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Since the launch of WildStar, two main patches have been released, one is Strain Drop and another is Daggerstone Pass. Based on the content of the previous patches, what is the next patch about? Buy cheap wildstar gold, you can choose

First Patch: Dailies and Story

The first patch about Strain Drop focuses on daily quests and storylines in Wildstar. New zone, Blighthaven was opened up. Here, adventurers tried their best to defend the tower Grove, and fought against the Strain-corrupted Elyona the Mad.

Besides, by daily quests, players can unlock new Strain-themed gear, housing items, costumes and mounts. It is a real interesting thing to hunt dye and decorate characters every day.
The practice of re-using old starting areas as reputation zones is clever enough to merit praise. If you haven’t seen Northern Wild, it should be a good chance to revisit it and imagine how marvelous it shined in the past.

Second Patch: battleground and tweaks

The second patch mainly introduced Daggerstone Pass. Even Sabotage, a new battleground match-type, is added in this new 15 vs 15 battleground. Obviously, that battleground is important for the people who live and breathe PvP, rather than all WildStar players. Besides, Carbine has made some bug fixes and several balance tweaks, instead of game changers.

Generally speaking, this update includes a new battleground and some tweaks, which is more like a tuneup than a full patch.

Future patch: a new expansion?

It seems WildStar’s patches are going with being small and quick, thus far launching about once per month, rather than big patches that are laden with new stuff to do. Actually, no one has promised a patch every month. Given this situation, I fully expect a new expansion would be launched in the next patch, which involves adventure, dungeon, and small-group stuff. No one knows what is in the next patch, but time will discover everything.

Anyway, the upcoming patch will be a new start for Wildstar. What content do you think will appear in the next WildStar Patch? If it involves a new expansion, I believe most players will take enough cheap wildstar gold to adventure it without any hesitation!

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After months of anxious waiting intelligent game arena finally open beta, Chinese style architecture scene, traditional clothing accessories that have made Runescape emitting a strong martial arts style. In addition to the distinctive game play, beautiful picture, Runescape as well as set various suction striking detail, let us work together to Fun Runescape quack Runescape it.

With intelligent online Runescape open beta , open beta activity in the region every day fun. All online players at the beginning of each day on the line, will be able to participate in activities sign , sign celebrating after receiving a beta package , open the package you can get beta medals and other objects , measured by using a different number of medals , they can not exchange value etc.

At the time of the completion of daily tasks , you can get text boxes , and then open the gift box can randomly get one Celebratedness arena Niece Runescape five words , as long as the assembly of five characters will be able to award-winning according to the word of a different quality , exchange of gifts is different, by combining five words , get a different quality package .

Fifa 14 Ultimate Team has the mode where players can buy cards representing players and assemble your own team. You can even customize the teams with uniforms and stadiums. Learn to change the numbering and beaters fault your team.

Step 1: Have logged in Ultimate Team, go to the “Castings” tab and select your team (Eenco Assets).
Step 2: On the screen with your training, press Y / Triangle to open the “Actions Casting” menu.

Step 3: Select “Functions of Players” to change collectors fouls, corner kicks and penalties the team.

Step 4: Now select those responsible for the charges of each of the options.

Step 5: Back in stock, select “Uniform Numbers” menu.

Step 6: Now change the shirt number of the player you want. Note that if you choose a number already used by another at; eta, the second will receive another numbering automatically.

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Uruguay has begun to consider the bid to host the 2030 World Cup. England have been hoping to host the Fifa World Cup again, but the 2018 and 2022 Fifa World Cup will be held in Russia and Qatar, and the United States is determined to win the bid to host the 2026 Fifa World Cup, held in accordance with the principle of rotation of continents, England wants to host the World Cup second earliest to wait until 2034, but even if you want to bid for the 2034 Fifa World Cup, England is facing fierce competition another candidate countries.

Uruguay, the first World Cup in 1930 as the host country and the world champion, has been held for nearly a century no Fifa World Cup. Uruguay is the problem facing this country is too small, they only 3.3 million people, Uruguay and Argentina are considering a joint bid.
According to foreign media reports, local 13, 2009, Argentina lost to Germany in the Fifa 14 World Cup finals. Although the national team failed to clinch the trophy, but that evening, in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina fans still took to the streets to celebrate Argentina’s wonderful performance in the Fifa 14 World Cup. However, the day of the rally was part of the fan interference; Argentine police used tear gas and other tools to control rioters.

On the day of peaceful assembly, some fan trouble riots. Reported that the fans are mostly young troublemakers, as control of the situation, the Argentine police fired tear gas to troublemakers and rubber bullets. The rioters threw stones to the police then and destroy street stores, and even broke into a theater.

Argentine Police said 20 policemen were injured in the riots in the day, police arrested at least 60 people, Although Argentina did not win in this Fifa World Cup, but the Argentine soccer fans but then their heroes gave great support. In the day’s activities, there are fans of Argentina said that Argentina played a first-class level in the Fifa 14 World Cup, Argentines have no regrets. is your best site to buy fifa coins and learn latest fifa 15 news.

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Expected for the month of September, the game “FIFA 15″ is expected to attract a wide audience with a further improved engine and especially the new very attractive.

If there will be many new features in “FIFA 15″, the focus will be more than ever on realism and emotion. An idea that will make it even more exciting and immersive game.

Emotions in the heart of the game
Thus, if a player continues to tackle another their relationship is negative, as the players of a team can be proud of a teammate who almost scored a goal. Conversely, if a player misses too many opportunities, it annoy her playmates short, emotional reactions that can affect the game, and especially make it even more believable and realistic. Ten new celebrations are also present in the game, to celebrate the goals and victories teams.

No fewer than 600 emotional animations will be offered to players in “FIFA 15″, which is already a beautiful palette. The game will be so intense that more and more lively. Icing on the cake, even substitutes on the bench will be entitled to their own emotions. What total.

Wildstar actually has two kinds of auction houses. One covers items like armor, weapons, and decor items. While the other covers commodities and materials. Plus there is the market for buying and selling game time.
Buy low and sell high
The unique thing about the auction house system is that it doesn’t tell you what everyone is selling an item for. I once purchased an item for 6 gold, then found out the next highest price was for 45 gold. It’s a big risk, but can turn a profit.

Lowball the competition
This is a risk, but can pay off greatly. If you see an expensive item up for sale, post the same item up at a greatly reduced price. If you are lucky, someone could list the same item to undercut you. You can buy the item, cancel your auction, and list both at the higher price.

Buy an entire commodity
This will allow you to raise the price really high on the item, and people will buy it up if it’s in demand. You may sink a lot of money in this, but could turn a tidy profit in return. I normally wouldn’t recommend this, but the system is easy to manipulate in Wildstar.

Focus on the customization
One of the biggest money sinks in this game is how you can customize your house, your appearance, and even your mount. People will spend lots of money to get the best things for this. So focus on those categories if you want to make the most money. Another thing about decor items is that people mistakenly list stacks of an decor item on there, not realizing they did so. You can buy a stack of one decor item and vendor it for profit, or sell the item one at a time on the auction house.

Buy and sell CREDD
CREDD is the only legitimate way to spend real money on in game currency. If you plan to play for the long haul, you can buy and sell CREDD to earn money in game. This is risky, as the market can go high then bottom out. However, you could earn a lot of wildstar gold in game or be able to pay for your subscription using CREDD.

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To place order at Gold4fans, most people are confused where to get the relevant information about players, and what to do to make order completed quickly. Actually, before your order is completed, you should follow these 2 steps.


Step 1: List a player on Transfer Market at the FIFA WebApp


Before you place order at gold4fans, you should list a player you want to sell on Transfer Market at the FIFA WebApp.

1. Open the FIFA WebApp and log in your account.

2. Click the tab “My Club” and “Player”, and then choose a player you want to sell. Usually, players marked Bronze should be picked up.

3. After deciding which player you will sell, you should click “List on Transfer Market”. Here, you had better write down the player’s name for the later use.

4. After that, a new window will pop out, where you must type Start Price, Buy Now Price and Transfer Duration.

Buy Now Price refers to the amount of coins you will order.

Start Price can be typed freely, but it is better for you to use a number below Buy Now Price.

Transfer Duration must be 3 days.

5. After everything done, you should click “OK” to list your player on Transfer Market.


Step 2: Place order at Gold4fans


After you list on a player on Transfer Market, you can place order at Gold4fans for the cheapest Fifa 14 coins.

1. Add the right products into your cart

When you come to the check out page, you should check whether you have chosen the right platform at the top of the page, because there are a variety of platforms to choose from. And then, fill the relevant information in the blanks. Note that Character name should be the player name you listed on Transfer Market.

2. To make your order completed quickly, you should contact our Live Help after submitting your order. On one hand, we need more details about the player you listed, including FUT NameAuction Duration and Player Score, because the more details you offer, the faster we can find your player and the quicker your order will be completed. Note that FUT name should be the name you choose for your club. On the other hand, you can confirm the products you have picked up so that we can deliver it to the right person.


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Two batches of FIFA 14 Summer Transfer ended already, But Suarez was still at Liverpool at FIFA 14. What’s worse, John Henry claimed the time was right to sell Luis Suarez. Will there be a third batch of this transfer? If there is, would Suarez be in it?

The second of FIFA 14 Summer Transfer end on July 24

Alexis Sunchez as the first transferred players has been transferred to Arsenal. His card read that he was given an upgrade from an 82 to an 86.

At the end of the second batch of this transfer, James Rodriguez to Real Madrid, Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal FC and Lewandowski to Bayern Munich are now all live. It means that you can pick up these players at their new clubs with cheap FIFA Ultimate Team coins.

The full list of players has been revealed. But it seems it is incomplete, for example, EA has moved Adam Lallana to Liverpool following his transfer, but we can’t see the same for Rickie Lambert who still has a Southampton card, and Luke Shaw to Manchester United while Rickie Lambert still hold his old card.

Luis Suarez Barcelona FUT transfer delayed

Yesterday, EA posted that the second batch of Summer Transfers was live, and that ToniKroos, jamesdrodriguez, MarioMandzukic9, and more players would be in it. But how about Luis Suarez?

As we all know, Suarez has been banned for four months, because he bite Italian striker. Due to his ban, he cannot play in any stadium, and haven’t got a formal player signing from Barcelona.

Now, it seems EA are delaying his FIFA 14 Summer transfer update, and his Ultimate Team cards are still highlighted as a Liverpool FC player, not Barcelona. However, there is still no any statement from EA on when Suarez will make the transfer.

John Henry breaks silence on Suarez

It is pity that Luis Suarez still holds his card as a Liverpool FC player. What’s worse, Liverpool owner John Henry has claimed that it is time to sell Suarez
The 64-year-old said: “It was time for Luis and time for the club to make a break. He brought so much to the club but we brought a lot to Luis.”

Since some players haven’t been transferred, it might be a third batch for transfer. Anyway, all fans can buy FUT 14 coins cheap at gold4fans to pick up the transferred players from their new clubs.

Electronic Arts unveiled that FC Barcelona and Argentina star Leo Messi will be the cover athlete for FIFA 15.

The 27-year-old just finished competing in the World Cup fifa 15 coins , where Argentina fell to Germany in Brazil in the finals. The forward is returning for the cover of FIFA 15, previously serving as the star athlete for the sports series on FIFA Street, FIFA 13, and FIFA 14. He also has been an EA Sports football ambassador since 2011.

Messi’s career is full of unbelievable stats , including five World Cup goals, 243 goals for FC Barcelona, and three European League titles. He also has been awarded the FIFA Ballon d’Or four times.

FIFA 15 is scheduled to launch September 23 in North America, September 25 in Europe, and September 26 in the UK. is your best site to buy fifa 14 ultimate team coins and learn latest fifa 15 news.

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When it comes to leveling quickly in WildStar, all classes will have a fair shot at leveling efficiently either solo or with teammates. Due to the solid trinity system that’s in place, some classes and specs will level quicker than others. In general, healers and tanks will level slower than DPS specs due to killing speed and recovery time in between combat. However this difference is minor in WildStar, but still fairly noticeable. Buy wildstar gold, you can choose

Every class in WildStar has a DPS spec that’s capable of performing competently in all forms of PvE and PvP gameplay options. All DPS specs should level at roughly the same speed, largely depending on what type of DPS build is used. All DPS builds should have a survivability or utility ability or two in order to prepare for worst case scenarios and avoid dying as it slows down leveling significantly.

In WildStar, questing give more exp than grinding mobs. The stalkers might have a slight edge on this due to the fact that stealth allows them to avoid a large percentage of combat making they could complete each quest faster than other classes. On the other hand, other classes will gain more EXP comparatively due to the EXP provided by killing extra enemies. All in all, Stalkers will definitely have a slight edge.

Tank and healer roles will be able to level fairly quickly when playing smartly and either grouping up with other players or using a build that allows them more versatility. Tanks and healers will also be able to pull larger packs of enemies and use area-of-effect abilities to kill at a quick rate despite killing single target mobs a little slower.

DPS players who choose to pick up multiple area-of-effect abilities like Warriors and Engineers will also be able to level extremely quickly. By pulling multiple packs of enemies and utilizing a little crowd control such as stuns, mobs will die fast. Due to the fact that each class is fairly limited as far as abilities are concerned, the classes that will level the quickest will be played by players selecting the strongest leveling builds.

There is no definite answer to the question of which class will level the quickest in WildStar. Instead, all classes will be able to level quickly when using the right role as well as the right build. When in doubt, experiment with the abilities you use to find the right build that works for you and your playstyle.

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