As all you know, the hot wildstar game has been launched for a period, and many players are so interested in playing it that hardly every time they talk about it. Well, everything has its high peak time, so ws is! Recently, there is a heat discussion on forums about whether the game is deserved or how it will develop in 3 months later. Mainly two opinions are taken on. One is that ws will be the favorite game for them whenever. Another one is that they may not sure if they will play in the future.

The supportive gamers mainly tell their reasons for the following parts:
First, they really love the look of the game and how it plays. The leveling, the crafting and the housing system are all fun. The dungeons / raiding is extreme! Also, it has so many good things going for it. Ws always give them a relaxing and exciting feeling.
Second, it is all about attitude! They are confident in the game developer who has a responsibility to make the game playable and to give it as much potential for fun as possible. It is the players’ happy job to push that potential as far as he/she can and enjoy themselves while they play the game. For example, when the level up until 14, there is just a shiny new MMORPG but in comes the houses, a little further on and there are dungeons. It is really fun!

Some plays hold their skeptical opinions for these reasons:
On the one hand, it is a common sense that all games are going to lose their charm and polish after 3 months, and wildstar is no exception! There is no doubt some players will find some new to replace it.
One the other hand, some problems occur when some players play the game, which may influence their enthusiasm to play the game. For example, some players say they have played a number of other MMO’s (Wow, Rift, etc.) and this one frustrates the hell out of me sometimes. To them, the graphics are at best meh, and it’s very level-restricted (e.g. quite hard to take on something or something’s even one level above you. Sometimes you can’t even take out things Your Own Level!)

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