Today we have an interesting topic to discuss, this is for everyone who is wondering what Wintertodt OSRS is. I’m going to explain that now, the Wintertodt OSRS is a minigame-style boss that is fought using skills rather than combat.

It’s not very clear what the Wintertodt is if you go and ask different people from the Wintertodt Camp you most certainly will get different answers. Ignisia believes it to be an evil spirit, Ish the Navigator believes it felt the power of the Dark Altar and attacked Great Kourend to seek it, while (Undor) believes it to be a powerful fire spirit. runescape gold
Wintertodt OSRS

The theories are many but the truth is hidden somewhere in the middle, one thing is sure and that is the freezing cold winter from which you cannot escape. The Wintertodt OSRS is considered to be a boss, not a minigame, and dying here is unsafe. The normal rules for loss of items apply, and Hardcore Ironmen will lose their Hardcore status if they die here.
How to gate into Wintertodt?

There are two main methods for traveling to the Wintertodt. You can reach the camp via games necklace, provided if you have already taken the Veos’s ship to Great Kourend once. Another way to reach the wintertodt is by using the fairy ring code CIS, after paying 80,000 coins to Trossa and walking west along the path.
Requirements needed for Wintertodt

Here are all the requirements needed to be able to participate in OSRS Wintertodt minigame:

Level Firemaking 50 is required to participate in the Wintertodt fight.
Completion of the Quest Druidic Ritual is required to pick Bruma herbs, which are used to create rejuvenation potions.
Owning a player-owned house is required to gain Construction experience from repairing broken braziers.

In the Wintertodt it is very important to stay warm because you will take passive damage as the cold of the OSRS Wintertodt begins to seep into your bones.

This passive damage is scaled to each player’s levels, based on the sum of the player’s Hitpoints and Firemaking levels as well as the number of braziers that are currently lit. Wearing warm or winter-themed equipment will reduce the damage taken.

It is very important to have a minimum of four of these warm items that need to be equipped to receive the best possible protection. Ironmen can use the clue hunter outfit and staff of fire until they acquire pieces of the Pyromancer outfit.

It is safe to say that the players are interested in minigames because they are designed to entertain them, and at the same time allow players to gain experience and rare items.

OSRS Minigames are divided into different categories safe and dangerous, also some of the minigames focus on certain skills. You can play them solo and as a team, another interesting thing is that in the minigame you can play PvP or play versus monster.

These minigames involve the use of combat skills to fight players or monsters. Also, there are minigames focused on certain skills to achieve a goal. For example, two minigames are featuring both combat and the use of skills. All of these reasons are enough to pull in so many people to play them, and maybe you are interested in playing minigames as well.

What is the benefit of playing OSRS Minigame?

Now let’s talk about the benefits of playing OSRS minigames, when you complete a quest after that you can’t do the same quest again, but minigames are not like that. You can repeat minigames over and over as much as you want.

Playing minigames will give you experience and items. The nice thing about minigames is that each of them gives different rewards and the other gives skills. Of course, every player, whether F2P or P2P, has the right to choose which OSRS minigame to play, it all depends on your needs.

To give you an example, OSRS minigames like Fight caves can give you the Fire Cape and the Infernal Cape who are the best in the Cape slot for melee. Fight caves also give a +2 Prayer bonus and some pretty good Defensive and Offensive stats.

Whatever one says about OSRS minigames, they remain a very good addition to the game. Some people say they are boring, others say they make no sense and are a waste of time. One thing I understood for sure in this article is that it benefits from OSRS minigames. Many osrs players take advantage of the fact that people underestimate their value, don’t be one of them.

RS Mental Health Awareness Week has returned with various rewards! During this runescape gold event, gain charity tokens for three representatives and exchange them for prizes.


When is RS Mental Health Awareness Week?


RS Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 runs from May 18th to May 24th. During this event, players can gathered charity tokens for Kat, Zoed, and Lau’Ra, who are representatives from CPSL Mind, Rise Above the Disorder and The Prince’s Trust. Handing in charity tokens will unlock a variety of rewards.


Answers to Mental Health Awareness Week questions


Each day three representatives, Kal, Lau’Ra, and Zoed have one question for players. Answering these questions correctly will award players a small XP lamp. Questions can only be answered on the day they appear.

Here are the questions and their answers:

1. The Prince’s Trust helps people in what age range?

A: 11-30

2. What was Rise Above The Disorder previously known as?

A: Anxiety Gaming

3. How many people are affected by a mental health condition in their lifetime?

A: 1 in 4

4. What percentage of teachers in the UK worry that their pupils won’t be ready for the world of work when they leave school?

A: 70%

5. What does Rise Above The Disorder do?

A: Provides entirely free mental health care to everyone

6. What percentage of those with a mental health condition develop it before the age of 24?

A: 75%


Have you participated in RS Mental Health Awareness Week 2020?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, some friends aren’t worth making. Maybe you’re tired of somebody’s nonsense, you’ve got a new buddy you’d rather be neighbors with, or you really lost the opening draw and ended up with Rodney or Pietro on your island. Here’s how to serve your least-favorite people an eviction notice in New Horizons.

Because New Horizons’s friendship systems are mostly invisible, there’s a lot of cargo-culting that’s been built around them. You can express your displeasure with a villager on your island in a lot of ways, such as telling Isabelle about their jerkiness on the daily, but those don’t actually appear to have any mechanical effect. The only real way to convince a villager they’re unwelcome here on Your Name Here Island is, just as in real life, rampant asshattery.

Upon first appearing in New Horizons, a villager has an under-the-hood “friendship score” of 25 points with you. To get them to go away, your goal is to lower that score to 0, at which point they’ll tell you that they’re thinking about leaving. Encourage them to do so (“Maybe it’s time”), and that villager is gone for good. While you’re working on tanking a villager’s opinion of you, make sure to not do anything that would accidentally improve that score. Simply talking to them is worth +1 point once a day; giving them gifts that they actually want is worth 1 to 3. If a villager has fleas and you walk up to beat them with your bug net, you’ll catch the fleas and get +5 points for doing them a solid.

The single easiest way to truly annoy a villager in New Horizons is to ruin their birthday. If you give them a “present” of weeds, garbage, or spoiled turnips on their birthday, you’ll lose up to 5 friendship points at once. Just giving them the gift of garbage under ordinary circumstances is only worth a loss of 2 points. You can also shove them around or pummel them with your bug net until they get upset, then refuse to apologize afterward. That will lose you 3 points.

Yeah, it doesn’t exactly feel great to act like this to a stuffed animal, but it’s your island. You don’t have to put up with clowns, jerks, or whatever the hell Coco is supposed to be, and that might mean making some hard choices.

Coming soon to OSRS is the first official 1v1 Tournament! To put it simply., the 1v1 Tournament pits 512 skilled PvP experts against each other in a series of qualifies, all working towards winning the Championship.

It’s set to be scheduled over the course of 3 days, between Friday April 17th and Sunday April 19th. There are 4 qualifying tournaments, taking place in Europe, North America East, North America West, and the Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific qualifier begins at 19:30 AET (9:30 BST) on Friday April 17th. The European qualifiers begins at 19:30 BST on Friday April 17th. The North America East qualifiers begins at 12:00 ET (17:00 BST) on Saturday April 18th. The North America West qualifiers begins at 12:00 PT (20:00 BST) on Saturday April 18th. And finally, the Grand Final begins at 20:00 BST on Sunday April 19th.

Now that we’ve got the logistics out the way – let’s go through how it works. So, each of the 4 qualifiers has 128 participations. Each qualifier has their own bracket, with each bracket running a single elimination, best of three style of game. And yes, the brackets are randomly chosen.

If you’re chosen after signing up, you’ll be sent an email from the official Jagex esports email, and you’ll be asked to confirm your participation. Then, you’ll be invited to a Discord Server for discussion and match-reporting matters. In the duration of the competition, you’ll need to actively report your scores in the Discord server, and the J-Mods will then update the brackets. There will be a special tournament world generated for this event. Every participant has the same stats, all be using Ancient Magicks, and will have a choice of a gear load out from a select of two, with differing special attack weapons.

Once you’ve registered (which you can do by following the links on the official OSRS page), you’ll need to login to the special world and interact with the benches near the Clan Wars portal. Then, you can choose the gear you would like to use. And if you’re wondering, the set stats are: 75 Attack, 99 Strength, 70 Defense, 99 Ranged, 99 Magic, 99 Prayer and 99 Hit Points.

Then, you’ll need to select whether you’d like your special attack weapon to be an Armadyl Godsword, or if you’d like it to be Dragon Claws. The rune pouch that is given to you contains many runes for casting Ice Barrage.

Then, you’ll need to join your own account’s Clan Chat, which is necessary as the fights occur in the Clan Wars portal. Then, challenge your next opponent that is in the bracket. Fight the opponent and report the score in the Discord server. If you win, you proceed to the next Bracket.

So, what are the rules? Firstly, you must agree to everything outlined the T&C’s of OSRS. Next, you must understand the sign-ups are a first come first served system. If you sign up to the event when it is full, you’ll be placed on the wait list. You can only sign up with 1 account. Next, you’ll only be notified of your confirmed acceptance in the competition no later than 24 hours before the tournament starts. You’ll be disqualified from the tournament if you sign up to a qualifier outside of your region. Players with multiple accounts will be disqualified. If you can’t participate, email the esports department of Jagex. The final 8 from each region will qualify for the Grand Final. In the Grand Final, round one and two will be played on the participants preferred worlds. If a deciding round is necessary, it will be played on the NA East world. Leaving the tournament for more than 15 minutes results in disqualification. Failure to report accurate outcomes of matches results in disqualifications. If you are found cheating, you will be banned.

So – onto the prizes! The first prize is $1000 USD, as well as a HyperX Ultimate Gaming Bundle. The second prize is $500 USD. The third prize is $250 USD prize. The fourth prize is 1 year of membership. Fifth to sixteenth place is 6 months of membership. Seventeenth to thirty-second place is 3 months of membership.

Think you have what it takes? Go sign up on the official OSRS website. Good luck! By the way, get best rs3 gold 2020 on RS3gold, 24/7 online live chat.

What is your zodiac? An interesting phenomenon here is the Zodiac can help you choose what class to play in WoW Classic since picking a class in the game can be difficult. Some classes are more suitable for certain zodiac signs than others. If you don’t know what course you should take, which can provide some guidance. For example, some signs are easier to think than actions, and more suitable for certain classes than some signs. These courses are best for your horoscope. And wow gold is always essential in the game.

12 Aquarius – Mage

The unwavering temperament of Aquarius created the deadly mage. Their keen intelligence, enthusiasm for careers and deep connections are usually ideal for this class. Other party members rely on mages to provide basic consumables, such as food and water, and the helpful Aquarius will be happy to serve you.

11 Aries – DPS Warrior

Those born under the sign of Aries are brave and enthusiastic people who appreciate physical challenges and leadership roles, which means they will become perfect DPS fighters. Impulsivity and impatience, some negative characteristics of this sign are actually the wealth of this aggressive class. If you want to wage war, ask the Aries.

10 Leo – Elemental Shaman

Shamans with elemental specifications are always an asset for your gathering, just like a beautiful and gregarious Leo. Their creativity and enthusiasm are also great for DPS hybrids like multifunctional shamans.

9 Cancer – Restoration Druid

To become a Cancer is to help your loved ones, enjoy the comfort of your home and maintain peace. This is great for all treatments, but it is especially ideal for Druid recovery. Expect a thoughtful and witty Cancer Druid to provide polished food and convenient potions for your party and keep you on your feet.

8 Pisces – Warlock

Warlocks live in two worlds. Our own material reality and other dimensions filled with demons and dark magic. This is why it is the perfect course for Pisces. Warlocks are powerful, but their talents must be measured by some kind of wisdom and intuition, which is a typical feature of Pisces people.

7 Scorpio – Shadow Priest

Don’t let this benevolent class deceive you, let them think they always stand in the background and throw healing spells. They are calm, calm, and infamous face blenders, often taking leadership roles, linking them to the constellation of Scorpio.

6 Taurus – Protection Warrior

Reliable, meticulous, patient and committed to the reasons they choose, the Protection Warrior and Tauren logos have a lot in common. They are great planners and protectors, making them the people on which everyone lives. The Taurus is also a romantic person, thrive in the love of others, and Tanks has won a lot of love in the game.

5 Sagittarius – Hunter

Free-loving, generous Sagittarius can bring a lot of things to the hunter class. The images of the bow are obviously parallel, but there are other common features between the hunter and Sagittarius. Both seem to like outdoor activities and free life, not like city life and companionship, and the hunter is often a joke in the party, like his interstellar archer, to keep friends entertained.

4 Gemini – Rogue

Rogues are a dynamic class that must be versatile and adaptable. People born as Gemini will understand these characteristics. Thieves can do many different things, and can spread widely throughout Azeroth, Gemini will also like.

3 Virgo – Holy Priest

Whether you are fighting wild animals in the wild or defending your territory on the battlefield, it may be the most critical character in your party. You need a loyal, pragmatic and compassionate therapist, and do n’t mind standing in the background. Virgo people are known for these characteristics. Together with their attention to detail and discreet nature, you will have a great Holy Priest.

2 Libra – Balance Or Feral Druid

If we talk about balance, then we must talk about Libra and Druids. When the druids carry out tank or DPS attacks, they will walk a thin line between attracting too much hatred or not enough enemies. Libra people have the instinct to maintain this delicate balance, and this precise judgment can find everything between victory and humiliation.

1 Capricorn – Paladin

Capricorns is a natural leader, responsible, disciplined and based on reality. What is important is that the Paladin must also possess these important characteristics. Even if it seems that death is imminent, your party must be able to rely on you to stay focused and calm, and the people in Capricorn can stay united in adversity.

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Don’t get hold of some items from Yak Track? Never mind. RS team has added several Count Yakula’s Yak Track rewards to RS Oddment Store, like runescape gold Spooky Raven pet and more. You can now buy these rewards from the Oddment Store with certain amount of oddments.

Buy RS Count Yakula’s Yak Track rewards in Oddment Store

Jagex has made some Count Yakula’s Yak Track rewards available to be purchased in RS Oddment Store with oddments. If you don’t have these spookily good items and you want to have more, just head to the Oddment Store to claim the Yak Track rewards:
Spooky Raven pet requiring 10,000 oddments to purchase.
Abyssal Prowler pet requiring 5,000 oddments to purchase.
Witch’s Doll pet requiring 8,000 oddments to purchase.
Zak pet requiring 15,000 oddments to purchase.
Arcane Blood Mage outfit requiring 2,000 oddments to purchase.
Oathbreaker outfit requiring 10,000 oddments to purchase.
Nevermore Stalker outfit requiring 20,000 oddments to purchase.

How to obtain RS oddments?

To purchase these Count Yakula’s Yak Track rewards, you must have abundant oddments that are the currency obtained when you open Treasure Hunter chest. The amount of oddments depends on the rarity of the prize and whether it is subsequently claimed or discarded:
1. Common: 10 oddments when claimed and 30 when discarded.
2. Fairly Common: 25 oddments when claimed and 75 when discarded.
3. Uncommon: 50 oddments when claimed and 150 when discarded.
4. Rare: 100 oddments when claimed and 350 when discarded.
5. Very rare: 250 oddments when claimed and 1,000 when discarded.
6. Ultra rare: 1,000 oddments when claimed and 2,000 when discarded.

Come to claim your Count Yakula’s Yak Track rewards from Oddment Store instantly.

It’s payback time. With this Animal Crossing infinite Redd art exploit, New Horizons players can take Redd for all he’s worth. Here’s how to get all 40 paintings quickly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Many New Horizons players have at least dabbled with ”time travel” before now, where you manipulate your Switch’s system clock in order to skip forward or back on the calendar. It’s useful for all sorts of things, like forcing Fossils to respawn or letting you loot your money tree more often. Now, thanks to time travel, it turns out you can take Redd for all he’s worth.

Once he’s available, Redd usually appears on your island once every other week, bringing an assortment of art with him to sell. While the first thing you buy from him is always legitimate, you have to be careful afterward to not accidentally spend money on a fake painting or statue. In fact, everything Redd has on a given day, during a given visit, could be a fake. Between that, his randomized inventory, and how infrequently he visits, it could take you six months to complete the related Nook Miles tasks and up to two years to finally complete your personal collection at the Museum.

Fortunately, there is a solution. It’s not a legitimate solution, but we’re talking about Redd here. The only reason you didn’t sink him in a river somewhere the first time he sold you fake art is because this is Animal Crossing and not Grand Theft Auto. He has this coming. Here’s how to use time travel to get infinite art from Redd.

  1. Unlock Redd by donating 60 different bugs, fish, and/or Fossils to the Museum.
  2. Quit out of New Horizons and open your Switch’s system settings. Pick System > Date and Time, and turn off the option to “Synchronize Clock via Internet.”
  3. Set the date on your Switch one day ahead, then fire up the game and see if Redd shows up. Continue to do so until he’s visiting your island.
  4. Check Redd’s stock. Avoid fakes, buy anything you still need from him, and donate it to Blathers.
  5. Make a note of the date in-game, then save and quit out of New Horizons.
  6. Push the clock forward by another day.
  7. Boot the game back up.
  8. Revisit Redd on what’s now the next day and check his stock again. Buy the good stuff, avoid the forgeries, make Blathers’s day, and so on.
  9. Repeat the process until Redd takes off.
  10. At this point, save the game, close it, and time-travel back to the date on which Redd first appeared. He’ll have a brand-new inventory for you to choose from.
  11. Continue to play with the fabric of time itself, setting time forward by days, then back a full week, until you’ve completed your art collection.

This is probably going to get patched out at some point. The exploit revolves around the fact that Redd seems to generate a new random inventory once a day whenever he’s on the island, regardless of the initial date of his arrival or if he’s lived through that date before. It’s actually kind of creepy. By time-traveling with the system clock, you confuse him into resetting his inventory repeatedly while never actually leaving, which lets you complete your art collection in hours instead of months.

Money in the real world as well as in the virtual or in our case OSRS gold is very valuable, the players in the game use it to buy different objects and resources in the game. Many players try different f2p money making osrs gold methods to get richer but it seems you can’t stay rich for a long time. rs 3 gold

And over time, more and more F2p money making OSRS gold methods are going old. That’s why we need new ideas and new ways for F2p money making OSRS methods to use.

We will now look at some of the best F2p money making OSRS methods that you can use. I’m going to explain everything you need to know and the requirements that you need to have for every method.

I’m going to list to you every F2p money making OSRS method starting from lowest to highest:

1 . Buying team capes – Profit 97.315 GP

Team capes are items bought from several cape merchants. The merchants sell the capes starting for 50 GP each, however, on the Grand Exchange, they can go for thousands of coins. The Cape merchants are located in the wilderness. You can die and lose your items in the wilderness to other players so look out for player killers.

The skill needed: None

Items: 25,000+ GP if you can is recommended and 83 x Energy potion.

You will buy the capes in bulk to stock up and this causes a price spike for certain capes, especially during the weekend when clan battles tend to happen. The strategy of this F2p money making OSRS is to get from 50-1500 GP.

Then you need to decide which store you are going to buy from. And you need to know which cape is currently selling for the most and so you will want to prioritize buying that cape first.
f2p money making osrs

As you start to accumulate up you can increase your total GP per hour by investing in energy potions. These will restore your run energy and therefore decrease the amount of time it takes you to run from the bank to a Cape merchant.

Another strategy for this method is to consider changing worlds when you buy out the cape seller’s stock. Also, something to consider is to bring your own pk gear in order to try and kill other players buying capes or found along the way; this will also allow you to defend yourself from other pkers.

If your team cape stops selling at a high price you may need to drop the price to adjust for changes in the market. If your cape is selling instantly, try selling it at a bit of a higher price to maximize profit.

2 . Collecting wine of zamorak – Profit 128,716 GP

For this f2p money making OSRS guide we are going to collect Wine of Zamorak that is used by members to create ranging and bastion potions. As such, they are very valuable items.

They respawn every 30 seconds on two tables in the Chaos Temple, which is located north-west of Goblin Village, and are guarded by Monks of Zamorak.

The second Wine of Zamorak spawn can be accessed by climbing up the ladder by the entrance. Climbing the ladder requires you to have a total level of 500 while wearing a set of Zamorak monk robes, and you need to have 37 magic skills.
f2p money making osrs

The inventory setup should consist of law runes and water runes (and wizard’s mind bombs if doing the second method). Wield a staff of air and wear zamorak monk robes.

The basics of collecting the wine of zamorak are as follows: Make your way to the chaos temple then Cast Telekinetic Grab on wines until your inventory is full after that Cast Teleport to Falador.

Now I’m going to suggest to you to methods of doing this:

First Method Upper-Floor Only

This method is more consistent as you only need to camp one spot. Climb up the ladder and begin casting Telekinetic Grab on wines. Then when your inventory is full, teleport to Falador and repeat.

Second Method Both Floors

You’re going to want to bring some wizard’s mind bombs for this method, as stealing wines from the bottom floor lowers your stats. It is recommended to bring 10 or so, depending on your magic level.

Bring some food (lobster is recommended) as well to heal yourself. You’re also going to want to turn off Auto Retaliate as it won’t allow you to climb the ladder.

Climb up the ladder and cast Telekinetic Grab on the wine on the table, then climb down the ladder. Cast Telekinetic Grab on the wine on the table and quickly climb back up the ladder. If you aren’t quick enough you may take some damage. This method is about twice as fast as the previous method.

The wines have a respawn rate of 30 seconds, so set a timer to go off every 30 seconds for maximum efficiency. The 500 and 750 skill total worlds are often packed. It is recommended to use a less busy world. This is especially useful for the first method.

3 . Collecting cosmic runes – Profit 257,000 GP

With this f2p money making osrs guide we are going to collect cosmic rune that can be found in level 48 wilderness. Located South of the Frozen Waste Plateau.

One location that players who do not hold the proper levels to create cosmic runes via rune crafting at the cosmic altar is in the deeper Wilderness south of the Frozen Waste Plateau near the gate.

The skill needed: Decent Attack and Defence, 43 Prayer

Items: Armour (optional), Water rune, law rune, Air runes for Falador Teleport, Food to survive attacks from the icy creatures and PKers, Energy potions

Since this location of these cosmic rune spawns is located in the wilderness, one should always be aware of the risk of player killers along with the many ice giant and ice warrior spawns within proximity of the cosmic rune spawn.

Since this area is located in the wilderness, players should not take anything they are not prepared to lose. It takes approximately 5 Minutes and 40 Seconds to get to the location of the spawns via walking from the Northwest tile in the middle of Falador Square then walking North past the mind altar.

Once there, one can stay indefinitely. Though, it is recommended to bank every hour to lessen the chance of being killed via teleport to Falador. Once the player has arrived at this location, they can find one cosmic rune spawn containing 3 runes in the northwest corner of the Frozen Waste Plateau.

It is highly recommended to run to the most northwest tile and wait out the aggression timer. After losing aggression to the ice giants and warriors, You may start collecting and hopping worlds.

Cosmic Rune respawn time is 1 Minute and 50 Seconds. To maximize profits, it is recommended to change worlds after rune pickup. Without changing worlds, one can expect to only pick up 100 runes per hour.

4 . Collecting red spiders’ eggs – Profit 296,000 GP

There are 2 red spiders’ eggs spawns in the swamp area of the Varrock Sewers where moss giants are found. This is the area north-west of the entrance of the Varrock Sewers, just south of Bryophyta’s lair. For F2p players, this is the farthest area reached in the Varrock Sewers.

The skill needed: 69+ Combat

Items: Staff of air, Iron longsword, Law rune, Fire rune, Energy potion.

As the sewer is a multi-combat area, and the deadly red spiders are aggressive, players with a combat level lower than 69 can get attacked by multiple spiders at a time, so having food is recommended. The deadly red spiders are found immediately after reaching the end of the sewer tunnel going east-west.

Since this area is secluded off and only reached after slashing through a spider’s web, a slashing weapon (any cheap scimitar or sword) or a knife will be required to slash through to get to the eggs.

If you choose to bring an air staff for the Varrock Teleport method, the slash item will have to be dropped every run. If not, the player can keep their slash weapon equipped to save an inventory slot.

Route explanation:

Take out 2.5 energy potions, law and fire runes, food if low level, and a disposable slash item from the bank.
Head to the manhole at the eastern exit of Varrock Palace.
Navigate through the sewers until the web is reached.
Slash the web, and drop the slash item.
Pick up all the red spider eggs, then (if the player does not have a Combat level of 69+, find a safe spot and) switch worlds.
Repeat until full, then teleport back to Varrock, and bank the yield. It is recommended that you should bank the eggs in the eastern Varrock bank until you are satisfied with the number of eggs collected, and then sell them.

Without the use of any teleports, a run starting and ending in the Varrock bank to the eggs in the sewers will take anywhere from 10-12 minutes.
Using the chronicle (obtained from Diango in Draynor Village) makes a single run take about 7-9 minutes.
This also allows for wielding of the slashing weapon and removes the need to bring the staff or runes, at the cost of slightly more running.
Using the Varrock Teleport spell and collecting an inventory of 26 eggs also makes a single run take 7-9 minutes.
With world-hopping at 69+ combat, one inventory can be done in as little as 3.5 minutes, producing upwards of 445+ eggs per hour.

The eggs will spawn roughly every 42 seconds at the southernmost part of the sewer. There are multiple aggressive deadly red spiders and moss giants, which can be safespotted (which allows you to be out of combat to switch worlds). To collect the eggs, you will need to come out of the safespot.

5 . Mining runite ore – Profit 450,000 GP

Mining runite ore, a high-level ore that frequently sells for a high price (11,250 coins), is an achievement in itself. There is only one place in F2p where players can mine it: the Lava Maze runite mine, which contains two rocks. It is located north-west of the Lava Maze in level 46 Wilderness.

The skill needed: 85+ Mining, 40 Attack, 40 Defence, 25 Magic

Items: Rune pickaxe, Rune armor (optional}, Runes for teleportation spells, Anchovy pizza or Swordfish.

Miners need to mine with extreme caution since there is the always-looming threat of a player killer, who will show up. With Attack 40, you can wield your rune pickaxe for extra inventory space. With Defence 40 (optional), you can wear rune armor to defend yourself against player killers.

But simply not wearing armor or wearing light armor may be better so you can run to level 20 Wilderness, allowing you to teleport away. Before going out there, miners should bring the best food in F2p, swordfish or anchovy pizzas. You should know that pizza takes longer to eat, but heals more overall.

A good strategy is to track the ore respawn times between worlds, so you cycle through a certain rotation of worlds, visiting each world every 12 minutes and mining the two rocks as soon as they spawn.

With skill and luck, miners can get between 30 and 60 ores an hour, thus yielding between 337,500 and 675,000 coins, but the typical norm averages at roughly 40 ores per hour, which is 450,000 coins, due to constant world-hopping and bank time.

Some of these methods are dangerous but they are one of the best f2p money making OSRS ways to try on. Do not dismiss them simply because they are dangerous, you may like them and use this f2p money making OSRS methods all the time.


OSRS Easter 2020 is coming! In the 2020 Easter event,players must help street magician The Disappointing Gelt, whose top hat is uncontrollably spewing out rabbits.After completing the event, players can return to Bunbridge to complete two “quests” for additional easter eggs.Here is the guide to complete the Easter event and two Post-event quests.

Walkthrough for OSRS Easter Event 2020

1. Speak to The Disappointing Gelt by the fountain of eastern Falador just south of the Party Room.
2. Head to the second floor of the castle and talk to Duke Rabbacio. Talk to Paws in the adjacent room and plot against the Duke.
3. Head to the south-west side of the island and fetch a Conch shell.
4. Head to the north-east side of the island and fetch a broken egg. After using the broken egg on the conch shell, head to the top floor of the castle and use the unpainted fake magic egg on the paint buckets to obtain the painted fake magic egg.
5. Head to the third floor of the castle. Dunk the unpainted fake magic egg in the paint.
6. Return and talk to Paws. Then talk to Duke Rabbacio.
7. Talk to The Disappointing Gelt again to complete this event.

Guide for The Rabbit’s Assistant quest

1.To begin the quest, talk to the Rabbit Chef on the ground floor of the castle, inside the kitchen.
2.Head to the house directly south-east of the castle to take a big carrot.
3.Head to Farmer Maggot’s field on the north-eastern corner of the island and take a cabbage.
4.Head to the north-western corner of the island and take a cake.
5.Return to the Rabbit Chef,give these items.You will be awarded 5 OSRS easter eggs.

Guide for The Restless Goat quest

1.Talk to Father Buckerek in the church of the egg, just outside Bunbridge Castle.
2.Head to small stone building directly south and inspect the grave. Viktor the Restless Goat will appear before you.
3.Cross the bridge towards the east onto the beach, to then pick up the broken goat horn.
4.With the broken horn retrieved, return to restless goat and give the horn back to complete the quest, you will be awarded another five easter eggs.

After completing this event players will receive:

1.Magic egg ball (received during event)
2.Carrot sword (received after stepping back through portal)
3.’24 carat’ sword (by dipping the carrot sword in the same paint you dipped the magic egg ball)
4.Two noted easter eggs (additional 10 eggs, 5 per mini quest within the event)
Other rewards from previous events, obtained from Diango.

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