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Tons of new information about Galactic Strongholds have been offered for players about Swtor Galactic Strongholds, however, swtor2credits is wondering whether all fans will cherish such a precious chance to realize the dream of having a home in Galaxy. In order to have a customized home in Galaxy, what should we know about the Housing in swtor?

Early Access of Swtor Galactic Strongholds available for subscribers.

Since August 19th, 2014, swtor subscribers are able to fulfill their dreams of having their own home in Galaxy. Now with almost a week’s time, how about player’s Stronghold? According to players’ complaints and replies in communities and forums, it seems that some players are prevented from marching due to lack of sufficient swtor credits. To help other players with their housing, swtor2credits has summed up following tips for swtor.
Materials and decorations will cost too much.
To fully satisfy players’ great appeal to customize their own home, BioWare has offered players an incredible amount of decorations available and all kinds of ways to get them. However, if one prefer to craft all things by his own, this will be a too much trivial thing to do. Though they may not be that difficult, players have to spend a lot time in finishing all sorts of quests. If anyone plans to buy swtor credits directly, will be one of the best places.
Guild Flagships cost 50 million swtor credits.

Even though Bioware has taken guild into consideration for customizing their own gathering place by offering Guild Flagships, some smaller guilds fail to pay for this price for a special Flagships for their meetings. 50 million swtor credits is not a favorable price for small guild. But as long as the guild is big a bit, most players try to have one. The earlier they get one, the faster they win swtor credits back by conquering.
Do conquest for special perks and rewards.

Conquests are based on weekly objectives which are wrapped in a great variety of themes that give players new incentive to visit familiar places. Based on this, some of these objectives will require a well-rounded group to complete whereas other players can be done by themselves. However, once players compete an objective, they will earn points towards their conquest goal both on an individual basis, which helps them earn personal rewards, but also towards their Guild score and help their Guild climb the leaderboard.

All in all, as one has an ambitious dream on customizing a home at Galaxy, now with swtor housing, their dreams can be reached as long as they have achieved the above features. Swtor2credits is willing to help player with credits issues any time and will try to offer players more practical guides.


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For the first time in 12 years to return to the world cup fifa 15 coins after the first match Belgium’s credit. In this game, 2 substitutions of European Manchester United boss Sir Alex Will Motz to become the winner, but the win is Belgium in World Cup history second win, Brazil won the world cup in fifth popular refused to become unpopular hotbed. It is worth mentioning that, the game Belgium ball control rate as high as 67%.
This is the European United since 1966, the highest single game ball games in the World Cup: the highest previous rate for the 1994 World Cup match against Saudi Arabia 66.9%. Strong World Cup qualifying unbeaten start to the season and the team of super luxury line of attack to the world that the world cup will be DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED Belgium, but before the game’s World Cup winning odds display, Belgium is the world cup of the hot favourites. However, before the game, the bad news is the only in the league, summon wind and call for rain little Lukaku in the World Cup warm-up match is injured, but fortunately not serious. Come on the court, the Belgian stars as if lost in the iron bucket in Algeria in the first half, they are at the siege of the opponent, but there is no harvest, but Algeria uses the counter attack created a penalty, phenanthrene and point to kill Algeria to help fight the first grain of goal in World Cup finals since 1986 in Mexico after the world cup. Fortunately, the second half Will Motz wake up in time, the goal to win the game he put on United’s feilaini and .
This is Belgium near the 10 matches of the World Cup victory in second, although the team in the last 2 group stage unbeaten (1998 and 2002). But this victory is Belgium in World Cup history to win second times before reversal, Belgium in 21 games in the first goal, only a win. It is worth mentioning that, the game Belgium also created a record, they in the game ball control rate as high as 67%, this is the European United since 1966, the highest single game ball games in the world cup had the highest rate of — for the 1994 World Cup match against Saudi Arabia 66.9%. The Reds opened the world cup with a magical journey to inspire people’s victory.

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FIFA 15 will not contain Pro Clubs mode on Xbox 360 and PS3. Pro Clubs lets users create teams to participate in full 11-vs-11 online multiplayer matches.
The feature will be included in the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, but has been omitted from last-gen consoles due to hardware limitations.

EA Sports Said: “We’re very confident in the amount of innovation and depth we’re delivering for FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360, but there are some things we couldn’t do for FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360, either based on the limitations of these consoles, or our time and resources.” Most notably, Pro Clubs will not be a mode in FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

While some things have to move solely to the newer consoles, the EA Sports FIFA team bringing you a great football experience on PS3 and Xbox 360 have focused on gameplay innovation, Team Management, Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, and authentic leagues, teams, and kits that mirror the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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I’m writing this late on Sunday night, and I have some disappointing news: My Star Wars: The Old Republic guild did not make the top 10 on the planet we were attempting to conquer. It’s partly my fault; I happened to choose the planet that would be the most hotly contested. Who knew that other guilds would flock to Makeb when conquests went live?

It wasn’t all bad. In fact, I’d say that SWTOR kind of pulled our guild together a bit. We participated in content we hadn’t done in a long time. It was a rallying cry for us: “Hey, look, this stuff is fun, and you can still have fun doing it.” On top of that, it’s reintroduced the idea that open-world PvP is possible. But with all the good that it’s done — player housing, guild housing, and open-world PvP — there are somethings that have fallen short of what it could be.

I think the best way to explain is to tell you about my week.
Our guild is small. I don’t want to mislead you by saying that we are or even have a chance of being one of those top, world-first kinds of guilds. In fact, to call us months-behind would be kind. However, we are a group of players who like to play SWTOR, and we like to play it together. We are a bit older, but we aren’t above having fun and working hard to have that fun. And the fact that we are small makes the accomplishment of this week even more extraordinary.

Many of our guildies have credits: a lot of credits. Many of them could buy their own capital ship if they wanted. I like to think that my credits helped contribute to our guild’s being able to buy the guild capital ship, but realistically, I like the armor, pets, and weapons in the Cartel Packs too much to save my credits. I had to rely on my other guildies to buy the guild capital ship. However, I did my part, and I helped raise money for the guild.

Part of what I did was research conquests and the best way for our guild to participate in these activities. Each week, there will be a different set of planets to invade, and based on which planet the guild chooses, we gain a bonus to conquest missions and a boost in stats when on that planet. When my guild decided to invade Makeb, I received a substantial bonus to my health. I didn’t notice an increase in any other stat boosts, but that might be due to my being so close to the diminishing returns.

I sat near the command console of the flagship as my guild discussed which planet would be most beneficial for us to invade. Looking at the bonuses for conquest missions, I thought it appeared that Voss focused on crafting. In fact, its only bonuses were in crafting invasion supplies. Alderaan appeared to have the most bonuses for PvE and PvP. I counted 10 different bonuses for flashpoints, warzones, and world boss slaying, among others. Makeb, on the other hand, gave one bonus to crafting and nine others in PvE and PvP. I believed, and others in the guild agreed with me, that we had enough crafters in the guild to make the crafting bonuses worthwhile. So when our guild leader logged on, we invaded Makeb and started to do conquest missions.

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Do you know next time SWTOR PTS comes up, it will be with Flagships and Conquests ready for testing? Have you got enough swtor credits to ready for experiencing SWTOR PTS by your awesome starships?

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One of the best-selling sports simulation games, FIFA, is now set to release its 15th installment on Sept. 23 for the North American region and Sept. 25 for the Europe region. Different countries will have different launching dates but by early October, FIFA 15 will be available all over the world. EA Sports executive David Rutter said during the E3 2014 presentation of the game that FIFA 15 will be more immersing and life-like as on-screen players will now be showing more of emotional intelligence which the last series was devoid of.

“We want our fans to feel the highs and lows of the drama that is football, and experience the emotional rollercoaster that plays out during a match,” Rutter said. “We’re now able to immerse you in the game and let the story of the match unfold based on new commentary, crowd activity, and the natural reactions of the players, which make every game unique.”

Meanwhile, reported regarding the confirmation EA Sports released indicating that PS3 and Xbox 360 handlers won’t be able to enjoy the Pro Clubs Mode.Pro Clubs has been a mainstay feature from previous series where players can join or create a club for an 11 versus 11 online gameplay.

The Bounty Hunter target system is in full wings. Before it hits to Old School RunScape, the developers push out a poll about the changes of Bounty Hunter system and the rewards working with Bounty Hunter. What would you like to see in Bounty Hunter, Dragon Claws or Brawlers?


Changes on Bounty Hunter

Philosophy. To avoid a system to be farmed and carry potential danger to undermine the wilder game, Jagex decides to apply for alternative rewards, which will never reward those not engaging in serious PvP blindly.

Possible solutions. Emblems will be the only currency accepted by PvP store. They are dropped by your target when you successfully score a kill. You can also exchange them with points at PvP store.

Besides, both items to benefit skillers and PvMers and that for PKers should be displayed in the shop although the content is cuntered around the Wilderness.

What’s more, every time you succeed kill a target, your Emblems will be upgraded into a larger, more valuable one. Upgraded emblems will be worth more points at the PvP store. Dying whilst in possession of an upgraded emblem will reward the successor with your emblem, so it’s time to balance ability against greed.

What rewards should match with these changes

For the above changes of Bounty Hunter, players have listed some items to respond to developers’ call, including Dragon Claws and Brawlers.

Most of them show that they don’t mind Dragon Claws, but Brawlers should be cut down. Dragon Claws hit a little more than AGS generally, so people would like to rush with Claws. However, skillers in OSRS refuse to Brawlers, because extra XP spoils the game, and makes the game easier.

What would you like to see in PvP store? And what rewards do you expect to drop from your target? Anyway, you can buy RuneScape 07 gold cheap at for Bounty Hunter rewards at any time, and enjoy triple reward points.

For fans of the upcoming ‘FIFA 15,’ now is the cheapest fifa 15 coins time to check your Origin associated email account. Electronic Arts is having a closed beta for ‘FIFA 15′ on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Earlier today, EA sent out beta invites for FIFA Ultimate Team, Clubs, and Seasons modes.

The invites are restricted to a specific mode on a specific console and cannot be transferred. While many fans have likely not yet realized they are in the beta, those that have checked and have not received an invite will have to wait until the demo is released.

From Rob Hodson, Community Manager for EA Sports, “Some FAQ – invites are already sent via email. I can’t change anything about the invite.

Goal-line tech is a corrective measure FIFA implemented in the 2014 World Cup to compensate for the disproportionate impact referee error has on a soccer game. In video games, however, errors don’t really exist — unless they’re made to exist, like they do in Madden — so reviewing a ball’s path after a close call with the goal-line isn’t at all necessary.

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The Elder Scrolls Online will launch Update 4 this September, which includes Upper Craglorn as a new Trial, and Dragonstar Arena. For this update, majority of players have a doubt about the grouping and Justice System. ZOS has made replies to these questions.

New challenges in ESO Update 4


Update 4 continues the mysterious tale of Craglorn, but there are some significant changes on the Adventure Zone. One is a new Trial, Upper Craglorn that awaits you and your friends. Another is a new kind of challenge for your group: the Dragonstar Arena is ready to put the toughest heroes to the test.

Note that Update 4 will be available this September.


Question 1: will the difficulty to find three other people for questing be resolved?


Most players claimed that finding a group made them crazy, but Update preview video didn’t mention it. In grouping, players should find 3 other people at the same step in the exact same quest to complete it. When the stars align finds 4 people in exact sync, it should be cool. But in most cases, it is very hard to fulfill it. An Upper Craglorn with 4-player quests should be cool, but it is frustrating to continue to use the current questing or grouping system.


For this issue, ZOS has hinted that some grouping improvements will come into Update 4 and v1.4.0 will give you a better answer. But no one can say for sure that the grouping system in an Upper System will be changed.


Question 2: will a justice system or PvP update be introduced?


Recently, the loot in ESO is lackluster, and usually, character progression stops once you have the skills you want. Out of this reason, a stable justice system, or a champion system, or PvP update should be introduced in Update 4.


An employee of ZOS has announced that there will be an arena for the inbalanced pointless PvP.


As the new trial and Dragonstar Arena are added in Adventure Zone, ESO should be cool. If the developers can improve the systems of grouping and loot, this game should be cooler. It should be coolest for players to enjoy the new content with cheap Elder Scrolls Online gold for sale at esocheapgold.


In WildStar, each character can choose a Path before creating, currently the Path is divided into 4 kinds: Explorer, Scientist, Settler, Soldier.

Each path direction has different characteristics, but unfortunately we can only choose one, wildstar gold for Sale to help you do the best choice.

Explorer Skills

Explorer skills are personal skills, it can be said that it is for players who like to explore the game alone, these skills will allow you to go where other players can not go, watch the other players can not see the scenery, and the task of the path is very challenging, you need to try on a variety of jumps to complete the task, you will need to spend more time completing a task than any other path, but also more fun. But Air Brakes this skill allows you to show some ability in the field PVP and PVE, such as you are being killed by a player, there is a wall in the front, you can easily jump over, players can only give up. For another example, you are hunted to the edge of a cliff, you can easily use this skill to defuse fall injury, if the enemy also jumped, must be death.

Scientist Skills

HolographicDistraction, if you are being chased, ran into monster group with this skill, then you can make monsters behind you to attack your enemies, then you kill each other in the back, declare that i didn’t escape, is a policy!

Create Portal-Capital City this skill can help you quickly return to the main city, it is a very handy skill, because in the WildStar, use the skills back to the city is no way to return to their home for you.

Summon Group is a very cool skill, if you and your teammates are on the same large map, you can easily put everyone together, for example in the field you met a very strong boss, you can not solo alonr, so you shouted, “God, give me a few friends!” believe in God, he will fulfill your desire.

Settler Skills

Settler is the only path has four skills, is it unfair?

Settler skills can only show a slogan: the world is my home!

With these skills, you can easily sell your own items in the wild or in the copy, want to get the mail, get rare materials to make the equipment, call a production platform for you to use. Even more jealous in some wild camp, you can also build the bank, and various other buff addition, in which build the bank would bring a very serious impact in the banking monopoly in the main city, if you continue to use, may will be wanted, because you are undocumented!

Soldier Skills

Soldier? whren heard the name, feel it is like born to fight, and the fact that is true, but unfortunately can not use all the skills in pvp, but in pve it is still very awesome.

Back into the Fray, whether you are as a tank or dps, use this skill in time, is your second life, I think, it is fine if this skill can be automatically released.

Bail Out! Battlefield attack nirvana, a person secretly went behind enemy positions and then summon up all his teammates, only once 40 people, not greedy, do what you want to do.

Combat Supply Drop this skill is born for combat, weapons optional package has a variety of skills, including injury, dizziness, etc., the only regret is that it has the time limit after equipped with these skills, the same with buff.

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World of Warcraft will turn 10 this year, and it becomes more and more popular with its new expansion, Warlords of Draenor. At this stage, Blizzard’s Tome Chilton has announced, WOW 2 has taken into consider for a decade.

World of Warcraft 2 may scatter WOW players

For most MMO games, the developers always choose to implement new content, rather than launch a sequel. And there is no exception for Blizzard. However, Tom Chilton has claimed that they are considering introducing a sequel of WOW.

But it is obvious that things are more complicate than on face value as Tom Chilton said, “It’s something we have talked about for ten years. I think that there are a lot of challenges there in seeing how World of Warcraft II relates to World of Warcraft, do they live alongside each other, does one feed into the other, what is that product, etc. These are challenges that have to be figured out before that becomes a reality.”

Favorite content and areas in WOW

With the coming of WOW ten-anniversary, a survey is made to collect what impressed players and what bothered them in WOW. It is more a survey and prediction for WOW 2 than a retrospect and summary of World of Warcraft in the past ten years.

According to the survey, much more players are obsessed with WOW questing and raid. Certainly, these two contents are distinct so each player can find anyone he likes without overlap. Besides, it still has so many areas in game that they always return back, like Howling Fjord, Stormwind of course, and Uldum. In general, WOW is recognized by major players so that WOW 2 is worth to be expected.

Exploit a path based on what players like

On the basis of the survey, the developers should be clear what players like and what players hate. Thus, they can optimize this thread, and make WOW 2 interact WOW content. it sounds simple, but it’s hard to come true .

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