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Tormented demons, which have strong powers, can attack with three combat styles. Players can only kill them by the unique items they drop. It is difficult for players to defeat them, because they have 170 combat level. Many people wonder that how they can defeat these monsters. Here are some strategies.

Make full preparation

1. You need 85+ attack, 90+ strength, 85+ defence , 85+ Range, 70+ Prayer, 80+ Magic, 52+ Summoning

2. You need the Angel of Death gravestone to get back all your items if you die.

3. Prepare more than 1 Sapphire Lantern to go back in case you die.

How to get there

1. Start at the Recipe for Disaster Chest and go through the hole. Enter the south hole. Jump across of the stepping stone and enter the cave. Use your Sapphire Lantern with the light creatures which are floating around. Choose the into the Chasm option when there are two options come to the screen.

2. Keep walking until you run into a narrow path and walk to the end, then climb up the rocks and click “enter”.

Fight with the Tormented demons

1. Enter the opening of the cave and make the nearest demon to follow you.

2. Keep your mage pray as usual and run up to the northeast.

3. At this time, both demons are around you.  Continue going east and reach the safe place which is located in the south square.

4. Once you get there, you will find a demon behind your south pillar. Once you are here, you should see a demon behind the pillar to your south. There maybe two thing happen to you: trap the two monsters or all your work is ruined.

5. When demon move to the north and notices you, it will begin firing off mage. At this time, you should make sure your prayer is on. Move to the north one spot and then to the east if he moves toward you.

6. When you’re in this spot, the demon will no longer be able to attack you, so he will move right up to your location. Move one spot west, and you’re done and ready to kill that demon.

The Tormented Demon has 3 different types of attacks. So you need to make sure you pay attention to change prayers and attacks accordingly to his attacks and defences.

The Birthright of the Dwarves is the seventh grandmaster quest. Many players are wondering how they can complete this quest successfully. Here are the guides on how to defeat the Grimsson and finish the Birthright of the Dwarves.

1. Talk to the King Veldaban in the 2nd floor of the palace in Keldagrim. He will tell you his trouble and ask you for help. You can choose to start at this time and will be informed about something about Red Axe you need to do.

2. The first thing you need to do is to investigate several suspected spies in the Record’s chamber.
Find Lieutenant Brae and talk to her. Show her the Royal seal and she will tell you to investigate the suspects and make your judgements.

3. After you choose your judgements, go to the Taverley dungeon. Walk to north and you will see Chaos dwarves. You need to kill several of them until Ikidia the Exile appears. She will tell you about the origins of the Chaos dwarves after you defeated her.

4. Next, you need to speak to Watchtower Wizard on the top of the Watchtower outside Yanille.  Ask him the way to deal with Ogre Shaman memory altering magic. He will give you a Memory wand and say that you are affected by the memory magic and need to calibrate it. Now you will enter your memory with him.

5. Use the Memory wand on the floating beers and kebabs nearby and they’ll turn into a memory void and release four memory fragments that you must catch (Grimsson, Chaos dwarf, Gnome emissary, and Hreidmar). Investigate the voids and use the fragments. Once you have done what the four fragments tell you to do, the wizard will announce that the wand is finished. Now you need to return to Veldaban in Keldagrim and report to him.

6. Now it is time to fight in the Red Axe. This can be found in the south of Keldagrim. Take the boat found just north of the Palace to get there quickly. Enter a large room with several trolls, black guard and Veldaban and Nulodion. Destroy the cannons in Red Axe. Once all the cannons have been destroyed, you need to up to the platform.

7. After you up to the platform, you will find the boss Grimsson. As the director, he is the second strong enemy in Red Axe. Fight with the Grimsson, because he has the ability to become Berserk and grab the Veldaban to lead your damage to Veldaban.

You’d better back to the bank and get good armour and high tier food. It is easy to fight with Grimsson with high armour. Attack him until he dies. This fight will become more difficult if you don’t handle correctly. After both of them are dead, then kill any remaining Chaos Dwarf Cannoneers and Chaos Dwarves. Then talk to Veldaban to finish off the quest.

Do you want to get more spirit spins? We recommend you to complete the minigame– Blood Pact to obtain another two extra spins.

1. Go to the Lumbridge Graveyard and talk to Xenia. She will tell you that some Zamorakian cultists have taken Ilona hostage and enter catacombs. She needs your help.

2. You need to enter the catacombs after agreeing and a short cut scene will occur to you, which shows the passage cultists and the hostage went through.

3. Go through the passage with Xenia. When enter the room, Kayle will attack you. After defeated him, you need to tell him to give you his weaponry. Then equip it.

4. Go into the west room and you will be attacked by Caitlin. Defeat her with ranged and operate the winch, then go through the gates. Tell her to give you her staff. Wield the staff and wind rush will be set as your attack.

5. Go down the stairs and you will meet the final cultist – Reese. He will attack you with melee. If you are in low level, you’d better hide behind the table to avoid his attack. Defeat him and get his gear and sword.

6. Rescue Ilona and you will be transported back outside. Speak to Xenia to complete the quest.

Below are the rewards you can get:

1. Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
2. 1 quest point
3. Kayle’s bow
4. Caitlin’s staff
5. Reese’s sword
6. 100 Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged and Magic XP
7. Access to the Lumbridge Catacombs dungeon
8. 200 Bronze arrows, 200 Air runes, 200 Mind runes

This is the guide to complete the Blood Pact. Enjoy your adventure with our guide to gain the two extra spins of Squeal of Fortune. You will have more chance to get the exclusive spirit gems. Cherish your time and fight now!

The Bird and the Beast is the second world event. It has started on Dec. 11th 2013, and this epic battle will last for six weeks. In this event, god Armadyl and Bandos will have a drastic fight and the Godless are seeding members to ambush the gods’ troops to interfere this epic event. Now, it’s time for you to fight for your god!
How Can I Start The Bird and the Beast?
Below are the some basic activities you need to take part in.
1. Choose which god to side with before you get start. If you want to change your side, talk to Kara-Meir.
2. You need to build tower after occupying a site. There are four types of towers you can build– Faction Banner, Spider Hole, Combat Monolith, Divining Siphon.
3. Now you can kill enemies within PvP area. Every time you have a successful kill, you can be rewarded with a Heroic Skull. Prayers experience will be obtained when you bury this skull.
4. Build either Defensive or offensive golems for your faction. You can find the faction’s golem masters on the first floor of your faction base camp.
5. Earn the renown by repairing structures. 5 renown is awarded each time an action is performed; this is doubled to 10 renown per action when PvP mode is enabled.
6. As you gain renown, you can accumulate the votes. These votes can be used on two aspects: Record keeper, or Golem master.
What Can I Get from this Event?
1. Icon: You can obtain a small icon which is matching your god’s symbol by join a faction. When PvP is enabled, the symbol is larger.
2. Token: When sign up with your faction, you will receive a bronze token from your recruiter. The token will teleport your faction’s camp all over the world, even in the up level 40 Wilderness.
3. Warpriest armour : You can obtain a set of Warpriest armour. Equipped with armor, your cooldown time will be reduced in some ways.
4. Cosmetic overrides: You can combine items dropped by the opposite NPCs with 1,000 sacred metal fragments to create cosmetic overrides. If you want to change your side, you still can obtain the weapon you get in that side.
5. Emotes: The unique emotes can be purchased from your quartermaster. Emotes in different factions can be obtained at the same time.
Sharp your blade and stand side with your god. Witness the grand world event and contribute to your faction. For the bravest players, there are massive rewards waiting for you!

Do you want to talk to your RS friends more expediently? Jagex has launched an app to achieve your desire. With the RS Companion web app, you can talk to your friends by using mobile phone, table or PC without logging in the game.

How to Operate the Web App

You can just follow these steps rather than installing it from an app store since it is just a web app.
1. Visit For desktop and Android devices please use Chrome. On iOS devices please use Safari.
2. Enter your RuneScape log-in details.
3. Log in and start chatting!

How to Add Friend

Here are two methods to add friend:
1. By pressing on someone’s avatar, you will find the option about adding that person to your friend list.
2. Type the person’s name manually on the friend list screen.

Which Devices are Supported

This app supports Friends Chat, Clan Chat and Private Messages and there are more new features will be added in 2014. Now it is still under improvement. There are limited devices can support this app.

1. Desktop PCs and laptops, using Chrome.
2. Some Android devices with 1GB RAM or more, using Chrome.
Nexus 4/Nexus 5/Nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy S3/Samsung Galaxy S4
3. IOS devices with 1GB RAM, using Safari.
iPhone 5/ iPhone 5C/iPhone 5s
iPad 3rd Gen/iPad 4th Gen/ iPad Air/iPad Mini retina

The web app currently does not work on the following devices:
iPhone 4/iPhone 4s/iPad Mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Windows Phones
Blackberry Phones


1. You cannot download this app since it is a web app.
2. You cannot log in web app and the game at the same time.

This is a really good job done by Jagex. Using web app to communicate with your RS friend without logging into the full game, this brilliant idea will bring more convenient for most players. If your phone devices are not in the list, wait patiently and Jagex will make some updates to increase this list in January.

Time flies. In the blink of an eye, 2013 has come to its end. We have accompanied by RS for another year.would like to share some highlights about Runescape with you. There are many impressive events through the whole year. Let’s have a review together.

The Vote and Launch of Old School RuneScape

For almost 450,000 player’s support to launch the Old School, Jagex have felt that players have strong emotion to OSRS. The OSRS community has very deep impact to the game. This makes them can process their game better. Since many players said that they feel a little bit boring for the repeat content, Jagex has made various updates according to players’ responds in the content poll, such as the minigame update.

Release of Runescape 3

Jagex has made their whole efforts to bring enjoyment to all players. There are many contents updated in RS 3. Most players are satisfied with what Jagex brought to RS 3, because all the updates are made with the deep emotion of all the Jagex staff. They also held many impressive events such as the picturesque Peckforton Castle. You are not alone to play RS but with lots of players all over the world.

Successful Introduction of Bonds

To the Jagex Mod, the most successful thing in Runescape is the introduction of Bonds. In his mind, this has enabled them make their further move to protect players benefits. This has an important impact to the in-game economy system and in some ways reduced the overflow of bots. For all players, they have the opportunities to become members based on their in-game efforts.

So what’s the most impressive highlight in Runescape for you? Do you still like to play this game with your friends? There is no doubt that the OSRS has become a precious memory to all of us. It has witnessed the enjoyment and good old days shared with our friends together. I believe that there will be a bright future for both OSRS and RS 3.

Thieving is a members-only skill that allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls, chests, or by pickpocketing non-player characters (NPCs). This skill also allows players to unlock doors and disarm traps.
Audio options icon
Thieving level-up music (link)

The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 391,004) on the hiscores for Thieving is level 15.

Compared with other hard skill-capes, for most runescape players, thieving is thought to be one of the easiest skills to master on runescape. It’s because that you can take a short time to gain 99 for this skill. By the way, you also can get large experience and rs gold. Here I’m glad to share a useful way to get 99 thieving faster.

From level 1-5, I recommend you just thieve men and women in Lumbridge. You’d better to only thieve men and women until level 5 since you can get 8 experience and 3 coins for each pick.
From level 5-20, you can thieve from Baker Stalls in Ardougne. Here I recommend you to complete the easy task to get Ardougne cape which can reduce the chance that you are caught by guards when you stealing from stalls hence.
From level 20-40, you can wear Ardougne cape to steal from Silk Stalls. In this way, the risk for you are caught can be minimized when you steal from this stall.
From level 40-55, you can thieve master farmers now. When you thieve master farmers now, you can get amazing good money. And of course the best master farmers to thieve are in Draynor. Besides, you can also thieve in north of Ardougne because you can thieve cakes from the nearby cake stalls and then back to thieve again.
From level 55-99, when you in this level, you can complete 3 quests (Buyers and Cellars, the Feud and Tiny Acorns) to steal from Coshing Volunteer, 2 quests and 2 subquests to loot from Menaphite Thugs. After that, you can steal from Monkey Knife Fighters after completing the quest Do no Evil. To do this method you must turn into a gorilla via the use of a Gorilla Greegree from the monkey madness quest.

Fishing in runescape lets players catch fish from fishing spots, and you can sell it to other players because of their ability to heal Life Points. Fishing is really a good way to earn RS gold. Do you know the requirement for fishing?

Reaching 99 in any skill is a long process, and fishing is not one of the faster skills to train. But there are of course, ways to make it go faster. As a 99 fisher, I’ll show you the tips and tricks I used to quickly and easily acheive my goal.

Sometimes you will be fishing for the purpose of gaining money, sometimes you will be fishing for the purpose of gaining experience quickly. As this is primarily a guide to reaching 99 fishing, I will deal first with speedy training methods.

These are fly fishing, and barbarian pole fishing.

I will deal with fly fishing first. Fly fishing is very fast experience. There are only two places in runescape suitable for training it. The best known place is shilo village. Shilo village has a fishing shop which sells rods and feathers, and most importantly, it has a bank and several fly fishing spots. You can fish here all the way from low levels to 99 fishing, and get fast experience the whole time.The drawback here is that you have to do the shilo village quest in order to access this training spot, and the fishing spots move around a lot, which can get annoying.

The fastest way of gaining fishing experience is barbarian pole fishing. This method is around 5k per hour faster than fly fishing, and you gain not only fishing experience, but agility and strength experience while doing it! There is no running back and forth to the bank, in fact, you don’t have to ever even leave your fishing spot. The downside is that you don’t make any money, unless you keep your caviar instead of using it as bait (caviar can sell for up to 500gp on the ge).

I know most of RS players have a same problem of money making, and some players make RS gold in the wildness in runescape. Do you know how to make money in the wildness? And is making money in the wildness dangerous?

Wildness experience for getting rs gold

1. Picking up items

Picking is the main and easiest way to make money. You should pick up all the items that worthy to sell and all arrows that you see. In fact, the better the arrows, the more value they are.

If you find any expensive items in the wild, do not sell them in the general store, because this will lose you a good amount of runescape gold. Instead, you can sell items to other members for the full value.

2. Attacking members

Attacking is usually the main reason that anyone decide to go to the wildness. It is also a good opportunity to earn some great amount of RS gold, because if you end up killing your opponent, then you can get everything that they are wielding and carrying around.

You have to ensure that your mage level is high enough to be able to teleport to Varrock. If you find that you are about to die in the wildness and you are really far away, you can use teleportation to teleport to Varrock.

With this in mind, to bring enough runes to teleport and enough food, but do not fill up your bank, because having enough bank space will help you to pick up many items that you find on the ground.

What is the important thing in game playing? Of course, money takes an important role. For RS players, you may have tried many ways to get RS gold in the game or other places.

Small suggestion for rs gold in the game

1. If you have a butler in your house, you can do the unnoting plank trick assuming it’s not patched.

Here’s the set-up:
Noted logs, full inventory, lots of RS gold. Give butler logs to unnote, when he returns send him to make them into planks. When he returns with planks, he can’t give them to you since your inventory is full. Now give him more logs to unnote, he’ll bank the planks and return with logs. Wash, wax, repeat.
You can do this with the demon butler. Maybe it’s boring but very passive.

2. If you have access to Manage thy Kingdom and can summon a tortoise, you can also make ok cash.

Here’s the set-up:
Lots of runescape gold, lots of waiting time, few tortoises, lots of enchanted Ring of Wealth and Glory Amulet. Buy mohagany tables and other profitable furniture for cheap at the GE. When you built up a large stock (say 1000 or more), summon your tortoise, fill inventory with tables, RoW to Miscellania to sell the tables, Glory back to edge to refill. Every couple million rsgold, empty your coffers. Biggest limitation on this is that you can only get 100 of each furniture per 4 hours.

3. Iron mining at Monastary.

Here’s the set-up:
Ardougne cape, RC hood, Tortoise, 1-hit iron mining level, Varrock lvl 2 armor. Cape teleport to monastary (use it in action bar), run to iron deposit nearby to the north, mine three rocks. Fill up tortoise and inventory, RC hood tele to runespan to use quick deposit box. Teleport back. As iron sells for 120 each, that makes this 5400 RS gold a trip. Expect 20 trips an hour.