Wow Classic – Top Five DifferencesOn August 26, 2019 Blizzard launched World of Warcraft Classic. The goal of the release was to recreate the game world before the expansion of the Burning Crusade. This new gaming experience allows fans of the pre-2006 game a trip down memory lane. It also allows newer players a different gaming experience.

There are many similarities between the two versions of the game. There are also some major contrasts. What follows are the top five differences between WOW and WOW Classic.
1) Pacing

The original WOW played slower than the current game. It took players a while to level up. The long slog made for some fun emersion in the game as players were not as worried about getting to the end goal. WOW Classic recreates that feeling with longer travel times and a long process of leveling up. The advantage of this slower pacing is the thrill of finally leveling up and interacting with other players.
2) Add-ons

The new add-on system is a blend of the old and the new. Add-ons were few in the original version of WOW, but in WOW Classic these systems have embraced the community. Helper Add-ons such as tips for fighting certain enemies and map locations are now acceptable choices; whereas in the past many players would have turned up their noses.
3) Streamers

Streaming is a current phenomenon in the gaming community. Streaming was not a thing during the original WOW launch, but now can have a huge effect on gameplay in WOW Classic. Streamers can influence the amount of traffic on a server, which can have positive and negative effects. Areas can become over-crowded, which can hurt leveling. Or if a streamer leaves a server, they may take all their followers with them. In PVP servers, they may become untouchable due to their followers.

While Streaming is not always a negative factor, it is a new factor in online gameplay. Streamers are still an important part of gaming culture, and players must learn to adjust.
4) Bugs and Glitches

The old WOW was notoriously glitchy at times. Players could exploit bugs to gain new talents, or defeat bosses that would usually be much more difficult. Servers back in the days that WOW Classic reflects were also known to lag or crash altogether. With the early days of the internet in 2006 this was not uncommon, as the technology was still in its infancy. With today’s technology, players of WOW Classic should be able to enjoy the classic feel of the game without the classic headaches.
5) The Community

The community is like that of the original in WOW Classic. With years of experience from many players, the cooperation between players will be much greater. Older players will be more open to helping new players with their prior knowledge. Speak will be available to all players making communication even easier between players in WOW Classic.

The fact that most players of WOW Classic will be returning players will impact the community of this game. Their knowledge and skill base will aid newer players in the game.wowclassicgp

Chromatic dragons have existed in Runescape since its classic days, but metal dragons introduced a new dynamic in 2005. They feature hardened defenses, long-range dragon breath, and unique drops compared to buy osrs gold their chromatic dragon brothers. If you get them assigned as a slayer task, keep this article in mind before skipping them.


Bronze Dragons

Bronze dragons were the weakest of the preliminary metal dragons introduced to the game. As you might imagine, they drop bronze bars in addition to dragon bones upon death. Even though they are pure bronze, they still have a combat level of 131, a base defense of 112 and considerable defensive stats against all attack styles.

You may find them in the Brimhaven Dungeon and the Catacombs of Kourend, with the latter being preferable for Slayer tasks due to the chance at dropping totem pieces. These dragons are not desired as moneymakers since they only have a very rare chance at dropping dragon platelegs (or skirts) and cannot drop a Draconic Visage.

Like the other metallic dragons, they are weakest against magic attacks or stab attacks. If you are assigned a slayer task, you can quickly get it over by using Fire Wave, Fire Surge, a Zamorakian Hasta or a Dragon Hunter Lance.


Iron Dragons

These dragons are within the same vicinity as Steel Dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon. The attack with a stronger breath than Bronze dragons, especially when using ranged or magic against them. Be sure to always keep an anti-fire potion on to reduce damage.

Iron Dragons are commonly assigned as Slayer tasks from multiple masters, but players tend to skip them due to slow experience or lack-luster rewards. If you want to kill them quickly, you can finish your tasks using a Dragon Hunter Crossbow and stick to a safe spot. You at least get a chance at Dragon Platelegs or a Draconic Visage.


Steel Dragons

Steel dragons were the strongest of the metal dragons when they were first released with the Brimhaven Dungeon. They have the highest chance of dropping Dragon Platelegs or skirts, and they have a considerable chance of dropping a Draconic Visage.

Although they are commonly skipped, Steel Dragons are excellent slayer tasks for high-level players. Using the Dragon Hunter Lance, prayers and your Slayer mask, you can melt through their defenses (which are infamous at being resistant against melee). They are also relatively weak to magic, so that’s another option if you’re on a budget.

If you have the Karamja Elite diary completed, they will drop noted bars, making this a game-changer as a money-making method. It is also very useful for ironmen as these bars can be later used for cannonballs or creating dart tips for fletching.

As for killing them off-task, they may be considered good for mage training for mid-level ironmen. Simply go the classic route of gearing up with any mage gear you have, anti-fire potions, an anti-fire shield and at least Fire Bolt as a spell. If you want to get decent tank legs for melee training, this is one of the best spots to get them as an alternative to Barrows.


Mithril Dragons

Before Dragon Slayer II, Mithril dragons were once the end-game metal dragons from the original version of the 2007 Runescape. They drop a mithril bar upon death, as well as a unique drop table including mix potions and various rune items. They are found in the Ancient Cavern nearby the barbarian fishing pools that are always occupied.

Most people who kill Mithril dragons do it to complete Slayer tasks or to relive the nostalgia of grinding for a Full dragon helmet. This helmet has a 1/32,000 chance to drop, with an additional chance coming from burning chewed bones (but don’t count on it). Otherwise, these are pretty abysmal for osrs gold per hour.


Adamant Dragons

Adamant Dragons were released with Dragon Slayer II and may be accessed via Lithkren Vault after completing the quest. Their body is made of Adamantite metal, and as you may have expected, they drop Adamantite bars after every kill. Unfortunately, they are not a very popular dragon to kill.

These fights are tough and require lots of concentration, unlike other metal dragons. Aside from regular dragon breath, this dragon has a special attack that splats points in a 5×5 area on the ground. You will have to use anti-poison or anti-venom, else you will die rather quickly.

The fighting method to kill them should be ranged or melee with Dragon Hunter Gear, but it will still be a tough fight. Considering you have to spend more time, effort and supplies to kill them than Rune Dragons, it is an easy decision to skip them.


Rune Dragons

Rune Dragons are the current meta for metal dragons and are considered one of the best semi-AFK money makers in the game. Just like Adamant dragons, they are locked behind the Dragon Slayer II quest with a harsh requirement of 200 quest points. Although, unlike Demonic Gorillas or raiding, it doesn’t require too high of skills or PvM ability to kill these.

The estimated gold per hour is at least 1 million+ with high melee stats. Considering it requires a very low effort to kill this with decent gear, players specifically create alternative accounts to kill these will playing on the pures or main accounts. It only takes around 2 months to create an account, taking into account the questing, skilling and melee training required.

Most drops are nothing special as players mostly count on rune bars, rune items, and resources to make up the bulk of the profit. There is still a rare chance to get the dragon crossbow limbs or a metal slice to make the dragon kite shield.

While it is possible to kill this with all three combat styles and a variety of gear setups, it is best to stick with very high defensive gear with a high-accuracy stab weapon. One common setup would be a Dragon Hunter Lance with full Justiciar armor. Using the Zamorakian Hasta and Barrows armor is another.


Wrapping Up

Now that you know a little more about metal dragons, they may be a little less scary to do them as slayer tasks. Keep in mind that it isn’t efficient to kill them as low-level players, unless you are going for unlocking content as an Ironman.

FIFA 20 continues the Icon program with some of the greatest footballers of all times. Recruit these Icons players and your chances of winning will improve.

Ian Wright is a Welsh footballer who played as a striker. He was part of the national Welsh team and football teams such as Liverpool, Leeds United, and Newcastle United. After he retired from playing, he managed Chester City for one season. All three Icon cards have the striker position. His 87 OVR card has 86 pacing, 88 shooting, 70 passing, 83 dribbling, 41 defense, and 79 physical. The 89 OVR card has 83 pacing, 90 shooting, 72 passing, 85 dribbling, 44 defense, and 80 physical. The 91 OVR card has 86 pacing, 92 shooting, 72 passing, 86 dribbling, 45 defense, and 81 physical.

Hugo Sanchez played as a forward. He was with the national Mexico team for 17 seasons. He played for various clubs such as Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, and a few others. Sanchez also has a long manager career from 2000 until 2012. All his cards have the striker position. The 87 OVR card has 88 pacing, 88 shooting, 78 passing, 85 dribbling, 43 defense, and 70 physical. The 89 OVR card 90 pacing, 88 shooting, 78 passing, 88 dribbling, 41 defense, and 70 physical. The 92 OVR card has 92 pacing, 93 shooting, 81 passing, 90 dribbling, 44 defense, and 75 physical.

Mane Garrincha is regarded as one of the best footballers. He played as a winger. Garrincha was with the national Brazil team for 11 seasons and with Botafogo club for 12 seasons. He has the right winger position on all three Icon cards. The 90 OVR card has 90 pacing, 83 shooting, 88 passing, 93 dribbling, 41 defense, and 67 physical. The 92 OVR card has 90 pacing, 86 shooting, 92 passing, 94 dribbling, 41 defense, and 67 physical. The 94 OVR card has 90 pacing, 87 shooting, 94 passing, 96 dribbling, 41 defense, and 68 physical.

Didier Drogba is a retired striker who played for the national Ivory Coast team for 12 seasons. He was with Le Mans, Marseille, and Chelsea among other teams. All cards have the striker position. The 87 OVR card has 88 pacing, 87 shooting, 71 passing, 80 dribbling, 43 defense, and 86 physical. The 89 OVR card has 85 pacing, 90 shooting, 75 passing, 80 dribbling, 46 defense, and 88 physical. The 91 OVR card has 90 pacing, 92 shooting, 77 passing, 82 dribbling, 47 defense, and 90 physical.

How to level fast in World of Warcraft Classic? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a veteran or a novice, the following five tips can prepare you for important moments on the go.

1. Be kind to others buy wow classic gold cheap

When you upgrade, you will complete the task. It is worth noting that you will kill rare creatures. Usually, these mobs are in caves, castles or surrounded by other mobs – so it is crucial as classic wow gold to get together with nearby people. For people near you or local regular chat (/ 1), using /s will be the key to upgrading your world. Another noteworthy interaction is with buff. If you happen to be in class, you can polish other people such as priests, then you will often find that when you pass by others on the road, both parties will communicate, even those who do not gain polishing will return You have a healthy feeling that you have already achieved someone’s day (or the next 30 minutes). Your extra stamina for random Gnome players can save their lives.

2. Change it up and don’t get tied down

No matter how you choose to level, single or group, explore or dungeon grinding, you need to make adjustments from time to time. Some of the best flattened items in the game will fall into the dungeon. For example, a warrior might want to do the Scarlet Monastery Armory Fleet for Ravager, which is one of the most iconic weapons of level 37 or above. On the other hand, there are many notable rewards for ending tasks in certain regions. For example, Wilderness Escape has a final mission (which allows you to travel to The Deadmines), which rewards a therapist who has the Wilderness Dart, who can easily serve you until level 34. Sometimes you push into the dungeon to complete a long chain of tasks.

3. Take the group invite

As we mentioned in the first tip, grouping with others is the key to success in World of Warcraft Classics. Whether it is an early boss mob like Hogg, or a collective task of killing a mob, asking for help and helping others are important components of Classic. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are all humans (other races can also provide it).

The two main ways to get help, especially when doing a task, are either looking around for the person performing the task, either near the task center, or using the regular (/ 1) or finding group (/ 4) channels. General chat is probably the best option because it is limited to your area, but for larger elites, LFG chat may be your best bet.

4. Level 40 mount: the best 100 gold you’ll spend

At first 100 grams sounds nothing; you might think, “I can easily make money.” The reality is different, because it seems that every time you earn 1 gram, the skill trainer will take back every time you visit. Although you can stop accessing them, you may find it difficult to upgrade. The key to pre-installation is to focus only on the skills you need/use. If you are a Frost Mage, make sure to upgrade the weapons such as Frostbolt and then leave the fireball until later. The same thing happens when learning new professional recipes/skills from the trainer. Although it makes sense to make the latest equipment from the blacksmith, it is best to store what you have mined in the bank until there is excess cheap wow gold classic in the future.

Searching may be the best way to make sure you are ready to ride, although don’t be surprised if you can’t buy it until around level 43. By the time you reach level 30 and reach the Stranglethorn Vale mission reward, the value of the supplier for the above rewards will increase rapidly and you will find yourself rising rapidly from 5–10g to 50–60g.

5. Be patient, enjoy the ride

Finally, enjoy the journey. Don’t be respected by people who are 20 or 30 higher than you, just make sure you are happy. Classic World of Warcraft is closely related to journeys and destinations. Your experience in STV, Tanaris or Un’Goro will live with you and be shared with all players on your server. Who knows, maybe 15 years after the introduction of Classic 2.0, you will repeat the same story.

Remember, this is your most important experience. If you want to move to a small island on the coast of Barrens, retire as a fisherman, or become the greatest herbalist Azeroth has ever seen, then you can.

The team has been busy beavering away and despite all the excitement of RuneFest we’ve managed to slip out another big improvement before we head to Farnborough – the Slayer Collection Log!

Slayer Collection Log

For a long time now, players have been able to keep track of the drops they get from bosses: now the same is true for slayer monsters. We hope that this will give slayers old and new a fresh reason to travel the world in search of ever more exotic quarry.

The Slayer Collection Log is split between 12 areas. When you complete an area’s collection, you’ll earn a special title:

Asgarnia & Misthalin: , Protector of the Peace;
Daemonheim: the Bloodrager;
Kharidian Desert: the Devourer;
Feldip Hills: the Ascended;
Fremennik Province: , the End of All Things;
Kandarin: the Well ‘Ardy;
Karamja: of the Jungle;
Keldagrim: the Stout Slayer;
Lost Lands: the Harbinger of Death;
Morytania: the Scourge of the Undead;
Other Worlds: , Gielinor’s Champion;
Wilderness: , Forinthry’s Fury;
And should you complete the whole log, you’ll earn the title ‘the Ultimate Slayer’.

There will be global broadcasts for the first regular player, the first Ironman, and the first Hardcore Ironman who completes the log.For those of you who have been informally collecting already, we have good news – any pets and untradeable items that you already own will be checked off automatically upon your next login.

Patch Notes
Here are some of the highlights:

Base camp spa effects will now show the correct duration if it exceeds 60 minutes.Pieces of the ‘Mask of Dragith Nurn’ can now be dropped from catacomb creatures if they were previously destroyed, allowing players that require the drops for the Master Quest Cape requirement to obtain them again.

The Base Camp upgrades will now drop more consistently.

When completing the elite task “It’s a snap” an achievement completed prompt now appears.
Removed incorrect hints in the Take a Bow achievement in the New Explorer path that directed to Lowe’s Archery Emporium, and renamed this achievement to Triple Bowline to resolve a duplicate achievement name.
The Don’t Bury This One achievement in the Lumbridge Explorer path no longer states the number of coins to purchase an iron hatchet (since this varies with GE value).
The achievement “Some Old Dusty Journals” for the Master Quest Cape will now correctly trigger when reading the journals in any order.

Ushabti now displays the correct soul captured when killing small scarabs.
The Prayer Filter now stays activated when logging out then back into the game.
Updated the Mahjarrat aura’s examine info to better reflect its effects.
Rabbits in Burthorpe no longer drop bones (so that the Prayer path is not unlocked during the first Burthorpe path; earlier than new players are introduced to the concept of choosing paths).

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Released in 2019, the swift blade OSRS can be useful for players to train osrs gold strength due to its attack speed. Here is a swift blade guide to help you learn how to obtain and use this weapon.

Bonuses & stats of the swift blade OSRS

The swift blade is a weapon that has no bonuses but an attack speed of 3. It works much like the ham joint OSRS. With this feature, the swift blade OSRS can be tied as the best in slot item for level 1 Attack Pures to train Strength with, without level 55 Slayer and level 50 Magic requirements for Slayer’s staff.

How to obtain the swift blade OSRS?

The swift blade can be purchased from OSRS Last Man Standing store – Justine’s stuff for the Last Shopper Standing. It costs 350 Last Man Standing points.
Besides the swift blade, you can also purchase other items from OSRS LMS store. Here is the list of items with their prices (OSRS Last Man Standing points):
Deadman’s chest – 160
Deadman’s legs – 160
Deadman’s cape – 160
Swift blade – 350
Guthixian icon – 500
Trouver parchment – 50
Wilderness crabs teleport – 3
Victor’s cape – 0
Armadyl halo – 450
Bandos halo – 450
Seren halo – 450
Ancient halo – 450
Brassica halo – 450

Hope our swift blade OSRS guide can help you know more about this weapon.

The very first Squad Building Challenge you’ll be faced with when you get to the Advanced category is the FIFA 20 Give Me Five SBC, found under the Hybrid Leagues header. You need five different leagues with a minimum of six rare players for this one, but thanks to the low minimum rating of 69 (nice), you’re not limited to gold players. You can complete this FIFA 20 challenge very cheaply and luckily for you, we’ve got one of the absolute cheapest ways of doing it right here.

The FIFA 20 Give Me Five SBC is one of the cheapest you’ll come across while doing Squad Building Challenges, and it’s largely due to the lax requirements. I managed to complete it for under 5,000 coins but if any of the listed players below have since skyrocketed in price, there’s a few options you can substitute out without any issues.

My most expensive players here were Ljajic and Hartherz at 700 coins apiece, with Romulo coming in 50 coins cheaper, but if you want to aim to get everyone for less than 500 coins then have a play around with it and see what you can conjure up. 5,000 coins still isn’t much for the Prime Mixed Players Pack reward, which has 12 players – four bronze, four silver, and four gold – with six rares. Here’s my complete solution:

GK: D. Moldovan [ROM 1/Romania] – 200 coins

RB: D. Zappacosta [ITA 1/Italy] – 500 coins

CB: I. Balaur [ROM 1/Romania] – 200 coins

CB: R. Bouhenna [ROM 1/Algeria] – 450 coins

LB: F. Hartherz [GER 2/Germany] – 700 coins

RM: Romulo [ITA 1/Italy] – 650 coins

CM: A. Hutchinson [TUR 1/Canada] – 400 coins

LM: F. Pick [GER 3/Germany] – 300 coins

CAM: A. Ljajic [TUR 1/Serbia] – 700 coins

CAM: M. Zajc [TUR 1/Slovenia] – 350 coins

ST: V. Muriqi [TUR 1/Kosovo] – 350 coins

Total: 4,800 coins

Note: The FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and while this was the cheapest solution I could find at the time of writing, the prices may have increased since.

Hey there, leveling a bit too slow?It has been a week since the launch of World of Warcraft Classic and the reception has been incredible, as many of you may already know there has been long queue times to login and some people have not even bothered to play within these first days just because of it so we have came up with classic wow gold a couple tips and tricks that would definitely help you speed up that process to level from 1-20.

1. Bag Space

If you ask someone what would be the best stat for their class you will probably find some answers telling you Weapon Damage, Agility, Strength, and many more. And even though they would be right, there is something that is as equally important and it is Bag Space. Now some of you may ask, why is this related to leveling?

Well the answer is that compared to retail, in WoW classic Quest items will be using one of your inventory slots and the less bag space that you have will end up meaning that you wouldn’t be able to do as many quests at the same time as if you had a bigger inventory so try to get bags ASAP.

2. Resurrection Sickness

This is something that not many people know and it could be really handy to avoid running back from quests that take you to the opposite side of the map, after finishing your quests you would want to get back to the town asap so you can turn them in and keep leveling and without access to mounts it could be really time consuming so here is the trick.

If you are below level 10 and take the res on the angel, there is no resurrection sickness debuff meaning that you can use this as a “hearthstone” since of course the later has a 1-hour cooldown. After hitting level 10 you get 1 minute of resurrection sickness for every level above 10 meaning that at 11 it’s a 1-minute debuff and so on meaning that it could be worth to do this trick until around level 15

3. Time is money friend (Gold)

In WoW classic gold is scarce, you start to treasure every single piece of copper that you get and of course it has a reason, there are several goldsinks in the game for example the level 40 mount costing 100g, Not having a dual specialization so you have to pay every time you want to change your talents and so on.
In terms of leveling you will notice how expensive training skills is therefore you need to learn how to spend your gold wisely while leveling, the golden rule to live by is loot EVERYTHING, no matter if its grey quality or some trash item there will always be a vendor who will welcome it with open hands and a couple copper coins too, and this is key since by the time you reach level 20 you will spend a couple gold just learning new abilities.

And this takes me to the second point of this tip and its that you don’t need to learn all the spells or abilities from the trainers, there are some that are useless while leveling or that don’t require more than rank 1, this will for sure help you out saving some money for later expenses meaning that you will be able to focus even more on your leveling

4. Tagging Mobs

As some of you may think, leveling zones are crowded right now so there will be a lot of competition for quest mobs and there are a couple things you must be aware of.
First tags do not work as in Retail WoW, meaning that only the player or the group of the player that first attacked the mob will get credit for killing it and you must be on the group before the mob dies otherwise it would not count either. Taking this into account it is advised that for unique mobs you try to group up with other people so everyone else get the credit and you have to be really quick to tag mobs since the respawn timers are usually on the 6-7 minute timers (Use tab targeting and an instant spell, you will thank me for this)

5. First Aid

Getting this profession is key on WoW classic leveling even if you’re a class that can heal itself and you may ask why?
Mana is spent fast and you will find yourself out of mana several times during your leveling experience, now if you’re using mana to both attack and heal yourself it would double the amount of time you will be investing drinking water instead of questing, and believe me it matters.

But this is not the only reason why I’m telling you how good First Aid is, there will be a time when you’re killing mobs and you will accidentally pull another one or it will simply spawn right next to you and in these situations having a band with you could be the difference between killing the mobs or having to run back for 2 minutes to your body

Abyssal Demons are a lucrative money-maker in Old School RuneScape, and will make you anywhere from 500k-750k gold per hour. Abyssal Demons are a common slayer task that you will come across. In this guide, will discuss everything you need to know regarding killing Abyssal Demons!

You can find Abyssal Demons in the Slayer Tower: the top floor and the basement if you are on-task. You may also find them in the Catacombs of Kourend (northern section) and Abyssal Area (fairy-ring code ALR).

Abyssal Demons: Gear and Requirements

To start off with, Abyssal Demons require you to have 85 Slayer to engage in combat with them. Since you are 85 Slayer, your stats will be sufficient to defeat them and there are prayer methods available. Protect from Melee requires level 43 Prayer. Using melee is highly recommended in order to remain cost-effective.

There are two available methods to choose from here. The Catacombs of Kourend is a multi-combat area, so you will be using Protect from Melee. The other areas, the Morytania Slayer Tower and the Abyssal Area, are single-combat zones so you will wear your best melee gear that maximizes your defense and attack bonuses.

Items for both setups: Using an Arclight is highly recommended as the weapon has a strong bonus against demons, however, you can also simply use an abyssal whip or even a dragon scimitar. Wear a Fire cape or an Ardougne cape if you don’t have a Fire cape yet. In addition, you will want a blessing of your choice (such as the Peaceful Blessing). Wear the best gloves and boots you can afford or have access to, alongside the best defender you have, with the dragon defender being preferable. You will want to use the Amulet of Torture, or alternatively, the Amulet of Glory.

An herb sack is useful alongside a gem bag, but by no means are either required. You will also want a Rune Pouch or fire runes and nature runes to cast high alchemy on your drops.

Kourend Setup: In the Catacombs, you are going to wear Proselyte gear to conserve your prayer. Protect from Melee means you take no damage at all, so you want to maximize prayer and attack. Wear both Proselyte pieces with the exception of the helmet, to be replaced with the Slayer Helmet. A Berserker Ring is also excellent, alternatively, bring a combat bracelet.

In terms of prayers, you must use Protect from Melee, and can use Preserve if you have it unlocked. Around twelve prayer potions are recommended (you can bring more if you have low prayer), in combination with a few super strength and super attack potions. Bring a Holy Wrench if you have one as well.

Slayer Tower/Abyssal Area: These areas are single-combat and you will not need to use prayer here. Simply bring your best melee gear here. Use a slayer helmet here, or you can use a Helm of Neitiznot. For your plate body and plate legs, Bandos is the best, second to Torags and other than that you can use Granite/Rune.

Bring a Guthans set in your inventory to switch to so you can heal. You can also bring a few pieces of food such as monkfish to heal where required. Bring two super attack potions, two super strength potions, and two super defense potions.

Abyssal Demons: Combat Mechanics

In OSRS killing Abyssal Demons is surprisingly easier than it sounds. Take a sip of each of your potions, and simply attack them. The only combat mechanic they have is they teleport you around, other than that, there’s really nothing to worry about.

If you’re killing them in the Catacombs of Kourend, attack a few of them so they all get aggressive on you, activate Protect from Melee and Preserve. If you’re killing them in the Abyssal Area or Slayer Tower, switch to the full Guthans set to heal whenever you need to heal.

Abyssal Demons: Tips and Tricks

· Use auto-retaliate. This ensures you continue fighting automatically after being teleported.

· Whilst they have high accuracy, their max hit is only 8. Use this fact to help figure out when you need to be healing.

· They cannot be safe-spotted, which is why melee is recommended. They can be Ice Barraged at a faster rate, but this reduces the profit entirely.

· Using the Arclight, Silverlight or Darklight are all effective as they have a bonus against demons. The Arclight boasts a 70% damage and accuracy bonus against demons.


We hope this guide has been informative for you! Good luck with getting the drops you desire, as Abyssal creatures are the only entities in the game that provide the Abyssal Whip (valued 2-4 million) and the Abyssal Dagger (valued 9-10 million).

As an ancient curse, Runescape Turmoil is the second strongest Melee-boosting prayer that runescape gold will boost Attack and Defence and other abilities at a large extent. The further effects are shared with you and you can also learn the detail of comparison between Turmoil and prayer Piety.

What effects does Runescape Turmoil bring about?

As a second strongest Melee-boosting prayer, Turmoil can significantly boost your Attack, Defence and other abilities. Here are the further effects that Turmoil can result in:
1. There can be +10 Attack levels when determining hit chance.
2. It can increase 10% Melee damage.
3. There can be +10 Defence levels when determining hit chance.
4. It can decrease 6 enemy Attack levels when determining hit chance and increase to -10 with time going by.
5. It can decrease 6 enemy Defence levels and up to -10 over time.
6. It can decrease 9% enemy Melee damage and up to -15% over time (PvM).
7. It can decrease 6% enemy Melee damage and up to -10% over time (PvP).

Compare Turmoil with Piety on stat increases & others

Players always compare Turmoil with prayer Piety in order to determine the strongest melee prayer on the standard prayerbook. On the one hand, Turmoil requires 95 Prayer and completion of The Temple at Senntisten. On the other hand, Piety needs 70 Prayer, 70 Defence and completion of the Knight Waves Training Grounds.
As for the aspect of stat increases, Turmoil is a little stronger than Piety. Turmoil can drain prayer 50% faster, and drain enemy stats strongly but Piety doesn’t have this ability to drain enemy stats. In addition, along with 92 Prayer the healing curse Soul Split can be used on the Ancient Curses and offers another incentive to use the book.

How do you think of the ancient curse Turmoil?