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Ever heard of a famous Runescape player named Zezima? Zezima is one of the most well-known players on Runescape. I’m going to show you some simple steps to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold becoming famous, just like Zezima. Here are some tips from some people that are way up there on the popularity charts.

Myths: Myths are a big part of being famous. What you do is make a account, or get a friend to make up a magnificent myth about you, then tell a whole bunch of people in-game and on the forums. Make it believable, so people might think your telling the truth. This works very well because this is one of the first parts of getting your self noticed. This will not happen in a day, so be patient.

Pk Videos: Ah yes. Pk videos. Pking, (Player Killing) is a great way to rise up and become famous. If your good at pking, might as well use it to your advantage right? So what you want to do is record yourself killing some players in the wilderness, or what ever. Then post them on Youtube with a real catchy title and great tags so people can find your video easily.

Bank Vidoes: Bank videos are also a great way to get famous. If your really rich and have a lot of money, then a bank video is the way to go for you. All you have to do is basically film yourself slowly going through your most valued positions. You will attract a LOT of attention very fast.

Give away\s: Another option if your rich is giveaways. Make a Youtube video of a contest your holding for players to win big prizes. You don\t need much, just some money and accounts and your good to go. If you have a lot of these, your reputation will rise up faster then a shooting star.

House parties: Yes you heard me. I said House Parties. In Runescape if you are a member, you can purchase a house. Here you can edit and build it to your liking. If you have a big house with a fair bit to do in it, I would suggest a house party. Make a video with a BUNCH of people over at your house partying. Maybe have a dance competition on one side of the house, and a fighting ring on the other. Its really fun and makes you really popular on runescape.

Walkthroughs: Walkthroughs are a great way to earn a reputation. If your really good at something other players might struggles at, like a certain skill, or quest, make a walkthrough. You can make a video, or just type out some words. If your walkthrough is well put together, it can get placed on top runescape blogging sites, and maybe even runescape!

Stats: If your buy cheap runescape 2007 gold character has very high stats, you can get quite famous of that to. Make a video of you wearing skillcapes, and doing emotes, or bragging about what you can do. This will attract some attention, but if you get in the top 10 for a skill, your un-famous days are over!

Follow these 7 steps and you’ll be famous in no time.

How to earn SWTOR online gold? If you want earn the gold that you should know where credit comes. SWTOR credit is through the free production number of base come out; each free population will produce 3 gold productions in an hour. It seems the more population the more gold, so how can let base of free population more? There are two ways: A, improve the level of aikido, aikido level can accomodate more population; B, we need to improve the entire base power supply, electricity supply decided the rate of population growth of base.

If you want to improve the entire base power supply, electricity supply, we must follow three ways: one, Improve the level of nuclear power plant, and consume more nuclear energy to power; Second, through energy saving treaty signed to increase power supply; Three, through science and technology research or service to increase power supply. Before above operation, you need to enter the “empire parliament” architecture to check the current the fiscal situation of base. Only we know the base fiscal situation clearly, then we can make full use of the resource to earn more and more SWTOR online credit for ourselves.

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It’s said that dungeoneering is one of your favorite skill, so you may love those updates. Through recent Power to the Players poll, Jagex has now released a batch of dungeoneering updates along with lots of new stuffs for you. Read on for more details.

New resource dungeon

South-west of the Fremennik camp on Daemonheim Peninsula is a new resource dungeon, which is swarming with Kal’gerion demons, and also contains gem rocks to be mined.
You are able to get demons by completing a level 90+ Slayer assignment. It’s not hard to gain that, as they can be easily killed without any Slayer level requirement. You can get uncut onyx, commendation scrolls among other rare items.

New gear

The chaotic spear can now be made by combining a Zamorakian spear with ten chaotic spikes as long as you’ve got 80 Attack.
Also, the highest tier (level 80) of arcane, farsight and brawler’s necklaces are now created by purchasing a chaotic remnant from the rewards trader, and combining it with a Saradomin’s Hiss, Saradomin’s Murmer or Saradomin’s Whisper necklace.

New skill scrolls

1. Scroll of Daemonheim: gives you a 50% chance to earn 5% extra XP in 2. Dungeoneering while skilling in a Daemonheim dungeon.
Scroll of proficiency: gives you a chance to retain planks while using the Construction skill.
3. Scroll of dexterity: allows you to retain components while making armour with the Crafting skill.

New Pets

1. Frosty the baby frost dragon requires 85 Dungeoneering and 99 Summoning, and you must have entered the Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon before.
2. Mini-Blink requires you to have defeated Blink himself, and 95 Dungeoneering.
3. To purchase the Hope Nibbler, you must have defeated the Hope Devourer and have 101 Dungeoneering.
Beside, the maximum capacity of your player-owned house menagerie is also increased for meeting your new friends.

There are some a batch of updates to gold accumulator, Sinkholes D&D, as well as a range of miscellaneous improvements. Additionally, this week you can gain double dungeoneering tokens and +50% Sinkholes XP as part of the RS Road Trip. Enjoy your beautiful day on rs!

Another batch of updates to the Runescape Combat Beta has been made by Jagex, aiming at offer more and more players with better gaming experience since all these changes are based on the feedback and gameplay on the Beta Servers. Rs3gold would like to make a succinct summary of these changes and later provides precious guide. Of course, players’ need for cheap rs 3 gold can be fulfilled by rs3gold with a full stock of available runescape gold and products.

A batch of changes to the abilities in Runescape.

1. Quake now deals 188% weapon damage and the debuff is more effective than before.
2. Havoc now not only drops enemy prayer and deals up to 125% weapon damage, but also has a cooldown of 10 seconds and shares that cooldown with Smash.
3. Havoc and Decimate no longer share a cooldown, each will have a single one.
4. Wild Magic now deals 40-188% weapon damage with each attack. Powerful than it was before.
5. Slaughter now hits five times.
6. Deadshot and Massacre’s damage-over-time effects now deal 313% weapon damage.
7. Interrupt abilities now always deal up to 100% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
8. Stun abilities now always deal up to 200% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
9. Stun immunity no longer affects the damage dealt by interrupt or stun abilities.

A couple of reasons for such a performance in the Beta.

Apart from players’ expectation and feedback, indeed, rs3gold thinks there are also a couple of reasons for such adjustments. The most important reason is that players are fully expecting spec attacks to under perform in the Beta. Secondly, the balancing for EoC spec attacks needed the ability re-balance to be in a stable state. Thirdly, when players put damage scaling back into strength based stats, they had to remove the spec attack scaling put in preciously as they together were OP. Lastly, players need to have the base damage numbers for legacy auto-attacks done before they did the final round of spec attack balancing.

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We know you’ve got a lot to say to Jagex, and we also know there are lots of things need to be updated in rs. There is EoC, Treasure Hunter (formerly SoF), 2007scape, bonus EXP, easy EXP, price manipulators, anti-social community behavior, new tradable rares, Jagex problems, Power to the Players, and the list goes on and on. Which one do you hate most?

The economy in rs is getting worse and worse

Through all those years’ updates, most tradeskills are no longer profitable even in the very high levels unless you do full gathering on your own, but even then it’s more profitable to sell the raw stuff then to make goods with it.
Trace back to 2004, you can even make a small profit off of arrows, and suddenly they were not as profitable any more.
Now it’s just grind out gathering skills and if that doesn’t get you 99 in the production skill just boss your way to nice enough drops, sell those, buy whatever else you need.

Most of the skills in rs are useless right now

Why farm when you can just buy the herbs you need or just woodcut for the logs you need?
Why rune craft when most monsters drop runes and they’re so easily bought from the grand exchange?
Why fletch when you can buy any bow you want and the best bow you can even fletch is awful compared to the best bows available?
Why Smith other than to maybe repair your armour?
Why fish when you can buy all the fish you need from the GE so easily and when so many people rely mostly on pots?

The community in rs caused the deaths of many other things

Ever since EXP became monumentally easier to obtain, there’s been a belief of “no exp waste”. It has led to the deaths of many minigames and events, where players had once gone to waste time or have fun.
The “no exp waste” mantra takes a lot of the fun of exploring out of Runescape. Instead of varied locations with people discovering new things, people flock to train and leave things like Fist of Guthix and Dueling to the dogs.

SWTOR will be released on December 20, 2011, and we get ready for it. Are you ready for it?If not, please follow us to have full information about Star Wars: The Old Republic. We will tell you something about SWTOR classes, and in the following days, we will continue to tell you something about SWTOR Credits and SWTOR power leveling, please pay attention to our news.

There are two major classes of SWTOR classes; they are Galactic Republic classes and Sith Empire classes, and there are four classes in each class. And today we will introduce one of them to you.

Galactic Republic Classes
There are four announced SWTOR classes available for the Galatic Republic:

The Trooper is an assault-rifle wielding ranged DPS class. Gameplay for this class looks a lot cooler than it sounds. The Trooper uses sticky grenades and his blaster rifle as primary weapons. The Trooper can specialize into the Vanguardand Commando. The Vanguard gets a defensive upgrade over the trooper whereas the Commando gets a damage upgrade.

The Smuggler is a thief-type class which relies on trickery and surprise to battle its opponents. This is likely to do be a timer-oriented, low damage class with huge burst potential. This class has two specializations: Scoundrel and Gunslinger. And if you want to level your rank fast for SWTOR powerlevel, you can choose this class.

Jedi Knight
The Jedi Knight will be the most popular class by far on this SWTOR class list, if only for aesthetics. This class is melee-oriented with some force abilities including a lightsaber boomerang toss. There are two specializations: Guardian and Sentinel.

Jedi Mendicant
The Jedi Mendicant character is a Jedi hybrid. It uses a lightsaber but also has quite a bit of force-related abilities as well. There have not been any specializations officially announced yet, but one is likely to be caster-oriented whereas the other will be a casting hybrid. If you want to get more SWTOR Credits, you can choose this class as your first class so that you can get more good weapons to fight with your opponents.

This is a simple introduction about SWTOR classes, and we hope it can help you to choose an appropriate class and play it smoothly.

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As we know, Charms are RS items used in the Summoning skill as a requirement to create Summoning pouches. There are lots of ways to get charms in the game, such as stealing them from chests in Dorgesh-Kaan (at Thievinglevel 52), looting them from a Spirit impling (at Hunter level 54), getting them from Charm Sprites, receiving them from a random event gift, or buying them from Soul Wars using zeal points. However, the most charms are obtained as drops from any of hundreds of different monsters.

Charms are usually dropped independently from the monster drop list. Most of the time, they are dropped one at a time, making them slow to collect; however, some stronger monsters can drop multiple charms at once. Charms cannot be traded between players, either directly or through the Grand Exchange, but it is possible to sell charms to the Smuggler inside Daemonheim.

Here at csfee, we can offer the Charms and Zeals service again. Our gamers\ game client always shut down automaticly or turned to black with web client due to the updates of the game. Therefore, we had stopped offering the service for charms (we always exchange blue charms with zeals) and zeal points for a period of time. But know our skilled gamers has fixed it and we can provide this service again. What\s more, we have added a new product of 500 random charms to the sale list. So why not place an order with us today to enhance your character?

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Blizzard announced that in conjunction with Diablo 3’s two year anniversary, they would be buffing the drop rates of legendary items by 100%. This 100% increase doesn’t mean that you will be getting legendaries with every drop, but rather it means that whatever your drop rate was before, it has been doubled, so if you’re playing lower torment levels, perhaps it’s time to make the jump to higher levels.
That being said, the “deal” was that it would run until the 22nd of May, after which drop rates would be brought back to normal levels. Yes, this is quite disappointing, or is it? Well according to a post by Travis Day, Diablo 3’s game designer on the Blizzard forums, it looks like Blizzard will be keeping the drop rates once the buff ends.
This means that once the event is over and the buff icon disappears from your screen, fret not because the drop rate levels will be maintained as if the buff were still active. “Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Anniversary buff we have decided to keep the increased Legendary drop rate once the Anniversary celebration ends. Once the buff is disabled tomorrow morning, you will find that the new base line drop rates for Legendary items will be the same as those you have all enjoyed for the last week.”
Diablo 3 is a very “grindy” sort of game and requires gamers to have a lot of patience and to keep farming for loot. It’s a vicious cycle because without good gear, players can’t advance to higher torment levels where the drop rates are higher, which means they’re stuck with lower chances of legendary drops while farming levels that they can manage. But we guess with this update, it changes everything for the better.

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Improve your XP, dividend payments, and to seize the rare opportunity to project requirements and lucky clover necklace, this weekend scream wealth.

Spin the wheel, you will see three clover necklace up for grabs. Equipment, and take some enemies or develop a skill – you’ll see all the RuneScape Gold increase and all the XP decreased in all the skills to get boost:

Two leaf clover necklace rose 1% increase in XP.
Three leaf clover necklace rose 2 percent increase in XP.
Four leaf clover necklace increase XP gained 3%.

While worn, lucky clover necklace offers the opportunity to win more trophies. Prizes include prismatic lights, cash bags, a leaf clover grant +5 a random skills to 30 minutes, and a lucky item usually only from the wheel to win.

Look! Over there! It’s Star Wars: The Old Republic being still alive and shouting about it.

Shouting about two new expansions coming this year, in fact. “Expect to see two digital expansions in 2014 just like you did last year, with one similar to Galactic Starfighter in scope and one more closely resembling Rise of the Hutt Cartel,” wrote senior producer Bruce Maclean on the game’s website.vader Just… a… flesh wound.

That’s in addition to new PVP seasons, Flashpoints (dungeons), Operations (raids), new gear, performance improvements and class changes.

Maclean also said SWTOR would move to a once-every-three-weeks routine for minor bug fixing updates, and to a nine-week routine for more meaty updates.

Closer at hand – Luke Skywalker’s hand – there’s the Galactic Starfighter expansion launch for free-to-play players tomorrow, 4th February. This is the spaceship dogfighting expansion.

On 14th March there’s a double XP weekend, then on 8th April there’s a content patch taking the game to version 2.7. On 10th June there will be an even more significant content patch in version 2.8, but not all the details are ready to be shared. More specific bits and bobs are listed in Maclean’s letter.

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