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Take enough FIFA Ultimate Team coins at gold4fans for the coming of Pepe. On Monday’s World Cup Group game, Portugal defender Pepe received a red card because he head-butted Germany striker Thomas Mueller. Followed with this conflict, fans found Pepe as an in-game character in FIFA 14.

Timeline of Pepe’s football career

Pepe, named Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira is a Brazil-born football player, but he works for Portugal national team and Real Madrid in La Liga as a central defender.

Pepe has represented Portugal to play at two World Cups and two European. In his football career, his violent conduct led to a series of incidents in the past few years. In a La Liga match against Getafe in April 2009, he played for Real Madrid and earned a 10-game ban. When playing against Getafe 2 – 2, Pepe pushed Francisco Casquero with three minutes left, and the referee gave a penalty. He kicked Casquero on the ground, and then gave a pouch on the midfielder’s back. Afterwards, he struck another Getafe player in the face.

Except for those, he also had a red card in 2011 Champions League semi-final against Bacelona, and in 2012, another Real-Barca game, he was condemned strongly because he stamped on Lionel Messi’s hand.

Aggressive behavior to Mueller on June 16, 2014

Monday, Pepe, one of the key members in Portugal national team had a conflict with German forward Thomas Mueller in the 38th minutes.

Pepe pushed down Mueller, and then reached over to head-butt him when Mueller was sitting down on the ground. Finally, Mueller got a left-footed goal to break down the Portugal defense, and Germany won this match with 3 – 0. Pepe received a red-card suspension at last. More importantly, the U.S. game against Portugal is on Sunday in Manaus.

Bad behavior vs enduring moments in World Cup

In the history of World Cup, there were many enduring moments created by bad behavior. Diego Maradona with his “Hand of God” performed his skills well in 1986 World Cup although he got a red card in 1982. Besides, Zinedine Zidane was popular among all over the world. But it is pity that he was forced to leave the field because of a head-butt red card.

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Luckily, like with just about every RPG game, there is a way to grind your levels fast. It’s not the most fun thing in the world because you’ll have to sacrifice looking into the many different features and gameplay elements that come in the way, but it’s something most of us want to do out of necessity – perhaps it’s just the desire of stability embedded in the nature of nearly everything in existence.

If you want to level up fast, you need to make sure you aren’t wasting time doing the following:
PvP Games

Completing all the quests and path objectives in the starting zones of your faction will guarantee you reaching level 6. From there onwards, you will travel to Celestion (Exile) or Ellevar (Dominion) depending on your faction, after which things will be in your hands.

Once you are in these places, avoid all Paths, Crafting, Challenges, and even most of the Tasks here.The amount of World Story, Zone Story, and Regional Events on offer will be adequate enough to give you plenty of experience, and indulging yourself in these “extra-curricular activities” will only eat up time and slow down your leveling process – save them for once you’ve reached level 50.
While adventuring through Southern Grimvault, players will come across 7 rare mobs. After defeating all rares, you will complete achievement “I like it rare: Malgrave” listed under Achievement ? Kill ? Malgrave. In the table below, you’ll find the list of all rare mobs available in Southern Malgrave zone, their spawn locations, and possible loot.

Stonegut:Coordinates: 1451, 3359 Level 41, 126k HP, a large turtle. Like any other type of this creature it has an instant telegraphs and melee attacks. If you keep moving in circle around the mob, you can avoid all his telegraphs and soak only melee damage. This shouldn’t make a problem, as he tends to cast telegraphs more often. You can burst him down without healing potions.

Savageclaw:Coordinates: 1270, 3756 Level 42, 111k HP, a powerful rare mob. He has strong melee attacks and telegraphs. Keep circling around him to avoid his powerful melee telegraphs. He also tends to jump onto player’s location with ability Undermine.


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It’s time to bring some updates for old school rs. Since the summer is now coming, a summer event will be necessary. This week, you will be able to enjoy a monster update and a host of new features from old school midsummer event, and a bunch of cheap rs07 gold from RSorder.

Join OSRS Midsummer Event to land Taverley druids a hand

Over the next two weeks, the Taverley druids are going to need a helping hand for dealing with all sorts of evil spirits to protect the nature of old school. So head over to Kaqemeex in Taverley to take part in the Midsummer Event, and check back every day to take on the daily challenges.
If you have ever had the urge to hug a tree, this is your chance to really show them some love and save them. Besides, as long as you show some support to Kaqemeex, you may get yourself some rewards.

More and more rewards on old school rs

osrs rewards

For encouraging you in rs07, Jagex has prepared a bunch of new rewards for you.
Firstly, the wilderness bosses are now a lot more rewarding, including a significant buff to their drop tables, as well as some brand new loots; The Treasonous ring, Tyrannical Ring and Ring of the Gods. If you are yet to try taking on Venenatis, Callisto or Vet’ion, gear up and give it a go!
Secondly, old school clue is also going to offer some new rewards for you. For example, the Rangers’ tunic and Holy sandals are now available as a reward from elite and medium clue scrolls respectively.
At last, the Kalphite Queen has undergone some royal surgery and now offers a much more rewarding range of drops so pop down to the hive and pays her a visit.

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EA Sports FIFA 14 have revealed their Premier League team of the season which includes three Liverpool players and two from Man City. As well as making the Team of the Season, Daniel Sturridge has been revealed to be the highest scoring Premier League player in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team with 34,800,362 goals.

Sturridge’s strike partner Luis Suárez is the 10th highest scoring player with 13,065,556 goals. Second place in the goal-scoring charts went to Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o with 30,578,146 goals.Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke (26,382,579 goals), Newcastle United’s Loïc Rémy (21,366,615 goals) and Chelsea’s Fernando Torres (20,093,762 goals) make up the remaining places in the Top 5 of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team top goal-scorers chart.

Starting line-up

Petr Cech, Leighton Baines, Vincent Kompany, Per Mertesacker, John Terry, Eden Hazard, Yaya Toure, Steven Gerrard, Aaron Ramsey, Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge

Substitutes & Reserves

David Marshall, Seamus Coleman, Azpilicueta, Adam Lallana, David Silva, Raheem Sterling, Sergio Agüero

Recently, “Wild Planet” (WildStar) project executive director Jeremy Gaffney accepted the media interview, in which he on the current game player game psychology to answer, said the game player is more care about is the end result, the game process is good or not is not important, even negligible.

Jeremy Gaffney said: “the game,a task is fun, but rewarding experience less; and another will be boring, but able to reward a lot of experience. The final result is, game player will choose the latter. Usually it is game player, a fun task, will lose interest, but to get the full level, they will be unlimited to do the reward a lot of experience value of boring tasks, even if the task is to make their own game character fan mouth, they also not to hesitate to.”

Jeremy Gaffney also said: “take the game achievement for example. Game player cares most about is the total achievement points directly, and this is the current game market. I think, compared to explore a game, game player more enjoy watching his total achievement points to improve. This increase will make game player feel ‘himself more and more Niubi. is your best site to buy widstar gold ,wildstar powerleveling and wildstar CD Key.

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Build Analysis:
Skill 1 can move to heal and regenerate Psi.
Skill 2 is the powerful single healing skill for Esper. Skill 2 and Skill 8 can help you one player has full blood life under three people attacks
Skill 3,4,5 belong to the control skills which can assist allies. For example,to help player attack enemies and steal mask.
Skill 6 is powerful AOE healing skills, most treatment 10 people.
Skill 7 not only can cause damage but also can heal, and it can regenerate Psi.
Skill 8 has additional shield to absorb damage, it is very strong powerful!

Well, please ignore mine Skill AMP. I’m the poor guy can’t afford it!

As from the latest news of Wildstar developer Carbine, the first free content update is coming in the first week of July. Titled “The Strain” the update would bring an intelligent virus sweep the planet Nexus and will include the new zone.

Content Preview:
* New Zone, Blighthaven: A massive new zone that includes Cankertube swamp and the Gastrointestinal terrors of the Globellum!
* New Solo Content: a new group event like a tower defense game (Guardians of the Grove) and a dungeon-like area for group combat called The Nursery that includes a Boss fight against the Strain-corrupted Elyona the Mad.This boss has a number of adds and phases, but was ultimately designed for casual parties.
* Players will also unlock new Strain-themed gear, housing items, costumes and mounts.
* Players will be able to revisit areas from Nexus that have been drastically altered, and Northern Wilds becomes Northern Wastes and is now a crash site.

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Since the release of the rs 2007 gold legacy mode beta, lots of people have experienced that and offered their opinions. According to the feedbacks of you guys, Jagex has now released a bunch of updates for legacy mode beta. After those updates, a poll will be run, asking whether Legacy Mode should be added into the live game. Are you ready to vote?

Updates for legacy mode beta based on your feedback
According to your feedbacks, Jagex has fixed a number of bugs, such as the granite maul special can no longer be stacked for a series of rapid uses, also potions can now be drunk below their Herblore requirements by boosting the stat etc.
Besides, you can now enjoy a Legacy-only beta world: 211, and chatbox transparency can now be customized in Legacy Mode.
Along with all those hardware support, Jagex also turned off monster aggression for now. They are still looking at alternatives in the future. As the experiment, the wilderness combat levels will display in the 126+12 format. At last, recent armour tier changes have been reverted, while they’ll continue to monitor this.

The final legacy mode beta improvements for a full launch
Since lots of players are looking forward to the final legacy beta, Jagex is trying their best to make things better and better for a full launch.
Firstly, they will try to fix any remaining bugs, including lag experienced when switching armour and weapons, adrenaline potions not always returning special attack energy and so on.
Secondly, on the one hand, for legacy players, they will try to create alternate set of old icons for Prayers & Curses for Legacy, and introduce more of the old style combat animations for Legacy players. On the other hand, for EoC players, they will improve EoC prayer and curse icons particularly for Soul Split’s, and maybe even make Legacy-style interfaces available to EoC players as a selectable option in EoC Mode.

The poll for legacy will be run on Monday 23rd June
As long as you have experienced the legacy mode beta, you must have an idea in your mind. Now, it’s your turn to decide.
From Monday 23rd June,rs 2007 gold  a poll will be run, asking whether Legacy Mode should be added into the live game, and free players with accounts created before January 2013 and all runescape members will be able to vote. Runescape is now depending on you.

2014 Brazil World Cup Group D started fifa 14 coins for sale the final round group match, 1-0 victory over Uruguay, Italy, the final 2-1 team ranked second round of 16. The game, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez once again become the focus, he staged an amazing scene mouth to bite again with the Italian team Chilliness dispute.

78 minutes into the game, fighting each other inside the penalty area Chilliness Suarez and suddenly his head hit the other side of the left shoulder, left arm lift Chilliness way to get rid of a pair of straight sore Suarez then cover face to the ground. Slow motion replays showed Suarez hit with the teeth initiative Chilliness left shoulder, Italy Sweetie also showed the teeth marks on the left sleeve pulled down, but the referee Marco – Rodriguez is only awarded a free kick in Italy and no showdown.

According to FIFA’s latest news, FIFA Disciplinary Committee has turned to “Suarez bite incident,” the survey program, Uruguay must submit relevant evidence before 17:00 local time on Wednesday. The findings and decisions of FIFA must be made whether or not the punishment before Saturday Uruguay and Colombia Team 1/8 finals.

If FIFA finds Suarez bite is cheapest fifa 14 coins for sale correct, Suarez will face at least two games, suspensions of up to two years.

FIFA 15, FIFA 14′s successor, could not have one of the functions of FIFA fans have for years called: a dynamic weather . Not what we say but the portal What Culture! in an interesting report that instead of highlighting what it does have FIFA 15 highlights those “failures” of FIFA 14 which seems to have returned to obviate.

This is a report created from the lack of information. Logical reasoning is the following: if FIFA 15 had a changing time (among other things), EA Sports would have mentioned it at every opportunity he has had to list the new features of FIFA 15.

If we go to the official website of FIFA 15, we find the following important news:

Agility, control and right contacts
Authentic visual aspect for footballers
Dynamic Submission Match
Emotional Intelligence
A living countryside
Battles man-against-man
Team tactics

Graphically it is stressed that the players have a realistic appearance that the public will behave in a credible and that the presentation will attempt to be truthful to look like they’re on a real football field. No sign of the time.

The story of What Culture! also argues that a graphical aspect of this caliber should have been reflected in the first video of FIFA 15. did not happen.

“The video has made ??us believe that FIFA 15 will have the same layout as while FIFA 14., That is, the time will be or endless rain for 90 minutes and a cloudless sky. With so much emphasis is put to the realism of the game, not surprisingly, has implemented a more dynamic range of times. ”

Obviously EA Sports could confirm at any time that the time FIFA 15 is realistic. But it is unlikely. As an example let us look at Forza Horizon 2, a game exclusive to Xbox One first introduces a changing series in its time. It was one of the first improvements mentioned in your presentation.

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It is because under the that EA SPORTS is something very big success. In “FIFA 15″ UEFA Champions League, Europe League and Copa Libertadores will be there according to rumors. The licenses had it up to now with the Konami PES series. The contract between the competitions and Konami has now expired this year and there was so far no evidence of a contract extension from the Japanese company.

At this point, UEFA and CONMEBOL decided to negotiate with EA SPORTS and apparently an agreement for the next three seasons has been decided.

This would mean that with EA SPORTS “FIFA 15″ the No. 1 Soccer Game would bring on the market and Konami’s PES series would lose significant market share.

Officially, the message has not yet been confirmed, so this is yet to be treated with caution.