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Several days have passed since you can play with Squeal of Fortune: Golden Chinchompa and only a week left for enjoying with it in the game. You should grasp this chance and prepare cheap runescape 3 gold on sale to win a Golden Chinchompa and buy food bags for it from the Squeal of Fortune right now.

Information of Golden Chinchompa

Only from 00:00 GMT on Friday the 6th of September to Monday 16th September 23:59 GMT, you have the chance to adopt the Golden Chinchompa. Every one gets at least one spin per day, and can earn more through gameplay.

If your golden chinchompa is hungry, feed it with special chinchompa food—Dried chillis, Curried lard nuggets, and Pure caffeine—from the Squeal of Fortune as food bags or from skilling, which will reward you with gold and a randomly chosen item from a list of valuable rewards. Once it’s fully grown, it’ll do what comes naturally to chinchompas and explode, bursting into a hefty coin reward and several items from the list.

The quicker you fatten up your furry friend, the sooner you’ll earn your rewards. And you can also earn more by training the following skills through the three kinds of food:

Dried chillis: Construction, Herblore, Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting
Curried lard nuggets: Cooking, Firemaking, Hunter, Runescrafting, Agility
Pure caffeine: Farming, Fishing, Thieving, Fletching, Smithing

What you should pay attention to is that your chinchompa will only eat and grow when it’s 100% hungry, which is why chronometers are up for your grabs on the Squeal of Fortune. Besides, food appears on the Squeal of Fortune as regular and large food bags, which are tradeable on a one-to-one basis. In order to earn more and have much fun, buy rs 3 gold cheapest for RSorder right now.

Cute Golden Chinchompas are waiting for you!

What you should note is that Golden Chinchompa cannot be traded and will be removed at the end of the promotional period- they cannot be kept as pets. So you have only several days to be together with it in the game world. Buy cheap runescape 3 gold from for getting your cute partner!

2014 is going to come. Are you ready? What are you looking forward to runescape 2014? For so many updates that Jagex ever promised to us in Runefest, which one is your most anticipate? Here are some players’ opinions about their most anticipate updating in 2014. Let’s take a look together!


Prifddinas, also known as the Crystal City, is the greatest city of elves which located in the north of Isafdar and the capital of Tirannwn. Jagex ever said in Runefest 2011 that Prifddinas should be out in 2014 with the release of Mourning’s Ends Part III quest.
You are able to enter Prifddinas in two ways. One is the south entrance from Isafdar that is constantly guarded by some “brigands”. Another one is the east entrance from Arandar from which mourners constantly emerge. Prifddinas is one of the few places that are displayed on the World Map but are inaccessible.

Inventor skill

Inventor will be the 27th skill, and is set to be released in 2014 based on the Jagex announcement of Runefest 2013. According to Mod Mark, this skill will be the companion skill to Divination about man’s defense against the gods. With this skill, players will be able to upgrade weapons and skilling tools. Meanwhile, players will also be able to combine weapons that they already own. Moreover, it will also be possible to create contraptions, which will be the artisan skill equivalent to divine locations with capability of consuming resources, producing new items in the process, as well as lightning and soul weapons.

Mourning’s Ends Part III

Mourning’s Ends Part III is the currently unsubtitled last quest of the elf series. It was meant to be released in 2011, however, due to the huge amount of content that needs to be developed for it, it was mentioned that Mourning Ends Part III would be introduced into the game in 2014 instead. There is a possibility that you will obtain a crystal halberd during this quest or as a reward. The quest will possibly involve Seren, the godess of elves.

Are those also your most anticipate updates of runescape in 2014? Is there something you want to supplement? No matter what is your favorite update, we can all look forward to an awesome runescape 2014!

Jagex has released the Dominion Tower. So you have the chance to revisit some of the best, hard of course, boss fights in RuneScape in an awe-inspiring new environment, with challenging handicaps, all-new scenarios and some great rewards: weapons and explosives to be used in the tower; a dominion marker to show off your accomplishments and to give you a boost when fighting other bosses; combat XP; a fierce dreadnip companion, and all-new melee, ranged and magic gloves to be used outside the tower. These degradable gloves are some of the most powerful you can get your hands on (or in) and look brilliant.

There are 5 modes you can choose: Climber mode, Endurance mode, Special mode, Freestyle mode, Spectator mode.

Surely there are some requirements for playing dominion tower: you should have 110+ combat level, and at least you should finished 20 of the following quests, the more of these you have completed, the more bosses will be available to fight in the tower: A Void Dance, Love Story, Between a Rock…, Missing My Mummy, Blood Runs Deep, Monkey Madness, The Chosen Commander, Mountain Daughter, Contact!, My Arm’s Big Adventure, The Curse of Arrav, Nomad’s Requiem, Demon Slayer, Recipe For Disaster, Desert Treasure , Shadow of the Storm, Dealing with Scabaras, Spirits of the Elid, Dragon Slayer, The Great Brain Robbery, Dream Mentor, The Temple at Senntisten, Family Crest, Toktz-Ket-Dill, Fight Arena, Troll Romance, The Fremennik Trials, Troll Stronghold, Haunted Mine, Vampyre Slayer, The Holy Grail, The Void Stares Back, Horror from the Deep, Wanted!, Legends’ Quest, While Guthix Sleeps, Lost City.

As we all know, this week’s item in Solomon’s General Store is Wicked Pouch, which can be used for transferring runes into rune energy. The wicked pouch is now available for Loyalty Points or RuneCoins. However, there are many players who insist that this wicked pouch is way too much for Solomon’s General Store, but it deserves a better use.

wicked pouch

What can Wicked Pouch used for?

Wicked Pouch is available for converting runes into rune energy, and then any spell from your currently active book may be cast using rune energy.
Different runes contribute various levels of energy to the wicked pouch, and of course the more valuable the rune, the greater the energy gain.
You may need to notice that each wicked pouch have a limited amount of rune energy. Once it is destroyed in infusing time, you are able to combine the old one with a new wicked pouch, transferring any left over energy up to 120% of the new pouch’s capacity.
Moreover, as long as holding the wicked pouch in your inventory, you are able to switch between spell books at any bank.

Wicked Pouch is too good to be put in Solomon’s General Store

Based on wicked pouch’s effect, some players believe that this could have been a minigame reward, a dungeoneering reward, an untradeable craftable or even for a super grand master reward.
All in all, many players think that the wicked pouch is too wasting to be put in Solomon’s General Store. That’s just simple greed and laziness for runescape.

Maybe Wicked Pouch is not as good as you think

1. Wicked Pouch has a maximum capacity of 10,000 energies and after that energy is drained, it degrades into nothing.
2. Along with the cost of the bond, additional minimal cost of charging pouch, there will be almost 3M for giving or taking each pouch.
3. Wicked Pouch equates to a cost of roughly 2.1k per bloodfire barrage or 45k per prayers/spellbook switch. Considering casting bloodfire barrage with runes only costs about 800 gp per cast, the only reason to use it would be if those 2 extra inventory slots are worth an extra 1300 gp per cast for you.
4. At 45,000 gp per prayers/spellbook switch, which can only be done in a bank, assuming you save 30 seconds each time, you would have to value your time at over 6.45m/hr for it to be worth using pouches to swap prayers.

Well, we couldn’t say if it’s good or bad right now unless we have tried it already. Therefore, preparing some Loyalty Points or RuneCoins to try it b yourself! We will wait for your feedback on our facebook!

Agility is a member only skill that helps you regenerate your run energy faster (either by not running, resting or listening to a musician). It also allows you to use certain shortcuts around the world, that allow for faster travel. This guide will show you how to earn cheapest runescape gold the best experience, and how to reach level 99 easier and faster.

Level 1-35:
The only one you can choose is Gnome Stronghold Course at the start. You can find it in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It’s a safe course, so no food is needed for training here.

Level 35-50:
When you reach level 35, you can use the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course. But you should complete Barcrawl mini-quest for entering the area.

Level 50-70:
The Agility Pyramid may be available since level 30, but going there under level 50 isn’t a very good idea, seeing as you fail the obstacles too often to make training efficient. After level 50, however, it gets a little easier, and becomes good experience until level 70. Once you reach the end, you can even make 1,000 gp by selling the artefact you get from the top floor of the Pyramid.

To reach the Pyramid, climb two rockslides and then climb up the stairs up into the Pyramid. As an alternative to the Agility Pyramid, the Wilderness Course becomes available at level 52. Giving 571.4 experiences a lap, it’s quite worth trying! Enter this course by going to the south of the Frozen Waste Plateau, and open the Iron Gate there. Your character will then walk into the course. But BE CAREFUL, some pkers will come here and kill you for nothing good looting. Some of them will do, while most of them will not. We suggest you train at Agility Pyramid.

Level 70-85:
Like the Agility Pyramid, the Ape Atoll Course is available much earlier than the level you should start using it, at level 48. This course has an amazingly high rate of fail before level 70. Each lap gives 580 experiences, and if you happen to fail, you can use the pineapple plant near the course to get some food. To do this, however, you must remember to always bring a knife. To use this course, you must have an Archer or Ninja Monkey Greegree. After level 75, you will no longer fail in this course.

Level 85-90:
At level 85, a new addition to the Gnome Course is unlocked: the Advanced Course. To start the course, you must climb a new tree branch before the tight rope.

This course gives a pretty high 745 experience per lap. You may fail a little bit on the first levels here, but don’t worry! It’s still great experience. There’s also a special reward for those that complete 250 laps without falling a single obstacle in this course: the Agile Legs! These legs lower your weight by 10kg when worn, which can greatly help training your Agility!

Level 90-99:
If you’ve reached this far, well done! 90 is quite a big achievement. At level 90, another advanced course becomes available to you: the Advanced Barbarian Course. To get in the Advanced Course, you must run up a wall after the log balance.

This course gives 740.7 experiences per lap; not as much as the Advanced Gnome, but the speed it is completed in makes up for it. Like in the Gnome Course, if you complete 250 laps without failing a single obstacle, you will be rewarded. This time, with the Agile Top, this lowers your weight by an amazing 12kg.

You can also train agility at Brimhaven Agility Arena, also good exp there. Remember that save as many tickets as you can hold, and trade them for exp. The more tickets you trade in one time, the more extra exp you will get.

There are some useful items for cheapest runescape gold training agility: Brawler Gloves (agility), Spotted/Spottier Cape, Agile Top, Agile Legs, Penance Gloves, Boots of Lightness, and Penance horn.

Fishing allows you to fish all sorts of fish ranging from measly Shrimp to powerful Shark! You’re able to cook the fish you earn with the Cooking skill and use the cheap rs 07 gold cooked fish to recover your Hitpoints. You’ll need this food to help heal Hitpoints while fighting, training Agility and to help you while Thieving when you are caught red-handed. Fishing is also a good source of money.

For F2P:

Level 1-20:

There are 3 towns where you can begin Fishing in Lumbridge, Draynor Village and Al-Kharid. The best would be Draynor Village due to the relative closeness of its bank. First off, you’ll need some supplies to get your journey started. You can get a Small fishing net and a Crayfish cage simply by heading on over to the Lumbridge Fishing Store and either purchasing them or taking the free samples. Start from catching shrimps with small net. When you reach to level 5 in fishing, get a Fishing Rod and some Bait (From the Port Sarim or Lumbridge Fishing store, another player or the Grand Exchange). You’ll be able to fish sardines. You should just bank these as they’re better for cooking than for money. To fish sardines, Select ‘Bait’ instead of ‘Net’. You’ll also get Herring at level 10 fishing when using bait. (All spots can be found in Draynor Village).

Level 21-40:

Once you get 20 Fishing, you are able to fish Trout. Trout are popular due to their fast experience in Free-to-Play. First off, you are going to need a Fly-Fishing Rod and some feathers. These should be bought from the Port Sarim or Lumbridge Fishing Store, from another Player or from the Grand Exchange.

There are 2 spots for fishing trout: north east from lumbridge castle and south/south west from Edgeville/Varrock west bank. You can fish salmon when you reach to the certain level while fishing trout. You can bank them for cooking or drop them for fast exp. We suggest you
bank at Edgeville. Fly-fishing Trout and Salmon is the fastest way to get 99 Fishing in Free-to-Play.

Level 40-50:

Now, you can catch lobsters. There are some lobster spots by the north side of Musa Point. But it’s a long way from any bank. In the old days, lobsters are more expensive, you can make some money via fishing them. They are cheap nowadays, so we don’t suggest you training on them. If you want make RS money, you can catch tuna/swordfish. Drop tuna and take swordfish back for banking. We suggest you complete the Lumbridge/Draynor Task, and use the Explorer’s Ring 3 for teleporting and banking.

Level 50-99:

If you just want 99 quickly, keep fishing trout/salmon. If you want make more money, training on swordfish.

We hope you find this tips useful to train cheap rs 07 gold your fishing skill!

There are many ways to train fishing as a member in Runescape, and some are much quicker than others. That’s why we are going to share with you some great runescape buy gold tips so that you can do this even faster!

For P2P:

Level 1-20:

As we said in f2p, you can train at Draynor Village, or you can go to the member only location: Catherby. It’s the same as how to do in f2p.


You can use big net in member worlds when you are level 16. So buy a big net from fishing store and keep fishing with it at Catherby until you reach level 30.

Level 30-40:

Once you get to level 30, you can stay at Catherby and keep fishing with big net until you can fish tuna(level 35), or you can go to fish trout and salmon. For members, there is one better fly-fishing area: Shilo Village. It’s near bank, so you can bank all trout and salmon for cooking or sale. Most players choose fishing at Shilo Village for their fishing capes.

Level 40-62:

We suggest you keep fly-fishing at Shilo Village until you get to level 62, which mean you can catch monkfish if you have completed Swan Song quest.

Level 62-99:

Go to Piscatoris Fishing Colony if you have completed Swan Song quest, and start your real fishing journey. You will camp here for a long time to reach level 99. The bank here is nearer than fly-fishing at Shilo Village. So you can get more money if you sell your monkfishes. Or you can save them for cooking.

You need to keep staying at Shilo Village if you can’t go in Piscatoris Fishing Colony. We suggest you do quest first, and then fish monkfish there. You know same exp as fishing trout and salmon but more money you will earn, isn’t cool?

Well, you can catch sharks when you get to runescape buy gold level 76, and also you will make more money via catching sharks. But we don’t suggest you do it like that. Sharks are hard to catch, so it will be slower than catching monkfishes or trout and salmons.

Smithing is one of the most useful skills in runescape. From regular armours to requirement and armours in dungeoneering. So this is an important skill. And even you can get great profits from it. But if you want fast exp, it will cost you lots of money. How much you will spend depends on runescape gp for sale 2007 servers the price of current bars what you use. By the way, magic helps a lot in this skill. You can super heat ores for bars and you can alch the items made from smithing. It will cost you more money, but you can gain both smithing exp and magic exp. It’s also great! This article is a RS powerleveling guide for Smithing  training, which can help you train your RS Smithing faster and easier!

PS: If you didn’t sell your ores from mining, you should save lots of money for buying ores.

Levels 1-15 (both for f2p and p2p):

Just buy around 390 tin ores and copper ores, then smelt/super heat them to bronze bars. If you are not level 43 in magic, you can smelt them in furnace. Free players can use the Al-Kharid furnace and members can use the one in Port Phasmatys. The furnace in Neitiznot is also a very good place to smelt, but is only recommended for players who have completed the ‘Fremennik Isles’ Quest. If you have completed the easy portion of the Varrock Task Reward, you can use the Edgeville furnace.

Levels 15-31 (both for f2p and p2p):

The fastest way to level up now is to simply do the Knight’s Sword quest .Completion of this quest awards you 12,750 Smithing experience, boosting your Smithing level to 31! If you don’t want to do this quest, you can make bronze items which are made from level 1-15. And super heat iron ores for 100% get iron bars. Because smelting in furnace means that you have 50% chance to get iron bars.

Levels 31-48 (both for f2p and p2p):

Now you can smithing steel items. Buy steel bars from grand exchange for fast exp.

Levels 48-70 (both for f2p and p2p):

The easiest and quickest way to train smithing now is to smith steel platebodies. This is expensive but very quick.

There is another quick way for members. If you complete the “Family Crest” quest, you should be given a pair of gauntlets. First, go to Al-Kharid mining area, and find the man whos asked you for perfect ring and necklace, and ask him for changing your gauntlets to goldsmith gauntlets. Then you can smelt gold ores to gold bars while wearing the goldsmith gauntlets. You can choose either super heat them or smelt in furnace. The best furnace is the Edgeville one after you finished the Varrock Task Reward. You can randomly smelt two ores at one time while wearing varrock armour.

Levels 70-85 (both for f2p and p2p):

Well, now you can smet/smith adamant ores/items. Although extremely costly, smithing Adamanting dagger is the quickest way for both members and free players to advance to level 85 Smithing.
Members can also keep super heating or smelting gold bars. It will save you lots of money, though it’s a bit slowly. It depends on how much time and money you want to spend on this skill.

Levels 85-99:

85 smithing is a cool for all f2p players. If you are not a member, we suggest you don’t do any more cause it will cost you lots of money from 85-99. If you are rich, you can keep training.

Although you can smith rune item, we suggest you don’t use rune bars. They are so expensive! The best item to smith to reach level 99 is Mithril Platebodies. You will need to smith 39,104 of these, and then you can caculate how much it will cost you. Or you can keep smelting gold bars wearing goldsmith gauntlets. Using mithril bars costs you a lot but fast, and using gold ores saves you lots of money but a bit slowly.

You will ask the question: how can we make money with this skill? Yes, till now, we know that it costs us so much money. We want fast exp, so we spend a lot of money on it. If you don’t want fast exp but money, you can mine ores and smelt them for bars, then sell the bars for money. Or you can make cannon balls using steel bars (after dwarf cannon quest).

Hope you can get you smithing cape faster and easier!