will garner a lot of attention and, often, a long list of forum pages of debate. It is obvious then, that World of Warcraft has become a polarizing game over its decade of existence. Millions of players have streamed through its virtual doors during those ten years. Some have stayed for the duration. Others have left and returned with each expansion. Still others have waved goodbye to WoW and never returned. No matter what, however, anyone who has had the chance to play the game, arguably the MMO of this young century, are never the same and in a very real sense, will always be a WoW player.

Blizzard is sporting an interesting splash page that invites new World of Warcraft players to take on the game for free from now through September 26th, likely right before the release of the v6.0 patch that will lead to the Warlords of Draenor expansion. How this differs from the endless free 1-20 game play remains to be seen.

With the launch for the World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, a scant three months away, Blizzard is beginning to foment excitement as it begins the bridging lore from where the game is now to where it is going with Warlords. To that end, a new short story called “Hellscream” has been published on the community site that can be read there or downloaded into a PDF file.

As part of today’s World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor release date announcement, Blizzard also released the first two pieces of the bridging series to introduce some of the major clans and personalities from the expansion. The first video introduces the series, the second profiles The Shattered Hand.
The Warlords of Draenor Collector’s Edition includes:

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor — Get the full version of Warlords of Draenor on DVD-ROM.
Behind-the-Scenes DVD and Blu-ray Two-Disc Set — Meet the development team behind the creation of Draenor and its savage warlords. This two-disc set includes over an hour of creators’ commentary, insider interviews, and developer roundtables.
Collector’s Edition Soundtrack — Immerse yourself in the sounds of war with the complete Warlords of Draenor orchestral soundtrack on CD.
The Art of Warlords of Draenor — Witness the visual evolution of the expansion in this beautifully bound tome of exclusive Warlord of Draenor art. Through 160 pages of concept pieces, finished illustrations, and CG images, you’ll delve into the art team’s vision for a Draenor under siege by the apocalyptic threat of the Iron Horde.
Blackhand Mouse Pad — Arm yourself with a special-edition mouse pad emblazoned with the deadly warlord Blackhand.

It’s simply un-American! The commie sympathizers at Blizzard have apparently placed financial restrictions on the amount of gold players can have in World of Warcraft. WoW Insider reports two players have reached the anti-capitalist limit of 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 48 copper and that’s the end of the road for them. After that they are not entitled to the cash they have earned by the sweat of their own fingertips.

Without getting into an Andrew Ryan diatribe, the limit is apparently just some arbitrary number … actually, Ross “uber math nerd” Miller says, “It’s not arbitrary, it’s 2 to the power of 31, which is a 32-bit integer.” We’re not sure how Blizzard feels about the cap, but we’re certain the citizens of Azeroth can’t be too happy about “the man” keeping them from living out their financial fantasies.

Charge into battle astride a Warforged Nightmare, unleashing unbridled chaos upon your enemies! Those who own this terrifying steed, crafted from cold steel and vengeful spirits by grandmaster smiths, are also able to place a Nightmarish Hitching Post. This mysterious artifact has the power to summon a Warforged Nightmare for every member of your war party strong enough to handle the reins and worthy enough to be given the honor.Buying fast and cheap wow gold at

fifa 15 coins xbox 360 A full month into the new season every year, EA Sports releases the newest version of its massive FIFA video game franchise. Sales have been particularly strong over the last three years in particular with the 2013 version of the game selling 14.5 million copies in its first year and its 2012 predecessor dropping 3.2 million units in the first week alone. There is no doubt that the FIFA series is and has been great for what seems like ages now but is FIFA 15 more of the same or is it a whole new experience for the masses? The first thing you’ll notice in FIFA 15 is the quality of the graphics during gameplay. This is especially true if you didn’t upgrade from the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions that were released at the start of 2013/14. Those that reupped when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 came out have already seen the benefits of the Ignite game engine.

Every single blade of grass is defined and as the game goes on, the players’ footsteps appear on the pitch as you slowly wear away at the virtual grounds crew’s work. In the rain, your players kick up water and in the snow, you’ll be thankful for high-visibility balls as your screen is covered by big, fluffy snowflakes. Kits pick up mud after a few slide tackles and the list of nice little touches goes on.

If you happen to be tired of playing all of your Premier League matches at the generic Town Park or Stadion Neder or whatever else they assigned to the KC Stadium, the Hawthorns, and Selhurst Park last season, there’s some more good news for you. For the first time, all 20 Premier League grounds are in the game, adding 11 new grounds to the mix in just England. On top of that, Boca Juniors’ la Bombonera and Ajax’s Amsterdam ArenA, among others, are also back in the game, among many others. Goalkeepers have a whole new range of save animations to boot. So, if you like flashy saves with plenty of hangtime, you’ll have a few more reasons to hope that the ball doesn’t hit the back of the net.

In addition to everything else that FIFA has brought into the 2015, there are also a ton of new face scans and player models now in the mix. The in-game footballers look more realistic than ever and during the cinematic sequences in stoppages of play, it’s cooler than ever. Unfortunately, it also takes us pretty far into the uncanny valley and it’s especially noticeable whenever you get in close to the action. It’s all well and good when they’re celebrating goals but when you watch one of those instant replays where the camera is at ground level, it’s pretty easy to see the thousand-yard stare that they develop from being your puppet over what is sure to be hundreds of hours.

The graphics in FIFA 15 are incredible, unless you’re stuck on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Everything looks good and it’s very nice to see the environments become part of the action. The player models are mostly solid but the nearly-lifelike faces, with “nearly” being the operative word there, can cause some awkward moments. Some collisions are weird and players may fly out of a tackle like they’ve been hit by a tank shell but actually, that may just be soccer.

The Gameplay
The nice thing about FIFA 15 is that if you’ve played the game over the last few years, odds are that you are able to pick up the new version and get right into it. This is especially true with the new version of the game.
The user interface is almost identical to last years with cards taking up very familiar places. Navigating the game is kind of like riding a bicycle or using any number of other cliches that are about remembering things and that’s good because kick-off, Manager Mode, Ultimate Team, and online play are exactly where you expect them to be. That part of the game has barely changed with some alterations to the menu structure and graphical adjustments here and there.

On the field, it’s also much of the same and that is just fine because FIFA 15 builds on what was already a good thing. There’s new animations abound from the aforementioned goalkeepers to player reactions after fouls, injuries, and plays. FIFA 15 adds new tactical elements on set pieces from plays on corner kicks to taking control of the receiver on throw-ins. The home crowd reacts to goals and the screen shakes accordingly.

Scheduling, pre-season, cup matches, and international management are all pretty much unchanged from last year’s game
Pre-season feels just as useless as ever and rather than giving you a chance to test new team combinations on the fly, you may as well skip it and take your chances in competitive fixtures. Players are limited to just three substitutions which is a lot less than what happens in a friendly in, you know, the real world. As for international play, its also much of the same with the number of international squads providing a list that’s paltry at best. More than half of the teams in the game will make FIFA 15′s World Cup tournament and when you hear it that way, qualifying doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

Transfers in FIFA 15 are still annoying as hell. To find a player, you must set up a scouting network with scouts that will give you an approximation of the player’s current statistics. They won’t give you much of a recommendation short of determining your team’s shortcomings and where you need reinforcements or replacements. With the sheer number of footballers listed in FIFA, it’s an annoying and frustrating process at best.
The ratings as a whole seem pretty accurate. The best footballers at the moment in the game, by rating are: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manuel Neuer, and Arjen Robben with Andres Iniesta and Luis Suarez not far behind. It’s really pretty difficult to argue with that. Where it gets more iffy is when you travel further down the ladder.

Being a Bolton Wanderers supporter, it was easy for me to compare that team in-game to my perceptions of the frankly awful Trotters squad in real life. For some reason, Jermaine Beckford, who couldn’t hit the side of the Goodyear Blimp’s hangar, is rated a 69 in both shooting and overall which seems a little bit extreme. There are websites like Futhead, which aggregate all of the game’s various rankings, and give you a rundown of player potential and growth. According to them, the player with the most growth potential in the game is 18-year-old Shrewsbury Town goalkeeper Callum Burton who may someday go from a 50 to 78 rating in-game which is something.

There are a lot of players in the game and odds are that you can find players that will suit your needs without them being a total dud. Scouting said players will get you an idea of their worth but an enquiry to the parent club will give you their value based on current rating, potential, and form, which is helpful.

FIFA 15 won’t simulate anything to the level of a game like Football Manager but it also really doesn’t try to. Tactics in FIFA will only get you so far and that’s also fine because the game is meant to be fun. Think of it as a lesser version of the Need for Speed series of racing games when they are compared to the much more technical Gran Turismo and Forza series.

FIFA 15 is a lot of fun and does pretty much exactly what it sets out to do. If you’re looking for tactics, in-depth press conferences, scout suggestions, and serious player movement, this game probably isn’t for you. If you want to do all that and still play through match after match, there really is no better option on the market at the moment.

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Howdy folks, how’s it goin’? So as a complete surprise to me, my wife received an invitation to 1 more weekend beta test for SWTOR, I looked in my email and I hadn’t received anything yet. About 30 mins later I did. w00t!! We logged in and ran as Smugglers this time. We were in the previous 2 weekend tests too. We never ran as the same class before, it’s pretty fun, it makes it easier for some of the harder boss’s. Not that we got very many levels, only lvl 12 this time. We learned a few things though.

First off, ALWAYS TAKE ANY MISSION YOU CAN, you get a lot of XP and most of the starter quests are quick and easy. Don’t pass them up. You’ll be glad you did later on down the road…

Second, make sure you find the bind points so that you travel back anywhere you have bound. They were usually in cantinas and by the taxis. I can’t remember the name of the special to do it but the cooldown is 30min. That worked out well for us.

Third, make sure you click on the taxi droid to have the point stored. Using the taxis is the fastest way to travel at first and a necessity, so you need to learn it right away. They will show you where you can go from their point and the connecting routes for all of the other taxi droid points you have stored.

SWTOR is going to be fun but I’m gonna miss SWG, SWTOR is not a replacement. SWTOR looks good and I hope it does well. I haven’t got into the crafting side of it much and I’m interested to see some end game stuff too. I did try the warzone feature. It queued me up into a group of 8v8 with toon levels from 11 to 50, I was the 11 LOL. I did get a kill and I died few times too. It was fun. The warzone I was in was like a capture and hold map where there were 3 huge turrets shooting at ship in space. The object was to hold those turret points. Pretty fun stuff!!

Well I’m outta here for now, here’s a screenie of the final minutes in the last beta weekend, Dance party in Coruscant!!

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As players testing Patch 6.0.2 on our Public Test Realm (PTR) have already seen, we’re making a number of changes to the WoW user interface-changes that are designed to eliminate clutter, free up more of your inventory space, help you find your stuff more easily, and improve your quality of life in-game.

Map & Quest Log

In Patch 6.0.2, we’ve made a brand-new UI to bring together the Map and the Quest Log with everything you need to manage multiple ongoing adventures. Now when you browse by zone in the Map & Quest Log, you’ll find all of the associated quests you’re on, your progress, and relevant cartography.

In addition to intelligently ordering your quests, the new window (default hotkeys: M or L) gives you more information about your objectives right on the map. It also features scroll-wheel zooming, click-and-hold panning, and a handy View All Quests button-plus, if you leave it open while you’re moving, it fades so that you can see both the map and the landscape you’re venturing into.

Toy Box

All of the fun “toy” items that you’ve accumulated over the course of your travels now have a new home in the Toy Box. As with mounts and pets, you’ll right-click on eligible toy items in your inventory to send them to your Toy Box. Once learned, the toy will be accessible by all characters on your account.

If you want to expand and complete your collection of toys (or mounts or pets!), you can see each of the ones that you have not yet unlocked, along with information on how they can be obtained. As you might expect, any toy that you’ve learned can be dragged from the Toy Box and placed on a toolbar for fast access.

How to Randomize Your Dragon

There is now a Summon Random Favorite Mount button at the top-right of your Mounts collection (default hotkey: Shift-P). This smart button selects randomly from among the mounts that you’ve marked as favorites, and chooses a mount that is suitable for your current zone and situation. For example:

In a zone where you can’t fly, it will choose from among your favorite ground mounts.
If you’re swimming on the surface of a body of water and you have a Water Strider favorited, it will be chosen.
If you’re submerged and you’ve favorited your Sea Turtle, the button will summon it.

Right-click and select Set Favorite on your favorite mounts to get started.

Bags, Bags, Bags

In Patch 6.0.2, bags can be given designations for particular types of items. These include:

Equipment – Your armor and weapons
Consumables – Food and drink, potions, etc.
Trade Goods – Items that are used in professions (herbs, cloth, ore, skins, etc.)

When you go to your main backpack and click the Clean Up Bags button in the top-right, your belongings are sorted into your bags based on the designation you assigned to each bag, with overflow going into the backpack. Furthermore, there are now borders around the icons of all items that are colored to indicate item quality; recently looted items glow so that you can quickly spot them; and gray (junk) items have a gold coin icon when you visit a vendor.

Reagent Bank

You now have additional storage space in your bank! The new 98-slot Reagent Bank tab offers up extra slots for your profession materials, and an option to deposit every reagent that you’re currently carrying in your bags. We’ve also increased the maximum stack size for many materials and reagents, and when you craft anything-from anywhere-you’ll now use materials that are stored back in the bank.

But Wait, There’s More!

We’ve added a new tab to the Void Storage system. That’s an extra 80 slots for your long-term storage needs.
The dropdown menus you access when you right-click on a player portrait have been improved.
You can now manage your add-ons without having to log out.
The Dungeon Journal (default hotkey: Shift-J) has been updated with Warlords of Draenor entries.

WoW Archivist is a biweekly column by WoW Insiders Scott Andrews, who explores the secrets of World of Warcrafts past. What did the game look like years ago? Who is etched into WoWs history? What secrets does the game still hold? It first appeared on our sister site on September 12th and is included here by permission.

If you missed part 1 and part 2, that means you were late for the raid and were docking you 50 DKP. Next time get here early to help the warlocks farm soul shards.

OK, fellow archivists! Weve cleared trash, weve decursed, weve pulled Geddon to Garrs room, weve brefriended the Duke, and weve doused every fiery rune. Its time to delve into the core of the Core to take on the Majordomo and Ragnaros himself, 2005 edition.

The invincible majordomo

Undefeated in battle, Executus rose through the ranks of Ragnaross lieutenants to become the Firelords majordomo. He did not appear until you doused all the runes, so the earliest raids on Molten Core had to stop after Golemagg and Sulfuron due to an Aqual Quintessence shortage.

After raiders repped up with the Hydraxian Waterlords and could finally summon the Majordomo, they were faced with an invincible warrior — literally. Executus could not be killed. His Aegis of Ragnaros spell gave him a 30K damage absorb buff and healed him to full, so it was pointless to DPS him.

Instead, raids had to manage his eight adds: four Flamewaker Elites and four Flamewaker Healers. Mages were the key to this fight as they had the only reliable, long-term crowd control spell for humanoids. The fight required at least five tanks, one for the majordomo and one for each elite. All four healers were sheeped until all the elites were dead. Then the raid could kill the healers one at a time.

But it wasnt that simple. The fight had some interesting complications.

Executus gave two types of shield buffs to all of his allies. Purple shields reflected melee damage, so melee had to stop hitting these adds. White shields had a 50% chance to reflect a spell, so casters had to back off lest their nukes rebound. Hilariously, mages could sheep themselves if they werent careful when locking down the healers.

The pull was the most difficult part of the fight. Most raids pulled with a bubbled paladin or ice-blocked mage to keep the nine enemies busy while the sheeping was accomplished and the five tanks taunted their assignments. Meanwhile, the healers had to refrain from throwing out the smallest HoT tick, or all the aggro would come their way.

Executus himself could Teleport anyone into the burning coals pit at the center of his area. This would drop aggro for a tank. In a world without Misdirection or Tricks of the Trade, the tank had to reestablish aggro on the boss/add before it started slapping around healers. Some raids brought a sixth tank just to pick up loose adds.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team,fifa 15 coins a mobile video game by Electronic Arts or EA, is now available to download in select regions for Android and iOS users, and a Windows Phone version has also been announced. The game should be made available globally in a gradual manner.

The game was first announced on September 10 by EA but without much detail. However, the official Google Play listing and the EA blog post of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team reveals a number of features what the Android and iOS mobile users would experience.

The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app, as the name suggests, focuses on the Ultimate Team mode of the game’s console version, as well as Matches of the Week, and the new Quick Simulation mode. In Ultimate Team, players can earn in-game cash, trade footballers and can create their dream team to compete with others. “Earn, trade, and collect superstars like Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard to create your own fantasy team,” states the listing.

The Matches of the Week mode lets players take part in their favourite team’s next fixture, plus 3 other major match-ups happening around the world. The new Quick Simulation Mode lets players can act as the team managers and have “complete control of their squad while a match plays out quickly on your tablet or phone,” as per the blog post, without participating for the entire season.

The game includes various play styles, team formations,fifa 15 xbox 360 coins player kits giving users enough room to customize the players and the team chemistry. The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players have the option to choose from more than 10,000 in-game players, 583 licensed teams, 33 leagues, and 34 real stadiums to play.

EA Sports’ latest mobile game now has a new ‘through pass; feature besides its classic control options. An option for ‘Casual Controls’ is also available for those players who like to play with fewer buttons on the screen. Several external controllers are also supported by the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mobile video game.

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Blackhand was always an orc of contradictions. He was respected for his prowess, his acumen in combat, his exploits as a leader of the Sythegore Arm, a group of wolf-riding raiders. His Blackrock clan was respected and feared, and Blackhand was so confident in his position among the orcs that when visiting the Frostwolves, he actually felt free to impugn his hosts, telling Garad that the sickly Draka was a disgrace to his entire clan. Among the Blackrocks, Blackhand said, such a weak child would have been left to die at birth, exposed to the elements. Yet as arrogant as Blackhand was, he was also an insecure orc. He was ever covetous of more respect, more power, more regard from his fellows.

When Nerzhul the Elder Shaman first began telling the various orc clans of the threat posed by the draenei, Blackhand simply didnt care. Whether or not the draenei were actually a threat was unimportant. They presented an opportunity for him to prove himself. Blackhand personally led the Sythegore Arm on many assaults on the draenei, seeking always to ensure his own prestige in the bloodshed he unleashed. Well before any orc had drunk the blood of Mannoroth, Blackhand was proving that orcs didnt need the blood of a demon to be fierce marauders and relentless killers – Draenor itself was a hard and ruthless enough world to teach orcs how to kill.

Yet it wasnt until after Nerzhul discovered that he had been used by Kiljaeden and Guldan supplanted his former mentor in the affection of that demon lord that Blackhand found a patron, of sorts. Because Guldan saw Blackhand more clearly that the head of the Blackrocks saw himself. In Blackhand, Guldan had found the perfect pawn. An orc respected by his fellows, renowned for his ferocity and strength in battle, yet strangely malleable, gullible, always willing to believe anyone as long as they flattered and cozened properly. Guldan subverted Blackhand with minimal effort. All he had to do was telling him a sinister truth to conceal the even more sinister truth behind it.

Guldan revealed to Blackhand that the draenei were, in fact, nothing more than scapegoats, that the ancestor spirits and elementals were turning their backs on the orcs, but that a new path to power had been found. Guldan promised Blackhand power and respect – he told Blackhand that he would be a member of the ruling elite, the secret Shadow Council he was assembling to rule Draenor. And Blackhand believed him. Blackhand eagerly ordered his shaman to train in the new magics and become warlocks, not realizing that Guldan subverted their loyalty. Blackhand eagerly accepted as Guldan manipulated the newborn Horde into selecting Blackhand as their new Warchief, their first Warchief. It never even occurred to Blackhand that Guldan was using him – after all, wasnt he Warchief? It never occurred to him that Guldan had chosen him for the position because of his strange gullibility, his eagerness to believe anything as long as it was flattering to him and his prowess.

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It seems that the SWTOR continues to push the bar of their developer’s input and feedback with developer blogs from their site. As of several days ago, one of the major writers for SWTOR story lines was featured swtor power leveling in their weekly ‘Meet the Developers’ blog, Hall Hood.

In the blog Hall fields a few general questions regarding his interests and elements of working for Bioware. Several teasers are offered in regards to up and coming stories in the game, each secured requiring a SWTOR log in to reveal.

Believe it or not, this is definitely a strong move in attempting to show the SWTOR community and players just how closely involved their developers are when it comes to the game they are providing. Following the questions you can even find a link to the forums where the community can query Hall directly.

This is a bold move in the strategy to ease any potential concerns as the FTP deadline continues to close in. With these types of blogs and opportunities to inquire their staff directly on the game and their involvement, Bioware reinforces the passion their developers have while making it known to their public. No MMORPG player could deny the security of being aware that the developers of the game share their enthusiasm and passions there for.

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ArcheAge with its launch updates has been available for European and American players now. To support your ArcheAge career, cheap ArcheAge gold with an exclusive coupon code has also hit the shelves on Cheapdiablo.


ArcheAge with its launch updates

The launch f ArcheAge has made players excited but upset in the past two days. What makes them excited is the amazing experience like they were waiting for, but what makes them upset is its capacities and AFK. To make the game better, the developer has made a promise for the following things.

First, more hardware is on its way to balance the launch popularity. They are aiming to transport physical servers for days, not weeks.

Second, AFKer will be swept aggressively, even manually when needed. During beta, the developer has claimed to tolerant AFK mount riding. But in future, players who are not actively playing might not be there when they get back. Moreover, a more aggressive AFK timer should be set up to suit to an over-popular launch.

In addition, they have talked about how customer service will be taking it up and the need for more and better communication.

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