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The festive aura will be returning in runescape for all members on December 1st, 2013. So which skills will you plan to use the aura on? The effect of the festive aura experience can remain activated for 30 minutes with a usage limit of 50,000 per day during the month of December.

How to get it?

The festival aura is available to all members of runescape, even to the players who become members during the month of December.
Generally, it will appear in your inventory directly. But if your inventory was full, it will appear in your bank. However, if your inventory and bank were all full so that this item cannot be placed into either of them, you many need to go to Xuan and collect it from him. Also, he will help you to replace the aura if you lost or destroyed it.

How to use it?

You will receive a snowflake wing when the festive aura activated. On the one hand, the snowflake wing is a beautiful cosmetic for you; on the other hand, it will provide 50% extra experience on any experience you gain via a skill with a maximum of 50k experience per day limitation.
The experience bonus is worked the same way as any other XP-boosting aura does in runescape. Also, it can stack with other bonuses such as skill pendants and skill outfits. A year ago from December 1st, 2012 to December 3rd, 2012, the aura could even be taken into Dungeoneering floors for bonus experience. cannot say if it’s also applicable in this year at present. Let’s see!
Each time the festive aura is activated can last for 30 minutes and once depleted it will take 24 hours before you can activate the aura again.

What should you notice?

The festive aura cannot be traded or alchemized, as well as bought from a store. If you have no space for it or die with it, you can get it back by talking to Xuan in Varrock or in Burthorpe.

Are you ready to gain double experience in December? Increasing all experience gained by 50%. You would never want to miss that.

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Do you guys enjoy Smoking Kills quest in runescape 3? Would you like to enjoy it in old school runescape?


Cooperative task


The cooperative slayer task will allow two players to participate together on the same slayer assignment. To initiate a cooperative slayer task, you can invite a player who has the same task as you via the slayer gem or simply ask your chosen slayer master to give your cooperative group the same task. For each kill you or your cooperative partner do, the number of monsters left to kill decreases.XP is rewarded per kill per player, so if your cooperative partner killed a monster, they would get the experience and not you. Rewards points are split depending on who killed the most monsters.


New areas for slayer


 There will be a new environment specifically for slayers. With the new area for slayer, you can kill Greater demons without pesky wild dogs interrupting combat. Meanwhile, effects of Kuradel’s slayer cave also will be updated for only allowing monsters to be attacked if they’re your assigned target.There will also be new slayer monsters and bosses to represent the new area.


Time trial slayer


This would be an optional challenge and not required of every task unless you selected to take part. The sooner you finish the better you are rewarded. The final award is still not confirmed whether additional XP or points to those who finish their tasks in good time. The lowest XP you could possibly be awarded is the base XP the specific monster rewards you.


There are also some smaller changes would include auto-killing specific NPCs, such as Gargoyles, with their required slayer tool. In addition to this, developers of old school runescape are also thinking about allowing you to see how many of each slayer monster you have killed, ever. Are you excited?

Iron ore is unrefined iron. A player with a Mining level of 15 or higher can mine iron ore from iron ore rocks found in various mines, granting 35 Mining experience for each ore mined. This gives a player 980 experience per inventory. Iron ore’s respawn times differ according to the number of players within a world; on average one respawn takes 10 seconds. Lower level players often use it to train with, because of the moderate experience, low respawn time, and relatively low required level to mine and smith. If done fast, mining and dropping iron ores can result in 30k exp/hr, one of the fastest methods to train mining. If mined fast with an urn, theoretically up to 45,000 experience can be gained each hour.

Adamantite ore is obtained through the Mining skill in various places throughout RuneScape by mining Adamantite rocks. It can be smelted along with six coal through the Smithing skill to form an Adamant bar, which can then be smithed into various types of adamant weapons and armour.
Adamantite ore can be mined with a Mining level of 70 or higher, granting 95 Mining experience.

Limpwurt roots are used to make Strength potion at level 7 Herblore (combined with a Tarromin) and Super strength potion at level 55 Herblore (combined with a Kwuarm).
Limpwurt roots are dropped by many monsters and can also be purchased at Poletax’s Herblore Shop. With level 26 Farming, players can grow their own roots in a farming patch using Limpwurt seeds.

At level 20 Dungeoneering players (both F2P and P2P) may enter the Edgeville resource dungeon located in the east of the hill giant area where four limpwurt roots spawn making a reasonable amount of money from picking them up and selling them quickly on the Grand Exchange nearby. The banks in the Grand Exchange and in Edgeville are also nearby to deposit these picked up limpwurt roots.

High Level Alchemy (high alch, or alching) is a non-combat Magic spell used to convert items into coins at the best price a player could sell them for at a specialty store. The amount of coins generated is normally 50% more than the general store or Low Alchemy gives.
High level alchemy costs 340 coins to cast but is reduced to 240 coins to cast with a Staff of fire, Fire battlestaff, Mystic fire staff, Steam battlestaff, Mystic steam staff, Lava battlestaff, Mystic lava staff, any skeletal/necromancer versions of the above, Mindspike (fire) or a Dragon staff, as these staves supply unlimited fire runes. Alternatively, the Explorer’s ring 4 and Radiant alchemist’s amulet provides 15 rune free casts of High level alchemy a day, which still grants full XP.

Superheat Item is a non-combat Magic spell used to smelt ore without a furnace. It can be used by both free and member players. It takes four fire runes and one nature rune to cast. Fire runes are not needed if wielding a fire, lava, or steam staff. Casting Superheat Item creates only one bar, and cannot be cast upon noted ores. The ore amount required is the same as if you were smelting the bar in a furnace.

I know there are many other methods of money such as burning willow logs and collecting ashes or fishing that can make good money but they basically explain there selves. Get invys of willow logs and light them outside varrock bank, collect ashes and make over 200k an hour, or fishing lobbies/swordfish & tuna on karamja and having them noted at stiles.

Did you know you can make money on Runescape without Runescape Cheat? In this guide, you will discover the secrets to make money without using Runescape Cheat. These are ideas that the high-level Runescape players do not want you to know. You will learn to make millions without using Runescape Cheat.

1. Get your smithing level to 25 and your mining level to at least 15. Then. go to Falador Mine at the mining site behind the Falador Castle. Get iron and go to the furnace. Then, go to Dorics (the little dwarf) and smith battle axes and other items such as square shields and long swords, which all sell over 50 gp each at the general store. Do this repeatedly to get easy money. Note: Sleep in the bed near Wayne’s Chains.

2. Get your magic level up to 55 (high level alchemy) and buy a Runeite Medium for 8,000 to 10,000 gp. Use it on the Runeite Medium to get 11,500 gp. Buy another Runeite Medium and repeat those steps to get easy money. Note: This spell uses five Fire Runes and one Nature Rune. It is recommended that you get a Staff of Fire if you plan on doing this.

3. There are about seven spawn points for coins. In the wilderness, go to the Dark Warrior’s castle and kill them until you get the Rare Black Mace and Black Medium Helmet, which both sell for a lot of gp. Get your crafting up to level 40 and make all kinds of jewelry, which also sell for a lot of money. Make Strength Potions and sell them by the wilderness in Varrock for 1,000 gp. Also make food and sell by the wilderness.

4. If your smithing level is 34 and mining is 20, go to Falador and to the Dwarven Mines. Keep mining until you have about 100 to 200 iron ore banked. Then, make all the bars you can. You should have between 50 to 100 bars. Smith them into Iron Chest Plates then go back to Varrok and sell them to Hovick The Armorer. If your smithing is lower, then smith Bronze Bars and make bronze two handed and large helms and items until you can make Bronze Chest Plates. Make those until your smithing is level 34, then repeat the steps for about 10,000 gp every five to ten minutes.

This guide will help you make money regardless of your combat level and / or starting money. The most important thing is that you will not be using any Runescape Cheat. Read this thoroughly to learn the secrets of making money without jeopardizing your game or using Runescape Cheat.

Since the launch of Old School RuneScape, one of the most requested updates suggested by you guys was the Smoking Kills quest. While, the developer of old school runescape believes that what you really want are the rewards from the quest rather than the quest itself. What’s your opinion? Do you prefer quest itself or just the rewards of that?

Smoking Kills quest

To start the quest, you need to travel to Pollnivneach and speak to Sumona in the house north of the General Store Stall. She will ask you for help finding her twin sister, who has fallen down a well.

After you complete the quest, Sumona is now a new Slayer master. Talk to her to get more information about the new point system. The Underground well area is also a new Slayer Dungeon.

After the quest, you can descend down into the well and find Catolax. He will tell you about the underground area. You will also keep the knowledge of creating new slayer items by combining current items together.

Smoking Kills updates

1. In addition, an update about cooperative slayer would allow two players to participate together on the same slayer assignment. To initiate a cooperative slayer task, you would invite a player who has the same task as you via the slayer gem or simply ask your chosen slayer master to give your cooperative group the same task.

2. Also, there will be new areas specifically for slayers, which will be run with the effects Kuradel’s slayer cave had and only allow monsters to be attacked if they’re your assigned target. The new slayer monsters and bosses will represent the new areas.

3. Time trial Slayer is also in the list of updates. This would be an optional challenge and not required of every task unless you selected to take part. Like most time trials, the sooner you finish the better you are rewarded.

Smoking Kills rewards

After this quest, a player earns slayer reward points for each slayer assignment completed, with assignments from higher level masters giving more points. Points add up until used, or until a task is changed.
For each kill you or your cooperative partner do, the number of monsters left to kill decreases. XP is rewarded per kill per player.

You will also receive a notable reward – the Slayer Helmet, which as function in exactly the same way as it did when it first came out, acting as a black mask, facemask, earmuffs, nose peg and spiny helmet all-in-1.

There are still so many things that the developers of old school runescape are working on. No matter the quest or rewards, you can be receiving a lot. We can be all looking forward more, even some runescape 2007 gold as rewards!