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Do you have any idea that RuneScape has a historic breakthrough? In order to celebrate the significant moment of RuneScape as well oldschool rs gold as all RS game players, RSorder has launched many discount activities to supply customers cheap RS gold and RS items. Then, what kind of big news does RuneScape have? There are three main aspects:

1. RuneScape Historic Breakthrough

Officially announcing, RuneScape is racing towards the historic milestone of 200 millionth RuneScape account being created. To appreciate all people who contribute to this mind-blowing total, RuneScape decides to have a grand celebration with a serious of events and surprises. This grand celebration will come soon, if you want to join, please pay attention to our site, we will inform you as long as time has confirmed.

2. Increased Fish Mask Chances: Only 24 hours Left

If you are interested in winning the tradable rare fish mask with this increased chances, you’d better to hurry up! There are less than 24 hours left to fight for. After this ending, the Squeal of Neptune will revert bank to the Squeal of Fortune. But you can be relax because the fish mask will remain on the wheel throughout the summer, along with the QBD and Jubilee themed items.

3. First Three Challenges: Skill, Variety and Fun

We have been informed previously that RuneScape will explain a little about challenges during the Evolution of Combat development. Now, the first three challenges talked are making combat about skill, encouraging variety in equipment, and making it fun. RuneScape is added more OMG moments to combat. The new ultimate abilities are frankly, awesome, and everyone in the office is amazed by what the graphics team have achieved. Besides, you mostly take the best weapon or spell available and do the best rate of damage, while damage types such as stab, slash, crush obtain more favor. They rarely make a huge difference in combat and are mostly selected due to the associated XP generation.

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As we all know, one of the most RS 2007 Gold significant events of RuneScape in this summer is the Clan Cup’s  return!

With Combat, Skilling and Combined sections, the Clan Cup will start on the 25th June. It’s an annual tournament where the clans of RuneScape come together to battle it out for competition and fun.

The tournament is open to everyone, no matter the lower-level or brand-new players alike. So, it’s definitely a great chance for you to prove yourself and prove that your clan is the best in all of Cielinor. If you play RuneScape and are highly interested in this tournament, just buy RS gold enough and prepare necessary RS items well to join the battle.

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To access the beta worlds, most game rs 07 gold players have signed up. In return, those people who applied and were selected will received a confirmation email from RuneScape. It will inform you that you’ve been chosen and have a right to access the Combat Beta right now.

About the RuneScape Evolution of Combat Beta, there are several points you need to know:

1. Who can access the beta worlds?

Officially announcing, those people who have signed up for the beta and received a confirmation  email are allowed to access the beta now. In the meantime, you need a current as well as active membership to log into the beta. No requirement of RS gold, if you are one of the lucky dogs but haven’t prepared well yet, you should be hurry up!

2. How do beta servers work?

Different from normal RuneScape worlds, many details you should keep in mind.

1) Separate from RuneScape main game worlds, you can only access the combat beta worlds via the Combat HQ. Besides, you can not use the world select option to change to a beta world from the main game.

2) With 9 beta worlds in total, you may be arranged to any part of these. If the worlds are full you will be automatically added to the lobby queue. If the lobby queue is full you will still can play the normal RuneScape game at the same time. Please get ready.

3) RuneScape has restricted the number of players in the beta world. Because a high level of density will contribute to stress-test the system and gather a high volume of concentrated data.

4) Remember to import your character save to the beta game before you start to play. You will see a new Import Character button in the button-left of your screen when you come to the beta lobby. Without any interaction, there is no need to worry about the beta world will be affect your normal game save. Also, you cannot export anything from the beta game to the normal game.

5) You are also able to submit bug reports directly from the game in the beta world via the report button below the chat interface.

6) Surprisingly, there are many rs 07 gold free equipments to help you test out the newly restatted weapons and armor plus off-hand weaponry. If you come to Lumbridge Castle, you will see a number of item trade NPCs carrying a selection of free weapons. You can get free equipments from them.

As we all know, many important events of RuneScape are in process nowadays. Owing to its strong challenge as well as big honor of wining a name of their clans permanently embedded in RuneScape history, every game player is intent to buy cheap 07rs gold enough to join this annual tournament.

Apart from the Clan Cup, the RuneScape Evolution of Combat Beta was live from yesterday! It is definitely a milestone event in the RuneScape history that can supply you a chance to access the combat beta in advance. And all members will have access to the beta for weekends from 7th July.

Do you feel that you can not resist the temptation to buy RS gold enough and join the new RuneScape battle? To support all customers’ RuneScape Enjoyment, RSorder has started various preferential activities.

1. RSorder Summer Trip

For the purpose of supplying customers cheaper as well as more efficient service, RSorder has made a lot of efforts. Form June 26, 2012(GMT) to July 5, 2012(GMT), when you have a consumption of RS gold at RSorder, you will enjoy a big discount of RS gold. The discount of all RS gold is up to a 20% off! Except for the cheap price, we will also offer you a fast delivery as well as considerate 24/7 Live Chat Help. With a huge stock of cheap RS gold, RSorder is not only professional but also reliable. So, if you have any demand of cheap RS gold or other RS products, you can be free to contact with RSorder 24/7 Live Chat Help, we will offer you a satisfactory service!

2. Various Discount RS Weapons

In addition, RSorder has also launched a wide variety of discount weapons in favor of the Runescape significant events. Such as the New Fire Cape, TokHaar-Kal, which gives +12 defence and +8 strength. It is extremely popular in the world of RuneScape since Fight Kiln is released. The discount is up to 50% off! If you are in need of powerful Weapons, we will provide you with the cheap one.

3. Free $5 for Every Newsletter Subscriber

More beneficial than ever before, we will send all newsletter subscribers a free $5 coupon code as gift as long as you sign up! No matter the old or the new, you should pay attention to your mailbox that you used to register our newsletter. A big surprise has stored for you!

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Since RuneScape has been released, it has become one of the most prevalent online games. Naturally, how to get oldschool runescape gold is becoming a hot topic of all game players.

Except for the previous way to get RuneScape gold, RSorder well introduce these new methods to obtain more.

1. The Armour Make

We believe that you need the ability to smith complete iron. Mien about 1,000 metal Ores, smith them into bars, then smith them into Male and Female sets.

For every arranged with platelegs you make, make one using a plate skirt. When you have about 10/20 complete sets, market every arranged for 2K RuneScape bucks each.

If not adequate for you, you can repeat the idea above to create many earnings of RS money. Also, you can perform this with Bronze, even although not as very much bucks as with Iron.

2. The Metal Ore Sell

You should get no much under 31 Ming and Adamanite Pickaxe. Go in the direction of Dwarve Mines and more Iron.

When you possess a complete inventory, commercial loan company it, after which mine a whole lot more Iron.

Preserve going and when have 1000 metal Ores, market them for 100K RS Gold.

3. The Skill Sell

Travel to AL Kharid and in the direction of the skill Trader. Purchase as very much silk when you can then commercial loan company them, while you have invested all of your RuneScape bucks do in the direction of the bank, after which be ware of them all.

Then, have a holiday to Varrock and market them to Thessaliam, the Cloth store owner. You will make relatively a hefty earnings of RS gold, as well as you can preserve going when you like.

However, don’t forget that every time you market the silk, change to some completely different world, or else the earnings will not be superb at all.

Sharing a common hobby with all game players, RSorder hope everyone could enjoy RuneScape. With this oldschool runescape gold making guide, we hope you can enjoy more!

Are you still remembering previous Giant Mole far back to 2006? Through this week’s Behind the Scenes, you can now look forward to the Giant Mole update next week! That’s right, the Giant Mole is coming back! Get ready with rs 07 gold to defeat it again. Before fighting with it once again, let’s go back and review some of it previous details.

Where to find the mole?

You are able to find it in the Falador Mole Lair, just under Falador Park. For getting into its lair, you need to dig in any one of the ‘mole hills’ near Sir Tiffy Cashien in the Falador Park.
A spade in your tool belt or inventory, along with a light source is needed for entering the location and you have to protect your light source when fighting with her as she is able to put out your light source.

How to defeat the mole?

For defeating it, your recommend level is 110+ Combat, 70+ Magic and 43+ Prayer.
Firstly, pay attention when he digs to the direction he turns. Knowing he turns to the north-east, you can assume that he is going somewhere north about 85% of the time.
Secondly, as Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said, “Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.” Therefore, you need to know that the mole is weak to water based spells, such as Water Surge or Ice Barrage. Also, the mole is weak to magic attacks in general.
Last thing you need to notice is that because it attacks with melee, mage armour provides the best defence. The mole cannot be bound using Bind, Snare, or Entangle.

What can you gain from the mole?

The drops from the Giant Mole are fairly similar to that of the King Black Dragon, along with mole skin or claws, which can be taken to Wyson as proof that you are successfully destroyed it.

At present, we cannot tell what will be updated on the Giant Mole, but let’s look forward together with sufficient RS 07 Gold preparations. Surely Jagex will never let us down!

Nowadays, RuneScape has gone though many kinds of updates. No matter the RuneScape Clan Cup or the Evolution of Combat Beta, they just can be main reasons for runescape 07 gold all game players to devote themselves to the new games. Naturally, lacking of enough RuneScape gold in cheap price is becoming an emergency.

Then, are you one of them who are in short of RS gold? Do you still have lots of savings to buy cheap RuneScape gold after experiencing these? If you do not, here RSorder will supply you a RuneScape guide to help you get RS gold easily.

1. Cutting trees and get logs

You can cut logs and cut better and better logs as you gain levels. The better the more money you can get from each one.without using RuneScape Cheat, cutting down magic trees is another way of making money even though it is not easy to finish. But, the prize is definitely rich, each tree will sell for as least 1000 each. And a fletched magic long bow is worth about 4000.

2. Mine coal and iron

Smelt them together to make a steel bar. Most people smith steel bars into plate bodies and high alchemy them. Each plate body sells for 1200. After that run to the general store right beside the bank and buy all the vials of water. Keeping doing this and switching worlds. Once you have 1,000 vials of water go on herblore forums and look for a buyers.

3. Picking up cowhide and beef

As you can pick up the cowhide in the ground when you are killing cows. You can get a lot of materials while killing, keep them and then sell them through Grand exchange. Each cowhide or beef are in price of 200-300 gp.

4. Reselling items in RuneScape

We cannot deny that it is an easy way for you to get RS gold. Just get some coins and buy some items at a low price from NPC in RuneScape, then sell the item in GE at a high price. The more items you do resell, the more RuneScape gold you will make.

With many details of making runescape 07 gold, we believe that you can obtain some help from these. Of course, if you are intent to buy cheap RS gold, you can also come to RSorder to buy what you need. In a large-scale of discount, all RS gold is 20% off! More beneficial, the RSorder Summer Packages which includes RS gold as well as RS weapons are up to 30% off! In a world, we hope you could enjoy the latest game of RuneScape!

Have you ever annoyed for some newbie who wearing awesome armour, which almost ruin the feel of high level gear for you? Maybe you just prefer the old sets, so you would rather use 2007 rs gold buy some old sets, but you do want some newbie to grab your thunder. Will the replica sets require you to be wearing the normal armour is better?

Supports of Soloman’s Replica Sets
1. I agree. I have no problems with anything Jagex puts out in Solomons, but I feel like some overrides need at least a level requirement. Whether it is overall combat level or defense stats.
2. This is the exact point I was trying to make. It feels like the time and effort you put into getting money and stats for Nex gear is null & void because of this.
3. Exactly. Plus, people don’t like to admit it, but part of the reason for things like this is to show off. Not entirely, but it’s enough to be demotivating.

Opponent of Soloman’s Replica Sets
1. Why do you care if people are wearing outdated cosmetic override which clip with the current textures and have stray pixels? It makes no sense at all.
2. They aren’t the real armors and in no way should symbolize a status of having the actual armor. They’re just overrides. If you want the feel of high level gear at all times you would instead turn the actual Nex armors that are in-game using Dragon Keepsakes which do actually require you to have the actual armor and levels to turn the item into an override.
3. They should be very well available to everyone. Everyone wearing the new overrides is to be expected. It’s the same in real life. When something new comes out, everyone gets one or wants to get one.

Since you all have some good reasons, so Jagex may need to think over of it. To be honest, armour is really a great symbol of status, but is it good for a newbie? They do need a sense of achievement from that, right?

Thieving is known to be as one of the easiest skills to buy runescape gold 2007 master on Runescape for it will take a short amount of time to achieve 99 skill-cape compared to other harder skills.

What to Thieve at Certain Levels? 

Levels 1-5: Pickpocket Men (0.5k xp P/H)
Levels 5-20: Bakers Stall (8k xp P/H)
Levels 20-30: Silk Stall (13k xp P/H)
Levels 30-50: Advanced Chest (60k xp P/H)
Levels 50-65: Coshing Volunteer (105k xp P/H)
Levels 65-95: Menaphite Thugs (235k xp P/H)
Levels 95-99: Monkey Knife Fighter (300k xp P/H)

Where to Thieve?

1. Men: Can be found all over Runescape but we recommend pick-pocketing men in Lumbridge or in the house full of men just north of the Edgeville bank and south of the wilderness ditch.

2. Baker Stalls: The baker stall that we recommend going to is those in the center of Ardougne. When stealing from stalls in Ardougne it is recommended that you complete the Ardougne easy task to get the Ardougne cape. The Ardougne cape reduces the chance of you being caught by guards when stealing from stalls hence why it is a good thing to get.

3. Silk Stalls: The silk stall that you should steal from is located in the center of Ardougne, just like with the Baker Stall we recommend that you wear the Ardougne cloak when stealing from this stall as it will minimize the risk of being caught.

4. Advanced chests: In order to thieve from these chests you need to have completed the Buyers and Cellars quest, if you have not completed this quest don’t worry as it does not take allot of time to complete and is definitely worth doing. When thieving from these chests you will also need a lock pick which can be bought from players or in the grand exchange. Advanced chests are found in a cellar in Lumbridge which is directly adjacent to the general store.

5. Coshing Volunteer: To steal from Coshing Volunteers you need to have completed 3 quests (Buyers and Cellars, The Feud and From tiny Acorns). Items needed to thieve using this method is a rubber blackjack. They can be found in the same cellar as the advanced chests.

6. Menaphite Thugs: To loot from Menaphite Thugs, you will need to have 2 quests and 2 subquests, these quests are: Buyers and cellars, The feud, Rouge trader and Tiny Acorns. Menaphite Thugs can be found in Pollniveach in the Shanty Dessert.

7. Monkey Knife Fighter: To steal from Monkey Knife Fighters you must have done the quest Do no Evil. To do this method you must turn into a gorilla via the use of a Gorilla Greegree from the monkey madness quest. The monkeys are located at Ape toll which can be accessed via the level 76 magic teleport.

Are you one of the runescape players? If so, you must know the Terrain Survival. The harsh Desert is the difficult one. It lies south of the Shantay Pass is a forbidding land. There is almost no water, and the hungry beasts are waiting for the weak to fall prey to the heat of the parched desert sands. Even the experienced players will come to grief if they are unprepared. It is not because they are too weak to fight against the beasts, but because the place itself abhors life. This desert must be entered with full items, as even the most powerful adventurers. So the RS items are really necessary to survive in the harsh desert.

To safely enter the desert, you should take a number of items with you.



rs tips



1. Desert robes, boots and shirts all slow the rate at which the harsh desert sun will dehydrate you, so your waterskin will need filling less often. The waterskin, when full, holds four doses of water, which you will automatically drink instead of suffering the effects of dehydration.


2. Taking a knife with you enables you to cut a specific cactus in order to drain water from it. This is quite simply achieved by looking around for ‘Kharidian cactus (healthy)’. When you click on your knife to use it and hover over the cactus a menu will appear.


3. Select ‘Cut’ and a single dose of water will be added to any waterskin in your inventory that is not already full.