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Crusader skills
Even though the Crusader holds the same faith as their Zakarum brethren, they as a new branch of holy warrior should possess their own unique skills to show their intelligence, reliance, and religious fervor.
The first and the foremost is their core. A class’s core is to the design of a class what a soul is to a human. After considering again and again, the designers choose three main pillars for Crusader: one is their power is from the Light and it is holy; the second one is all Crusaders are from a martial order so that they are not alone; the last is Crusaders are tanks but not the traditional tanks.
Second, replenish the framework. In this phase, the designers brainstorm to form the detailed skills for Crusader. For Crusader, they abandon the conventional mode to create the skills, but they divide Crusaders’ skills into two parts: half its skills are to melee, and half to ranged attacks.
Third, flesh out the mechanic of the skills and the pattern in vision. A part of Crusaders’ skills are inherited the past, including Fist of the Heavens, Blessed Hammer, and Steed Charge. Among them, the Blessed Hammer is gifted the power of the Light so that the hammer can protect Crusaders efficiently. Besides, Heaven’s Fury as a Crusaders’ skill is given its own AI so that players can save much more to fight against the enemies, and this decision is deliberated.
Finally, through adding these amazing skills, a brave warrior forms. This class will be filled with courage and power.

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Recently, runescape Solomon’s old school rs gold General Store and Treasure Hunter, as well as micro-payments are really making some players cry about. Although Jagex’s CEO has explained that in public, still some players cannot understand that. Based on that, a player expressed his opinion.

Don’t count on something you pay to acquire
If you directly pay to acquire something without doing much work for it, then it becomes much more difficult to deal with losing it. However, runescape is a cycle of gaining and losing items. So if you want to enjoy more about runescape, don’t count on something you pay to acquire. Players of runescape has already understood that losing items is a normal thing, you just get back up and work for them or even better items again. That will be more meaningful for runescape.

Jagex is the one who own runescape not you
You may not be happy for hearing that, but that is the truth. Jagex developed the game and continue to do so, although it is obviously wise of Jagex to agree with the majority of players in aims to keep their player-base, they are under no obligation to do so.
You may make suggestions, and all developers enjoy fan-suggestions, but that doesn’t mean that your suggestion is mandatory and that it has to be followed through. They need to think it in a long term, so they need your support and understanding.

Jagex is not a charity organization but a company
They may not do everything well, but you need to understand that Jagex is a company and they to make money for their future development. Same as Jagex ever mentioned in recent post that if they didn’t offer micro payments would they either need to more than double the cost of monthly membership for everyone or halve the size of the runescape team or otherwise make other rather unpalatable choices which they would rather not contemplate.

To error is human, to old school rs gold forgive is divine. Error means they are on the way to success. They just need time and support. Forgive their error. Jagex needs you. Runescape needs you.

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Hi RS fans, we have been watching players’ use of Silverhawk boots since their release. Compared to what Jagex are intended to offer to players rs 07 gold no confirmation by paypal in the very beginning, now some new changes may have to be added in the former update so that this item is a fun boost to Agility training while doing other activities as well, instead for it to outstrip or undermine existing methods. Meanwhile, though Jagex has listened to the runescape community by fixing these boots, some players are conscious of the real money influence of the RS gameplay.


What are the adjustments made for the Silverhawk Boots?


The adjustments Jagex has been working on will change the rates at which the boots award Agility XP, making different skilling activities behave more like each other; this will mean that players can gain this passive benefit without having to change their routine. Some activities were triggering the benefit more frequently than players may want, so those rates will be reduced. With a couple of smaller fixes, players should be confident with Jagex’s efforts to make Agility courses the best training again.


Players’ anger from this item in the treasure hunter rather than actul gameplay.


Though Jagex has promised that they are trying to make this Agility courses the best training again in Runescape. Some players are furious to the fact that they have to gain the Silverhawk Boots in the treasure hunter rather than through the actual gameplay. Here offers some possible reasons: the fact remains that they are an item only obtainable through micro-transactions that offer an advantage versus vanilla methods. To make it more specific through an example: somebody with the boots vs someone without the boots doing the same agility course at the same level, no matter how small the boots are, these without boots will lose.


Save some real money with the slight changes of the Silverhawk Boots.


Not a few people are glad to know that Jagex will soon make a slight change of the Silverhawk Boots. Of course if players have already experienced the Silverhawk boots in game, it’s too late for them to remove the boots. However, it may not too much late to ask for a date when all feathers still remain on TH and become untradable, while a further date where unused feathers vanish. That’s because all feathers indeed will still remain on TH even after they have acknowledged that players’ concerns are nothing short of a slap to the face.


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Reaper of Souls will be released in a few days, and the Diablo work team has released the first look: Storming Pandemonium in Reaper of Souls.

The Epitome of Endless Strife

Pandemonium is the scar of creation’s birth, where angels and demons once fought fervently over control of the Worldstone. An ancient artifact with the power to shape reality, ownership of the Worldstone changed hands for eons—the High Heavens and Burning Hells trading blows, creating worlds, and then watching their inherently flawed creations wither away over and over again.

Pushing Boundaries – Encompassing Eternity

External zones are always the most challenging, but Pandemonium takes this to an entirely new level. Both the battlefields and the Fortress itself needed to encompass the feelings of being ancient and infinite without losing players in a way that would distract from gameplay. In particular, our designers carefully avoided the perception of being displaced or wandering in outer space. The challenge was in ensuring a sense of grandeur that could house colossal enemies, evoke the excitement of the unexplored, and still sell the basic idea of plumbing the depths of a massive, ancient fortress.

Knocking at Death’s Door: The Last Stand

The Pandemonium Fortress has become home to the starring villain of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Malthael hopes to end the Eternal Conflict once and for all, regardless of what consequences and costs his actions might have. It is time now, heroes, to stretch beyond the limits of what you once believed possible and stop the Angel of Death from destroying all you know and love.

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As the first brand new content for Old School Runescape, the Nightmare Zone will attract extremely high attention of osrs players. Here are some new information of it and you can buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to enjoy yourself in the Nightmare Zone. Curious what will happen there? Let’s have a look at it closely right now!

How to start the Nightmare Zone?

If you want to start with Nightmare Zone minigame, you should first go to Dominic Onion, which stands just north of Yanille, not far from the bank. Speak to Dominic, and he will explain the game as well as offer to set up a dream for you. Choose which dream you want, and drink from the vial in the lobby enclosure to begin.

Attention: You need to have done 5 of the quests that unlock monsters for the Nightmare Zone, otherwise Dominic doesn’t think you’ve got enough memories to make it worthwhile. And there is no combat level requirement.


There are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone: Practice Mode, Endurance Mode, and Rumble Mode.
If you want to do a multiplayer dream, each person in your team must put some money in Dominic’s coffer to pay for the dream. It’s 2000 coins each for a normal Rumble, 6000 each for a hard Rumble. However, you can take your money back out of the coffer for the coffer has PIN protection.

Here are the three modes you can fight bosses in the Nightmare Zone:

Practice Mode: you can choose which boss you want to fight so you can whale on them until your heart is content. Old school cheap runescape gold may be what you are in lack of.

Endurance Mode: in this mode, you should first choose whether the normal mode or hard mode you want to fight the bosses. In hard mode, all bosses are more difficult to fight while the rewards are better.

Rumble Mode: if you have ever wanted the challenge of fighting multiple bosses, then rumble mode is for you. Get up to four of your friends and see if you can work as a team to defeat multiple bosses attacking you at the same time. When you see Barrelchest, Flambeed, Kamil and the Dagganoth Mother heading for you, you know you are in for a hard time.
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“This sort of dungeon delving is hardly new to the Diablo franchise, let alone in Act V. Pandemonium Fortress needed to be different from the Ruins of Corvus in the Blood Marsh or Bastion’s Keep at the edge of Arreat Crater. Instead of finding an earthly construct, you’ll find this eerie keep maintains the notion of a militant garrison while distinctly lacking the trappings of what one would expect from a human site.”

During their trip, players will find angels and demons locked in battle as well as scavengers that live off the armies’ scraps. One of the most interesting enemies introduced here will be the Realm Walker, a beast with a portal on its back. The portal, accessible once the Walker is dead, takes you to a small dungeon.

The most dangerous foe in Pandemonium, though, will be Malthael himself. Blizzard didn’t provide any footage from that fight today. The battle also wasn’t included in the beta for Reaper of Souls. They have to maintain some mystery, after all.

Reaper of Souls will launch on March 25th for PC and Mac.looking forword the news with cheap d3 items with diablo3star.

The updates of Star Wars The Old Republic have been brought out from time to time. Abundant rewards would also be sent for free as long as completing corresponding missions or tasks. Various modifications undoubtedly make this game become more and more attractive. However, it is well-known that everything is imperfect in the world. The same goes for SWTOR. Different players would produce different demands or requirements of this game. A hot discussion about the top 3 things you want to see in SWTOR has been developed. Here is some information for you to share.

Continuation of Class or SWTOR Companions story lines is the most requested alteration among wide SWTOR players. As we all know that complete plots are the most distinctive feature for this game, no matter from the Star Wars movie or the Cartoon. Long history and far-reaching hatred constitute the whole setting of the game.

Every character in the game has a clear origin, even including the companions. Using the Companion 101: Corso Riggs as an example, we know much detailed information about him, his favors, origins, features, personalities and so on by reading the official news. The implementation of class or companions an important means to develop and enrich the plot of the game.

Major engine and items optimization is also a wide request for wide players. Constant optimization of the game is the blood to human. If a game is immutable and frozen all the time, then it is quite to lose its vitality and competitiveness in the drastic competitive market. Taking the Game Update 2.1: Customization as an example, players were given the chance to customize their characters including their appearance, color, sex or even race in this patch. This modification attracted many players to experience though there is a lot of dissatisfaction. However, there are enough reasons to believe that the Dye System would become better and better since various
optimizations have been made all the time.

Packs made for easy obtaining is the third expectation. As we all know that SWTOR pack is a big event as many new items would be brought in a pack, from new mounts, gears, or even cartel coins. All the items are quite necessary for players to level up. However, a lot of efforts need to take to obtain new packs. Nowadays, nearly every person is filled with busy work everyday. Limited time and patience is the main limiting factors for wide players to throw themselves into the game completely. Hence, this request is a quite reasonable and acceptable demand for most players.Come to buy swtor credits pay by paypal no conformation any more on While you can using 8% discount code FM8OFF to buy swtor credits on

Jagex recently updated a potion bug where you stop walking while drinking a potion. After this potion bug fix, you can experience rs with more fluent potion applying. So buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to experience updated potion applying in RuneScape 2007.

Repairing Barrows kit

For Jagex, the updated potion applying could make player-owned house armour stands will no longer overcharge you for repairing Barrows kit. For rsmoney, cheap runescape 2007 gold could offer players the cheapest old runescape gold.

Enchanted dragonstone bolts

Enchanted dragonstone bolts will now check correctly for anti-fire potions, prayers and dragonfire shields.

Dragonbreath ability

The dragonbreath ability is supposed to be blocked if the target player has consumed an anti-fire potion, or has an appropriate shield equipped, or is using Protect from Magic. Previously, the ability was being blocked if the attacker had drunk the potion or activated the prayer. The target player’s potions and prayers were not being checked at all. This even applied when fighting monsters; if you’d got Protect from Magic enabled, you’d mysteriously find that the dragonbreath ability of your bolts would never work. The potion was also checking for the basic anti-dragon shield, but not the dragonfire shield.

Nightmare Zone

Jagex also made some balancing changes in Nightmare Zone to favor players who’ve completed a wider variety of quests, not just the Lunar series.

Vengeance spells

The Vengeance spells will now reflect damage more reliably when you are on low health. Previously, the reflected damage was being capped at the number of hitpoints you’d got left at the time.

Right-click options

There are also added right-click options to Thessalia, Yrsa, the Makeover Mage and the hairdresser.

This update can bring you a new world of RuneScape. The next thing you need to do is to find a place where can you buy cheapest cheapest old school runescape gold to support you with your adventure. Experience updated potion applying in RuneScape and have fun!