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During the past 13 years of 2007 rs gold runescape, lots of players left and came back. However, runescape will never stop to wait for you. There are already a bunch of updates since the beginning of the runescape. Based on a returning player’s basic questions, here are some answers we collected from the current players. Hope it can be helpful to you.


Is the best way to get new armor through smithing?


All players are giving the answer of this question is no. You can only smith up to level 50 equipment in the old way, but better stuff is dropped by bosses or other ways. Therefore, best option is to just keep buying new equipment, since lots of armor and weaponry has been released since RS1.

The armor in the level 90 row can be crafted by the player, from raw materials dropped by bosses. The armor in the 85 row is untradeable and player-crafted. Most of the armor in the 70-80 range is dropped by bosses.


Does making a guy pure in fighting, ranged, or magic still work the same?


The answer is also no. There was a major overhaul of the combat system in 2012 with the introduction of EoC. Having balanced combat stats is the way to go now, so pure became useless and obsolete.

It’s Defence + Highest offensive skill (Attack/Strength/Magic/Ranged) + 2, so if you only get 99 Ranged and Defence and keep rest at 1, you will still have same combat as a maxed person.

By the way, you still be able to experience the old way as long as the combat beta comes out.


If you had full rune and dragon battle axe, is that ok to aim this type gear again?


Since there are no special attacks anymore, all the dragon weapons are basically the same. However, a few types of armor had level requirements change. Rune armor was one of them – it went from 40 to 50.

On the one hand, rune armor and dragon weapon is good for start since they didn’t get any worse. Hence, later as you make more money you will buy barrows armor and get chaotic weapons.

On the other hand, there’s a ton of better stuff. Rune is lvl 50 gear and Dragon baxe is lvl 60, for those levels it’s great but after that you will want other stuff. You should only be using that stuff if you are level 50/60.


Is the members section worth the money?


That would be a definitely yes. If you wish to truly enjoy the game long-term wise, you will want to make yourself member. Jagex introduced larger game world, additional quests, more skills, content above level 50, numerous bosses and minigames compared to F2P.

In general, there will be loads more stuff to do as a member.


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Every skill are now owning a specially master skillcapes

For many players, level 99 is definitely not enough for them. Many of you enjoy earning XP beyond 99, and it’s high time that dedication was recognized. From now on, every skill will own their proprietary master capes.
You would need a ‘virtual’ level of 120 (104,273,167 XP) in a skill to unlock a Master cape. Otherwise, you would be in a position to buy them for 120,000 GP each. If you are sick of working harder for them, RSorder will be the best place for cheap rs gold buying along with extra free gold give away.

There are no additional levels to the skills

These capes are meant as an optional extra, so those original skills would not be raised to 120. According to Jagex, there are no current plans for the new Master capes to tie in with any of the high level requirements for Completionist capes. That means those additional master skillcapes stats are the same as regular skillcapes.

Basic information for those new master skillcapes

runescape master skillcapes

Good things are always hard to gain. Same as those master skillcapes. XP rates would not be changed with this update to allow for these capes to become more easily obtainable, which means you need to work harder and harder for gaining them.
Besides, there would not be new emotes with the capes, they would be released with the ability to perform the related 99 skillcape emote.
The capes would be in-game items not cosmetic overrides, so they do not come with a separate hood, and that they cannot be stored in a player-owned house.

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After previewing the general introduction of SWTOR patch 2.3: Titans of Industry, you must be eager to know more detailed information about this patch. As the date is getting closer to the released days, more and more fans are on the tiptoe of expectation to know more settings about the event so as to make preparations as early as possible. Here, we put some details about CZ-198 daily missions and The Bounty Contract Week in order.

A bunch of daily missions need to be done in CZ-198
As the basic facility for the Czerka Corporation, CZ-198 which plays a very important role in this new event is leading the charge of innovation in this exciting and dynamic field. Safety and security are always a top priority. Hence, getting into the facility is not that easy. You can get into it from your personal starship. If you are lack of starship at this moment, then you need to spend some credits for purchasing a legacy travel option to travel there on the condition that you level comes to five. You’ll start your mission from where you land in the area. Four different daily missions are set for both Empire and Republic party. And corresponding rewards will also be given in return.

A longer date will be last for the whole SWTOR Bounty Contract Week
According to the official news, the second part of the SWTOR patch 2.3: Titans of Industry, Bounty Contract Week will be released on August 13th, 2013. Just as the name indicates, this event will run one week of every month. Both Henchman bounty and Kingpin bounty carry a series of missions. Finding Captured Bounties at many key intersections between different sub-areas of the fleet is the first step for you to start your mission. Level 15 is the minimum level for you to participate in the whole process.

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Do you envy people who can get 99 magic Runescape 2007 gold easily? Do you want to level up as fast as them? Well, here at csfee we want to help you level up as quickly as possible so that 99 magic can be more than just a dream. So why not follow the tips below and reach to 99 magic as soon as possible?

Run around without getting hurt by the spikes in the ground, while killing the skeletons. Skeletons appear more and more until you have about 20-30 around you. Once you have that many, head and sit under an overhanging piece of rock so that you are not injured by falling rocks. Just keep throwing chinchompas Red in the middle of all the skeletons, and several attack you at once. If you do it correctly, you should be getting around 150 to 500 exp for each Chinchompa Red lifted. Here\s where you train. You want to protect from Melee at any time, and a sip of prayer potion whenever your prayer is low.

Welcome to the Magic Guide 99. This guide was created to explain some ways to get 99 magic fast. There are three techniques that this guide will explain the magic Runescape, including training on the different types of monsters, training for pest control, and using the lot for up Alchemy 99 mage and cheap runescape gold. Once you are out of supplies, teleport to a bank, to collect more supplies, and head back for another trip. It should not be long at all before you have this nice green cape on his back, with orange trim if you have another skill 99.

Each of these ways require different levels of magic and are very different ways to train magic to 99, but using all three ways you will certainly be effective 99 magic much more quickly than any other technique in the game. Since you need to achieve certain levels of magic to each of these techniques, we will first go through how to form the lower levels to magic, you can easily get a higher level magic, before continuing through 99 of this guide Runescape Magic.

Techniques that are Runescape 2007 gold explained in this guide Runescape Magic have all the magic you fast 99, but each of these techniques require a higher level magic, with the lowest level required is 55 for the High Alchemy spell. Since you need a higher level to use these techniques, this section of this guide Runescape Magic should help you achieve these required levels. Start by getting the runes needed for the greatest charm, you can do. To check out what you can do, check the magic you are currently watching and the magical book of spells to see what spells you can perform.

Reworking the Healing Stat
Healing is one of the three new meta stats to arrive in the 2.0 update, along with Damage and Toughness. It will be getting looked at.

Crusader Deaths from Iron Skin and Laws of Justice
At present, there is a bug with the Crusader skills Iron Skin – Reflective Skin, and Laws of Justice – Protect the Innocent. Using them together at the same time can cause the Crusader to die. This will be fixed.

Crashes and Graphical Glitches
An on-going issue with the game’s client on both Windows and Mac OS X causes the client to eventually run out of memory and crash. There were changes in 2.0.4 to fix this in the client, but the issue has not yet been resolved. Further optimization is currently in the works.

Skill Elements Overhaul
Players will agree that there may be too many skills skewed towards the Fire and Lightning elements at the moment, with too few of the other elements getting anywhere as much love. Skills will be getting looked at across the board.

The Witch Doctor Active Skill – Sacrifice
The Witch Doctor active skill Sacrifice is one of the least used skills among level 70 Witch Doctors. Major adjustments are planned for this skill.

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Are you longing for some real Runescape 2007 Gold precious? Well, you got lucky. Prospector Percy would like to share his new discovery mine with you guys. Come to see what you can get from that unique mine.

How to dig the motherlode mine?

the motherlode mine

Firstly, head to the dwarven mines below Falador, you will find a series of unique mineral veins.
Prospector Percy has invented a machine that extracts a variety of useful ores out of the raw pay-dirt, but he may not want to lend it to you. Therefore, you need to have level 30 Mining for grabbing your pickaxe and delve into the Motherlode Mine to have a bash.
Once you’ve got yourself some pay-dirt, don’t forget to drop it into the hopper to get it cleaned. And then you are able to receive your ore in the sack at the end of the cleaning channel.

Rule you need to follow for digging the mine

Percy won’t charge you for using his machine, but he has a rule that needs you to follow. The only thing you need to do is to fix the mine whenever it breaks. Since Percy is really not kind of tidy chap person, that will happen quite often.
Fixing is really easy. You just need to whack those struts a few times with a hammer, and those struts will back into alignment for a while.

Additional rewards you can gain

You’ll be able to receive extra Mining XP depending on what ores you’ve obtained. Moreover, amongst your ores, you’ll occasionally find little golden nuggets, which can be traded for pieces of a new Prospector outfit with Percy. The new Prospector outfit will help you get a little bonus XP while you’re mining with the outfit wearing. Besides, the complete set wearing provides an additional bonus.

The place can be Runescape 2007 Gold dangerous, cause Percy’s not been very thorough about supporting the walls of his mine. Be careful of your head, as there may have a nasty chunk of rock. Enjoy your time with the Motherlode Mine and gain as more as you can.

Fire cape is animated when worn runescape 2007 gold and is one of the only animated capes in Runescape. It can be stored on a cape rack in the costume room of a player-owned house. Here at csfee, we have collected some best tactics to killing Jad and the monsters in the waves leading up to Jad as well as the fastest method to get a Fire Cape. Hope you enjoy it!

How to Get to the Tz-Haar Fight Caves?

1. Use a charged amulet of glory and then rub it and teleport to Karamja.

2. Head towards the volcano on the island which is West. So continue to run west until you reach some rocks.

3. You will see a rope going down into the cave and this is where you want to go, so click on it and head straight down into the volcano. As soon as you have went down the cave you will see that there is a Brown and Orange cave entrance and this is where you want to go through next.

4. Continue to run west until you see the bank logo on your map and directly across from the bank is the entrance to the fight caves.

Recommended Stats for Getting the Fire Cape:

Anyone who is trying to complete fight caves must have at least a minimum of 43 prayer because it will extremely difficult if not impossible to kill Jad later on in the fight caves when he begins to use his range and magic spells. We also recommend 45 Defence and 70 range.


8 Saradomin brews, 2 ranging potions, 18 Super-restore potions and also allot of purple sweets (optional).

What should I Wear?

It depends entirely on your combat level and how much money you actually have. We suggest that you wear the best Ranging armour that you possibly can as well as a rune crossbow and a divine shield. If you cannot afford a divine or you don\t have the required stats to wield a divine use the best shield that you can for your defence level.

Try to wear the best dragonhide that you can wear and also if you wear blessed dragon hide this will also give you a prayer bonus which will help slow down the rate at which you prayer points decrease.

We recommend that you use Diamond Bolts and that you are also wearing an Ava\s Acumulator this is because if you are not wearing an accumulator you will loose a lot of bolts and cash. You will need a lot of bolts for the fight caves so we recommend anywhere between 700-1200 bolts should do depending on your ranging level. We suggest wearing an amulet of glory or an amulet of ranging.

(1) Cheap outfit: Rune crossbow, Black dhide body, Black Vambs, Rune platelegs, Rune Kiteshield, Archers Helm, Snakeskin Boots, Ava\s accumulator, amulet of glory and also allot of diamond or ruby bolts.

(2) Expensive Outift: Full runescape 2007 gold Armadyl, rune crossbow, Ava\s Accumulator, Amulet of Fury, Enchanted Diamond Bolts, Archer Ring, Regin Bracelet, range boots, Dragonfireshield or divine or unholy Zammy book.

Usually, hunter is known to be as rs 07 gold one of the easiest skills on Runescape. However, if you want to get this skill-cape even faster, there are still some top secrets you need to master. In this Runescape powerleveling guide, we will tell you the best and fastest way to get 99 hunter. If you are going for a quick 99 skill-cape then this is the one for you.

1. Outifts:

When hunting in Woodland and forest areas it is recommended that you wear full Larupia as this will camouflage your character and will increase your chances of catching whatever it is you are catching. You will also want to wear this when at the falconry as it will help here. To wear full Larupia you will need level 20 hunter. Full Larupia can be purchased from the grand exchange or from other players.

2. What to Hunt at What Levels:

Level 1-19: Crimson Swifts

To catch Crimson Swifts, you will need to set up bird snares in the Feledip Hills. To get to the Feledip Hills you should rub a ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars and then run to the hills from there.

Level 19-29: Tropical Wagtails

To catch tropical wagtails you will need bird snares and they are also located in the Feledip hills but slightly west of the beach where you were hunting Crimson Swifts. To catch Tropical Wagtails you will be using the same method as you used to catch the Crimson Swifts. When you reach level 20 hunter, your character will be able to set two bird snares at once therefore making it more likely to catch a bird and you will need to check both traps.

Level 29-43: Swamp Lizards

To catch swamp lizards you will need to bring 1 tinderbox, 4 ropes and 4 small nets. You will also need an unlit torch which can be bought from the hunter shop located in the south of Yanille. Swamp Lizards are located in The Haunted woods which are South West of Canfis in the Morytania Swamp. The hunting spot is easily noticeable by the small hunter paw on the map and this is where you should set up the traps. When you reach level 40 you will be able to set up 3 traps. When you reach level 39 you will be able to smoke the traps.

Level 43-57: Spotted Kebbits

To catch Spotted Kebbits, the only thing you will need is 500gp. Spotted Kebbits are located at the falconry which is slightly south of The Fishing Colony and North West of The Grand Tree on the world map. In order to catch spotted Kebbits you will need to talk to the man in the falconry and he will lend you his bird to use for 500gp. In order to hold the bird you will need to have nothing in your hands and your inventory. To catch the Kebbit\s you will need to be holding the bird and then all you do is click on the Kebbit you want to catch and then the bird will fly towards it and catch it, you will then have to run over to collect the Kebbit.

Level 57-60: Dark Kebbits

To catch Dark Kebbits you will need to use the exact same method used to cacth Spotted Kebbits. Like the Spotted Kebbits they are also located in the falconry.

Level 60-80: Red Salamanders

To catch Red Salamanders you will need to have 4 small nets and 4 ropes in your inventory. To catch Red Salamanders you will be using the same method used to catch Swamp Lizards. The Red Salamanders are located at the ZMI Alter which is north of Castle Wars.

Level 80-99: Red Chinchompas

To catch Red Chins you will need 5 box traps. The Red chins are located in the Feledip Hills by the lake that has the Hunter Paw marker next to it. The best method to catch the Red Chins is to set your box traps up in a X formation, namely, set the box traps up close together in the shape of an x with one box in the middle. If you reach 99 hunter you will gain 41k Red Chinchompas which can be sold at the g.e for a healthy profit of 35million gp depending on current grand exchange rates.

3. XP Rates Per Hour

Swamp Lizards = 30k xp Per Hour
Spotted Kebbits = 35k xp per hour
Dark Kebbits = 40k xp Per Hour
Red Salamanders = 70k xp Per Hour
Red Chins = 90-100k+ xp Per Hour depending on level of hunter.

4. Summoning Familiars

If you have level 57 rs 07 gold Summoning you will be bale to use the Spirit Larupia, it will give you a hunter boost of plus 5 and it lasts for 49minutes. It will also enable you to teleport to the Feledip Hills.

As the players are searching the trade items in The Elder Scrolls Online, the publisher of ESO, Bethesda approves the community site. In The Elder Scrolls Online, there is no in-game auction house. However, one community site gets involved in making the trading simpler. The forums on fansite TESO Elite marked through CVG have offered a set of principles that help the individuals interpret the time of trading. And Bethesda has now supported the site onto the Twitter. The players of ESO can opt for Cheap ESO gold online to save time and avoid the mental stress in grinding gold in TESO.

The Elite community of ESO decides to offer mediators in future. It has already introduced an account to tackle the trading related disputes. The community also assures that the rogue traders are to be rooted out based on the dynamic moderation. A feedback system is to be introduced. Hence, the established traders can be considered the prominent ones. Finding TESO gold helps the players procure the best available weapons and armors in the least possible time. There is often an ingredient of risk being engaged. However, it is apparent that one of the safest paths to barter the items of The Elder Scrolls Online with the renowned, dependable and professional gaming companies online. In The Elder Scrolls Online, the crafting provides the suppleness to the players.
The introduction of the Tamriel Chronicle Issue of 54
There is the issue of exploring new creation of devotees, resources and the others. One can be stuck at work or in any class while he or she was getting interested in Tamriel. The players can take a short trip with the links given at the official site of ESO. It seems often as there are the accumulations of art, podcasts, guides, fictions and the other creations of the devotees for the users to surf. Availing ESO gold for sale helps the players get into the game with zeal.

The patch details of The Elder Scrolls Online including the quest bug fixes, forthcoming alterations of the gameplay
The latest patch of The Elder Scrolls Online is aiming some frustrating quest bugs. Those have surfaced as the game released previously this month. However, the flat-broken quests were not emphasized on an issue in the recent evaluation of ESO. If any player has not spent any time in-game in the last two weeks, it is likely that the player has run into a few buggy roadblocks. Taking part in the quests in any new MMO seems to be a huge boon to level up and develop all through the different stories of the game. Once, the developer, ZeniMax Online has written for the player and there are the bizarre sagas while crafting. It is nice to see in the patch notes that the freshest update has spread quest bug fixes in the diverse zones of Tamriel and in the main saga. Elder Scrolls Online gold is available online now for the players those are keen to develop their gameplay in the shortest possible time.

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To a player, the weapons are directly related to 07 runescape gold the success or failure of your game. Then here is a good news for you?shield and weapons with New Skins have come to the world. As usual, you need RS Gold to enjoy the weapon and shield. Rsorder is still here waiting for you with the cheapest RS Gold, the fastest delivery, the safest trade and the most convenient service. Why not take the advantages of RSorder to buy some cheap RS Gold and then enjoy the shields and weapons with new skins?

Which kinds o f Shield; Weapon with New Skins I Can Enjoy?

The Blazing Flamberge
The first item I introduce to you is the Blazing Flamberge. It is a lofty sword of which blade is forged not of metal, but several strands of fire. The Blazing Flamberge is more powerful and attractive than the previous swords.

The Shatterstorm Wand
The second weapon draw most of the customers’ attention is the the Shatterstorm Wand. The players wise enough often choose this kind of wands. The Shatterstorm Wand is made up of the wintry and jagged shards of ice, which is the most powerful in evoking both respect and fear in fellow adventurers.

The Shipwrecker Trident

The third I want to bring your attention to is The Shipwrecker Trident.
The unique spear is special for the high-quality prongs, which can offer salvage from depths unknown. The Shipwrecker Trident is the perfect complement in the Shipwrecker Trident. Most trained players regard it as the prestige choice of the marine adventurer!
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