The icy legendary bird is back once again and if you want to take it down, we’ve got the best Pokemon Go Articuno counters for you right here. To help in your choices, we’ve also included the best movesets, along with the general Articuno weaknesses in Pokemon Go. Despite Articuno being around since almost the start of the game, it’s by no means a pushover, you’ll need a strong team of counters to take it down. Here are all of the best Pokemon Go Articuno counters for raids, its possible movesets, and how to beat it.

Pokemon Go Articuno moveset


Type: Ice/Flying
Weaknesses: Rock x2, Fire, Electric, Steel
Resistances: Ground x2, Grass, Bug
Boosted Weather: Snow/Windy
100% IVs:  1743 (L20) / 2179 (L25)

As you’d expect, Articuno’s moveset is almost entirely Ice-type. As a result, you must avoid Flying, Ground, Grass, and Dragon-type Pokemon, because they will get utterly mullered. If you know you’re against an Articuno with Ancient Power — the only Ground-type move in its arsenal — also avoid using Poison, Steel, Fire, and Electric-types. Rock-types are also weak to Ground-type moves, but Articuno’s double weakness to Rock outweighs that, if we’re honest. Here’s the full moveset along with the best typing to resist these moves in parentheses, followed by the Articuno counters you can use.

Pokemon Go Articuno moveset
Fast Moves Charged Moves
Ice Shard (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice) Blizzard (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)
Frost Breath (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice) Ice Beam (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)
Icy Wind (Steel, Fire, Water, Ice)
Ancient Power (Flying, Bug, Grass)

Pokemon Go Articuno counters

Here are the top ten Pokemon Go Articuno counters to utilise in raids, along with the best moveset to use for each one. Rock-type moves are the way to go, just cross  your fingers the Articuno you’re up against doesn’t know Ancient Power. Otherwise you may be cycling through Pokemon quite quickly.

Best Pokemon Go Articuno counters
Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move
Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide
Rhyperior Smack Down Rock Wrecker
Terrakion Smack Down Rock Slide
Tyranitar Smack Down Stone Edge
Gigalith Smack Down Rock Slide
Omastar Rock Throw Rock Slide
Alolan Golem Rock Throw Stone Edge
Aggron Smack Down Stone Edge
Heatran Fire Spin Stone Edge
Aerodactyl Rock Throw Rock Slide

How to get shiny Articuno in Pokemon Go

As is usually the case with legendary raids when the shiny variant is in the game, completion of the raid will have a 5% (1 in 20) chance of rewarding a shiny. If you’re lucky enough to get one, a shiny legendary is an insta-catch — as long as you’re accurate with your throw — so make sure you use a Pinap Berry to maximise the candy gains.

Magic is one of the most important skills in Old School RuneScape and is one of the three combat classes. It is used in Combat; it allows crafted items to be enchanted, fast transport around the world via teleports, and converting items into coins via High Level Alchemy. rs3 gold

An increase in your magic level also increases your accuracy, unlocks more spells, and increases your magic defense. Wearing magic gears increases your magic attack bonus, resulting in an increase in accuracy as well. Whereas, wearing a very high-level tier of magic gear increases your magic strength bonus, resulting in an increase in your maximum damage (max hits).There are currently four types of spell books for magic in-game:

It has the greatest number of spells compared to the other books and is gained when you first make an account on RuneScape. It consists of a lot of combat spells, along with enchanting, skilling, and teleportation spells.

This spellbook is unlocked after completing the quest ‘Desert Treasure’. It consists of mostly combat spells, with ice barrage being the most powerful spell in the game. It does have a few teleportation spells as well, with most of them being spells to teleport inside of the wilderness.

You can switch to this spellbook once you’ve completed the ‘Lunar Diplomacy’ quest. Finishing the hard Fremennik diaries and the dream mentor quest will allow you to use every single spell in the lunar spellbook. This spellbook has zero offensive spells, apart from vengeance (If that is counted as one) and is used mostly for utility or skilling.

This spellbook is unlocked after getting a 60% favor in the house of Arceuus. This spellbook contains reanimation spells, which is a cheap and fast way to train your prayer level. It does have teleportation spells as well, which takes you to some very random locations. You also get magic experience if you use this spellbook to train your prayer.

Useful quests:

Ø Witch’s Potion: 325 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø Imp Catcher: 875 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø The Grand Tree: 2,150 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø Horror from The Deep: 4662 magic experience (No requirements)

Ø Watch Tower: 15,250 magic experience (Magic level 15 required)

Ø Lunar Diplomacy: 5,000 magic experience (Magic level 65 required)

Ø Dream Mentor: 10,000 magic experience (Magic level 65 required)

Ø Desert Treasure: 20,000 magic experience (Magic level 50 required)

For low level, if you do not wish to do any quests, there are also other methods to train your magic.

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Strike Spells

You can work your way up to use strike spells like air and fire while training at the rock crabs, which provides a lot of last experience. If you wish to make some money as a non-member, you can safe spot ogress warriors while striking them with your magic.
Curse Spell

At level 19, you can start using the spell called curse which splash 100% of the time if you a negative 65 magic attack bonus. You can safe spot using this spell on the skeletons near the wilderness zone. At such a low magic level, you can get up to an experience of 33,000 per hour.

At level 4, you unlock the bolt enchantment spell. But it is recommended to start enchanting bolts at a level 50 magic. You can enchant bolts like ruby, diamond, dragon and onyx for a magic experience of around 500,000 per hour. As it can be a little boring, you can always AFK while enchanting bolts.

Bursting & Barraging Spell

This is known as one of the fastest methods in training your magic level, this spell casts magic on a lot of monsters at a time, providing a lot of experience even when it’s casted once. However, at a lower level it can be quite costly using this spell but once you’re at a higher level, the spell becomes more accurate to use. There are many places to burst in old school runescape, but two of the best places would be the skeletal monkeys in the monkey madness (1) caves and the maniacal monkeys in the monkey madness (2) caves. These spells can cost quite a few million gold! If you need some quick and cheap OSRS gold.

Some more reliable methods:

Apart from combat, there are some other ways as well to your magic level like superheat item which gives up to a 100,000 experience per hour and is one of the cheapest methods to reach 99 magic. At level 55, you unlock high-level alchemy by which you can use a method called tele-alching where you can alch an item and instantly teleport somewhere, this will provide you around 130,000 magic experience per hour. Another way is to spin flax with the help of magic, which will not only provide you with 80,000 magic experience but also crafting experience, this is a very good method for making money too.
Best AFK methods:

Ø Magic Imbue (Magic Level 82)

Ø Splashing

Ø NMZ (Nightmare Zone) – One of the most efficient AFK magic training method, It is recommended to use locator orb, dwarven rock cake and absorption potion to ensure you can AFK for a longer period of time. With the help of overloads at nmz, you can boost your magic level to use higher level spells

Ø Steel Dragons – You can use fire spells on steel dragons, which is also a good way to gain magic experience. You can AFK with the help of dragon fire shield and antifire potions. They are also a good money maker, as they drop draconic visage and items like steel bars which can be dropped noted by the completion of Elite ‘Karamja Diary’.

Ø String Jewellery – It can be casted after completing lunar diplomacy and with the magic level of 80. It can give you around 150,000 magic experience per hour.

Profitable methods:

There are also methods that are profitable enough to make a nice amount of runescape gold, such as at low levels you can use the enchanting spells to create items like the games necklace, ring of recoil or the ring of dueling. Not only is it profitable but there is a possibility in getting around 30,000 – 60,000 magic experience per hour with high level enchantment spells.

Making teleportation tablets at players houses is also another excellent way of making money while gaining magic experience. In an hour, you can gain around 150,000 coins and around 20,000 magic experience.

At around 60 magic level, you can start charging orbs for profit. Most in demand right now is charging air orbs which can make you around 400,000 coins and around 30,000 magic experience per hour. The other orbs give around a profit of 300,000 coins per hour, this way is the most profitable one to make money while training magic. After making all that money, why not sell it for real life cash? If that interests you, check out

With that said, we wrap up our OSRS Magic Training Guide. Don’t give up on your magic journey, and we wish you luck!

As we all know, gold is the primary currency in WOW Classic, which can be used to purchase items and boost upgrade. To make life in WOW Classic much easier for you, we introduce to you some professions for you to make WOW Classic Gold.

Best Classic Professions for Gold Making

While there are several different professions available, each with their own ways of making money, some of them are better than others.

Skinning is a very popular profession for making money while leveling, although rather than selling the low-tier leather on the auction house, many players simply vendor it.

In the late game, however, Devilsaur Leather is highly prized and will fetch a fair price due to Leatherworkers using it to create important pre-raid pieces such as the Devilsaur Armor set.

Mining is not the strongest profession by itself, but is a necessary component of two other very good money makers. Blacksmithing creates high end weapons ( Annihilator, Nightfall) and armor ( Lionheart Helm) which virtually every raid guild and/or Warrior will want made. Likewise, Engineering creates bombs such as Goblin Sapper Charge which can sell extremely well due to their heavy use in both PvE and PvP.

Herbalism and Alchemy are both very lucrative professions, as flasks and potions take a great number and variety of herbs to create and are desired by virtually all players in the late game, though raiders in particular tend to go through a large number of consumables. Even better, the professions are frequently overlooked in favor of other professions with BoP benefits such as Tailoring and Engineering, which can help cut down on the competition.

Enchanting is a weak money making profession early on, actually losing gold in most cases due to disenchanting gear rather than vendoring it, but recoups that expense in the late game by proving enchants which every player will need in the end-game. Even more so if you can get your hands on rare patterns such as Formula: Enchant Weapon – Crusader.

Tailoring can be a good money making profession due to the ability to craft bags, but it is also a very common profession due to being one of the few which creates BoP gear at the high end, rather than BoE items which can be sold to anyone. Due to this, many cloth wearers will choose Tailoring, creating a lot of competition in the bag selling market.

Cooking is often overlooked due to being a secondary profession, which isn’t even trained by many players until max level, but it becomes incredibly important for end-game raiding by providing extra stat buffs such as increased Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intellect, or MP5. While none of the patterns are particularly rare in the same way that other crafting professions are, few players care to farm the materials necessary to create their own food, especially when they’re already spending several hours in raid each week, creating a huge market on servers with several raiding guilds. This is especially true of Fishing, which takes a patient hand, but is a necessary component of many cooking recipes.

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If you do not have enough time to grind gold in the game, the best way for you to get WOW Classic Gold is to buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold from an online store. can be your first choice. We promise that our gold is 100% safe, the cheapest price and instant delivery guaranteed all the time. Cheap WOW Classic Gold for sale now to save your time and money!

Some in-game changes and improvements have been made based on osrs gold poll 72 this week. Here you could learn what has happened in game.


OSRS Hill Giant improvements Sept. 10


There are improvements to Hill Giants OSRS with the update this week. With the update on Sept. 10th, a small tribe of hill giants have moved into their new home on the Desert Plateau where Clan Wars once stood. Moreover, Hill Giants will drop steel scimitars and iron med helms instead of steel longswords and iron full helms.


More changes & improvements this week


In addition, there are also some other changes and improvements this week based on poll 72:

1. Gems stolen from a gem stall can now go straight into a Gem Bag, provided you have one in the Inventory.

2. A few more changes have been made to the Costume Room in the Player Owned House. Some set names have been adjusted to better reflect items’ trimmed, gold-trimmed, gilded or third age status. There are more items added to the list of storables, including more Castle Wars rewards, gold-plated dragon kit and more Treasure Trail prizes.

3. You may now clean all your herbs automatically after cleaning the first one in the Inventory.

4. Zahur can clean banknoted herbs for her usual fee. You can find her north of the bank in Nardah. You still need to complete the Hard tasks in the Desert Achievement Diary.


What do you think about these changes with OSRS update?

The Minecraft Nether update has been here a while so most of the core features are set in place and patches are mainly fixing the odd bug and crash. As such most Nether updates are just Minecraft updates now. Although there are still Nether related fixes happening, like the latest Java 1.16.3 patch which fixes some piglin bugs. Here, we’re going to cover that, as well as explain everything you need to know about the bigger changes the Minecraft Nether update brought when it arrived – adding new  biomes, mobs, materials and more to Minecraft.

  • MC-198678 - Giving an item and a gold ingot to a baby piglin and killing it duplicates the item.
  • MC-196449 - Piglins, Piglin Brutes, Hoglins and Zoglins have trouble pathfinding to the player when attacking.

Crying Obsidian

Crying Obsidian is necessary to build a Minecraft Respawn Anchor and set your spawn point in the Nether, and there are a few ways of obtaining it outlined in our dedicated guide. You can read all about this new Obsidian variant there.


Probably the biggest addition to the Nether update is Minecraft Netherite. We have a complete guide on how to get it and how it works, but for the short and simple explanation, it’s a new material you can only find in the Nether by searching for Ancient Debris. You can create armor and tools that are stronger and more durable than Diamond with it, meaning it’s the ultimate endgame equipment. It’s not easy to find though, so be prepared for a grind.

Hoglins, Zoglins, Piglins, Striders

Hoglins, Zoglins, Piglins, and Striders are new mobs. Hoglins spawn exclusively in the Crimson Forest biome (more on that below) and will attack players on sight. Killing them can drop raw porkchops and leather and they can be bred with Crimson Fungi, a new Nether-exclusive mushroom.

Piglins on the other hand can spawn in Crimson Forests and Nether Wastes. Adult Piglins will attack the player on sight, while babies are passive. However, you can avoid their wrath by wearing at least one piece of gold armor – just don’t break gold or open chests near them, because they’ll get aggressive again. They can randomly spawn with a gold sword or crossbow too. Piglins are also the only mob players can barter with right now, which involves offering gold ingots in exchange for random items from a select pool.

Zoglins are created when a Hoglin travels to either the Overworld or the End and stays there for 15 seconds. They’ll attack players on sight and only drop Rotten Flesh upon death. They also fling players into the air when they attack.

Finally, Striders are the new passive mob found in the Nether. They walk on lava and the player can ride one with a saddle, while being directed by a warped fungus on a stick. If they’re not in lava, their colour will change and they start shivering. Striders can also be bred with warped fungus, if you want multiple.

Bastion Remnants and Ruined Portals

Two brand new structures in the game are Bastion Remnants and Ruined Portals. The former are enormous, castle-like remains found in the Nether, in all biomes except for Basalt Deltas. Bastion Remnants have treasure rooms which will have Magma Cube spawners within and are guarded by Piglin Brutes.

Ruined Portals on the other hand can spawn in either the Nether or the Overworld, and are the main source of Crying Obsidian, mentioned above.  You can also get plenty of other loot and there’s a small chance that it generates as a towering Giant Ruined Portal.

Nether Biomes: Basalt Delta, Crimson Forest, Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valley, Warped Forest

Previously, the Nether looked pretty much the same no matter where you went. Now, the Nether has been split up into four different biomes.

Kicking things off is the Nether Wastes, which is essentially what the Nether used to be. You’ll find all the usual stuff here including Nether Fortresses, Glowstone, Netherrack, and more. Don’t punch the Zombie Pigmen or you’ll be in for a bad time.

The first of the three new areas is the Crimson Forest. This biome is almost completely blood red, with Warped and Crimson Fungi everywhere. Crimson Nylium covers the floor, with the odd block of Shroomlight scattered around. Huge Crimson Fungus structures are packed densely together.

Then there are Basalt Deltas, which are volcanic biomes where Magma Cubes, Ghasts, and Striders can spawn on Blackstone and Basalt. Ores generate twice as frequently here, which means it can be quite fruitful.

The Warped Forest on the other hand opts for a blue theme, although it has similarly enormous Warped Fungus structures everywhere. It’s not completely blue though, with Netherrack and Glowstone patches found throughout.

Finally, the Soul Sand Valley is as you’d expect; full of Soul Sand, Soul Soil, and Soul Fire. This biome can cut through the other biomes, has ominous blue fog, and enormous Basalt pillars, which are another new decorative block.

There’s so much more to find and discover in this update, so make sure you check out the official wiki page to read up on everything we haven’t covered here.

Every armour type has its relative crafting profession; tailoring for cloth gear, blacksmithing for chain and plate gear,and leatherworking for leather gear (and eventually high level chainmail).

The Basics of these trades:

Essentially, leatherworkers are responsible formainly crafting gear for hunters, rogues, druids, and shamans. Along with gear,leatherworking can craft special enchants that give gear extra stats like stamina or armour, and as a leather-wearer it is pretty much essential that ifyou don’t take leatherworking yourself, you have someone who can hook you upwith all the goodies both during the leveling process and at the endgame. Cheap wow classic gold

First off, a LOT of the mobs you will comeacross will be skinnable; think bears, wolves, crocodiles, snakes, kodos, etc -anything with skin that you think might be useful in crafting, you can probably skin it. Before you get too deep into the leveling process, you are going toneed to start on your professions so that you don’t need to catch up later on.So with that in mind, keep an eye out for a little dwelling in the startingzones with animal skins hanging everywhere, and make sure to learn both Skinning and Leatherworking from their respective trainers, if you so desire!

Like all my advice about this game, don’t take what anyone says about how you ‘should’ play the game as a rule about what you willdo; play the game like you want! Back in the day, a lot of people told me that skinning and leatherworking would be a great fit for a hunter, and while that factored in to my decision, the choice was ultimately mine. I felt that skinning and crafting leather gear really fit the roleplay aspect of the hunter class, and that factored more into my decision than anything. The truth is, nomatter which profession you choose, you are going to be useful where others aren’t and vice versa. No combination of class/professions is ‘better’ or ‘worse’than another, and if you’re having fun then everyone else can get lost!

wow classic skinning knife

So, now that you have both of these professions learned and ready to use, make SURE you pick up a skinning knife before you setout – don’t think that any old bladed weapon will do, you need to make sure you have a skinning knife in your inventory whenever you want to do any skinning. I suggest saving the first few slots of your inventory for items that will neverleave you; things like your hearth stone, food/water, profession tools, and quest items. Now whenever you visit a vendor, be sure that you don’t accidentally sell that little knife; you will constantly be using it!

From here on the skinning journey is incredibly straight-forward; whenever you kill something that can be skinned, it will show in the tooltip if you hover over the corpse. Simply right-click after completely looting the corpse, and you will begin to skin it. Sometimes, especially if the mob is of a higher level than your skinning ability, it willfail, and most mobs can be skinned several times. After skinning you will find that you have some new items in your inventory, named something like “LightLeather” or “Leather Scraps”. Once you have a few kills under your belt, checkout your leatherworking tab in the skills menu and see what you need to craftyour first gear!

wow classic tailor store

Most items in the leatherworking tree needadditional vendor-bought items like thread and dyes, which you can find at theleatherworking section of any town or city, and even sometimes at the general goods or tailor store in a pinch!

Making progress as you level up:

For the most part, the rest of this is rinse and repeat – make sure you don’t forget to skin all of the skinnable mobs that you kill, and always keep your bags empty to accommodate new materials as you gather them. As your skinning reaches its maximum level, keep returning to the skinning trainer to level it up, and the same goes with your leatherworking skills. With leatherworking, though, if you want to get the most out of that precious gold that we all hold so dear, don’t buy every pattern that you canright away. If the item is green or grey when you select it at the trainer, it means that it will not give you much, if any experience for crafting that item. Go for yellow patterns instead.

On your journey, you are bound to pick upcrafting recipes for leatherworking, which if you are the appropriate levelfor, you can learn to craft right away!

All in all, the process for leatherworker/skinners is pretty linear but still a bunch of fun – it feels like good, honest, work, and I find that skinning sound to be oh so relaxing(ASMR anyone?). What I don’t find relaxing is the stress you feel when you realise that you are already level 35 (almost ready for your first mount), andyou have no in-game gold to show for it! What have you been spending all this gold on? The thing is, this is a GAME, and you needn’t be worried about your bank balance when there is a perfect solution sitting under your nose – buy wow classic gold. Do yourself a favour, head over to WOWclassicgp and just look at some of the reviews available for their services – I dare you to say a quick hello to their quick, English-speaking live chat and surface any questions that you might have. Buying WoW gold from is quick, reliable, and fun! Youshouldn’t need to worry about financing your fun using in-game currency when you can buy as much as you could ever need from

So there we are. I hope you now have a basic understanding of not only the skinning and leatherworking professions, but whether you want to pursue them asyour main professions! Game on!

In today’s world, Phishing is known as a cybercrime where a target is contacted by someone who is posing as a legitimate institution only to lure individuals into providing their sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords. This information is then used to access important accounts and can result in identity and financial loss.

Phishing scams are not only happening on the outside but also inside MMORPG games like Runescape. Yes, we’re not even safe in our own little virtual worlds but we have to be aware at all times because these attackers can attack us in ways we could’ve never imagined, just so they could sell OSRS Gold they stole from you. Let’s go through some of the most common RuneScape phishing scams out there.
Phishing Ads / Sites

Players should never enter their login or private details into any website except for the official Runescape website. So, it is of utmost importance to examine URLs you click and address bars to confirm that the site is official as some sites try to mimic the official ones in both appearance and URL. These scammers try to lure you in through what players commonly desire, like ‘posing as a Jagex staff member and asking for personal account details as he/she has been considered for a position as a Player Moderator’. This is to aware you that Jagex will never message you in-game and ask you to go to an external website to enter your account details. Anyone who offers such a position as a player moderator can be reported for impersonating Jagex under rule 5 of the code of conduct. These scammers can also send out fake emails telling players that they have been banned off the Runescape platform and need to log-in to appear their ban.

Twitch Phishing Streams

Twitch streams can also contain phishing links, so you’ll always have to be wary of any links you visit on external websites. One of the common twitch scams is the ‘fake double experience weekend’, where the host links the viewers to phishing sites and get scammed. These scammers typically impersonate larger channels like OSRS channel, which have a high number of viewers but are almost ‘view bots’; fake viewers that intend to inflate the viewer count so that the stream rises up to the of category to seem legitimate. Players should always check the username of the channel that they wish to watch carefully as no legitimate double XP weekend event has ever taken place in Old School Runescape. If the domain does not end with /, or any other official Jagex domain then it is most certainly a scam.

Phishing Password Reset Emails

Phishers sometimes craft emails that seem to be from a genuine service or website like Runescape, requesting that the user should change their password as soon as possible before it expires. They distribute a malicious link or attachment to extract login credentials and account info directly from the user to gain access to a secured data. The link takes the user on the actual password reset page and in the background in loads a script that hijacks the user’s sessions cookies, which then results in XSS attack and open the account to the attacker. Other emails, instead ask for users to enter the last passwords that they remember which tricks them into doing so and handing over the account access information, the other word for this scam is a password recovery scam.

Fake RuneLite Client/Google ads Scam

As we know, RuneLite is a popular and free, open-source and super-fast client for Old School Runescape which is also supported by Jagex and is safe to use. Scammers often buy ads on google to get the first google search result trying to impersonate legitimate businesses. Once you log in through one of these clients, they try to get remote access and then log into your account to transfer all the goods to one of theirs. These client files are normally larger than the original RuneLite client because of the scripts built into it. Other phishing clients receive the information directly which is needed to access the account, that is when a player logs into the Runescape platform through the fake make sure to have websites like RS3gold bookmarked on your browser to not fall for this scam.

Flagged for RWT Scam

This scam is centered around hackers finding your RuneScape player information through leaked databases. Although these databases don’t come directly from Jagex, they can come from forums, clients and other RuneScape related websites that you’ve registered for. As a result, the hackers know what your email address is, and can send you an email pretending to be Jagex, claiming that your account is “flagged for Real World Trading”. In the email, they may ask you to follow a link to “appeal for your account”. You can usually tell these emails are fake by the number of spelling errors, but keep in mind that not every hacker is mentally incapable of typing without mistakes.

Most of the time, this is a link to a fake website that records your details once you’ve signed in, and from there – the scammers have access to your account! So remember, Jagex will NEVER message you claiming that you’ve been flagged for RWT, evidently stated on the official website. If you encounter such an email in your inbox, don’t interact with it and delete it! Have you unfortunately fallen victim to one of these phishing scams, and need to rebuild your bank quickly? We’ve been selling cheap RS gold for years, so head over to

The main reason for phishing attacks to be successful is because they target human natural responses. It is very important to strengthen that firewall by implementing countermeasures needed to be safe from such phishers. Phishing schemes can be conducted through any of the above ways and many more as these phishers are becoming smarter by the day. It is recommended to use different passwords for every online account made on a website as stealing the credentials on one site can actually have wider consequences than you can ever imagine. Stay safe!

The bug of RS Barbarian Assault has been fixed with the update this week. Here you could learn the details of runescape gold Barbarian Assault improvement and other changes.


RS Barbarian Assault improvement Sept. 7th


With the update on September 7th, improvement and bug fixes have been made to RS Barb Assault. Here you could learn details in the patch notes:

-Improved the flow of interactions within Barbarian Assault by removing delays.

-Resolved a number of minor bugs in Barbarian Assault.


Other changes & improvements Sept. 7th


-The “Stone’s Throw Away” achievement can now be completed outside of Build Mode.

-Messaging is added for attempting to use Ultra-growth potion on a wider variety of invalid Farming patches.

-The Minigames tab will appear when teleporting directly to Player Owned Ports via the Captain’s Log in the Circus.

-The Banker in the Max Guild will now ask how many items you’d like to deposit when using them on them.

-A particular tile on the iceberg in the Rellekka Hunter area has been colour-corrected.

-Court Case dialogue involving H.A.M. has been updated.

-The “Digging for Treasure” achievement is updated with a new description.

-The Quest Journal for Nature Spirit now can instruct you to meet Drezel at the Mausoleum to get a blessing.

-Bogrog will not reference charged items in his Summoning dialogue.

-You can now lure the fishing spots in the Enchanted Valley without having a fly fishing rod in your Inventory.

Looking for Pokemon Go Cresselia counters, weaknesses, and possible moveset? You’ve come to the right place, because the Lunar Pokemon is in raids for the next week, until Friday, September 18 at 1pm (GMT -7). Knowing the best counters to defeat Cresselia in Pokemon Go will be crucial if you want to take it down and potentially catch a shiny Cresselia, especially if you only have a few people in your raid group. Here are all of the best Pokemon Go Cresselia counters, weaknesses, and possible Cresselia movesets.

Pokemon Go Cresselia moveset

The Cresselia moveset mainly focuses on Psychic-type moves; it is a sole Psychic-type after all. The table below shows the possible fast and charged moves Cresselia can use, along with the best typing to resist these moves in parentheses — essentially the type your Pokemon should be to take the least damage.

Fast Moves Charged Moves
Psycho Cut (Dark x2) Future Sight (Dark x2)
Confusion (Dark x2) Moon Blast (Fire, Dark, Dragon)
Aurora Beam (Water, Fire, Dragon)

Pokemon Go Cresselia counters

Below are the top ten counters to use against Pokemon Go Cresselia in raids along with the optimal moveset. The general gist of things is that Dark-type Pokemon that know Dark-type moves are the way forward, since they resist four of the five possible moves and deal double damage. Alternatively though, some Ghost and Bug-type Pokemon fit the bill.

Pokemon Moveset (Fast/Charged)
Darkrai Snarl/Dark Pulse
Giratina (Origin) Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
Weavile Snarl/Foul Play
Chandelure Hex/Shadow Ball
Mewtwo Psycho Cut/Shadow Ball
Volcarona Bug Bite/Bug Buzz
Tyranitar Bite/Crunch
Genesect Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
Houndoom Snarl/Foul Play
Hydreigon Bite/Dark Pulse

How to get shiny Cresselia in Pokemon Go

As is the case with every legendary Pokemon in raids (provided the shiny version is in the game), each catch opportunity has a 1/20 chance of being a shiny Cresselia. These odds are massively increased from the usual 1/450 chance of a standard wild Pokemon being shiny. If you do encounter a shiny Cresselia, make sure you use a Pinap Berry! A shiny legendary has a 100% catch rate (as long as you don’t miss with every ball), so you don’t need to use a Razz Berry. Instead you can maximise those candy gains.

One of the best aspects of World of Warcraft is professions. As you might imagine, they play a vital role in the economy.

In World of Warcraft classic, you can have up to two primary professions at one time. Abandoning a profession can be a bad move: as you are required to start over from scratch. This guide aims to provide you a run-through of what is involved in the Engineering profession, so you can decide whether it’s worth it to pursue for you.

As you might have guessed, you’re going to be dealing with crafting various gadgets. Some of them are revolutionary, and some are just plain-old ordinary. There are no class restrictions or limitations involved in any profession. Usually, you will be working with materials that were originally obtained from another profession: Mining. Combining Mining and Engineering is usually considered a smart choice, but as always, you’re able to switch things up on the fly.

If you want to try out Engineering on a new character, try picking the race of Gnome. This is because you gain a 15 point advantage towards Engineering – it’s a natural aptitude for a build of that type. Thus, you start at 16 skill points and will be able to work up towards 315 skill points. Whilst there’s nothing really beyond 300, you gain the advantage of being able to do things earlier and better than you usually would in the game regularly.

Why should I pursue engineering?

Many new players aren’t aware of the fact that engineering is actually, arguably, one of the better professions in the game. This is because this particular profession is one that will provide you gadgets that you can use within combat. This profession makes you more effective during any combat encounter.

Using an explosive such as Goblin Sapper Charge actually requires your character to be an Engineer. This particular ability deals 450 to 750 damage to everyone in range (area of effect damage), at the expense of 375-625 damage towards you. In any player versus player combat situation, you’re at the upper hand by using such a spell.

One particularly handy tool is the Field Repair Bot 74A. At 300 skill points in Engineering, you can repair damaged gear and items, as well as purchase your junk. This robot will last for 10 minutes. This means you don’t have to commute into town in the middle of some journey just to repair some items you forgot about, or after some combat.

You also get amazing pets, such as an Arcanite Dragonling, which will fight for you for a minute. While it only lasts for an hour, it’s completely worth it and helpful.

Ever had trouble with people casting shadow spells at you? No problem, with Engineering, you can build your own Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector! It reflects any shadow spell back for 5 seconds.

Small things like these are incredibly useful in the day-to-day gameplay of World of Warcraft. There are an endless plethora of reasons to choose Engineering, but with all the gadgets, the possibilities are essentially limitless. Your imagination is the limit, which is why Engineering is such a profession.


At 200 skill points combined with a character level of 30, you’re able to specialise. There are two specializations you can choose from: Gnomish Engineering and Goblin Engineering. However, you aren’t required to specialise whatsoever and can proceed to the Artisan path. The main difference between the two specialisations is that Gnomish Engineering is tailored more towards equipment. Whereas Goblin Engineering will provide you with more consumable items, such as explosives and other things we previously touched upon.

To further illustrate the specialisations, here are two examples. One item would be the Gnomish Mind Control Cap, which requires 215 skill points in Engineering, and is a level 47 item. It provides 50 armor in conjunction with an additional 14 spirit. If you target a humanoid target whilst using the cap, you can control the mind of your opponent for 20 minutes, with a 30-minute cooldown to factor in.

The other example would be the Goblin Dragon Gun, which deals roughly 70 damage for 10 seconds in an area-of-effect manner. What’s more, is this device can explode and cause even more havoc. Interestingly, the cooldown for this gun is only 5 minutes.


The best way to train Engineering is by combining it with its companion profession, Mining. This allows you to cut down on a lot of costs. Additionally, whilst you’re gaining the necessary materials for Engineering, you’re training your Mining. This is why companion professions are often heavily recommended by practically every player.

As with any profession, you start off as an apprentice. You’ll have stuff like Rough Blasting Powder, Rough Dynamite that you can create. By creating these, you’ll train your Engineering. To gain further item recipes, you’ll need to contact engineering trainers, complete engineering quests, receive loot, and visit the stores every now and then.

From level 1-30, it’s often recommended to train by crafting Rough Blasting Powder. From 30-50, you’ll want to create Handfuls of Copper Bolts. Once you reach level 50, you’re now at the stage of being a Journeyman Engineering. From 51-75, train using Arclight Spanners, which requires 6 copper bars. From 75-90, you should focus on Rough Copper Bombs. This requires 30 Copper Bars, 30 Handful of Copper Bolts, 60 Rough Blasting Powder, as well as 30 Linen Cloth. As you can see, a pattern forms where you’re using what you previously built to build new, exciting innovations (just like real-life engineering!)

As it goes on, you’ll be able to develop your own recipes and figure out what works best for you. Powerleveling is only one strategy, and we’ve provided you the foundation skills necessary to figure things out on your own. You want to build gadgets that you’ll actually use, not waste resources and time on stuff you’ll simply discard. Hence, some of the fun comes in the form of planning.


Hopefully, this guide was useful for you! Perhaps the best advice to kickstart your Engineering is to pick the Gnome race and companion the profession with the Mining profession. Best of luck with your WoW classic journey!

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